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Chris Stuckmann
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A discussion on the state of film. With Warner Bros. recently announcing that their entire 2021 slate will premiere on HBO Max as well as theaters on the same day, "the death of cinema" is once again a topic of discussion. Let's talk about the benefits and drawbacks of what could be on the horizon.


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Dec 3, 2020




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Sir Flynn My Kitty
Sir Flynn My Kitty 3 hours ago
You are too smart and cool to use the F word. Unnecessary. You are too good with words todo that. I’ve counted 5 and I’m not even halfway done with the vid.
PorkFrog 11 hours ago
It's 'hunter/gather' stuff. 'Going to the movies' is more like hunting specific game than browsing thru and picking an online selection. You have to meet the game on its terms, venture on an expedition, brave traffic, deal with crowds and SURVIVE things like screaming kids[Jurassic Park] or kicked seats[The Relic]...in short, a little stress and inconvenience makes it an experience, a little adventure, which imprints memory better. Certain films like what I saw last night 'Chained'. or the more popular, 'Hereditary', need no dimming the lights buildup or monster-sound help.[Don't watch 'Chained'...just don't...it's a gut-churner with massive potential that implodes with a duct-taped-on ending that leaves you confused and feeling dirty...a HARD, dark watch with a rushed, unresolved ending is the worst]
James Lawner
James Lawner 13 hours ago
Binging anything can have the same feeling. Imagine you're not in a pandemic and you binge watch a bunch of movies during one weekend or holiday.
Jehovahs Channel
i disagree at the once a week. I binged Lost In Space ALL Nite for 3 days.I binged Piccard in 2 nites. What kills a binge is a10 episode season and 1.5 years between them. So the come and went is from few episodes. The 26 episodes of Seinfeld and Dexter are gone. Never saw Dexter other than on Netflix, and i said wow the Limited girl, I like her, not the Dexter series. Yet enough episodes and Dexter is a series while Limited they killed. The cost in Hollywood is what needs to drop, and wont. California has taken no real estate drop in the nation-wide rape they caused. My friend had pics of her fathers house in LA and it needed to be leveled by health dept alone yet it sold for $970,000 the rape continues. You can tell when costs go up and ancient famous stars have to do a movie, be it Streisand or Betty White or any other FAMED one.
Justin Gary
Justin Gary Day ago
Hello Chris my name is Justin and I'm a Christian. It saddens me to know what Jehovah's Witnesses a denominational and unscriptural form of Christianity has done to demonize you and others for being human which is against God and His Word because God is against self righteous hypocrites. I'm not trying to convert anyone or convince you to become Christians but only explaning why I believe in Jesus Christ. There's actually evidence of God's Existence in Christianity. First of all there's proof that Jesus Christ of Nazareth existed in history since the writings of Tacticus, Josephus Flavius, Pliny the younger and other historical documents prove that He was living two thousand years ago that even Atheists agree with historically speaking but not that He's The Divine Son of God because obviously they don't. I'm going to give you historical and archeological evidence for God's Existence by seeing His Handiwork in human history. 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The people of Israel becoming a nation after The Holocaust in 1948 (ironically the melting point of gold as God compares Israel to gold that's tested in fire in Zechariah 13:8 and Job 23:10) is exactly how Jesus The Christ said would happen since God us everything to come in The Scriptures and not just because people were working towards it as Atheists claim because Jews weren't working towards being scattered around the nations of the world and surviving The Holocaust plus archeological evidence such as the Moabite Stone Hezekiah's tunnel and the Davidic dynasty symbol on a tablet dates back several centuries proves that The Bible is truthful and historically accurate. It also says what the condition of the world would be at the End Times just as Jesus said in Matthew Chapter 24 including natural disasters, growing godlessness, False Prophets, False Messiah's unscriptural doctrines and. God doesn't send people to Hell their sins do. 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I've studied evolution and abiogenesis in the past and read Darwin's " Origin of The Species" and I'm convinced of speciation, adaptation and micro evolution but not macro evolution and natural selection because there's no evidence of it nor clear observable examples of it where living creatures evolve into other kinds of species plus the fact that fossils don't show evidence of evolution and genetic entropy rules out evolution. The question begs how did two genders evolve from a common ancestor with a perfectly hospitable and sustainable environment with breathable oxygen and resources to survive on inexplicably? Atheists have the burden of proof to explain how everything came to be and why our existence matters without the Existence of God from an godless perspective just as Christians have to provide evidence of God's Existence and the validity of His Word. Evolution requires life to already exist in order to take any effect in living organisms so it doesn't account for the existence of Life and reality. God should give us what we deserve but He's merciful to give us free will to choose good or evil. I don't mean this in any condescending manner but if you want me to explain The Scriptures to you or if you want me to listen to you I will. My IG is Savage Christian Jedi.
