Everything Wrong With Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

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Good news everyone, they're making more of these freaking things!
Here's everything wrong (and it's a lot) with the third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, At World's End.
Next week... ghosty sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins do YOU want to see recounted?
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Aug 25, 2015




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Comments 80
Carter Staab
Carter Staab 2 days ago
Dont know about you guys but I LOVED this movie
Anromedae 2 days ago
There where many important scenes they cut out what ya mean
Samurai OG Butch
Samurai OG Butch 3 days ago
“When a huge woman explodes into 50 million crabs, it’s probably a sign the infection has gone too far”. Such a terrible movie.
Mii Kay
Mii Kay 3 days ago
So I've seen this movie a lot of times and still I wonder: Would Jack have made it out of the locker with the stone-crab helping even if the other HADN't risked their lifes to save him? I mean they did nothing to get his ship back in the water. I guess he couldn't navigate by himself but still
DutchViking 6949
DutchViking 6949 6 days ago
16:50 for a serie of Caribean pirate movies their are so few sea battles. this, the Black Pearl vs the Interceptor and Silent Mary VS Black Pearl. also, you should atleast remove 2 sins for this battle being so epic
Cisco4kid1990 8 days ago
Is there really any movie you do like like honestly Pirates of the Caribbean made over 4 billion out of 5 movies witch 2 of the film's made 1 billion each on their own so like how can you not like them yea some where bad but 1 to 3 where great and really 4 wasn't that bad only 5 was bad and that's cuz they had new writer's and a new director and the only reason 4 wasn't that good was cuz it change the director LIKE COME ON
Cisco4kid1990 8 days ago
You have to be one of the biggest idiots Calypso was the name given to a world wind under water its a Greek or Roman name idiot lmao so yea she had to get into the sea cuz that's her whole thing to cause water to form a under water tornado LMAO dude talks so much crap about the movie and yet knows nothing about the movie Calypso was a water God
Cisco4kid1990 8 days ago
you crazy when I first seen jacks dad I was stupid happy cuz they look so alike and you can tell Jack was based off him once you see them together
Cisco4kid1990 8 days ago
FYI the 9 peices of 8 where a real thing and there was 9 lords of pirates who really did use random items instead of 8 peices witch was what the money used was called FYI
Mike Clapperton
Mike Clapperton 9 days ago
I think I could be one of the nine pieces of eight but I am the last piece the ninth piece
SkyStrikeZ 9 days ago
16:41 Calypso is the goddess of the sea. Since she is now released and is part of the sea, she has the ability to do such things 16:57 the Dutchman is closer to the center of the whirlpool 19:03 Beckett didn’t give the order to fire because he was just too shocked at how everything wasn’t going the way he intended 19:10 The Dutchman is unsinkable and is capable of destroying the armada. Seeing the Dutchman turn on them and sinking their flagship instantly demoralized the British armada
on se
on se 10 days ago
If this narrator directed a movie it would be like 5 second sex.
Arthur morgan
Arthur morgan 10 days ago
i have to add a 1000 sins for this video
Arthur morgan
Arthur morgan 10 days ago
because there is nothing wrong with this masterpiece
Liam knights
Liam knights 11 days ago
In conclusion, nothing.
Douglas George
Douglas George 12 days ago
after u ruin the best movie franchise of all time,the best i can do is dislike this video..
a nobody
a nobody 12 days ago
13:38 . The eye wasnt that important. He could've gave anything. The rule about the junk put in there is whatever he has in possession. So even if the eye was gone. Anything barbossa possessed will do.
a nobody
a nobody 12 days ago
Which is still stupid. So sin
Pa!n737 12 days ago
It pains me to see him sin the absolute fuck out of this trilogy
Ryan Page
Ryan Page 13 days ago
Half of your “sins” are just your shitty attempts at humour
Ryan Page
Ryan Page 13 days ago
Half of your “sins” are just your shitty attempts at humour
Merkava TV
Merkava TV 15 days ago
This is one of the dullest films i have seen
Is Egg
Is Egg 15 days ago
I mean, i liked it...
MAYOMATE0 15 days ago
My wedding was great what did you do at yours Elizabeth: I stabbed a Fish Man in the gut as my pirate ship fell into a never ending whirlpool created by calypso the ocean goddess
bloodraven432 15 days ago
It's too bad that the real reason why the Black Pearl is one of the fastest ships on the seas isn't revealed till the last movie, or the comics. Can't remember which came first.
Mutant Chicken
Mutant Chicken 15 days ago
im with you on that one... this movie dosent make a lot of sene
AlejoConejo2209 16 days ago
17:53 This scene is awesome, you fuckface!
zach niederstadt
zach niederstadt 17 days ago
This is my favorite one just for jacks hallucinations
The Florida Man
The Florida Man 19 days ago
So, what's wrong with Tampa?
