Everything Wrong With Dark Phoenix In Plenty Of Minutes

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Dark Phoenix... the final movie in the most recent X-men series... completed while Fox was being sold to Disney... and it's a mess, kids. A freaking giant mess. Full of sins. Oy.
Thursday: recent inclusive horror sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Oct 22, 2019




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Comments 80
MichaelJ 13 hours ago
The people who only gave effort in this was Hoult and Fassbender and everybody else was *"I cant wait for this to be fucking done already"*
Kayla Resler
Kayla Resler 23 hours ago
I just watched the movie for the first time. I am so mad about what they did. What was the point of Days of Future Past if this movie completely changes the school, who runs it, who is in the X-Men, etc. Like Mystique is dead, Jean is gone, Erik isn’t bad Magneto, Charles isn’t the headmaster, and the school doesn’t even have the iconic name. So mad.
Señor Verdad
That "sucks fuzzy weasel balls" has me dead. 😂😂😂
Dominique Sciacqua
Dominique Sciacqua
Solar Analysis
The greatest marvel comic dealing with racism and social issues FILLED WITH PRIVLEDGED WHITE KIDS who look like underwear models..and jennifer lawrence sucks as mystique...THIS MOVIE FUCKING SUCKS....
Kareem Lane
Kareem Lane 2 days ago
Virginia Rose
Virginia Rose 2 days ago
Professor X is always drinking in this movie I didn't know him as a drinker 🤷🏾‍♀️
Minh Hà
Minh Hà 3 days ago
neck-lock thing was explained in Deadpool 1... just saying
rasmokey4 3 days ago
I am so confused over these X-Men movies! Wasn't Jean killed off in a previous movie?
Daniel Worden
Killing Jean off is one of the perks of doing and redoing and reredoing this franchise.
Jasmin Dee
Jasmin Dee 3 days ago
Hey sugar momma come and dance with me!! Loved the little Crazy Town reference haha.
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans 4 days ago
The best question is, WHO THE FUCK AM I?!
Ne smaraj
Ne smaraj 4 days ago
15:40 Ok, Please do not use Almighty name of Lord Jesus Christ for nothing and jokes. If Lord Jesus Christ did not risen from death way then His Apostols spent and risk their lifes for praying him and helping poors all life after His death? Because He risen from it.
Warren Kings
Warren Kings 4 days ago
Why dont you just add a tick every time they say a word? Keep it legit or you're losing what makes you worth watching.
Glen Kim
Glen Kim 5 days ago
Love how during the chess scene at the end, Xavier is so much more jacked because it was probably a re-shoot while he was filming Glass.
jaevizzy allenizzy
there's metal in the human body, hence why magneto can manipulate that metal and fly
Meriluslff1989 5 days ago
Remove sin number 30 Storm can actually control space storm or rather create them in the comics ( don't ask i aint no scientist but I know she can lol)
Yeshua 5 days ago
Jean’s trauma was also what was making her act that way. It’s like that in the comic as well.
Kirami MMO
Kirami MMO 6 days ago
Here a 1 second answer: everything
Yeshua 5 days ago
@Kirami MMO I know. As the word of Roger Ebert said, a film needs to be judge by what it send out to do and people are kinda missing the point of the movie.
Kirami MMO
Kirami MMO 5 days ago
@Yeshua I don't talk about the book, I'm talking about the movie and no
Yeshua 5 days ago
Have you ever read the Dark Phoenix Saga?
Trey 6 days ago
This movie was good I don’t care what nobody say !! But I still hope they release the kinberg cut
Yeshua 4 days ago
@Louis Just say you weren’t the target audience, bruh.
Louis 4 days ago
@Yeshua bruh can you stop this shit.
Yeshua 5 days ago
@Louis A movie is only bad when it fails at what it send out to do. The point of the movie was it to relate to people who struggled with trauma and other mental illnesses.
Trey 6 days ago
Louis too you like I said !
Louis 6 days ago
@Trey It is shit.
Tyson Jandreau
Tyson Jandreau 6 days ago
So we have: the mutant containment unit, sentinel services (the gifted) and division 8 (legion)... how in the hell does the public not realize the government is trying to violently oppress a group of people and continue to blame the mutants for their issues?
Rose Petals
Rose Petals 6 days ago
I miss when Mystique was still the badass, villain she used to be..
Tony2Truuu TV
Tony2Truuu TV 7 days ago
Lol 😂 Xavier’s Men sounds like a gay strip club in Las Vegas. He’s hairy with a little bit of scary. Pull out those mini purses boys here comes THE BEAST!!! 🤣
Manish Panchpal
Manish Panchpal 7 days ago
Six films later since hugh jackman lef andt they now think of pulling this flamin X thing add 100 sins DING
TKS 8 days ago
So boring
Yeshua 7 days ago
Due to expectations or execution?
