Everything Wrong With Monsters vs. Aliens

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Wow. This is a movie that came and went and is almost forgotten to time. But Monsters vs. Aliens DOES ultimately have sins. So we counted them. It's what we do.
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Mar 14, 2019

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Comments 6 170
Cpt. Black Dog
Cpt. Black Dog 6 hours ago
13:53 galaxar says "Attention All Aliens" even though they are clones of his species, they are not aliens to him, the monsters are aliens
nfsfanAndrew 15 hours ago
Guy loved her before. Now she's giant. Suddenly not interested. How?! Giant everything now. Id be 50 times more interested
infinitybunny 20 hours ago
15:51 is that a SHREK
Ian Newton
Ian Newton 22 hours ago
the rest of the movie there's no giant lady, even if she got radiation from the meteor, she still got hit with a meteor she should just be a blood splatter
So I know I've seen this how many times, but between the last viewing and now, I actually did come up with why ships so often have a self-destruct. It's just as you said, it's a third act crutch when the heroes have basically won. By which I mean it's a hail mary for when your ship is compromised. As for why the doors shut, well if he triggers it he can escape via escape pod but lock the invading force inside the bomb. So the real sin is why alien ships can have their self destructs so easily triggered by outside forces.
_-* LittleLilac27 *-_
0:08 CinemaSins would be excellent at being a poemetic storyteller.
loss yoko
loss yoko Day ago
To explain the hair thing ,it was more likely the stress on her body that the stuff from the meteor put her under when she became huge .
weegeemaster NO
Gr8 m8 r8 8/8
NextWorldVR Day ago
I'm gonna do a video called: "EVERYTHING WRONG WITH CINEMA SINS" and list every time he misunderstands something basic and obvious... LIKE THE FACT HE ASSUMES BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE A 3D BLURAY PLAYER, SO.. NO ONE ELSE DOES EITHER. You can't keep 3D Blurays in stock!
NextWorldVR Day ago
I have this movie.. IN STEREOSCOPIC 3D.. The paddle ball looks fine to me! Wanna watch in VR Chat?
Nick TV
Nick TV 2 days ago
Duuummmmmmmmm 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧
So is this what Area 51 is gonna be like when we raid it
silent sparrow
silent sparrow 2 days ago
5 no 6 no 7 no 8 9
Haruka Takahashi
Haruka Takahashi 2 days ago
8:09 to 8:13 2019, yes & it has gotten ALOT hotter, too hot for people to work outside
Raul Guzman
Raul Guzman 2 days ago
I like your comments on live action movies when you say anything wrong with animated movies idk to me this movie is just to entertain
Erenst Hefer
Erenst Hefer 3 days ago
Germany asholl scan what I used to tell my girl college girlfriend to go through
Doc Lewis
Doc Lewis 3 days ago
Apparently...I'm a vampire. Interesting.
Ruby Garn
Ruby Garn 3 days ago
Holy frick the blue villain is f-ING megamind
The Breakfast Clubber
plus, wouldn’t the meteor cause a explosion, shock wave or deep whole on the ground?
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley 4 days ago
I'm up at 5:00 AM
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley 4 days ago
I count 9 balloons
Dowjie Dodson
Dowjie Dodson 5 days ago
Out of all the ugly alien they can make but they make Megamind
Kitty on Pointe
Kitty on Pointe 5 days ago
This should have just been the whole fuckin movie
Julian Wood
Julian Wood 5 days ago
Why would the guy not wanna fuck a 100 ft tall woman, imagine how big her tits would be!
Jonah Miller
Jonah Miller 5 days ago
Everything wrong with monsters vs Aliens. 1,) It existed
Comrade Matthew
Comrade Matthew 5 days ago
Uh... absolutely nothing???
Anastasia Reiner
Anastasia Reiner 6 days ago
3:10 All that laugh needed was a long, awkward wheeze.
FireKnight24 6 days ago
6:24 I think the camera is actually beneath them tilted up so it looks like they're eye level but actually not? I don't know
MPC 6 days ago
To be fair, it’s difficult to make a giant robot that isn’t slow and clunky
Poprevidentra 22
Poprevidentra 22 6 days ago
I love how the giant insect dudes nose is the shape of a penis
The Eternal Desire
i am the only one who was blow minded bi the fact that we actualy know in the real world her boyfriend wouldn't brake up with her because she is giant( a hot giant) 11:40
The Kaiser
The Kaiser 6 days ago
Filmburn during invasions is highly overrated.
Akihiko Hayashi
Akihiko Hayashi 6 days ago
Deborah Hagood
Deborah Hagood 7 days ago
Pikablue769 Animations
107 if you count that the villain’s name is “Galaxhar”…
Rockheart Studios
6:42 if legend of Zelda has taught me anything, it's that random eyes on walls and eyes on monsters should always be shot
PROWKC1 GT 4 days ago
Lol good one
Crankiebox 99
Crankiebox 99 8 days ago
Aliens vs Monsters is just SITE-19
Melissa Callaway
Melissa Callaway 8 days ago
I loved this movie
The CrazyFoxGirl
The CrazyFoxGirl 8 days ago
I used to watch this at least once everyday when I was a kid 😂
Wes Fazbear 1987
Wes Fazbear 1987 8 days ago
Was the narrator actually a projectionist?
lemonlime 77777
lemonlime 77777 8 days ago
Wog 2968
Wog 2968 8 days ago
Like what do people scream when they see you cumming? DID YOU PULL OUT IN TIME?!? LOL
The Buslaev
The Buslaev 10 days ago
Переведите по брацки)))
Rory N
Rory N 10 days ago
13:19 we're not adding a sin for the general putting on a hair band without holding back hair?
Dat guy Harley
Dat guy Harley 10 days ago
I don’t mean to be an asshole.... what am I saying, I watch cinemasins. Well, Voldemort’s mom was a squib or something, but she didn’t look like Voldemort. He looks like that because of his horcruxes. Reaction: NEEEEERD!
TheShitCow69 11 days ago
I remember watching this when I was little and thinking it was pretty great. Kinda makes you wonder if any effort is put into kids movies when children will like it anyway.
Christopher Plauth
Christopher Plauth 11 days ago
CinemaSins Sin 107: So at 13:31 Susan a normal 5'5 or 5'6 with white hair. So then at 15:26 HOW THE FUCK is Susan a 100 foot tall giant again?
Prof C
Prof C 12 days ago
Lazy Susan from gravity falls makes a cameo appearance [ding] Also City Escape sonic adventure [ding]
YAP Gaming
YAP Gaming 12 days ago
100 fucking sins for the nickolodeon series and sequel.
Cameron Yates
Cameron Yates 12 days ago
2:55 nice
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