Ada Matta
Ada Matta Day ago
What wrong with Trolls: World Tour? 🤔
Ross Sapp
Ross Sapp 2 days ago
Even if the movie is bad the experience with popcorn and a coke icee. I need it again!
Eat Your Cereal
Eat Your Cereal 3 days ago
Personally I enjoy watching shows/movies at home more because when I watch it alone I can laugh at what I think is funny and gasp when something was unexpected and not have to worry about someone looking over at me. I feel like I can enjoy the movie in my own way.
Karpalo Lapanen
Karpalo Lapanen 3 days ago
Nice Suffocation shirt.. - wait what
Seize the Means of Reproduction
I’ll never forget watching Joker for the first time in the theater. The interview scene was probably the most viscerally affected I’ve ever been by a movie.
Scott Kennedy
Scott Kennedy 4 days ago
Saw the Hellboy reboot and some teenager was looking at his phone directly in front of me nearly the whole movie. Light shining and all. Like... has this guy never been hit before?
JRTG 5 days ago
If this becomes the newnormal, celebrities won't be as rich because the studios won't get as much money and then nobody would want to be an actor or actress anymore. And if I am thinking correctly, celebrities have very huge egos to let this happen which would make them have a petition the government to reinstall theaters. And seeing that they are on the side of the government or the reverse, it would easily be handled and then we will have theaters again. It's a circle of viciousness, quite actually
Daniel Burapavong
As the guys on the Slashfilmcast have said (not completely seriously), movies and TV shows are becoming more and more "disposable." Disposable entertainment.
Buffyslyth 5 days ago
No offence but having no new movies come out was not the scariest part of 2020. I'm certainly not rich enough to say watching new movie releases every week is my 'comforting routine'
luvbearbut 5 days ago
Chris, it's unfortunate that you didn't know watching movies back in the day. I remember watching the original Superman, in an old school, huge theater in December 1978. The audience laughed out loud at the humor, they clapped, they cheered when Superman triumphed, not unlike a music concert. At some point, that experience changed .. as it will again..
Deep Kumar
Deep Kumar 5 days ago
I hated watching interesting movies with bunch of Idiots anyways, I love to watch movies at my home now...
Trish Le
Trish Le 6 days ago
I agree, i watched Soul and WW84 at the comfort of my home. And even though i loved Soul after watching it i can't seem to remember the parts that i liked anymore, almost as if i never seen it or watched it long ago. And the same for WW84, i loathe that movie deff bottom of my movie rating list but it seems like a blur to me, can't exactly remember the scenes that got me rolling my eyes, unlike other similar "cringy" movie like Dark Phoenix or Rise of Skywalker where seen it in theaters and those movies i remember in greater details of the how and the why i dislike it. It almost seems like whether a movie was really good or really bad it all becomes a blob of scenes when watching at home. Perhaps we need to change the attitude/setup when watching a movie via streaming. To really take it in. But that is just my opinion.
Andrewly Agaton
Andrewly Agaton 6 days ago
The scenario with movie theaters is very similar to how TVs, magazines, and newspapers were predicted to extinct. Voila! We still have them but they adapt to our times.
some twist
some twist 6 days ago
I fucking love going to the movies as much as you do, man - but in all honesty: when was the last time you were seriously excited about a movie? And even more: When was the last time you saw a release that felt overwhelmingly awesome? I'm not some old fart that likes to rally about how much better movies used to be way back when and how everything today sucks. Because it's not true. But I've come to realize how much we slide into "consensus movie" - everything is bland and forgettable. Most movies are engineered by a committee of executives that try to make it as agreeable as possible for the largest amount of viewers... I have a "my top 100 movies of all times" list - just went through it and I have a grand total of 2 movies from the last 5 years - Mandy and the Suspiria remake (the latter just tickled me right for some reason). I know we had dumb schlock and money grabbing at any point of movie history - but at this point even the people that are sitting at the intersection of main stream and art house like Tarantino, Wes Anderson or Paul Thomas Anderson feel formulaic and tired to me...
