Everything Wrong with The Silence of the Lambs With A Side of Fava Beans

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The Silence of the Lambs is an all-time classic! Anthony Hopkins gives one of the best performances in film history! But yeah, it's got some sins, like all movies. So we counted them.
Next week: Disney sins and British sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Feb 6, 2020




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Comments 80
G-ess-kay 21 hour ago
When she was training at the academy Clarice didn't notice the criminal at her south west side.At bill's house the moths were in the same south west direction to Clarice. It was foreshadowed that this was her blind spot. Bloody Masterpiece!
Justin Nardine
Justin Nardine 22 hours ago
Buffalo bill was a real jerk
Sýraniss Van Guërre
3:22 Lecter knows why he's called Buffalo Bill, he's asking Clarice to see her reaction. 4:55 In the book not only is Lecter in a different spot in relation to Miggs, but he can also smell the semen (he smells other things on her as well, her perfume, her wound after she comes back from the storage garage, etc...) . 6:03 In the book Lecter gives Clarice more information about a valentine gift for her so it's a little easier to understand her logic in finding the storage garage. 8:45 Read the book and you'll get much more of her female perspective 11:13 Bill uses a hose because he doesn't want to damage her, after all, he wants to wear her skin, so he can't use a lot of torture other than cold water. 17:10 It's not out of character, Bill thinks he wants to be a woman and Clarice is very beautiful. In the book he's admiring her as she stumbles through the dark, and he used to hunt women this way - he's also thinking it's a pity she's too small for him to take the skin off of. Read the book bruh, it's better than the movie and gives you answers to many of the sins you gave it.
Matt Kiraly
Matt Kiraly 2 days ago
This video shows a remarkable misunderstanding of the language of cinema and the actual content of the movie, which is not always that obvious - exactly what makes the movie good.
paultardspambot 3 days ago
The senator's kid is obviously up to something her mother wouldn't approve of, duh.
paultardspambot 3 days ago
No, he doesn't feel obligated. He was going to wait till the last minute to give her that information.
paultardspambot 3 days ago
Lector is asking her about Buffalo Bill's name as a way of sourcing her out. Everything he says to Clarice is calculated.
paultardspambot 3 days ago
The stairs probably lead nowhere, so if they do escape they will run that way and be trapped.
paultardspambot 3 days ago
Lord, some of these criticisms. The running scene is an establishing shot.
Crystalclear 4 days ago
I was very upset when I saw you gave sins to this movie BUT I was very happy that you called this one of the best movies ever made
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker 4 days ago
There’s a musical based on this movie.
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 4 days ago
This is back when subtlety was still a thing when showing the badass/anti stereotype female character like Sarah Connor, ripley, Vasquez, starling, ect...
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 4 days ago
This might have been edgy and dark in its time but now it’s just so played out and corny
king bear
king bear 4 days ago
I just cant take hopkins serious now after seeing mads mikelsen in hannibal.he is brilliant.hopkins is camp as tits.
Benjamin Horton
Benjamin Horton 4 days ago
Great vid. I admire your work. But you missed one of the biggest sins in the movie. When Clarice figures out that she's in Bill s house, she says freeze and put your hands up. He hides somewhere and SHE GOES AFTER HIM!!!!! Reminder that she's still in training and hasn't even graduated yet. Why couldn't she just get the hell out of Dodge and go next door, say "FBI I need to use the phone" call every Goddamn cop in the mothetrucking state and then bust the bitch. It will be much easier and reduce the chances of death if she used her noggin in this scene
FresnoCA93727 4 days ago
Where the fuck is Barney?! LoL
Kιng Jongнyυn
Kιng Jongнyυn 5 days ago
3:24 Maybe I'm not getting a joke or smth because I can't imagine someone dismissing Hannibal's intellect like that. He asks those kind of questions on purpose so as to mess with the girl, not because he doesn't actually know the answers.
Nicole Tyler
Nicole Tyler 5 days ago
Really your are you asking for some one to rip you?
Paige and Lianah
Paige and Lianah 5 days ago
My middle name is Clarice, My parents got it from this movie.
Matthew Comba
Matthew Comba 6 days ago
Con Air came out in 1997, and Silence if the Lambs came out in 1991. Therefore you are wrong in your reference to Silence of the Lambs stealing from Con Air in the very famous transporting scene of Hannibal wearing that creepy face mask. Gottcha!!!!
commder cat 10
commder cat 10 6 days ago
I don't got a Damm what this movie is about hopefully i find out the plot in this video
G Pack
G Pack 7 days ago
Please Do Hannibal Rising!
Maureen Russell
Maureen Russell 8 days ago
Give him a break, Hannibal Lecter is just fed up with people. that's all.
