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Shouts to CinemaSins for the inspiration: ruvid.net/video/видео-GNNAGEoZskw.html
Every time I played the MyCareer story I was skipping the cutscenes to get to the enjoyable part of the game. Well.. this time I actually sat down to watch em...

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10 янв 2019

nba 2k19 mycareer cutscenesnba 2k19 cinema sinsnba 2k19 story mode endingnba 2k19 funnyagent 00




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Zlaps Baon
Zlaps Baon 4 часа назад
What’s wrong with pure shot creator that are 6”3
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 5 часов назад
Wtf, why is agent hating on a game that was better than the game before,😂😂😂
Kenneth Cox
Kenneth Cox 9 часов назад
Lml you a clown ... so basically don’t be Antoine walker 😂😂😂 I realized even with playing the prelude I skipped alotta shit
Hazy Bear
Hazy Bear 10 часов назад
They spend more money on signing some moron who is the flavor of the month then better gameplay and or animation. Sports sucks they care nothing for fans that's why they charge kids for their chicken scratch penmanship. No education cause schools give passing grade's as long as they help win the game....none of them would get hired for Wal-Mart greeter....an people just kneel down an spread the cheeks an suck it dry. As military vets have to wait years to be seen for anything.
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII 20 часов назад
First thing wrong?? Too many blacks.
Kesean Jones
Kesean Jones 21 час назад
You said jump at the defender it’s supposed be jump at the shooter 1 sin
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder 22 часа назад
lol you still play 2k19? I left when 2k18 dropped
hoonigan skill
hoonigan skill День назад
Agent 00 my career player hairline is f#cked
ImJigga 2 дня назад
163 stretch bigs 164 shot contest system
Savage Squirrel
Savage Squirrel 2 дня назад
If this video is "supposed to be" under 13 mins why tf is this video 13 mins long and 37 seconds.... 😂
GGGLOW 2 дня назад
I'm starting to think agent is just bad st the game
NAK3DxSNAKE 2 дня назад
Lol this shits real? Hahahahaha. Almost so bad it will be collectible.
three 3 дня назад
cory harris😂
B J 3 дня назад
For the record I don’t know about the rest of Indiana but in Indianapolis we don’t call mixtapes a sizzle reel. Chill bro 😂😂😂
Beagle 2k
Beagle 2k 3 дня назад
1:45 jsut Now that’s a sin
prxz 4 дня назад
these aren’t things that are wrong,these are just things that agent don’t like
Future Skeppy
Future Skeppy 5 дней назад
Do you just make hate videos now
Garrion guthrie
Garrion guthrie 5 дней назад
Agent be watching too much Anime Sins
Emmanuel Medina
Emmanuel Medina 5 дней назад
The greatest 2k ever by far
Nhia89 5 дней назад
Hey Tai Mai Shu is an actual rapper
Marcus Walton
Marcus Walton 5 дней назад
Agent has a 6’3 shot creator tho
A C 6 дней назад
His doing this to make content on RUvid
alan gael garcia amarillas
alan gael garcia amarillas 6 дней назад
Video Game
dont free 69
dont free 69 7 дней назад
Under 13 minutes?
Joseph Crawford
Joseph Crawford 7 дней назад
You might wanna fix the title the vid is over 13 mins not under
Dafoe Dafoe
Dafoe Dafoe 7 дней назад
Swear this 2k community is so toxic and sheep to RUvidrs opinions
YoungSway God
YoungSway God 7 дней назад
Also that lil cut to Fort Wayne Indiana is just so false😂 not a single place in Fort Wayne that look like them country roads
MyFabolousAura 7 дней назад
"i have a better chance at believing Fredo doesn't fake his pranks" lmfaooooooo
kimtaesus 7 дней назад
For me the biggest problem right now with the myplayer is the mypoints. My archetype is pure slasher 6'5 PG anddd I'm trying to get HOF lob city finisher but whenever i get like 7 or 8 lobs in a game it barely gives me 1000 mypoints and honestly fucking annoying. I only have posterizer on HOF and it gives me about 6000 mypoints when i only posterized a player 5 or 6 times.
Michael Yeatman
Michael Yeatman 7 дней назад
Bro I find it funny that after the prelude there is literally no context left to the story except people randomly being in your MyCourt
Darnell Lacy
Darnell Lacy 7 дней назад
every time i see agents videos hes complaining just play the game
Being Baffling
Being Baffling 7 дней назад
I’m expecting bo$$ key yacht$ to pop out of knowhere
spicy memes
spicy memes 7 дней назад
All these dumb ppl buying the same game every year just better graphics same with fifa
BlankBoy 8 дней назад
22nd sin ImDaviss 😂💀💀💀
Monica Carrillo
Monica Carrillo 8 дней назад
Sizzle reels arent mixtapes they're like a video portfolio of your best work. Freelance artists use them mostly.
SouthSide McConaughey
SouthSide McConaughey 8 дней назад
smashi 8 дней назад
“A 6’3 Shot creator is useless” *Tyceno has entered the chat*
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts 8 дней назад
So that’s what happened to ATM
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts 8 дней назад
It’s really funny when you’re a 7’1” white center and you’re mistaken for Corey Harris.
Eddie 2k
Eddie 2k 8 дней назад
I was dead this hole video 😂😂😂
Brandon Garrett
Brandon Garrett 8 дней назад
Gonna add some sins for agent's spelling 😂
Nick Moxley
Nick Moxley 8 дней назад
CHAPPiiE 8 дней назад
Great video. I wonder how many times agent cringed/laughed while editing this
Keith Villalobos
Keith Villalobos 8 дней назад
Taylor Harris
Taylor Harris 8 дней назад
7:24 No Sixth Sense joke or something? That's the same child actor grown up. Would not expect to see him in some mediocre video game though. Edit: Whoa dudes. He was also in a movie titled A.I..... now that's crazy lol
Muoch Muon
Muoch Muon 8 дней назад
Dude you literally focus on not important things. When you do these rants you only focus on the weak a** park gameplay and not the overall gameplay like the passing defense and full court passes that are important to the game instead you focus on this childish a** s***. Sometimes you don’t use your platform to make rants about more important stuff
SLI COUPER 8 дней назад
8:47 18 years living in Indiana and I can vouch for everyone and say we have never heard anyone call mixtapes “sizzle reels”
Mastah_P 8 дней назад
2k19 ain't even half as bad as madden 19 I enjoy 2k gameplay way more then madden.
TheBigTexan 8 дней назад
5:01 Oh shit it's Anthony Mackie
DGames 8 дней назад
Gamesins; "No video game is without sin. "
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