J 6 days ago
The cinema experience is unbeatable because: giant screen. brutal sound sharing it with other people. (as long as they are not assholes). sharing it with others makes it more transcendent. even at home, any film feels more when you watch it with someone else.
Aquaria Austin
Aquaria Austin 6 days ago
I stopped missing movies at the theater, long ago, for two main reasons: 1) When the volume of movies at the theater became so fricking loud that I could barely make out the dialogue. It's like my ears are under so much assault that I can't hear the important stuff anymore. I shouldn't be wishing that the film and/or cinema provided subtitles for a film with English dialogue. Turn that shit down. Sheesh. At least in my own home, I can adjust the equalization to bring the voices back to the fore where they belong, and lower the volume to a bearable level, too. 2) When the audience became downright garbage "people" about eating, talking, kicking my chair in the back, and more. They're disgusting animals, and it got old. A good deal of the blame belongs with the VCR/DVD/etc for bringing movies into the home, and then audiences taking their dysfunctional homes to the movies. But the bigger problem is how too many people don't know how to behave like a human being in public. They can behave however much like utter trash at home all they want, but they need to leave their disgusting pig behavior at home. Message for the inconsiderate douchebags out there: YOU ARE NOT AT HOME, you morons. Other people are there, too, and they don't appreciate enduring the effects of your lousy parents having never taught you slimeballs decent manners. I do appreciate the recent trend in "tavern" style cinemas where inappropriate behavior is clamped down on--hard. It's made going to the movies a much more pleasurable experience again. Now if they'll only lower the volume a bit...
Neil Carmichael
Neil Carmichael 6 days ago
I love the feeling of watching movies with other people, even more so if the sound system does justice to the sound/music design and the screen does just the visual arts. for me watching at home is just not the same.
ERYN 6 days ago
The Pirates of the Caribbean series will always have a special place in my heart. The first one I saw with my parents while visiting my Grandparents in a rural town in Michigan. A 1 screen house where I also George of the Jungle. The theater had all these taxidermy animals, and a special sound proof section where parents could watch with crying babies. I was a young teenager and would end up seeing the rest of the franchise with my future spouse at various times in our lives. They've gotten a bit long in the tooth in the last few installations, but I will absolutely see any future POTC movies, hopefully in theaters.
ERYN 6 days ago
One thing I did towards the beginning of the year was queue up 4-8 movie trailers before streaming something to give myself the anticipation of the feature presentation. I did go to a drive in last week (Come Play) and it had no trailers. It was somewhat disorienting. Visually darker films aren't great at my drive in because of light pollution, but it's open every night they are allowed to be. I don't share air with people, I can wear PJ'S, and eat my choice of snacks. Visually, I would have gotten a better experience at home, but it was about not being home for a while.
Michael Mastro
Michael Mastro 6 days ago
Top three things I hateeeddddd when I went to see a movie when the theatre was packed and I had to sit next to one of these three kinds of people. 1.Super strong B.O. and super strong cologne/purfume. 2.the person who has a hotdog and nachos and popcorn and candy and a slushy and whatever else the theatre offers and they eat extremely lloouudddddd 3. The let me explain the movie and characters to my girlfriend/boyfriend.
Winter King
Winter King 7 days ago
I used to love going to the movies but before covid I had a chain of like 5 cinema experiences where people were so obnoxious that people called security. Its not just they talk loud but the fucking forest of people checking there phone flashing in my face their light. I n my town ther eis a chain of art cinemas that I still like. They usually screen less known, or not from hollywood movies but for exactley that reason the people who go there, go there for the film. I watched the lighthouse and parasite there. It was full and dead silent.