The_SpyJevil 19 days ago
9:28 the single most unnecessary and useless sin in this entire video.
M L 20 days ago
Like you wouldn't look up Keira Knightley's skirt. Come on bro.
Ssar1702 21 day ago
6:05 starting point of everything i watched out of these movies. I liked that and still know most it lol
Anthony Ciancio
Anthony Ciancio 22 days ago
The honesty my favorite pirates of the Caribbean movie.
Thelilorangeman 24 days ago
Vanessa Stoffel
Vanessa Stoffel 25 days ago
I'm a chicken LOL
I'm a chicken LOL 25 days ago
*And so we shall go to war* pissed my self laughing at 10
Matshidiso Sekgampu
Naomi Harris is a brilliant actress
Alex 27 days ago
Considering that I was a starry eyed kid when these movies came out and not a jaded old man nitpicking things for content, I am going to go ahead and say YOU have no fucking idea what made these movies succeed. The supernatural content was DEFINITELY most of it, it blew us away and created a whole mystique around the entire Pirates of the Caribbean Universe, and you could feel it sitting in the audience while and after watching them. It was literally the start of the first movie, and the only part of the movie that made undead pirates and a magic curse possible, and set Pirates of the Caribbean so drastically apart from other pirate films. You actually thought the comic relief was the main driving factor, when the comic relief purely existed to relieve tension from the ACTUAL dark driving forces of the story, forces that were especially dark to children seeing pirates fighting, being cursed, and lots of people dying for the first time. The same goes with the singing, or the ringing of the bells too, you couldn't be more wrong, that were all extremely influential parts of the worldbuilding, a point of pride for the pirates, and an act of resistance against stifling authority, especially a last act of resistance before death, and the song lives on and cannot be destroyed even if you, the singer, dies. It also gives the fictional world real depth and character instead of it being purely for some audience's entertainment, in universe these people's lives had meanings and they sang songs to embody that. Plenty of audience members prefer seeing a character come back in some way, than be written off entirely and never shown again, as though the didn't exist. Again, if the world was actually real, that person wouldn't just stop existing and their story would actually continue past the first film. It was because of the consequences of sailing in this dangerous world that there was no perfect happy ending. Sure, you caught plenty of genuine plot convenience and plot armor errors, but this is the worst CinemaSins video that I have ever seen. This must be the culmination of wanting movies to be as short as possible, while simultaneously wanting literally everything in the movie to have some kind of deep and personal effect on you, so you want huge parts of the movie, that mattered to plenty of other people, scrapped, all to save you time. I have never, ever, had a problem with the length of movies, EXCEPT when I thought they were too SHORT, and a waste of money for such little narrative. I have never thought to myself "they better bring this fictional world to life AND wrap up this story in 90 minutes flat". This isn't watching movies in good faith, and at least starting out with a willing suspension of disbelief, this is purely demanding that every minute of a film caters to you specifically, while also demanding that it never appears scripted. It's preposterous. You can call yourselves "assholes" all you want, but this is beyond that. If you incessantly demand the ability to boil water in a paper cup, you aren't just an asshole, you are a nutcase.
G W 28 days ago
15:09 - That guy is straight out of Monty Python. Minus 7000 sins. Movie redeemed.
kitty bell
kitty bell 29 days ago
this was a great freaking movie now i have to go watch it
Sam G
Sam G 29 days ago
Ok make fun of on stranger tides just not the first three
Dianne Talmadge
Dianne Talmadge Month ago
I was so waiting for the John Denver song "Ah Calypso" and only got the guy from deadliest catch, c'mon, I left the theater after he licked the stone/crab and left my husband to get a nice 3 hour nap.
Director Aaron Navy
This movie had a ton of problems and a ton of sins. This video manages to misinterpret a bunch of the movie and at several points calls out the completely wrong things while missing much more obvious sins. Can someone make like, a better "Everything Wrong with At World's End"? I usually like this channel but they kinda screwed up with this one.
Harrison Plazina
somebody shut up this cinema ass hole
TheJustBlazer Month ago
the ignorance towards the lore that’s clearly in the movies that causes sins gives me trust issues
Gary Sparks
Gary Sparks Month ago
My favorite one
Chloe Edwards
Chloe Edwards Month ago
the first 3 potc movies are the best. couldve easily left it at the 3rd film. the 4th was okay.. its watchable and enjoyable but thay 5th one dear god.. a discrgace
Blu Crotalus
Blu Crotalus Month ago
I lost it when Barbosa looked behind Elizabeth to see where the gun came from.
