Everything Wrong With Dumbo (2019) In 12 Minutes Or Less

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Honestly, this movie can kiss my ass and go straight to hell. It's an abomination. It's terrible on every level. You could offer me $100,000 to praise this thing and I would take the money, sh*t on the movie, and use the money for bail and lawyer fees.
Thursday: PILLS!!!!
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Jul 16, 2019

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Comments 2 625
Noble Aura
Noble Aura Day ago
"Remember this dumbo?" Yes he does because elephants never forget
Gil Serranito
Gil Serranito 2 days ago
Screen Rant Pitch Meeting. All i Have to say.
Black Rose
Black Rose 2 days ago
Glad I skipped this, how the hell did they decide to make Dumbo a side character in a movie that's literally named "Dumbo"?
That One Anime Fan
This movie was basically a really long commercial for PITA
bewmdogg 3 days ago
1:30. This was filmed in 2018. If a black man can't do 4 jobs it would clearly be considered racist! Although a little white guy is his boss so this must be blowing Americans minds about what to be offended about!
That Sodding Gamer
Surprised you didn't sin that nonsense where he rode up on the horse seconds after the kids and Dumbo arrived by flight. They didn't even have a proper 'worried waiting and/or reluctant leaving as time runs out, only for the hero to appear just in time to jump aboard' cliche.
Alex Molina
Alex Molina 3 days ago
Ladies & Gentlemen please step right up for a .... SKIP!!!! .... 💀 😂
CrazyCupcake69 3 days ago
יהודה בר זכאי
Yo what about ENDGAME....?
Wonderouz Jackson
I know lion king is coming
Wonderouz Jackson
Hangover trilogy
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis 4 days ago
Dumbo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Cats... 2019 will go down as having the creepiest animal CGI yet
M Burks
M Burks 5 days ago
I never saw the movie. I'm so glad I didn't.
Anonymous 5 days ago
I actually cried when I watched this in the cinema,alone surrounded by five year olds who were giggling and laughing...
Discipline Coding
Kronos 6 days ago
Something tells me he doesn’t like this movie
Zara 6 days ago
Correction: Everything IS wrong with Dumbo
Water Me Loan
Water Me Loan 6 days ago
Danny DeVito is a gem.
Cole Hatfield
Cole Hatfield 7 days ago
Ww1 veteran who lost his arm to a shell calls wearing clown makeup an all time low?
Joshua Critchfield
I have to ask the question, where they trying to make Walt Disney the inspiration for the bad guy? He's the creator of an amusement park that have many different lands were your dreams come true, they have a circus in the park (something Disneyland had for a time) that is opened with a parade (which is how they laid people to go into that attraction), and he's in debt to the bank and has to prove himself to get more money to save his dream. Sounds like Walt to me.
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt 8 days ago
"I lost my arm in France and my friends died brutally before my own eyes and I saw people shit out their intestines due to mustard gas. It wasn't a very good experience." CinemaSins: "That's racist" What the fuck?
Keafo-on Socrates
Fun fact I haven't watched this movie yet
Moose 10 days ago
13:28 Nice unexpected Monster Factory. This moose approves, especially since he was thinking the same thing during that scene.
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 10 days ago
The video description did pretty great
TheLazysketcher 10 days ago
Remember when you watched the original Dumbo as a kid and thought to yourself: "Gee, i sure wonder what this movie looks like from the humans perpective!" ...Me neither.
plant fizz
plant fizz 11 days ago
Bitch I cried don't sin this
Metroid4ever 11 days ago
I don't even understand who this movie is designed for, Dumbo's not even the actual focus. It's just on all these stupid humans and their struggles. i don't give a shit about that.
Rahul Gogoi
Rahul Gogoi 12 days ago
That special presentation was awesome!!!!
FAH 26
FAH 26 12 days ago
They forgot the Joker ..... elephants have *56GB(random number)* memory for example if u hurt him when he is a kid he will remember what u did to him till his death so not remembering something of his mom bcuz of few days dont make sense /:
Cosmic Flower
Cosmic Flower 12 days ago
It was pretty awful.
