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We all go through moments in life that we don’t understand. The setback may not seem fair, but what you can’t see is how God is using it to serve His plan. Stay in faith. God is setting you up to move you forward!
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Nov 10, 2019




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Comments 921
Vedaratna Vigneshwar
Thank you Joel Sir for the inspiring message. GOD has spoke with me very clearly and that was a awesome message. Please pray for me. Thank you😊😊😊
Maria Ranacher
Thank you fort this most encouraging message!!!
Vicki Beaver
Vicki Beaver 2 days ago
Thank you Pastor Joel for this anointed message. I needed this word and blessing from my Heavenly Father. I often listen to you at night when I can not sleep, and the Lord brings peace so I am able to fall asleep. I've been in a firey trial nearly 20 months now, and this message was truly right on time... God bless you and Victoria for your dedication to Father's Ministry in tending to His sheep! I love you both, From the Heart, Vicki in Virginia 🙏😇❣️
Leroy Bailey Jr.
Leroy Bailey Jr. 3 days ago
Thanks Joel , I really needed to be reminded of this .... 😇
shekinah Jasmine
shekinah Jasmine 3 days ago
Much needed one for me... Amen and Amen 💯
Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith 5 days ago
This message came straight from the throne of God. I just got my *NEW WIND* THANK YOU JOEL!!
Phiona Nankambo
Phiona Nankambo 5 days ago
Thank you Joel for all your messages,I believe that all things are working together for my good and for his glory.
shivu s
shivu s 5 days ago
God bless you abundantly Joel.You are amazing !Glory to God! This message really encouraged me.You are a Great humble servant of God!Thank you so much!!
TheExodus30 6 days ago
An on time message of encouragement for me!!!!
Edna Oware
Edna Oware 6 days ago
Thank you God for closing that door.
Stephen Van Horn
Stephen Van Horn 11 days ago
Thank you for the word, Listening to you is like watching the sun rise. I will always give the lord thanks and praise. God bless
Peter Mahtani
Peter Mahtani 11 days ago
My plan is one day to see brother Joel live at Lakewood it will be a dream come true. He is absolutely a amazing pastor. I hope and I pray to God to make my dream come to pass. God bless you brother Joel
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Senait K Health And Fitness
I really needed this today Amen Amen Amen🙏🙏🙏
Jane Angels
Jane Angels 13 days ago
Pastor Joel, my niece had an accident and she broke her shoulder and forearm recently. She's in the hospital now but would be ready to be discharged tomorrow. I felt really bad because I wasn't expecting it. Everything is going well with me and her in terms of our relationship, we even went to the church before the accident happened. I felt so sad that i wanted to cut my self or try to get another tattoo on my forehand to remember my pain and her accident.,actually i was raising my bible up listening to you and praying when that time she had an accident. Her classmate called telling that Dara had a car accident. I'm afraid she couldn't function normally anymore. I'm just thinking to my self that it's God's decicion and we cannot argue with God i told to her younger sister. I pray God will heal all our hurts and fears..
Sonya Dooker
Sonya Dooker 13 days ago
Amen thanks Joel
Madeline Richardson
Thanks for your mighty voice of encouragement. And thks to Lakewood for all your teachers, pastors and leaders. We enjoy them all!!!!
Sharon Campbell
Sharon Campbell 14 days ago
Pastor Osteen you are very uplifting and encouraging! God Bless!
Mo nare
Mo nare 14 days ago
Keep building us through words, they're powerful
Ifeyinwa Okonkwo
Ifeyinwa Okonkwo 14 days ago
This message helped me out of my situation. Thank you Jesus ,
Ishu Choudhary
Ishu Choudhary 15 days ago
Izibernabe15 Bernabe
easy to say that whend we are out of unjustice.,,do es not mean to be this way.
rosanna casella
rosanna casella 16 days ago
Love your jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Helina Lela
Helina Lela 17 days ago
Such a wonderful message. Thank you . Your wise words have edifies me. You are a blessing.
Priscilla Mpangala
Priscilla Mpangala 18 days ago
God bless you
Jems Lungchang
Jems Lungchang 18 days ago
From India: Very inspiration and motivation message. Thanks to God that I am watching your program. May God bless all.
