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Ronny Chieng spotlights frivolous lawsuits against food giants, including absurd cases being brought against Godiva, TGI Friday’s and Poland Spring.
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Comments 100
Kevin Noutsawo
Kevin Noutsawo 44 minutes ago
This guy is amazing.
aiman izzat
aiman izzat Day ago
Came here for Ronnie
Sidhardhan Sunilkumar
WTF is even potato skins
R.C C 2 days ago
Am suing daily show..for not bringing Rony regularly on the show.
Evelyn 2 days ago
Kai 3 days ago
The people that sue are the same people who find this show funny...
alex prince
alex prince 3 days ago
I keep looking at his hair :-(
Ramp Agent
Ramp Agent 3 days ago
Chinese can't make people laugh.they just cant tell jokes.
hot damn!
hot damn! 4 days ago
ahh murica!! soon it well be land of degenerates.
Abdirhmn Salad
Abdirhmn Salad 4 days ago
This is ron trying to remind ppl he is Asian
THE THOUGHTS 4 days ago
Hey the Joke thief Guy!!!👆👆👆
Maxime Lahaye
Maxime Lahaye 4 days ago
Dumb americans probably also suit the chocolate company because the product wasnt made in 1926..
Lorenz Siggel
Lorenz Siggel 4 days ago
That’s what you get when there are more lawyers than dentists.....forget Belgium, have the average American locate a state on the map they don’t live in....or maybe even the one they do.
Umaima Rasheed Khan
"People love chocolate so much that Willy Wonka killed kids and we didn't even care" 😂😂👌🍫1:14
fucian j
fucian j 5 days ago
It's like racial diversity on a sports team. It doesn't exist.
Kesar Dogra J&K
Kesar Dogra J&K 5 days ago
Americans have a lot of free time And most of them are dumb anyway🤤🤤🤪😵
Rui Qiang zeng
Rui Qiang zeng 5 days ago
That's so funny n true.
KangenAlec 5 days ago
People are so stupid, they dont know what Kangen water is
Lwazi Bhengu
Lwazi Bhengu 5 days ago
The guy is good.
ryan vo
ryan vo 6 days ago
Ronnie that hairstyle ain’t working bruh
A P 6 days ago
love Ronny Chieng!
Tom Mcfadden
Tom Mcfadden 6 days ago
No. We need qualified candidates irregardless of what's between their legs.
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy 6 days ago
She paid $1 for a bag of potato skins that is I guess actually worth $5 mill? Lady you got a steal
Karthik Sastry
Karthik Sastry 6 days ago
Atlast some real news gets covered by the daily show!!
Santos Lewynn
Santos Lewynn 7 days ago
Ronnie was harsh but funny in this one. But can you stop with the hand slapping on table thing.
Omar B.
Omar B. 7 days ago
Shit I’m suing America They promised me the DREAM
ירמיהו Williamson
Salads are fast lol
Paige Dyezie
Paige Dyezie 7 days ago
He's so cute😂😂😂😂💕
Immortal! 7 days ago
I’m suing someone next to me coz I smelled his fart😂🤪🤪😅😆😆..
muqsit islam
muqsit islam 8 days ago
Wats up with his hair 😧
Eula Scott
Eula Scott 8 days ago
Ronnie should grow it all out. I’m interested in a ponytail for sure 😏
Mash Kat07
Mash Kat07 9 days ago
Trevor Noah is miserably struggling to pull this show off
Goat 9 days ago
I know it was a joke but I feel like that thing at the end (stealing someones lunch and sueing them over the quality of the food) has happened...
3506Dodge 11 days ago
I don't think it's legal to sell dog meat for food anywhere in the U.S. There's a lawsuit in there somewhere.
RICH MIND 11 days ago
What yrr who are you from which planet i mean......
Mistralok !
Mistralok ! 11 days ago
Hello Ronnie. I am proud to be an American. This is because of you and Trevor and all the amazing people that have come from around the world to be here (all of my family included mind you).
mbyrd6713 12 days ago
I still believe people should have to pay when they waste the judicial system's time with stupid lawsuits 🤦🏽‍♀️.
RD4590 12 days ago
Americans. Ugh. Next time, A woman from Alabama suing an egg company for using fertilized eggs because it's equal to abortion. 😛
Lax Thapa
Lax Thapa 13 days ago
He is hilarious n getting better everyday I followed him since he was doing comedy in Australia
Steve Gergely
Steve Gergely 13 days ago
Ronny, forget goggles pay per show model. Suggest you and Jim Jeffries go on Netflix instead as people rather pay for all you can watch instead of screwing us per show. That model is never going to work. Call me when you change system or if google gets less greedy.
tedmerr 16 days ago
Poland, Maine
DG Pope
DG Pope 16 days ago
Poland, Maine not Poland Europe
CoolChannel Name
CoolChannel Name 21 day ago
cvs might sue
ColinsCity 21 day ago
alternative title: finding out your co-worker ate your lunch and sues you
Josh J
Josh J 22 days ago
The chocolate industry exploits child slaves in Africa today.