L. J. Carpenter
L. J. Carpenter 9 days ago
I am Italian and the pronunciation of "chianti" is not that bad. 1 sin removed
Dylan Fair
Dylan Fair 10 days ago
honestly a little disappointed that the captions didn't say "haha, i think i get-it"
michael65 10 days ago
I usually love your work buddy but this one's weak. You're just grasping at straws this time.
Tamayako 11 days ago
9:09 No sin for that horrifically inaccurate T-Rex posture? For shame, for shame
Emma rad
Emma rad 11 days ago
You missed a couple of big sins. The girl that plays Clarice when she is younger has brown eyes. In the scene where Buffalo Bill puts on his googles and hunts Clarice, you can see the shadow from his arm on her, so the audience can tell they are not really in the dark.
Paw Paw
Paw Paw 12 days ago
There was nothing wrong with this movie! it was epic! Every scene, even the opening of her running in the woods, actually builds up the tension and eeriness of the movie.
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 13 days ago
Your channel is entertaining when I'm bored at work but......WHO TF WOULD BUY A TSHIRT THAT SAYS "CINEMA SINS"?! 🤣
líttlє príncєѕѕ
Actually swallowing your own tongue is a real thing my mums old friend in school was on a trampoline and choked on hers. She’s okay now btw
Samar Vora
Samar Vora 13 days ago
The only thing wrong is that you've made this video.
Hrvoje Marić
Hrvoje Marić 14 days ago
I saw that "cumvenient. hahah
Cheryl DeFatta
Cheryl DeFatta 14 days ago
OMG!!! Quit trying to be funny and SSSLLLOOOOWWWWW down. Why do you talk so fast that nobody can understand you??????
Jon Atk
Jon Atk 16 days ago
The, "swallowed his own tongue," thing is a reference to how he punished miggs for flinging the semen by cutting out miggs tongue and feeding it to him.
dflf 16 days ago
Why doesn’t Lector fog up the plexiglass when he talks to Clarice?
Anna Mozatee
Anna Mozatee 16 days ago
I have yet to see this movie in its entirety; no matter how much I try, I always fall asleep during it. I don't know why, everyone tells me it's a great movie, but it just puts me to sleep. Plus, Foster's shitty accent just irks me in this one.
TymP321 16 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks she kept saying "Dr Lector" loudly at the end was simply to attract attention? She so wanted someone to notice she was still important.
Jerome Dumont
Jerome Dumont 16 days ago
Buffalo Bill threatens to use a hose (assuming he isn't planning to spray Catherine with water) because it wouldn't damage her skin, only cause bruising.
Mila Oyama
Mila Oyama 17 days ago
fuqqin... I could be watching shane's dumb life hacks 16 *BUT* i'm watching this because its worth it::))
Marc T
Marc T 17 days ago
*Fun Facts and Trivia* First off... yes. swallowing your tongue *IS* a thing. Thats why when people fit, such as epileptics, people use a spoon to hold their tongue in place so they don't swallow it. Also Sen Martin was so desperate to get her daughter back that she agreed to anything, such as Lecter agreeing to only tell the Sen any information in person. Also it explains why Hannibal needed to get out of his cell, because Barney, his main orderly knew *EXACTLY* what Hannibal was capable of, and Hannibal knew that away from him he'd be underestimated (hence the lack of security and therefore they treated him like he posed no threat) The breast feeding wasnt the insult, the "when Katherines on the slab.. where will it tickle you" was the torture from him. If youve read the novel you find out that Jack Crawfords wife was dying at the time and yes, he was very attracted to Clarice. (Also the Old Friend For Dinner was added for the movie)
I wanted to see how long I would last watching this..., I made it to about 20 seconds...., what exactly this this for???
TAB OUT 19 days ago
Con Air came out in 1997.. So sin 51 is null.
Greg Pearson
Greg Pearson 19 days ago
Still the best!!! And how can a 1992 movie rip off a 1997 movie?? ( con air )
Bill Krayer
Bill Krayer 19 days ago
With the bomb buzzer going off you missed "GAME OVER,MAN!!" +1 sin.
Bill Krayer
Bill Krayer 19 days ago
5:24 not only are the columns on the sides irrelevant they're duplicated. +1 sin.🕵😁
Oliver Lynch
Oliver Lynch 20 days ago
why tf didnt you sin hannibal's shitty jokke about "having an old friend for dinner"???
Renegade Master
Renegade Master 20 days ago
Jodi Foster is a cheesy over actress. Her responses are always the same responses. In every movie, an ARPD Napoleon.
MyRaPiSmY Salvation
Bro.. Con Air came out in 97. Therefore Con Air copied this movie aaaaannnd REMOVE THE SIN!
