Everyday Makeup for Beginners

Erica Fernandes
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This video is about quick easy everyday makeup especially for beginners
ponds bb cream
maybelline white fresh compact powder
maybelline colosal kajal
maybeline colosal mascara
maybelline cheeky glow blush - fresh coral
lakme enrich matte lipstick - pm11
B&D cream eyeliner - brown
eyeconic kajal white

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Apr 26, 2017




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Gorgeous Gurtej
Gorgeous Gurtej 5 hours ago
Beautiful soul is actually a real makeup guys ....So try to beautifyyy urself from withinnnnnn...... God loves inner beauty not these chemicals
Divya Yadav
Divya Yadav 5 hours ago
My age is 16 I'm not allowed to do makeup this much 😂 ...... Everybody makeup of mine - 1.powder 2.lipbalm
Fit Fashionable
Fit Fashionable 6 hours ago
R u acted in any films
very nice song in the world Sadia
Hii kamolika
Wow she looks so cute 😍😍😘 I think she is from kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
Rano Gill
Rano Gill Day ago
You are in kasuti serial na
Harsimran Preet
Nice 👌🏻👌🏻
Phil Jones Official
Wow why are you so beautiful? ❤❤❤
Prachiti Labde
Di ur looking so beutiful😇
video quality is not good
bhavanireddy bhavanireddy
Spr makeup sister will u please do video on traditional makeup please give reply sis but, video is awesome👍👌👍👍👌👍😘😙😍😍😍
Yogesh Aggarwal
Yogesh Aggarwal 2 days ago
My everyday makeup face wash, sunscreen and lipbalm 😗😍
Rose 2 days ago
I am your big fan I watch your infamous movies on star plus
Deepika Sharma
Deepika Sharma 2 days ago
Hi prerna
Pks Manish
Pks Manish 2 days ago
Jagruti Bhandari
Jagruti Bhandari 3 days ago
Pritichhanda Malik
😘😘you are so cute without makeup.. With makeup
Arvind Kesarwani Kesarwani
Your hair style is great ❤❤
Kirti chaudhari
Kirti chaudhari 4 days ago
love you Erica.....😘😍🥰💓♥️💋
Jyoti Kumari
Jyoti Kumari 4 days ago
Nice makeup
sree stylish
sree stylish 4 days ago
My every day makeup is fairly lovely
Esther Chang
Esther Chang 4 days ago
Those dark circles 🐄🐃
blura sky
blura sky 5 days ago
Thankfull information love u
Malathi Spoorthi
Malathi Spoorthi 5 days ago
Ur film heroine no
Sneha Ghosh
Sneha Ghosh 5 days ago
Oh my God 😶😶😥😥 I definitely miss the class 😀😀😒😒
Anjali Gupta
Anjali Gupta 5 days ago
Can u tell us the prize of. The products
Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh 5 days ago
Gys mai bohot alag hui mai sara makeup kr ke use wash kr leti hui mai v khus frnd v khus 😂
Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh 5 days ago
Kon kon ye krta h please mujhe btao😂
Sunita Kumari
Sunita Kumari 5 days ago
Which brush you are using
sapana asem
sapana asem 6 days ago
She out eye shadow and just skip the videos
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Naushin Ashraf
Naushin Ashraf 6 days ago
My everyday makeup only face wash and cream😊
Adithi A
Adithi A 6 days ago
Is it just me or does she look like Ananya Pandey?? 🤔🤔
bhawana tandon
bhawana tandon 6 days ago
Exactly Which kabuki brush r u using 🤔
Meenakshi Renganathan
I can't believe I've already watched this video long back and watched your serial only this week...destiny
rashi kanwar
rashi kanwar 6 days ago
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 6 days ago
Hi erica
Sayantíka Sarkar
Khushi Mhatre
Khushi Mhatre 7 days ago
Erica you look so pretty 😍😍😍❤️❤️
Hemlata Sahu
Hemlata Sahu 7 days ago
My everyday makeup ~ Face wash 😉 Moisturizer 🤗 Lip balm 😘 And very important........ a cute smile ☺
RAPMON GAMER 8 days ago
And your likes also very goods
RAPMON GAMER 8 days ago
You do very beautiful makeup 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌☝️
Tanzeela Inamdar
Tanzeela Inamdar 8 days ago
This will be my eid makeup😅That too most things which will be skipped
Its me Arika
Its me Arika 8 days ago
Aditi and Kavya show
I am a your big fan Mujhe aapka Kasautii Zindagii Kay show bahut hi Achcha Lagta Hai Main Usko Roj Dekhti hun jo jo dekhta hai hai vah like Karen👇
Trapti Porwal
Trapti Porwal 8 days ago
Aap Shayad TV mein bhi the and your makeup is awesome nice beautiful wow I like this makeup Maine Apni mom ko try bhi kiya tha so nice
Devinder Kour
Devinder Kour 8 days ago
Erica di is so cute and beautiful
Jatinder Singh
Jatinder Singh 9 days ago
I like it
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RASHMI KUMARI 10 days ago
Miss Bose😍😍😍😍😍 &, Mr. Dev dixit ki jodi 👌👌👌 perfect ever😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
SUDHA Gupta 10 days ago
Hello arika mam
fashion & makeup tip's
Nice mam
priya singh
priya singh 10 days ago
Y to me party me krti hon daily to bs face wash😂😂😂🤣
Baishali Deb Roy