Natasha Sheree
Natasha Sheree 23 days ago
Satire, the painful salt in America’s wounds. Forced healing. God bless the comic!
Natasha Sheree
Natasha Sheree 23 days ago
thank you for mentioning Flint ✊🏾❤️
David S
David S 23 days ago
Ronnie just isn't funny to me. His timing always feels rushed.
Vallejo PNW
Vallejo PNW 23 days ago
Ronnie Chang has man bangs... And that's ok.
princess étoile
princess étoile 23 days ago
🤯🤯🤯🤯what?!!!! Potato skin is not potato?!!!! What the is it then?!!!!
Ian Vonfrank
Ian Vonfrank 23 days ago
For the record, Poland Spring water is not from the country of Poland. It's from Poland, Maine.
xCaracusx 23 days ago
This crazy suing is only possible in America xDDD
Jae Lynn
Jae Lynn 23 days ago
Nestle is basically STEALING water. How are they able to get a permit for $200 and pump all the water they want out of Michigan/Great Lakes area, and make huge profits? Profits should go to lifelong residents of any state that a resources come from! Just like how Alaska gives its oil money back to long time residents.
Mike Choi Droma
Mike Choi Droma 23 days ago
Haha haha right! Americans are entitled to everything’! To the maxxxxxx lol fuckin love this guy
Stephanie Brennan
Stephanie Brennan 24 days ago
John Erkman
John Erkman 24 days ago
I F’ing ❤️❤️❤️ this guy!
Zenobia Russell
Zenobia Russell 24 days ago
Smart water is nasty...
Matt Erbst
Matt Erbst 24 days ago
The Poland spring water bottle said "Natural Spring Water" on the front! Nestle is evil! They have child slaves and they steal desert aquifer waters! Join my boycott of Nestle (including Stouffer's)!
Rufus , just Rufus
Rufus , just Rufus 24 days ago
Atmapalazzo 24 days ago
okay, there are countries where "find it on a map" is a real thing, countries like Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and small island nations like Vanuatu. Belgium is not one of those nations. It's located between France and the Netherlands.
Amar Alam
Amar Alam 24 days ago
That toupée is an atrocity
Vivek Yadav
Vivek Yadav 24 days ago
Ronny is my favorite on this show
moinmoin 24 days ago
Everything is possible in the land of Tide Pod eaters...
N George
N George 25 days ago
im suing johnsons. ive been using baby oil all those years. im now seeing a professional and i am paying all the costs.
MrSchmolko 25 days ago
i'll sue coca cola....5 millions for absence of coke and 2 for the missing cola nut. then anheuser busch for daring to call their colored piss "beer",
activationcode 25 days ago
Ronny Chieng used to be funny pre Justin Bieber era.
AngolanGirl 26 days ago
He's hot
iamallamaninja 26 days ago
You’re selling a mysteryyyyyyy 😂
M Emina
M Emina 26 days ago
Damn this guy is better than Trevor Noah himself. Haahahahahahahahahah
Sak Boun
Sak Boun 26 days ago
Never realized these kind of ignorances still exist. Maybe the dumb morons should get free college tuition instead.
Tiffany Doug
Tiffany Doug 26 days ago
Hilarious 😂 but stop addressing the stupid people of America as "America". We're not all that dumb 💀
Christian Castro
Christian Castro 26 days ago
Has anyone thought of just asking for there money back???! Lol people want 5 million for that lmfao !!! Those are leaches
barih4prez 27 days ago
So is the only difference between spring water and filtered water a label? And when we taste the difference between different brands of water.. is that just a placebo effect?? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore...
Ashmit Kolli
Ashmit Kolli 27 days ago
Smart water went to Stanford not MIT. Get your facts straight lol
ThewayICit 27 days ago
Litigation is as much part of American culture as apple pie.
I’m still not over the Tae yang Concert 9.1.17
What’s up with his stupid hair
Pura Imaginacion
Pura Imaginacion 27 days ago
RandomThoughts 27 days ago
This is a stupid bit. The lawsuits are not frivolous. Somebody has to stand up these large corporations that lie to its consumers. Godiva is indeed misleading from consumers that it's chocolate comes from Belgium. TGI Friday's is completely duping its customers by selling potato skins which aren't really potatoes. And, Poland Spring is indeed duping its customers by selling water that is ordinary well water. Instead of class action lawsuit firms suing these large corporations, why doesn't the government take a stand and sue these large corporations? This is truly absurd.
jeremy south
jeremy south 27 days ago
I don't care if the people suing companies get any money out of their lawsuits, but I am completely in favor of companies being punished and fined for misleading advertising.
Rowyn Olson
Rowyn Olson 27 days ago
Fun fact: The lady who sued Mcdonalds was actually severely burned by the coffee. She only sued because they refused to pay for her hospital bill.
Mel The Mom
Mel The Mom 3 days ago
+The Skwerlord I'm going to go watch that right now...