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald 7 days ago
Something that baffles me is that I’m starting to see so many people online apparently got assimilated during this pandemic or something because suddenly they’re talking about how we need to adapt to streaming and how we don’t need movie theaters, even though before this all happened everyone loved going to the theater and always said it was the better experience, but now apparently they don’t think that way anymore, I feel like Ant Man when he came out of the Quantum Realm in Endgame and he goes “What the hell happened here?”
Rafi Was Here Studios
I think it really has a lot to do with the experience, I miss theaters up north, where I live now the experience sucks... but I want to support theaters! because of the distracting experience here... I retain it better at home.
David MacDowell
David MacDowell 7 days ago
Don't bend the knee to the "new normal"! RE-OPEN OUR WORLD!!!
Christa Avolio
Christa Avolio 7 days ago
Look at that dope ass shirt
nihilityjoey 7 days ago
Theateres, pantos etc should never disappear. They keep us connected.
Nathan O Brien
Nathan O Brien 7 days ago
Tenet was the last movie i saw. Great way to end i suppose. Movies like that will never have the same effect when sitting at home watching on your phone. Film needs the theatres.
Jeremy Lister
Jeremy Lister 7 days ago
2030. 18 year old watching a blockbuster. Watched in isolation in the park on a 5inch screen. The person watching has never been to a theatre as they are all gone. Do you feel sorry for them?
L board Lanka
L board Lanka 8 days ago
Can someone invent something to make the image appear bigger through 3D glasses and pop out of the screen instead of going behind the screen. Without the glasses the screen looks 100ft wide. As soon as I put on the glasses it shrinks to 20ft. Why is that? I did not experience it at the IMAX 3D theatre in the Science Museum, London back in 2008. There, the image felt like it popped out of the screen closer to you. But recently all the IMAX I saw (Dubai and Melbourne) had the above mentioned problem. Now the image feels like it's far behind the screen. I feel it took the kick out of the 3D experience and I was actually disappointed after seeing the Last Jedi on IMAX. I hope VR headset movies will be better than IMAX. Can't wait to watch one of those in the future.
Lone Wolf Girl
Lone Wolf Girl 8 days ago
The reason why cinema hasn't died yet (and probably never will), even though the internet allows us to watch almost any movie at home, is because the experience of watching a movie in the cinema feels (subconsciously) very similar to having a dream. You get lost in it and you nearly have an out of body experience. Sure your can get lost in a very good movie watching it at home on your couch but it's nowhere near the same. The massive screen, the quality and volume of the sound, feeling the vibration during action scenes... There nothing like it.
Ryan Purcell
Ryan Purcell 8 days ago
We are currently living in a golden era of great streaming only shows, movies and miniseries. All of which would be excellent to see at a theater (imagine a Favreau written and directed Mando trilogy for the big screen), yet everything that gets a theatrical release sucks cause they have to appease the Chinese movie market so much. Even before Covid, going to the movies was pretty much ruined for me. I haven't been to the theater in years and i live 3 blocks from one..
BelaRae 8 days ago
movie and book lover here, and I feel the same way about libraries and bookstores. I definitely see the usefulness in ebooks, but I don't want to just scroll through another virtual store and have my entire book collection stored away on a computer. browsing thousands of physical books in libraries is an experience. collecting physical books in an experience. walking to the bookstore is an experience. easier accessibility is always a good thing, but it doesn't have to be a replacement. sometimes good things are completely unnecessary.
Ahan Chopra
Ahan Chopra 8 days ago
Why do Americans pay for these services?
Paul Richardson
Paul Richardson 8 days ago
I love going to the movies but I tend to only go to movies I am really excited about. Everything else I watch when it comes out on blu ray. HBO max will have several movies that I will watch that I would not have seen otherwise, or at least not have seen so soon after release.
Angela Hock
Angela Hock 8 days ago
Agree completely that it’s harder to fully appreciate or retain details bing watching a series vs watching one episode per week and “fully digesting it”, as you say.
ezra 9 days ago
ahh, silent hill.
Cathy North
Cathy North 9 days ago
I’m one of the people who don’t like going to the movies because of the crowd ruining the experience, plus it’s always more expensive
Moonlit 9 days ago
I miss the popcorn and sodas more than anything. I don't miss the ton of talking people, glowing cell phones and the non-stop in and out of people going to the restroom, concessions. I'll only feel bad when theater closings happen like dominoes and people lose jobs.
