Everyday Life in Japan is like this . . .

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-------------------------------------------------- A portrait of life here in the suburbs of Osaka, Japan. Clips of the people and places around where I live. Everyday life in Japan.
Please watch: "The only real connection you'll ever make in Japan | Life in Japan"
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Jan 31, 2017




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Comments 3 793
Rhea B
Rhea B 11 hours ago
The World where everybody lives in harmony for the common good.
Khurram Ahmed
Khurram Ahmed 2 days ago
Oh fuck I live in Pakistan :(
mohammadsheikh sharif
Very nice video
Resting Bassface
Resting Bassface 3 days ago
Thank you for posting this, ever since I visited Japan I’ve wanted to simply observe the mundane day to day life in Japan, it gives me a feeling I can’t explain.
Ken narville
Ken narville 3 days ago
japanese life is a true torture. They only lives to overwork over again and it wouldn't be surprizing if they have code numbers instead of specific names. they can't protest against their tyrannical society, or else they will be viewed as an outcasts or vermins. they could only do it in your head , until they could puke. they must also perfectly behave like emotionless living automatons everytime , following billions of impossible rules. life in japan is boring and hellish with endless pressures that's why japanese kill themselves or emigrate overseas , that's why their numbers decrease. guys be proud to not being born as a japanese or korean or indonesian . japan, like many asian lands, is only good to be a big touristic place to be visited quickly in a western tourist skin , nothing else.
Noragami yukini
Noragami yukini 3 days ago
Japan is beautiful country but India.
parvesh bisht
parvesh bisht 6 days ago
I feel like Japan is my home too. When I was a child I used to watch many japanese cartoons like doaremon , sinchan etc. Watching this video I feel like that I used to live their, I don't know but I feel like it is my home too. Love to Japan from India
xiaochai peruro
xiaochai peruro 6 days ago
I am Japanese and could identify some scenes were around Mukonosho in Amagasaki City, locating between Osaka and Kobe. This is an urban and heavily populated zone with many commuting workers to Osaka or Kobe etc.
AL Ubaidah Studio
they are human
Amparo Howell
Amparo Howell 7 days ago
What city is this?
ThunderSweeper 10 days ago
We are all really good at hiding our turmoil because of how long we *choose* to stay at work (search Zangyo)
Shashwat Thakur
Shashwat Thakur 11 days ago
What's the name of this anime?
Yesenia Rivera Torres
juan g te extranamos
Laxy__ &
Laxy__ & 13 days ago
Honestly it is not so orderly, in this video I see very few sidewalks for example, and pedestrians are forced to walk between cars. I think that in Northern and Central Europe they are even more orderly than the Japanese. Even the environment is not so pleasant, very gray and depressed, nature practically does not exist, I only see tar and cement. Obviously I don't believe that all of Japan is like that, but in this video I only see this.
ume aiman
ume aiman 13 days ago
Raise your hands 🙌for bicycle🚴
Yacine Todoroki
Yacine Todoroki 16 days ago
Best than all of Europe and USA
water kolski
water kolski 17 days ago
The streets are so clean
Six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese aircraft struck at U.S. Army and Navy installations at Dutch Harbor on Amaknak Island. In the evening of June 3, 1942, Kate bombers from the carriers Junyo and Ryujo descended from a heavily overcast sky to find Dutch Harbor in the eye of the storm, an ripe target from the suddenly clear sky. To the shock of the pilots, the air filled with anti-aircraft fire - a secret Jap message warning of the attack had been intercepted three weeks before, and since late May the installation had been on high alert. Finding neither an airfield nor a carrier fleet at Dutch (as they had expected) the Japanese pilots turned to secondary targets, and unleashed their loads on the Margaret Bay Naval barracks, killing 25 servicemen.
Prodigy_ Kills
Prodigy_ Kills 18 days ago
Where the anime girls at?! 😂😂😂
yochan yzy
yochan yzy 18 days ago
阪急 武庫之荘は草 尼崎も捨てたもんじゃないな
zeldera 19 days ago
Ryans most popular video lmao
john roed bacting
john roed bacting 19 days ago
Wow so Clean 😍😍
Marks Enngels
Marks Enngels 19 days ago
You cant show big things in 10 min...but anyway ...no gipsyes living in japan?!...then here i go im my future life for live...and im very sure!Wonderfullllll country!
DiamondRobot 2.31M subscribers • 503 videos
Coco 20 days ago
I was in japan a few weeks ago, truly my favourite country
Dhruv Mishra
Dhruv Mishra 21 day ago
Why it looks so satisfying
Chris Bodum
Chris Bodum 22 days ago
That the video is filmed from a pedestrian/cyclists view makes it work for me. I remember visiting a new suburb in Germany several times when I was a child, just walking to the local shops was a wonderous exotic journey. And all the different packaging was so exciting. When we stopped in a farm in the middle of an old village we had cows below us and hayloft above and the smells that would come with that. As a child it seemed like I went everywhere as a pedestrian. Now many, many years later I travel mainly by push-bike. Everyday life is still exotic looked at from the right perspective. Thanks for the video.