The Mind Flayer
The Mind Flayer 8 days ago
I didn’t need to hear the dog cloth story...
Capture King
Capture King 9 days ago
1:12 I guess you went for a bathroom break when there was the flashback of Xavier talking to Jean's father. And as stated in another comment, "Um, Xavier is a supreme telepath, you don't LET him do anything". Sin total = 122
PhoenixFire504 9 days ago
“In the kitchen? That’s So Raven”.... lololol
Christian Zulueta
I am currently watching X2 United and I hate it so much now because it's not aligned with their other xmen movies: (1) how Stryker died. In this one he was chained to a wall, in the other xmen movie, wolverine chained him to a helicopter, and (2) how Jean died and became phoenix. Here iIn X2, Jean drowned, and later in other xmen movie she turned into Phoenix. In the Dark Phoenix movie, Jean absorbed a solar flaire and didn't died at all. XMen movies sucks. Whoever wrote and directed each XMen movies, they're not communicating with each other. Good thing the XMen franchise is now with MCU who knows how to sustain continuity in their stories (except of course with that Captain Marvel story and acting crap).
Stabby Bear
Stabby Bear 9 days ago
I'm guessing you're the guy nobody wants to watch a movie with
Adam Walker
Adam Walker 10 days ago
I can’t believe you made this video. There’s so much wrong with this movie I can’t imagine you have the time.
Adam Walker
Adam Walker 8 days ago
Yeshua I assume you’re not referring to Stan Lee or jack Kirby because excelsior isn’t being “woke” it’s not being an idiot which is what being “woke” seems to focus on. Although a woke person has to have the appearance of not being an idiot- which is even dumber. I’m gonna assume you mean the company, studio, directors etc. i couldn’t tell that was their goal in the first two movies of the reboot. It really shows in apocalypse (god damn that movie should have been epic and this one for that matter!) for me, in the x-men universe I am already of the assumption that the chics are on equal footing. (Derogatory reference intended) maybe not as strong as wolverine let’s say, but you can FLY! WTF?! okay cool. That’s how everyone is the same and also different. They have an equalizer
Yeshua 8 days ago
@Adam Walker According to the people who created the X-Men "wokeness" is pretty much the whole point of the series. And the main issue with Dark Phoenix was the studio muddling.
Adam Walker
Adam Walker 8 days ago
Yeshua dude, the last stand was awful. Jean Grey and moreover the Dark Phoenix was not created to appeal to a feminist angle and it was what makes x men great. Apocalypse wasn’t that good if I’m being honest. But it was okay. The Dark Phoenix was a movie shat out to appeal to angles and generate $. And it did that. The time spent with first class and the rogue cut of the next one (well done) is not present in those movies. Dark Phoenix they took no time and zero interest in creating quality
Yeshua 8 days ago
@Adam Walker Did you see my last reply? We posted at the same exact time so you might have not seen it.
Yeshua 8 days ago
@Adam Walker In comparison The Last Stand didn’t develop Jean at all and had her do nothing in it. All because the studio didn’t want a female superhero movie after Elektra bombed. So I don’t see how that sexist movie is decent by comparison.
Daniel Figaro
Daniel Figaro 10 days ago
Hmm, we have learned an uncomfortable lot about Jeremy's collage girlfriend via CS.
gabriel garvey
gabriel garvey 10 days ago
Wow this movie sucks haha
Yeshua 6 days ago
@Louis I know. I ask because people who say the movie sucks is usually because they think it isn’t faithful.
Louis 6 days ago
@Yeshua I mean he's talking about the movie
Yeshua 8 days ago
You ever read the original Dark Phoenix Saga?
R3K Pwner
R3K Pwner 11 days ago
What about the fact that in X-men:Apocalypse (set in 1983) Jean had the Phoenix force and defeated Apocalypse with it, but then in X-men:Dark Phoenix (set in 1992) it shows that she just got them from the solar flare.
Yeshua 7 days ago
@R3K Pwner Ever noticed how it’s not referred to as “Phoenix” in that video?
R3K Pwner
R3K Pwner 7 days ago
@Yeshua ruvid.net/video/video-o-djOdpLyPg.html what's this then?
Yeshua 7 days ago
@R3K Pwner Sorry, I was replying to the wrong post. Anyway, Jean that purple space cloud wasn’t the Phoenix Force. It looked nothing like the Phoenix and is never called that.
R3K Pwner
R3K Pwner 7 days ago
@Yeshua what do the comics have to do with this plothole? Did you understand what I wrote? English is not my first language so I'll try to explain better. In the movie X-Men: Apocalypse shows us that jean already possesses the phoenix force and she defeats Apocalypse with it. However in the movie X-men: Dark Phoenix shows us that Jean didn't possess the phoenix force back when she fought Apocalypse and gets it while trying to rescue the astronauts. (Also after writing my previous comment I looked it up and IT IS an actual major plot hole)
Yeshua 8 days ago
Have you ever read a X-Men comic?