MyRaPiSmY Salvation
David S
David S 21 day ago
Wedging something like shovel or a chair under a door handle does work. A plus point for using it on a door opening the right way (I have seen films get this wrong), a minus point for putting the shovel the wrong way round although because of the shortness of the shovel it should still hold.
Jeff D.
Jeff D. 21 day ago
How can you not talk about the most blatant disgusting sin of all, that dude's mustache at 13:00 ?? I would investigate that guy next.
santiA7X1 22 days ago
No sin off for Ted Levine's performance?
Ντέμ Ντέμ
Ντέμ Ντέμ 22 days ago
Thank Anthony Hopkins ;)
D Bolt
D Bolt 22 days ago
‘Free Fallin’ was in Rain Man, not Jerry Maguire.....I think!
Blue Nam
Blue Nam 22 days ago
Is it just me that the kidnapped girl looks like Kesha
Johnny b
Johnny b 22 days ago
Anyone up for baby back ribs.
Roca Bibaby
Roca Bibaby 22 days ago
It has always bugged me how no one acknowledges how much "drag" buffalo Bill looks like Jon Bon Jovi.
rudemedic 22 days ago
In the book Lecter eats the liver and favs beans with a big Amarone, the film changed the wine for something more recognisable.
Uncertain Subscriber
5:10 Seriously? Talented. 6:18 6:23
Byron Stukenberg
Byron Stukenberg 23 days ago
The Princess Bride reference😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dr Peeper
Dr Peeper 23 days ago
I think the only bad thing about this is they let a WOMAN go down to a serial killer imprisonment room
BigDaddy Dirtpile
BigDaddy Dirtpile 24 days ago
Lecter's handcuffs in Memphis had too many chain links in sequence making escape easier. Not real cuffs. Anyway a serial killer would be wearing high security handcuffs with 2 pairs of links located parallel to each other.
JustAnotherMike 24 days ago
Swallowing your tongue might technically not be possible, but the expression is used to refer to when one's tongue blocks their airway and causes them to suffocate, which most certainly *can* happen and *is* a thing (Could also potentially be referring to someone biting their tongue off in order to bleed out or choke themselves on their own blood as a suicide tactic)
katie andrews
katie andrews 24 days ago
bold of you to assume that there’s anything wrong with this movie :)
David Rosa
David Rosa 24 days ago
How cumvenient 5:10 😂
Dr. Corona
Dr. Corona 24 days ago
Sara 25 days ago
In the game Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, there's a similar looking dude named Barney as a warden in a mental institute. That can't be a coincidence.
Diarmid O'Connor
Diarmid O'Connor 25 days ago
Did he just say day-no-mas? What a pretentious asshole
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 26 days ago
The guy who played Crawford will never not be Roger from Training Day again.
8 Bit Hero
8 Bit Hero 27 days ago
After what the head creeps at the FBI did to General Flynn , being locked up with Lector might be a great thing for their punishment.
TheBMan 27 days ago
Hannibal still managed to be creepy even with the funny guy narratin, I thought it would totally take that away like it does other serous points in movies he does this with bit it didn’t. Shows how great the acting really was
Adam Ogilvie
Adam Ogilvie 27 days ago
I don't care what you say. This is one of my all time favorite movies. Love it. Lol!!!
Tanner MacLeod
Tanner MacLeod 28 days ago
Poster of this needs to stop saying everything is racist? He uses Gods name so much its blasphemy. Nerdiest of nerds. Unsubscribing in 3 2 1
Azazel Dreciare
Azazel Dreciare 28 days ago
"Lecter suggested" then procedes to say "not even hinted by the movie" Hannibal: *AM I JOKE TO YOU?*
Manuel Gaisne
Manuel Gaisne 28 days ago
11:04 he doesn't use a hose to punish his victim, he use it if they refuse to put cream on their skin to keep it "fresh and clean".
Jerf Hankell
Jerf Hankell 28 days ago
The existence of serial killers makes me even more of an atheist than I already am lol. Great movie
KalligTheGray 29 days ago
I'm surprised Jeremy doesn't sin the "filler articles" in the microfiche for being exact copies of one another WITHIN the same page
Dale Addison
Dale Addison 29 days ago
13:29 I don't think they're correctional officers they're local law enforcement so they would be carrying sidearms, though I conceed the point they would have been required to check their weapons and ammunition with the desk officer as Clarice did before going anywhere near Lecter.
tsilmanav Month ago
Haha, I've seen Pete's Dragon once. HAHAHA
Hey It’s Me MG
Notice the butterfly? IT’S JIM PEMBRY DAMMIT!!
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