Slo-mo Duo
Slo-mo Duo 12 days ago
The title says 12 minutes or less it’s 13 minutes you should do everything wrong with your channel
Aniket Kangutkar
Aniket Kangutkar 7 days ago
They did.Twice.
Awqua The Wolf
Awqua The Wolf 12 days ago
Sin. Another Disney remake
ღBobaTeaღ 13 days ago
Is that Danny devito-
Random Guy
Random Guy 13 days ago
Even with Danny DeVito, this movie can't be saved.
sir nicholas
sir nicholas 13 days ago
THIS MOVIE DESERVES MORE SINS!!! its probably one of my least favorites ever! I hate it!
Nathaniel Black
Nathaniel Black 13 days ago
This movie deserves more sins. I saw this yesterday and I hated it
JusticeGraceful 13 days ago
Actually it's not racist, there's an actual mental disorder people develop from going to France and it looking far worse than advertised.
Cameron Boyce fan I'm a fan
I don't even like you why do i watch you your like my enime
3:52. Is that a young Macaulay Culkin? Straight out of Home Alone.
2:37 What problem? You run a circus, DeVito. You dont think a freakish elephant would be an attraction? *Ding*
Valeria Absinthe
Valeria Absinthe 15 days ago
Excellent... now I know for certain that I bought a physical copy of this movie for nothing... mind you, I already knew this after stopping as soon as Batman- I mean Vulture- I mean Birdman- FUCK, I MEAN MICHAEL KEATON- shows up in the movie... but this just confirms that Disney is just shit now and are only doing remakes for the sake of proving they have no more original ideas to show off and would rather taint their older stuff by changing it to something bad. Though feel free to do that with Snow White; I never really liked that movie anyway, so I don't think there's a way to make that movie worse for me X'D .> Unless you go the route of the Huntsman movies and try convincing people that Bella from Twilight and her fucking derp face is more attractive that Charlize Theron... THEN maybe you could make it worse lol
A R.
A R. 16 days ago
You missed the part where he sprayed the bullies and had dipped his trunk in water...but the paint didn't come off.
Gabriela 16 days ago
Was I the only one who absolutely hated Milly? Her character was annoying... I mean extremely annoying. Half of the movie I was screaming “I WANNA SEE THE FAKE ELEPHANT DAMN IT!”
Psycghost !!!
Psycghost !!! 16 days ago
I kinda liked it. But to be fair, I never saw the original Dumbo so it was a new concept for me.
The Chimichanga
The Chimichanga 16 days ago
9:40 I feel like the part where Holt was all like, "Who's gonna help me free his mom?" was a bit cliche. Sure, we want them all to say yes, but he didn't have to directly state it, I personally thought it was a bit cringey. So I count it as a sin.
Swagata Raha
Swagata Raha 16 days ago
Is it just me or was the cartoon 50 times better than this garbage???
Knight2937 16 days ago
Disney: Running out of money? No problem! Make another live action remake!
Alex Veburg
Alex Veburg 17 days ago
1:14 An extra sin for this guy wearing a WWI Victory Medal. This is assuming that he's getting off the train after being mustered out. These medals were mailed to individual veterans who filled out the proper forms. On top of that this is 1919, right? The first Army medals weren't given out until at least June 1920! (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_I_Victory_Medal_(United_States)#Distribution )
The King of Nerds
The King of Nerds 17 days ago
They didn't even try with this one! No Timothy No pink elephants song And so many unneeded characters!
Tzisorey Tigerwuf
Tzisorey Tigerwuf 17 days ago
Dare I say it, but this movie might actually have been improved if they brought back the racist crows. It certainly couldn't have been made any worse for it.
Anatolia 17 days ago
What kid in 2019 GENUINELY wants to see a Dumbo film? I'm 26 and I've never even seen the original lol
no name
no name 17 days ago
1million sins for all the animal abuse.
Spicy Chicken Marsala Cucumber Salad w/ Pico
Glad to see Frank has not recovered from his acid trip yet.