DAVE IS GOD 11 days ago
Fassbender was the one shining light in this crap
Manomay Gadiyar
Manomay Gadiyar 11 days ago
11:29 He's able to levitate because there are metals in the Earth's crust (I'm guessing).
Louis 6 days ago
That makes 0 fucking sense.
Christian Satine
Christian Satine 11 days ago
Oy indeed.
B 12 days ago
Yeah how does raven die.. Then grow old to be mystique ?? Xmen really messed up
Yet Reached Peak
Yet Reached Peak 12 days ago
idk why but it wasnt til i heard bruh compare x men and a g spot that i realized sins is the goat
Miranda Flamel
Miranda Flamel 12 days ago
Not everyone (including children) deals with loss by bawling their eyes out
The Thinker
The Thinker 12 days ago
8:29 starlord got daddy issues, gamora got daddy issues, luke skywalker got daddy issues if that counts
Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts 13 days ago
Yeah, I'm certain most of us don't get the lack of aging thing in this film, like really Charles and Erik should start looking like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen right around this time, seeing as it's what, only 8 years or summat before the events of the first X-Men? Then again, maybe Beast should start looking like Kelsey Grammer. It would've been more believable if they explained that injecting Mystique's blood in First Class also, like her, slowed down his aging process, or whatever? That would have been a sort of stupid reason, seeing as we saw the Grammer Beast at the end of Days of Future Past, who must have been in his 70s at that point, but it would have provided some kind of explanation as to why some of the mutants looked young, instead of expecting viewers to ignore the fact that they've barely aged in 30 years. It is ridiculous, though, that Erik somehow looks younger (unless I'm the only one seeing this) here, than in Apocalypse, where he almost believably, looked like a man in his 50's. I'm pretty sure he had a few grey hairs there too. But then again, Charles still looked ridiculously young with his long pretty boy hair, that didn't somehow have a *single* speck of grey in it, even though he's very close in age to Erik. Furthermore, it would've been highly unlikely, but I feel this film would've worked a bit better if they brought Stewart and McKellen back, or something.
Kaweesha Nethmika
Kaweesha Nethmika 13 days ago
121 th sin got me
Jahmall Marshall
Jahmall Marshall 14 days ago
I mean Magneto did get stronger after The apocalypse Amp but still in the comics he’s able to fly using the magnet force on the earth
Candace Parker
Candace Parker 14 days ago
The movie producers never reviewed the comics. Yeah, its a comic book movie but no one read them! All the sins noted the comics addressed.
Yeshua 8 days ago
No offense but when was the last time you read the Dark Phoenix Saga? Because the only major change was the villains.
Tanima Roy
Tanima Roy 15 days ago
my dog did the exact same thing, i had to pull it out of his butt.....
Sarvesh Jadhav
Sarvesh Jadhav 15 days ago
Worst movie in the world
Yeshua 8 days ago
lol you must have not watched many movies.
adea llapshtica
adea llapshtica 15 days ago
how tf is jean dead they acc messed up the timeline bruh
adea llapshtica
adea llapshtica 15 days ago
you also need to sin the fact that how jean met professor x in the originals her parents arent dead and that the professor was with magneto
Darwin Cabarrubias
Darwin Cabarrubias 16 days ago
this channel doesnt need any ads. just pure entertainment and they're confident they will have a lot of viewers.
MrPrajitura 16 days ago
I gotta say, I enjoyed this movie, but it was terrible 😂
Yeshua 8 days ago
Have you ever read the original storyline but people who say it’s terrible are really missing its point.
Carlos Martin
Carlos Martin 17 days ago
You where wrong about storm she can use her powers in space and on other planter also
Αγγέλα Σαρδελιάνου
The Bran Stark quote killed me
T THESUN 18 days ago
#1 sin only 2mins of quicksilver
Jeff McVeigh
Jeff McVeigh 18 days ago
You missed young Jean changing the station to Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London" in 1975, when the song isn't released until1978
Tommy Musselman
Tommy Musselman 18 days ago
This movie is terrible.
Yeshua 17 days ago
@Tommy Musselman Ever noticed how the aliens look like the Hellfire Club, have a mansion like them, and manipulate Jean like them? That is because they were them in an earlier version of the script. The ending with Jean flying off into space is her becoming the Dark Phoenix and that was setting her up to eat a star(which was alluded to in Apocalypse).
Tommy Musselman
Tommy Musselman 17 days ago
@Yeshua Only fox could take a legendary concept this good and destroy it
Tommy Musselman
Tommy Musselman 17 days ago
@Yeshua yep
Yeshua 17 days ago
Ever read the comic version of the story?