The Skwerlord
The Skwerlord 21 day ago
+Rowyn Olson did you watch adam ruins the mcdonalda coffee case
Rowyn Olson
Rowyn Olson 21 day ago
+DA666 1. She wasn't driving. 2. She suffered 3RD degree burns because the coffee was at unsafe temperature-even for coffee. 3. McDonald's lost the case FOR A REASON. 4. McDonalds knew the coffee temp was unsafe, and did NOTHING about it. 5. The lady almost died. 6. She never wanted to go to court in the first place.
DA666 23 days ago
Why should a company pay your medical bills when it is not responsible for hurting you? Are you in favor of having every car manufacturer be responsible for idiot drivers? "Water past the boiling point" that is steam at that point. And there is no steam coffee. It was brewed at around 97°C, which is a typical temperature for coffee (as was stated by various experts during the trials). "Who drinks coffee at that temperature" no one, you aren't supposed to eat the pizza straight from the oven either, chances are it's hotter than steaming water, since that tops out at 100°C without some fancy pressure cookers, but ovens are usually around 200°C - 220°C for cooking a pizza and the fat in the cheese can become much, much hotter than 100°C. You brew cofffee with nearly boiling water to extract all the tasty ingredients from the ground up coffee beans, then you let it sit a while, add some milk and whatever you like and when it is the temperature you like, you drink. How do I have to explain how this works to you? How can you type at a keyboard, but are flabbergasted by how you prepare and enjoy food? She bought a coffee (like it is brewed by every decent person not fearing lawsuits) at a drive through, put it between her legs, drove away and poured it over herself. I'm sorry for her pain, but that is some Darwin-Award acting right there.
Jae Lynn
Jae Lynn 23 days ago
For me, that DID seem to be when lawsuits really started to take off in this country, but I could be wrong. It's sad how people hurt themselves on someone else's property, and then tries to file suit against that homeowners. People are hesitant to invite new friends to their property for fear of being sued if they get hurt.
Madeleine Butler
Madeleine Butler 27 days ago
I’m so glad that they didn’t talk about the McDonalds coffee law suit, because that poor woman was in the right (I thought she was crazy until I watched Adam Ruins Everything about it and felt terrible)
Hyacinth Miles
Hyacinth Miles 27 days ago
Ronnie...my guy...comb
Windy Hawthorn
Windy Hawthorn 27 days ago
A well draws water from the same place that springs get there water. Except there's nothing to poop in the water.
Maisa Roozie
Maisa Roozie 27 days ago
لغمن مغشوش
thank you kindly
thank you kindly 27 days ago
The thing is -- most of these lawsuits aren't originated by an individual. It's plaintiffs' lawyers walking up and down grocery store aisles figuring out what they can sue companies over. They then find someone who can represent the suit and claim "damages".
Dee Brown
Dee Brown 27 days ago
Also, the TGIF potato skins snacks have been around for years, too. Funny how this lawsuit comes about now. Probably been the same ingredients for years, too.
Diwas Upadhyay
Diwas Upadhyay 27 days ago
Americans are so stupid omg no wonder the country is falling apart. One more trump presidency and this country will be embargoed by every other part of the world for being too stupid. Hahahahaha.
Chip Hagenstone
Chip Hagenstone 27 days ago
Y because we don't beleave in eating dogs
Kiere Luurs
Kiere Luurs 27 days ago
It seems quite some people here want to sue Ronny for 5 million, because of his hairstyle. Huh?
Kiere Luurs
Kiere Luurs 27 days ago
Mattias 27 days ago
The US has by far the most idiotic laws in the entire world, when a random person can sue a company for millions of dollars for a logo or similar. I´m sure the persons doing this went through an absolutely horrible ordeal and had to spend years in therapy to get over it. So yeah... well worth a few million in compensation, poor idiot.
Arthur Guerra
Arthur Guerra 27 days ago
Asian dude so funny
Randy Long
Randy Long 27 days ago
Oh America
Alex Ander
Alex Ander 27 days ago
Ronnie is the best
Tugis Art Studio
Tugis Art Studio 27 days ago
Cut that hair now!
Peder-Willem Gertsen
The one that cracks me up, is the story about a woman, who bought a (paper) cup of coffee in a fast food restaurant, drove off in her car WITH A CUP OF PIPING HOT COFFEE WEDGED BETWEEN HER LEGS and successfully contested in court, that the restaurant had not added a disclaimer on the cup not to do what she did, when she inevitably scolded herself. As painful as that undoubtedly was, it is self evident that your genital area is generally not the best place to store a cup of hot liquid. Her case would have been dismissed in my country.
Spiker985 Studios
Spiker985 Studios 27 days ago
The Poland Spring one actually has some merit. It says it's Spring water
Michael Merten
Michael Merten 27 days ago
Michael Merten
Michael Merten 27 days ago
Frigging awesome!
Orange Ziggy
Orange Ziggy 27 days ago
Hate to see Ronnie walking thru a supermarket and reading the labels.
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