Dave T Geek
Dave T Geek 9 days ago
Movies aren't just forgettable because of casual streaming. They are also just more generic or mediocre lately.
Krazi Renee Channel
I love that shirt! Very cool.
Capucha Roja
Capucha Roja 9 days ago
I'm not a film buff by any means, but the times I've gone to the theater have been an experience completely different from watching the movies on your TV. But I mean the whole sentence going to the theater is an experience for me: you plan with your friends to go to the mall, you dress up, you go and see what's new or you already see what movie you wanna watch and you wait around looking and talking with your friends, you finally buy your ticket and wait in line, you buy those over priced popcorn and soda cans that you finish even before the trailers are over and you sit there for the sole purpose of watching that movie with your friends in silence on that dark room with that huge screen. But on the other hand, Tv movie watching can also be an experience and a good one: You are with your friends at someone house, you prepare dinner, a pizza or a burguer or even snacks for the movie, in my house we even used to put matresses on the floor in front of the tv and we used to watch (pirated cough cough) movies all night until we fall asleep, or even binge watch a show or an anime on our knock off brand DVD player. The movie experience depends on the person, but I think that, in terms of the experience, I think you get to make it, I don't think you necesarily need the theater to have a good time with a movie, as long as you make it memorable for yourself or the people you love
saurabh 10 days ago
Really miss going to the cinema
kirabook 10 days ago
While I did like going to the movies, it is a bit of an inconvenience for me. I was only able to go a few times a year so most new movies I see has always been at home. I guess it depends on how you consume the content at home? Now, we don't have an in home theater or anything, but we have a relatively large tv and some old surround sound speakers. We always pick what movies we're gonna watch carefully just like we would if we were going to the movies. We make ourselves some food to go with the movie and then watch it together in the dark. For example, this is how we watch season 1 and season 2 of Stranger Things and I know it's not a movie but the experience was memorable and so was the content (can't say the same for season 3 though). Maybe, if you aren't doing so already, put more effort into these home moving watching sessions. Dress up if ya have to, pretend like it is going to a movie theater. Suddenly I'm reminded of when I used to visit my grandparents over the summer. My brother and I would set up the den like a fake movie theater, concession stand at all, just to watch movies we rented from the Family Video down the street.
Martin Rosendahl
Martin Rosendahl 10 days ago
Two brand new theaters are currently under construction on the lot next to my workplace. I think one is a Universal branded one. In any case... cinema isn't entirely dead here in the Danish countryside :) ... btw. I hope SO much your prophecy about annoying movie goers staying home will come true. Would get me going to the movies a lot more for sure. Last movie I saw in a theater? Hmmm... 1917... which was a pretty nice experience I must say...
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo 10 days ago
This is the time to go to the theaters! I went to see "Promising Young Woman" and the theater was completely dead! As for arthouse/indie movies we will see considerably less of those. That market will eventually go further underground.
elfossea13 10 days ago
personaly, I don't like going to the theater all that much. Sometimes it's amazing, especially for 3D or big movies, I have unforgettable memories of watching avatar and force awakens in the theater, but I also remember feeling I had to restrain myself watching inside out, which I cried quietly in the theater and a lot more obviously watching it again at home. I'm aware there's people around me and i find it distracting. Plus I like being confortable. I'm not a very outgoing person
Monk Killedababy
Monk Killedababy 10 days ago
I have a drive in but I don’t have a car lmfao
Hippocrates 10 days ago
10:37 you saw slenderman at the parking lot??????!!!!! omggg!!
Hippocrates 10 days ago
are you ok?