RECNEPS KOOC 18 days ago
Cinama Sins needs to make their own movie called "The Perfect Movie"
Slim Jadey
Slim Jadey 18 days ago
"Eat my ass" LMAO
Metro Bytmobile
Metro Bytmobile 18 days ago
Hey can you do a video on the Princess and the Popper
AzeriHound 18 days ago
CGI and more female characters!!!!! -remakes in a nutshell
B H 19 days ago
“Ive been to France, it wasnt a good experience” CinemaSins: “Thatsss racist” Bruhhh, its post ww1.. 😂 im not sure the people are what he’s referring to
Supercow 1779
Supercow 1779 20 days ago
Dumbo 2019 is twice as long as dumbo 1941 dear god
kono dio da WRYYY
kono dio da WRYYY 20 days ago
10:40 hahahaha
Tara Blackmore
Tara Blackmore 20 days ago
Why does Michael Keaton look like Gary Busey
StudleyDuderight 21 day ago
12:58 to see what Disney does with all of their classic animated movie scripts.
Han Quattro
Han Quattro 22 days ago
Btw Disney might have ruined Dany Divio's movie career
Han Quattro
Han Quattro 22 days ago
I have alot of friends who think this movie was good, but they have seen the timeless masterpiece that was tho old dumbo
Spades Nanana
Spades Nanana 22 days ago
Reasons why I won't watch Dumbo: -This
Patience Wallace
Patience Wallace 22 days ago
so they copied the greatest showman?
Michael Whitney
Michael Whitney 23 days ago
Watched Dumbo yesterday and watched it already seeing the negative reviews on it. But I didn't find it as bad as people were making it out to be. Sure acting is a bit crap and story line is cliche but I think people are expecting these films to actually be a remake when instead they're more a reboot. Not meant to be like the original animations they're meant to be a different movie roughly following the same story line. Don't get me wrong, would have loved this way more if it was more like the original but I doubt it's Disney's intentions to do that with these reboots and so in that sense it wasn't that bad of a film despite it's cliche's. A lot of the negative reviews are from people that love the original animation where as if you saw this film first then the original you'll probably not like the original. I also liked they added in the nods to the animation like the dream sequence (albeit unbelievable to be happening, dumbo getting drunk made far more sense than a magical bubble show), the crow's "You've seen a housefly" etc line and even the mouse made an appearance.
Michael Whitney
Michael Whitney 23 days ago
7:59 is that just a low res image used for the audience in the background?? :O
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 23 days ago
This might be the first video I've seen where there are legitimate criticisms throughout the whole video.
Beutimus 23 days ago
Anyone else confused by the random musical interlude at the end?
Courtney Johnson
Courtney Johnson 23 days ago
Honestly I enjoyed this movie
Kyle Scicluna
Kyle Scicluna 24 days ago
1:31 danny Devito teaching someone how to use quick books in a movie
Lucifer seventh
Lucifer seventh 24 days ago
This is why we don’t have animals in circuses, or almost have no circuses, these days 😌😌😌
Eric Whitney
Eric Whitney 24 days ago
It seems rare that almost all of the sins in a movie are legitimate sins and not just wise cracks, but dang. Tim Burton gets almost his entire usual cast together and the movie is still THIS bad?! I like Tim Burton, but I knew there was a reason I skipped seeing this one in theaters.
CrimsonHunter436 24 days ago
Everything Wrong With Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie!
Sir Joseph
Sir Joseph 24 days ago
When I saw the New York harbor scene at the end of the movie I thought the ship was the titanic.
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez 24 days ago
Miralous ladybug Gemma chan as miralous ladybug y Colin farrell as cat noir
mechasentai 24 days ago
Out of all the remakes the fact that Dumbo and the Mouse don't form a friendship and all that is the biggest disappointment. That and that a Tim Burton film didn't star Johnny Depp as the baby elephant and Helen Abandon Carter as the mouse.
Bowman Wright
Bowman Wright 24 days ago
Damn you, now I want to see Michael Keaton as Willy Wonka. And damn you again for reminding me of Depp’s Wonka!
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