Baishali Deb Roy 10 days ago
My every day makeup is washing my face with normal water no cream no powder 😂😂 and my party makeup is ponds powder and normal lipbam😂
Aksa Rajput
Aksa Rajput 11 days ago
Wow beautiful look
Aksa Rajput
Aksa Rajput 11 days ago
My every day make over Fair and lovely Face powder 😂 Lip balm🤣
Hifza Fathima
Hifza Fathima 11 days ago
You are looking nice 😊
Manvitha Vishwanatha
Dipankar Mazumder
Dipankar Mazumder 11 days ago
Makeup is so beautiful
snigdha mishra
snigdha mishra 11 days ago
Eye makeup phle karna chahiye
snigdha mishra
snigdha mishra 11 days ago
It’s sad to know that people speak less or they don’t speak Hindi at all...specially celebrities n actors n actresses...they feel superior like Britishers used to
Meetali Sharma
Meetali Sharma 11 days ago
Hi ms sonakshi Bose ( bangalan ) in mamijis language
kitty x
kitty x 11 days ago
Hi I don't know what's ur name but u r just like the actress yami gautam
Divya choudhary
Divya choudhary 11 days ago
Shreya Jadhav
Shreya Jadhav 12 days ago
My everyday makeup is, I wash my face twice in a day and apply a ponds powder that's it...🙂🙂🙂
Tisha Banerjee
Tisha Banerjee 12 days ago
My daily makeup is white tone cream
Shormistha Deb
Shormistha Deb 12 days ago
Everyone in comment section: I use ONLY "X" and "Y" For those people I wanna say: Doing a li'l bit more makeup isn't a funny thing. It's "her" choice❤❤❤❤
Shormistha Deb
Shormistha Deb 4 days ago
@Hemlata Sahu I didn't say "Bad" I said "funny"
Hemlata Sahu
Hemlata Sahu 7 days ago
We are not saying that doing makeup is bad😐...... We're just sharing our makeup routine... 😏😏
Newreka Mahato
Newreka Mahato 12 days ago
My everyday makeup is 1. Face wash 2. Lip balm And that's it, but I can use your makeup for Any party or any occasion.
madhumita karmakar
madhumita karmakar 12 days ago
So beautiful
Bana amayreh
Bana amayreh 13 days ago
Hybrid know I can you see very nice makeup a kizuki Cindy geeky I love you
Shreya Gupta
Shreya Gupta 13 days ago
I m not having need of makeup
Rashi Singh
Rashi Singh 14 days ago
Nice ek no 👍👍❤️❤️😘😘
shraddha arora
shraddha arora 15 days ago
shraddha arora
shraddha arora 15 days ago
Naic vree i Love Erica
Disha Deshmukh
Disha Deshmukh 15 days ago
Mam I'm ur biggest fan❤️
Sakib MAlik 5252
Sakib MAlik 5252 15 days ago
My every day make up simple face wash.... Baby cream
Sakib MAlik 5252
Sakib MAlik 5252 15 days ago
My every day make up simple face wash.... Baby cream
Megala Megala20
Megala Megala20 16 days ago
No lipstick is perfect for your colour it's not that to darker ❤️❤️❤️u look so beautiful 😍
Megala Megala20
Megala Megala20 16 days ago
I really want to say if I going to my relative house means I only use powder and eyeliner that's in for skin care only I'm using this if I go to function means I will use lot makeup
Kavya R
Kavya R 16 days ago
Who is paying attention that she is adjusting the camera 😉😉
veera sharma
veera sharma 16 days ago
Literally look lyk prarna
Jayshree Thakare
Jayshree Thakare 16 days ago
Aapka hair cut konsa hai
Komal Kumari
Komal Kumari 17 days ago
Are you prerna Sharma from Kasauti Zindagi ki.
Ashish Soreng
Ashish Soreng 17 days ago
O you are prerna l my write
Asma Masroor
Asma Masroor 17 days ago
Smile is the best makeup every girl can wear..
bhavanireddy bhavanireddy
Spr quote
Suman Shekhawat
Suman Shekhawat 17 days ago
Lipstick shade???
Vitthal Rathod
Vitthal Rathod 17 days ago
Say name of makeup things
Neha Choudhary
Neha Choudhary 18 days ago
Itna toh maii Shaadi maii b krtiii ...jitna inka everyday makup hai
Himanshu Malviya
Himanshu Malviya 18 days ago
Who all see her TV show called ( Kasautii Jindagi ki)......😁
Kavita Davalekar
Kavita Davalekar 18 days ago
Beautiful mam I love you
Aishu Chinnu
Aishu Chinnu 18 days ago
Daily makeup.. 1)face wash 2)wht u See Complet yaaa....
Juveriya Khan
Juveriya Khan 18 days ago
Ohhh that's the reason they look beautiful by applying so much of make-up daily but after washing ur face we look beautiful that's enough 😂
Shambhavi x_x
Shambhavi x_x 18 days ago
She is prerna from kasauti zindagi k ryt?
kabita Maharjan
kabita Maharjan 18 days ago
You look beautiful without makeup also
Money Jain
Money Jain 19 days ago
If somebody want best artistry and attitude beauty products at reasonable price and offers..ping me on moneyjainjain07@gmail.com
Ritu Karanwal
Ritu Karanwal 19 days ago
You r so beautiful...mam
Sneha Sneha
Sneha Sneha 19 days ago
Kasauti zindagi ki . actor prerana
Preeti Singh
Preeti Singh 19 days ago
My every day make is just a face wash😂😂..
Hdk Singh
Hdk Singh 19 days ago
Hdk Singh
Hdk Singh 19 days ago
I am also love your show kasauti☺
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