Antonia Mcgregor
Antonia Mcgregor 10 days ago
The last 2 films I saw at the cinema in 2019 was joker and 21 bridges superb films * rip chadwick boseman 🙏* and then things changed.... 😂 I fear cinema's will be a thing of the past which will break my heart i don't want it to happen it offers me escapism I love cinemas because it's the experience of just eating your popcorn and being excited for the movie. I totally agree Chris I hate well used to hate 😂 people talking during the film, on their phones it's so annoying
Brinck 10 days ago
I just watched your jehova's witness video so I hope you do not think of this comment as insensitive. But I think what you describe here is our need for rituals to give something reference and purpose. Now don't misunderstand me: I am not someone who claims we have to stick to conservative values and rituals in order to keep life meaningful, but I do think that it we should acknowledge the importance of rituals as part of being human without all the religious connotations that follow with it. From an evolutionary and anthropological standpoint I think rituals are hardwired into our behavior hence they exist in every culture and they can be so easily exploited by all manner of cults or ideologies. I think it would help to appreciate the cinema-experience if recognized as an established ritual that gives a film more importance. Like going to post-modern church and be enthralled by the movie. Not liking a movie and discussing might be as revealing and meaningful as liking a movie. I mean: why do we watch movies? Because we want the stories that are being told to give some meaning to our lives, even when we think its just for entertainment. I think constant access to all media diminishes all these rituals and makes media lose there importance. Similar to tapping a virtual button to turn on the light in your house, or turning over an old lever that slowly starts up the flickering lights in an old warehouse. The latter is exponentially more satisfying even though it takes more effort.
Shawnee FirstRider
Shawnee FirstRider 10 days ago
"Don't Breathe (2016)" was a dope experience for me; I watched it with three of my friends and a whole packed theatre the day it released. I remember every time a character held their breath to avoid being caught by the blind man, everyone in the audience held theirs, too. Theatres are a better experience. I hope we can get back on track with them.
Seth K Johnson
Seth K Johnson 11 days ago
I have HBO Max. I really prefer the theater. It's really special. I am one of those people. Yes. The Streaming Life is not-memorable.
Lime Pulp
Lime Pulp 11 days ago
What's Silen Thill? But seriouslay, I got a projector and aim it at a white wall. Lovely.
Alana Walker
Alana Walker 11 days ago
The one thing I miss the most about going to a theater to see a movie is being in a room full of people and just sharing that experience with them. When I seen "You're Next" when it released, I remember a guy screamed because the lights in one scene went out, everyone in the theater laughed and the guy was like "sorry" jokingly. I miss moments like that when you go to the movies...
Lauren210 11 days ago
I have also felt the same in regards to streaming a new movie. I understand that Soul was not going to be able to have a theatrical release back in November 2020 when it got delayed the first time with its original release for June. Then with the Christmas release, I got Disney+ and I loved the film, but I was sad that this didn’t get to have its theatrical showings because a film of that size was made for the big screen and I guarantee that if we saw Soul at the theaters, the audience would have clapped after the ending due to its impact. I know I would have. I think back to my experience seeing Avengers Infinity War and Endgame back in 2018 and 2019 and those films were also made for the big screen and a large audience. The moments that occur in either film would not have had as much of an impact if it was exclusively made for streaming.
Cameron Skye
Cameron Skye 12 days ago
Dig the Silent Hill shirt with the Suffocation font. Such a sick band.
XTIAN 12 days ago
Not sure martix 4 will be any good hearing about the gender agenda in it !!
patrick digilio
patrick digilio 12 days ago
i totally agree. right before Tenet came out they showed Inception at the local AMC and i gotta say, watching it in theaters is worlds different than watching it at home
Zach Ward
Zach Ward 12 days ago
Bruh why ur shirt using the damn suffocation font
luciddre4m 13 days ago
With a 65" panel and a soundbar I won't ever go to a theatre again lol.
alex johnston
alex johnston 14 days ago
the first movie I saw at the cinema was wall-e when I was 2 years old
js100serch 15 days ago
No, it is China's fault we are going through this.
Cody Cureton
Cody Cureton 16 days ago
movie "The serpent and the rainbow"? Starring Bill Pullman, and directed by Wes craven. It's about voodoo, and zombies! It's a really great piece of cinematic art!
Monarch 17 days ago
That Suffocation t-shirt is sick ... oh wait...
Divya 18 days ago
Couldn't agree more!
Jeremy 18 days ago
I agree with the nap comment. Always lookin for that nap.
rstream all
rstream all 18 days ago
I love theatres as much as anyone else. But I avoid going there to stay away from douche bags who constantly receive calls all through the movie.