Catherine Pie
Catherine Pie Month ago
Excuuuuse me, Norrington was an amazing character!! His death had 12 yr old me bawling 😭😭😂
Thomas Godwin
Thomas Godwin Month ago
You dummy that wasnt keth richards That was santana as jacks brother (ding)
ThunderBuns Month ago
Imagine even remotely thinking people liked the first movie more than Dead man's chest or At world's end, they're absolute masterpieces of cinema.
ThunderBuns Month ago
@Emperor Krtek bruh what, the fourth one is "meh" and the fifth one is a tragedy, they took away everything Jack Sparrow was, he's supposed to act like a fool but is really, really smart, in the fifth one he's just a fool.
Emperor Krtek
Emperor Krtek Month ago
1, 4, and 5 are the best ones. 2 is bad, and at Worlds End is meh.
iPwnZz2274 Month ago
I hate singing in movies
Hupster Month ago
14:09 He couldn't ask that question in the first place because she was never there in the first place.
RandomGamerOS Month ago
10:18 nah u can find like 20 min of unused footage cut from this
Chichi Pagan
Chichi Pagan Month ago
Bro I’m sorry but your interpretation of certain scenes is horrible
20:27 omfg im dying idk why this is so funny to me but it is
Carmen Oteyza
Carmen Oteyza Month ago
You should create a content about your channel, and the title should be "EVERYTHING WRONG WITH MY DISGUSTING CHANNEL" For sure there wil be millions of sins.
Carmen Oteyza
Carmen Oteyza Month ago
You just don't get the vibe or the point of the movie.
Carmen Oteyza
Carmen Oteyza Month ago
Stop finding the sins of other movies, instead just make your own movie and for sure we'll rate it 0/10,stop calling the characters as asshole you mthrfckr this is the best movie to represent the pirates, they tried so hard to produce this movie and you're just gonna call the actors as mthrfckr and asshole, you're an asshole that's all I say to your disgusting channel.
DarkLordXerinic Month ago
“They used everything they shot.” Did....did he never check the Deleted Scenes on the DVD of this movie. Because this is the most wrong thing he says. Like it’s not an opinion, he’s just wrong when he could very easily double check to see if he’s right. But it doesn’t because he needed to have that totally unfunny scene. In a vid where his biggest running joke is about “the movie wasting time and not cutting things down.”
DarkLordXerinic Month ago
Lone Star I do think your underselling the movie right now. At World’s End is far from horrible. Pacing issues? Totally. Too much lore? I guess for some people. Way to many plots? Again fair. Some of the finishes scenes are a bit long? They really are. Despite that their are plenty of things to enjoy about this movie. Your comment on everyone being outshined by Keith Richards simply isn’t true. Jack: “The world’s still the same mate. There’s just...less in it.” The climax of this movie does everything a climax should. It resolves every plot point. Puts all the pieces in place. Plenty of good character moments. As well as the right amount of emotion. Jack’s still as the foolish genius he always was. Will and Elizabeth’s rocky relationship gets resolved. Davy Jones frees himself from the East India Trading Company. Ect. I’m not going to tell you that you have to love this movie. But I do believe your exaggeration of its awfulness is unfounded.
Lone Star
Lone Star Month ago
Let's be honest here, that fact that they had to cut out anything from this bloated leviathan makes the movie even worse. There are scenes out there, deemed not good enough to be in At World's End... Christ! The only good thing about this movie was Keith Richard's cameo. Which took two hours to get to. But at least delivered one killer line; _"It's not about living forever Jacky. It's about living with 'yourself' forever."_ Hundreds of professional actors out-shined by a Rock Star. That's how bad it was.
Shadow Hearts 8
Shadow Hearts 8 Month ago
Was this the movie being shown in Kingdom Hearts 3?
Thomas Wallace
Thomas Wallace Month ago
I actually like the supernatural bullshit...
Rive Pest
Rive Pest Month ago
Pink Floyd for life
ElladanKenet Month ago
More confusing is the fact that Jack and Barbosa are both considered Pirate Lords, despite coming from the same ship. In fact, per the original movie, Jack was the original captain and Barbosa was his first mate, who only became captain after mutinying and taking cursed treasure, which I'm not certain the Pirate Constitution cares about? Only one of them should be Pirates Lords, and it should be Jack. Elizabeth being a Pirate Lord I guess works because Sao Feng, a Pirate Lord, dubs her with his dying breath, and the crew goes along with it.
