Everything GREAT About Incredibles 2!

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Incredibles 2! Most people loved it, a handful hated it. Let's see if there are any wins! Here's everything right with Incredibles 2!
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright


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Mar 17, 2019

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Comments 3 054
CinemaWins 4 months ago
10:58 Annnnnd now this becomes the most important comment to pin. Julia and I are together, I see Jude every single day. I meant that I WATCH him once a week. Julia is home 2 days with him and my mother-in-law takes him 2 days. I usually have him on Mondays or Fridays. I was trying to put a positive spin on watching my son, thus, "I GET to be with him..." I see now that the wording would totally lead you to believe Julia and I are divorced. We aren't! Happier than ever! Sorry for the confusion!
Hey CinemaWins, I know I may be late for this but can you do "Everything GREAT About Kong: Skull Island"?
amber margheim
amber margheim 4 days ago
One more thing, I bet this was acidental, but as you were talking about a cash grab, the underminer was grabbing the cash, lol I loved that
amber margheim
amber margheim 4 days ago
Wins, the only thing that could make this vid better, would have been to see your reaction to the Helen, hypocia thing, her in the plane and her kinda kidlike behavior. I was hoping you'd do that, but thus was awesome! !! Also can you do my neighbor totoro?
Boofius German
Boofius German 19 days ago
Love all your videos man
NOMASAN 24 days ago
Hey... don‘t mean to be rude... for real... I don‘t... though... better reread the text at 7:40
Maxew 10 hours ago
8:28 did they just reference the bloons games?
raccoon 20 hours ago
4:43, my dad when he helps me with my homework
Brokenxana Day ago
Another reason why Mr.Incredible might have the reaction at his wife for saving the train might be because when he saved a train full of people he ended up in the negative eye of the public but when Elastigirl does it she gains a positive outlook in the public. Both of them were trying to help people but with varying results
Echo Day ago
i hated the incredibles 2 the only good scene was the jack jack raccoon scene. 7:58 its a zoom out... going from closer to further away while increasing the focal length of the lens and compressing everything.
please do now you see me!
Jorgensen Marvel
3:06 - 3:08 kinda shows their old super suit colors.
Ben Curtis – BC Media
4:51 "CLOSING!"
Jon-Robert Mahon
Jon-Robert Mahon 2 days ago
Good guess. Articals on how Elasti-Girl is sexualized making movie sexist and on how it is filled with anit male narratives on how bob is made to look bad to show how men are bad. I hate the modern times we live in
Ching Chong your Religion is wrong
*math is math*
Mann of Dober
Mann of Dober 3 days ago
Ok guys, prepare to get your minds blown. Edna mentioned that Jack Jack responds to Mozart when she showed off his suit. Who else mentioned Mozart with Jack Jack? The girl in the first movie who got lumped with babysitting him. She brought a disk of Mozart music to the job and played it. That's why Jack Jack responds to Mozart. Boom.
Jackinabox 4 days ago
Does Deavor remind anyone else of Seth Myers?
Mac Plays2064
Mac Plays2064 4 days ago
This movie deserves another win Because used music from the sorren ride at Disney World and Disney land
Elgin Voon
Elgin Voon 4 days ago
Please do Interstellar
rey kenj
rey kenj 4 days ago
9:21 pause at this exact moment
Macie Hinds
Macie Hinds 6 days ago
3:39 before I even heard her name. Like when we saw her handing over her bag of stuff. Right after she walked in. I leaned over to my friend in the theater and whispered “she’s the bad guy, I’m calling it!” 40 minutes later “HA, I KNEW IT!!!!”
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
The movie was good But throughout watching it I was just PISSED Helen's suit wasnt made from Edna It just bothered me so much and I was like THIS IS WHY ONLY *EDNA* MAKES YOUR SUIT EDNAS SUITS DONT RIP
Landlighter Firestar
Gotta say I so wish Violet got out and went to the movies with Tony, essentially setting an arc up for her: Love of her life or family? Classic teenager
Kyle Nichols