Travis Caddie
Travis Caddie 19 days ago
I’ve got a great couch, tv, sound system, two kids and affordable snacks. Movies can go the way of drive-ins imo. Heck, may invest in a projector
Marco Viti
Marco Viti 19 days ago
I wish most of the Theatres will open earlier and offer Matinee all year long. I live in Miami and Matinee are only offered in December. The Hardcore movie watcher will go to the Theater more often if Matinee were available nation wide all year long.
Swapnil Sonawane
Swapnil Sonawane 20 days ago
Chris did you watch The Godfather or Raging Bulk first time in theater or t.v ???
Joseph Bernard
Joseph Bernard 20 days ago
Remember when you got excited to see a movie that was going to release 3 months or more in advance of its theater date? Saying I'm going to see that movie the day it comes out. Hyped out of your brains and commenting all over the internet about theories and ideas the movie may or may not have. Getting ready for it by eating dinner at outback after getting your ticket 2 hrs earlier. Sometimes with enough time after dinner to walk through Michael's art supply or Petsmart then rushing to the theater doors to get seats and watch the commercials before the trailers. Yea,.. Those were the days.
madasrabbits06 21 day ago
I have so many vivid memories of the movies I’ve seen in theaters. Some that instantly come to mind are inglorious bastards, the last Harry Potter, mad max, hereditary, parasite, little women... Hearing you say you remember where you were sitting really struck me because I can visualize the area I sat for all of those movies. I can’t say I have the same experience with streaming. Even when my boyfriend and I really try to have a “movie night” where we put it on our tv (rather than iPad in bed) and make popcorn, put our phones away, etc, we are still just in our apartment, so it’s harder to separate it as a unique experience in the end. Our dog is still gonna jump on our laps, I can ask to pause why I run to the bathroom or to get a drink, it’s just not the same. The only honestly memorable movie experience I’ve had since the start of the pandemic was when we watched color out of space, and I think that’s just because it was such a wacky movie to begin with. Maybe I also just haven’t been watching as many movies in general. I hope we can find a way to recreate or reinvent some of those feelings from our homes. I do miss the theaters so much. Idk when I’ll feel comfortable going back, hopefully once vaccines are more widely accessible we can start feeling that out. I just miss it so much. There’s a big sense of community when you’re in a room full of strangers and you all gasp/laugh/cry at the same time.
T-Amsterdam 21 day ago
Binging is indeed really bad for your perception of a show, it takes your investment out of the show and makes you just glance over everything untill you hit the ending.
Plausible Grouch
Plausible Grouch 21 day ago
Looks like I'm in the minority here. I rarely enjoy the "theater experience". But I say this as someone who literally goes to the movies by herself 99.9% of the time. It's not "date night" or "out with friends" for me. I find I remember less of the movie because I'm remembering too many of the other annoying interactions I've had with people around me. (Most memorable: one time a dude came in late to sit right next to me in a semi-crowded theater. He attempted to claim the armrest my arm was already on, and spent (literally!) the entire film trying to nudge it off. Fuck off, dude. Not sure how much this can be attributed to "single lady sitting by herself", but I'd be surprised if at least some of it wasn't. )) On top of that, theaters regularly jack up the volume to a painful level, where I have to remember to bring earplugs for anything that's going to be action-oriented. Aaand... I live in a major metropolis, where driving anywhere takes time and energy, and parking can be a major ordeal. I have to reaaallly want to see a movie in the theater to have the energy for all that. Also.... I was pretty dismayed at the first couple of at-home movie premieres where they were charging $20 for a rental. Again, as a single person not sharing the cost with a family of people, it struck me as yet another "single tax" (much like drive-in theater pricing) that was going to push me away. I'm happy to see that doesn't seem to be the way forward, even if subscribing to something like HBOMax might end up pricing out similarly in the end. Ridiculously long rant over. :)
Martin Rushton
Martin Rushton 21 day ago
I definitely agree with your comments and I am definitely one of the people who adore going to the movies I own an annual pass pay monthly for 6 months and I can go as often as I want had it since opening if the cinema its true there is no comparison to watching at home on TV no matter how good the picture is blueray or 4k cinema is definitely the best way to see a movie and I haven't seen a film this year because all the movies are closed I suppose its safer but I'm super jealous about the drive in theatres you have always wanted to try one out always look amazing but yeah the only way to truly enjoy a brand new released movie is cinema 100% 😊😊😊👍👍👍
Agent Eggboy
Agent Eggboy 21 day ago
I feel like pirating films will be massive now. I will fully admit that sometimes the only reason I have gone to the theatre is because the pirated version was bad quality
Tom Hanson
Tom Hanson 21 day ago
Watching movies in the same format as "television" dilutes it. It doesn't stand out any more or less. Also, consider the quality of movies overall... they continue to decline. Reboots, rehashes, going woke.; all this contributes to the lack of imagination and creativity.