_Kiera Knightly was as worthless to this movie, as she was, as Padme's double._
Rachael Kirkland
"Barnacle father"
Saimeren Month ago
9:48 The Black Pearl was once an EIT co. ship called the "Wicked Wench" which Cuttler Beckett used to trade slaves. Jack inherited the ship from the previous Captain, and then freed the slaves and took the ship for his own. It was the fastest ship ever created as to outrun the Spanish. The Interceptor from the first movie (the one Jack steals) was the second fastest ever created. It was modeled after the Wicked Wench/Pearl, but wasn't quite the same, and didn't quite get the same speed out of it that the Pearl did. The Wicked Wench was sunk by Beckett at which point Jack made a deal with Davy Jones. Davy Jones then raised the Wench from the dead and imbued it with his "ghostly magic" (the same magic that powers his own ship; The Flying Dutchman) to allow it to continue to sail even without proper sails (you'll notice that the sails in the first movie are all torn up.) and allow it to travel under the cover of fog. (Hence the fog whenever it was around in the first movie) Jack's original deal was to be Captain of the ship for 13 years, but was mutinied after 2 by the hands of Barbossa. So no.. In the 14 years since the Black Pearl was created, there hadn't been a ship built that was as fast as it. One came close, but wasn't able to beat it's speed. Not to mention it had the Davy Jones magic attached to it until it was destroyed again in the second movie.
Saimeren Month ago
The council of Pirate lords (The Brethren Court) was 9 people because 9 is an odd number. That way when things have to come to a vote you wouldn't have a draw. It would always be settled with the 9th member. And the more people you have in said governing body, the more opinions you have toward a subject. 9 is the perfect amount. It's not too many that your opinion gets lost in the crowd, but it's not too few that everyone doesn't just automatically agree for the sake of not being the only one left out. Also, a Piece of Eight is a Spanish coin. It's eight pieces of a "real" which is a lesser coin. It's like calling a dime a "Piece of Ten". It's simply a higher denomination of a lesser sum. The reason they used Pieces of Eight, was because it was something of value to the pirates. A Piece of Eight had worth. It was seen as a lot of money, and a pirate just giving it up meant that he trusted his brothers and felt that the cause was worthy of giving it up to. Even if it were temporary. (Unless you believe they actually bound Calypso.. Which in this universe they did.) The reason they don't use them anymore by the time if this movie is explained by Gibbs. He sais that the Pirate Lords went broke and couldn't afford to give up a Piece of Eight, so instead they opted to use something of personal value. That's why you see them pulling out personal effects and putting them into the bowl during the meeting.
Saimeren Month ago
2:02 The whole Pirate Lord thing was based off of a real thing. REAL pirates back then actually had a court of 9 pirates who were a council that made decisions for the rest of the pirates.
Skippy Month ago
Hey, dude. The Pirate Lords and ctap is all real. So is Cpt. Jack Sparrow. Snd he was one. Do research first.
Smooch Pooch
Smooch Pooch Month ago
I don't know what is more anoying: The speech disorder of this guy, or the fact that he confuses personal opinion and taste with cinematic sins.
Squishy Bones
Squishy Bones Month ago
You can't deny that the beginning of the movie where they were all singing was, in a way, pretty powerful. Even at their death, they still have their hope. I freaking love this series.
Beasty 90
Beasty 90 Month ago
i think calypso was only around for Mr Jones sake. He wanted Her dead, if Will hadnt taken over, Jones wouldve suceeded in His plan and proabably become the new God of the Sea, Imortal and able to go on Land whenever He wants :( spoopy thoughy huh? x personally? id have like to see that kind of ending (sorry Cal, just wouldve been a tad better) xxx
Beasty 90
Beasty 90 Month ago
i like how out of all the big bad ass bad guys that have tried tp take out Jack have failed epically and a lass just manages super easily XD bad guys really do suck XD xxx
Ellie Flanagan
Ellie Flanagan Month ago
Abso love pirates of the Caribbean
DolphinWeabu Month ago
They did leave many deleted scenes on the cutting room floor, in fact the negotiation scene with Beckett was 10 minutes longer
Kyla Harrington
Kyla Harrington Month ago
I like the supernatural stuff
Abdul Karim
Abdul Karim Month ago
"Will Turner has his work cut out for him"😂😂😂
Cameron Britland
My biggest sin with this movie was the fact that Jack didn't have to turn in his piece to vote despite them making it a big deal to turn it in.
Der Mic
Der Mic Month ago
Man, its a Disney Movie of course they are singin ^^
Meko Vivi
Meko Vivi Month ago
12:29 keep watching the point thing HE ADDED A POINT it was at 99 then to 101 he then said he will take off a point so it went to 100 HE ADDED A POINT
Meko Vivi
Meko Vivi Month ago
Kiss Rape.
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