Tommy Musselman
Tommy Musselman 18 days ago
Fuckin 🦊
J Hill
J Hill 19 days ago
Wasn’t there a whole fiasco regarding the script before release? I thought I read somewhere that huge chunks were cut out, rendering the story...well, whatever this is.
Yeshua 17 days ago
I recently uploaded video on its production history on my channel if you are interested in knowing the story.
Jesse 19 days ago
Hollywood needs new screen writers.
Logan Takach
Logan Takach 20 days ago
Definitely spoilation
Taijifufu 21 day ago
7:02 Describes the opening to The Thing (1982).
Jacob Schultz
Jacob Schultz 21 day ago
Me: sees Dark Phoenix in the title of a Cinema Sins video. Also Me: It’s over 9,000
X Baker
X Baker 21 day ago
The biggest sin of this movie is that Professor X already knew some version of this entire debacle was going to happen. He read Wolverine’s entire history in days of future past, with Jean’s murdery vaporizing powers being a huge event and it might be a different timeline, but he’s acting like that sh!t could never happen again. He should’ve been pissing himself any time Jean acted the least bit cranky, and avoided messing with her mind like the freaking plague.
Yeshua 17 days ago
If he didn’t mess with her head should have suffered the same thing he went through in Days of Future Past.
Muhammad Aliff
Muhammad Aliff 21 day ago
If raven die...how come she present in x men movie in the past when charles and eric were old
Jian Lopez
Jian Lopez 22 days ago
To be honest, I think he missed a lot of sins here because he mostly slept through this movie
Caleb Lim
Caleb Lim 22 days ago
1) villains are boring and useless 2) doesn’t even connect with previous movies 3) characters are all different 4) plot makes no sense 5) Phoenix does nothing to earn her “evil power” reputation 6) it’s so so bad
Yeshua 17 days ago
I think you missed the point of the entirely.
kate walker
kate walker 23 days ago
i love that you removed 2 sins for michael fassbender
Angelo James Mordini
To explain all the plot holes in this movie. Fox was bought by Disney so the X-men are now owned by Disney and coming to the mcu. This was the last fox made X-men movie so I think they said fuck it and just did whatever they want
Yeshua 17 days ago
The plot hole is the aging.
Natália Teixeira
Natália Teixeira 23 days ago
"Thank God for rubber gloves and also fuck this movie for making me relive this." Man, I love Cinema Sins SO MUCH, I'M DEAD!
Dean Tobin
Dean Tobin 24 days ago
The scene where Jean collapses at the party and Charles picks up on it. How did Charles not know there was an alien shapeshifter there when he can read minds. When he apologizes and leaves.
Yeshua 17 days ago
It was established that he couldn’t read the alien’s mind.
RINGO HULK777 24 days ago
There is metal in the ground
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 24 days ago
There’s a lesson here don’t trust other studios with x-men
Caleb Lim
Caleb Lim 22 days ago
Sam Sam X1, X2, First Class, Days of Future Past, was awesome.
Striking Scorpion Exarch
Why would they let Xavier in to see Jean? Did you forget he is psychic? He can make you think he is the nurse or not there at all.
Widia Shintia
Widia Shintia 25 days ago
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Chris K.
Chris K. 25 days ago
Really bad, still watched , but only cause you have other other strong characters like Professor X, Magneto, his son, but don't like the actor who plays Jean, or Raven, really don't care for the way they do those roles, both seem whiny and emotionally weak.
T-FLIGHT 25 days ago
So here's my curiosity: How did she acquire the Phoenix in ( Apocalypse) I mean we all seen her go full nova with the Fiery red hair when Charles gave her the power boost she needed, to defeat Apocalypse. Soooooo meaning that did Jean always have the Phoenix inside of her, but just enough to where she could control it and now in this movie she fully reemerge with it. Now becoming this unstable unstoppable power house mutant....
Yeshua 25 days ago
The cosmic energy wasn’t the Phoenix Force according to the writer/director.
Tyrant Lizard King
Tyrant Lizard King 25 days ago
17:46 'it says "f*ck Raven"' 😂😂
Mr Lion
Mr Lion 26 days ago
wat a stupid ass movie
Klarion 7
Klarion 7 26 days ago
You're wrong about Storm tho at 4:34 ,she can control the weather in space too,but in this movie they made her look weak af.
Liah Trade
Liah Trade 27 days ago
this movie was trash there is no other way to put it
Yeshua 25 days ago
As a reader of the source material I would say that people are missing its point.
Christian Espiritu
Christian Espiritu 27 days ago
AllSpark hit me like a fucking train
WhoDarestheMAN gamer
It was made. Done!
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