Gene Haigh
Gene Haigh 19 days ago
Pastor Joel everything you talked about was about my situation even the tax issue please pray for my wife and I for a breakthrough we've been married five years and are finally trying to buy a home thank you and god bless
En İyi Türk Müziği Mix
Thank you Pastor Joel 2years of watching your sermons everyday has made such a positive impact in my life, I have seen the hand of God, I'm always in a good attitude nomatter the circumstance, I have handled situations better than I could have before your messages, I'm more happier and positive, thank you and God bless you
Clean Beast
Clean Beast 20 days ago
Amen!!! A word spoken in due season! I agree with you and I believe and receive it!
Aaron Bunfill
Aaron Bunfill 21 day ago
Thank you so much God thank you so much God thank you so much God thank you so much God thank you so much God thank you so much God thank you so much God thank you so much God
Aaron Bunfill
Aaron Bunfill 21 day ago
Thank you for your wonderful service thank you thank you thank you
Aaron Bunfill
Aaron Bunfill 21 day ago
Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen
Aaron Bunfill
Aaron Bunfill 21 day ago
Thank you JESUS thank you JESUS thank you JESUS thank you JESUS thank you JESUS thank you JESUS thank you JESUS thank you JESUS thank you JESUS thank you JESUS thank you JESUS thank thank you guardian Angel thank you guardian Angel thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels thank you guardian Angels
basil leaf
basil leaf 22 days ago
I hate the pain.... But I love the baby I love the baby, so much so, "I chose" to go through the pain, two more times.... I am a mother of 3.
VTv 22 days ago
This is what i needed today thanks joel
David Lim
David Lim 23 days ago
Thank You Joel For This Uplifting message. God bless your work
50sherron Hamilton
50sherron Hamilton 24 days ago
God bless you thank you so much ❤️🙏 God is good helping me
Connie Mutimu
Connie Mutimu 24 days ago
Amen, Amen Amen, this message is so encouraging, looking forward for breakthroughs in 2020 as I accept and get encouraged that everything that happens serves his plan (good or bad) Joel Osteen be blessed
Ravinder singh Singh
I love this message a lot .
Patricia Pakdeepak
Patricia Pakdeepak 24 days ago
Kaleb John
Kaleb John 24 days ago
Again you made me cry Pastor and you always lift my spirit up! One day I would meet you and I have this feeling right now in my spirit, in Jesus name Amen!
Passion Gambia
Passion Gambia 26 days ago
Papa your message always bring tears from my heart, we love you!!!
Raymon  A. Torres jr.
Leslie Odell
Leslie Odell 27 days ago
WOW.. we don’t grow during the good times...how true
Satvir Sran
Satvir Sran 27 days ago
I'm blessed through this sermon.
Greg william Rice
Greg william Rice 28 days ago
Wonderful.. Thank God for this amazing man
Danny Chituma
Danny Chituma 29 days ago
Mathotmi 29 days ago
This video is very encouraging and very blessed im looking forwards to your next video.
Christian Kasi
Christian Kasi Month ago
Thanks God you exist ... This sermon is eye opener for me thank you God bless you.
Terria White
Terria White Month ago
Thank you for the message from God it's so inspiring 🙌
Niro Fernandez
Niro Fernandez Month ago
Rachel Harris
Rachel Harris Month ago
Leng Zhao
Leng Zhao Month ago
Very inspiring! Thank you, Pastor Joel.
Ashley Clarke
Ashley Clarke Month ago
I love his sermons...really helps me to get through my day. Continue the good work of God. Stay blessed 🙏 @joelosteen
Nikolay Simov
Nikolay Simov Month ago
"If the situation is not changing, then God is using the situation to change you." ~ Joel Osteen
Nikolay Simov
Nikolay Simov 17 days ago
@Brian Barit God bless Joel's kind and loving soul, good Sir.
Brian Barit
Brian Barit 17 days ago
Nikolay Simov: Well said, my Christian brother! -BB 🙏❤️😇✝️
Iana Volk
Iana Volk Month ago
Amen 🙏
mebari shylla
mebari shylla Month ago
Why am I upset over something that's designed to move me forward................
Geoffrey Anthony
Amen 🙏
phylis kwamboka
phylis kwamboka Month ago
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