Nasif Farhan
Nasif Farhan 22 days ago
As a person from a 3rd world country relying on torrent, its a ream come true to be able to download 4k movies and wathing it in my 65inch tv
Michael Gamez
Michael Gamez 22 days ago
Maybe this will keep every piece of shit getting green-lit
Jos Ortega
Jos Ortega 22 days ago
Averytime i go to the movies there's always a random baby crying even if i go see an R rated movie.
Austin S
Austin S 22 days ago
Just found your channel and subscribed. I wish we could be friends
Noelle 22 days ago
Disney released Soul directly to streaming, it's a new world. Disney + is like 5 dollars for us, we share it on four people, so it´s about 1 dollar more or less. Going to the theater to watch a movie is 12 dollars. For 4 people that´s 48 dollars! Plus overly expensive popcorn and drinks. It´s so damn expensive. And I guess they´re raising the prices to compensate for fewer people going to movies now, but it´s killing them even faster. Which is sad, I like getting out of the house once in a while for a date, family fun or fun with friends. I guess we´ll have to get more creative in the future and do other things xd
David Bircham
David Bircham 22 days ago
I hear what you're saying ... But this routine will probably change back given time ... The pandemic has made everything transitory.
Digitizeddragon 22 days ago
I really want the movies back but i won't buy hbo max just for movies.. Hello red box
AndrewAtoZ 22 days ago
I think the future of theaters will be in genre specialty, indie movies, and special events like Fathom premiers.
AndrewAtoZ 22 days ago
American businesses are inherently greedy. If movie companies did what you suggested, the theaters would just keep the prices the same since people are used to it and keep the extra profits for themselves. Nothing would change from the perspective of the movie goer...
Elias Håkansson
Elias Håkansson 22 days ago
I don't see why this switch away from theaters and into streaming services would persist once everything is back to normal. Like the technology for doing the switch has been there for at least ten years, yet we haven't made that move. To me that indicates we ultimately don't have that kind of desire. I personally would love to see movies being released directly to your streaming service because I find going to the movies to be annoying, but I don't think the change will persist.
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez 23 days ago
Hollywood no longer makes movies with people for people. sad.
Benjamin Kellogg
Benjamin Kellogg 23 days ago
I like how that guy wished for a farm in WW84
Historically Accurate Quotes?
Last time I went to the theatre was to see LOTR 3. What did I miss?
Milton77 23 days ago
Went to a drive-in theatre for the first time in my life this year. Can’t believe I was happy to see a Jack Black movie 😅
Milton77 23 days ago
The living up to and getting excited for a movie is something I haven’t thought about for a while. Growing up as a kid in the Netherlands in the ‘80’s in a family where we didn’t have the means to go to the movies more than once or twice a year, I mostly saw movies on tv and some years later on VHS. You’d have trailers in Spring for movies ‘coming this summer!’ that looked awesome. That meant summer in the US and those movies would only come to Europe 6 to 12 months later. It would take another year for these movies to be available on VHS rental and at least another year before they where broadcast on tv. Talk about an anticipation period!
David M
David M 23 days ago
OHIO reference, WOOT!
Kyle Preston
Kyle Preston 23 days ago
That's a gnarly silent hill shirt!
MrBeatboxmasta 23 days ago
Not only does it mean jackasses won't go to the theatre, it also means that if they do, physical distancing measures will prevent them from sitting next to you. If they are still too close to you, the theatre being empty means you will be able to move and still get a comfy spot. I'm surprised people even tolerate those idiots. I would just get them booted out.
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