David Espinoza
David Espinoza 23 days ago
Jesus, it's so quiet and clean
Keshav Pundir
Keshav Pundir 24 days ago
Cycle is very good and affordable also good habit they have to use a cycle
Suk 24 days ago
7:15 こいつ何者やw
AnitaCock 26 days ago
Why no mention of SEAWEED??? It's a daily part of their diet! That's the reason you don't see OVER WEIGHT (OBESE) asians. I was $HOCKED at what ONE capsule of 'Bladderwrack' (seaweed from the Atlantic) a day did for my weight loss; NO DIETING, NO EXERCISE & NONE OF THOSE DEADLY, BAD FOR YOUR HEART "ENERGY" pills! It truly gave me a 'super model metabolism!
B S 27 days ago
3:56 I seriously thought that was actually a baby pram. Till I realized,Leave it too the Japanese to have a doggy pram. LOL
Alvin Leong
Alvin Leong 28 days ago
No wonder he left for Kenya...
rjay daham
rjay daham 29 days ago
in a world where bicycles are alive
Lance Pablo
Lance Pablo 29 days ago
4:03 😂😂😂❤
Aidid Wafie
Aidid Wafie Month ago
Yeah, it's true, I saw this when I visited Osaka
forrest tung
forrest tung Month ago
when i travel around i also like to stand in the corner or at a point to watch the passing by, and i thank you o much for shooting this kind of video, let me have a glimpse and experience a peaceful, clean, quiet, normal but warm Japanese lifestyle. greeting from chinese
ali zain
ali zain Month ago
i won't visit a country like this lmao it looks so disciplined i would get arrested thousand times over not following the rules
JAPAN WALK Month ago
nice video
Why do stores have signs in english?
aa bb
aa bb Month ago
5:16 is an evidence of Japan's not being developed. Urban rail crossings don't exist in other countries.
lambchopxoxo Month ago
Yes they do. I drive through one every single day in a planned community in the US.
aa bb
aa bb Month ago
The largest difference from Korea is Japan's lack of mass surveillance.On the other hand, Japan has a very high crime rate. Streets are clean because of very high fines.Japanese railway is underdeveloped. That's a fact.
ボタン ポテト
No klaxon♪
Shahjahan Nizamee
Most develop hygienic nation in the world with polite in nature. Inclusive of good manners, courtesy. My humble respect for great nation japan. Of course they are very much industrious.
saknaronk 595
saknaronk 595 Month ago
I love Japan
X Cicada3301
X Cicada3301 Month ago
少子化なんだなあと思った お年寄りばっかりな印象^^;
Ile Month ago
i love japan so clean so beautiful
Buyung Baskoro
Buyung Baskoro Month ago
bicycles everywhere
Lisianthus Month ago
People who compare your home countries to Japan, please...stop it. Many of you commenters were saying stuff like "OMG! It's very peaceful and clean unlike my country! I wanna live there!" "I hate my country. I wish I was born there. People there are conservative and polite, unlike [insert country]." Now don''t get me wrong, complements are fine but going far as being racist and comparing your country to Japan...stop. Everyone is not perfect, everyone has positive and negative sides, even Japan. So instead of comparing, set Japan as an example for your country to improve. Sure it might not reach your expectations but hey, at least your country and maybe your people are improving! I don't get it why we have compare when we have positive and negative sides.
lambchopxoxo Month ago
I live in the US in southern CA and we would have to go back to about the 1950s to be like Japan. My country is way too far gone.
Sang Oman
Sang Oman Month ago
Hi my name is Nyoman, I'm from Bali Indonesia ... I want to learn Japanese, maybe anyone can help me? maybe we can learn from each other's cultures and languages. thank you
Dryden Month ago
Daniel ダニアル
Me : Japanese are so talented with everything... My friend : like what? Me : 7:12
ttc kisi
ttc kisi Month ago
Quang Minh Vlog
Quang Minh Vlog Month ago
I love japan 🥰🥰🥰
この動画、何? 笑われてるの?
chim chimie
chim chimie Month ago
I was born in the wrong country...I wish I was born in Japan 😔
Doddy Tandiari
Doddy Tandiari Month ago
Yanyan Libro
Yanyan Libro Month ago
perfection is boring hahaha... i need a little chaos in my life just like my room LOLL
lambchopxoxo Month ago
I'm crying I want to live there so bad.
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