Kyle Nichols 7 days ago
Holy crap if I heard correctly that guy that wants superheroes to be legal is Saul goodman?
JustAnother sadperson
Screenslaver seems pretty cool and I will always love Bob.
Thunderstrike 8 days ago
My friends and I thought that Iron Edna was going to make an appearance in this movie.
Kimberly Moore-Handy
4:49 what i do to my dad
KalligTheGray 10 days ago
Incredibles 2 a cash-grab? Yeah, cuz studios ALWAYS wait 14 years to make a shameless sequel...
mr.awesome 10 days ago
I just said "it is a great movie" but now that I realize the stuff about the color biz I say ".......HOLY(BOOOOOOOOOOOM)
mr.awesome 10 days ago
He should have winned the car changing part but I like his vid non the less.
Reddog5546 10 days ago
Not one win on the Thiccness of Mrs. Incredible. UNSUBSCRIBED !
Schazmen Rassir
Schazmen Rassir 10 days ago
One thing I REALLY wanted to happen that DIDN'T, is with that "Launch the rockets!" scene. And that is, Bob asking his son: "Dash? Say I launch the rockets now, or you take the remote and launch them yourself. What if they kill someone?" Because let's face it, Dash could've used some slapping back to earth right there.
Schazmen Rassir
Schazmen Rassir 10 days ago
You missed a few A113's. For one, the studio room Elastigirl goes into to check on her suit footage is one.
daniel johns
daniel johns 10 days ago
Not shere if eney one noted but elastic girl hase organic sond when she shrechis
Kat Wallace
Kat Wallace 10 days ago
Wait what is it at 10:03?
Damian Pintado
Damian Pintado 12 days ago
7:38-7:45 lol thinkg
Cindy Manriquez
Cindy Manriquez 14 days ago
I remember when this came out it was my last day of junior year, school got out at 11 and me and my friends (group of around 13) immediately went to watch it. The only people at our screening was us and a couple of underclass men.
0-0-0 Dart Monkey
0-0-0 Dart Monkey 14 days ago
Deathdragon1316 14 days ago
Iron Spider
Iron Spider 15 days ago
15:19 for a second I thought you weren't gonna mention the score
Courtney Birkinsha
Courtney Birkinsha 15 days ago
16:31 Does Tony's dossier say that he is a relocated super?
WarmGoodRob 14 days ago
I think it's talking about Violet
Hayden Rexer
Hayden Rexer 16 days ago
I love this RUvid channel!
Horizon 16 days ago
weird Guy 675 3.0
weird Guy 675 3.0 17 days ago
Pause at 14:36. I barely saw it!
superpal43 17 days ago
I just wish that I hadn't had to wait so long to get this sequel!
ahnaf Walid
ahnaf Walid 17 days ago
You missed the A113 when elastigirl get in to a room to check her suit recording. And what is the name of the room?
JCR Prod. Co.
JCR Prod. Co. 18 days ago
I hate say it, but The Incredibles would've been fine as a one hit wonder. Pixar made sure that that was not the case. I want more Incredibles movies! I want a Frozone spin off! I want Dash, Violet, & Jack Jack to have their own trio team some time later where they finally get code names! I want a Void spin off! I want a prequel telling us about GazerBeam & the other heroes Syndrome killed! GODAMMIT! I WANT THE INCREDIFRIENDS TO HAPPEN! (That was all i could think about during the ending. WOW! DC has the SuperFriends, Pixar's gonna have the IncrediFriends!) Wow, i just realized how much i love these movies.
Sebastian Acosta
Sebastian Acosta 19 days ago
14:34 or why we all Leveled Indy, Eugen, or ground out for Roon.
Theo Schuh
Theo Schuh 19 days ago
‘I eat thunder and crap lightning!’ Bob Parr,2018
Hi Stranger
Hi Stranger 19 days ago
Cinemasins:*exists* Cinemawins: Finally a worthy opponent Our battle will be legendary
Hi Stranger
Hi Stranger 19 days ago
I love these vids but why are logos a win here and a sin in cinemasins
S.A. Huber
S.A. Huber 19 days ago
Why didn’t you mention when violet said that Evelyn will only get “a slap on the wrist”?
Joe Gradowski
Joe Gradowski 21 day ago
14:35 “What was the point in leveling up Aerith?” Because Aerith is ALWAYS a win. Come on. (And because I know the actress voicing her in the FF7 Remake. She’s incredibles... too.)
yaseen ahmed
yaseen ahmed 21 day ago
sorry to say this but.. INCREDIBLES IS A COPY OF MARVEL elastgirl: spiderman frozone:iceman strong man john: the hulk
AUGaming 21 day ago
Lol yes, no one cares about aerith until the end of disc one
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