Everyday Life in Japan is like this . . .

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-------------------------------------------------- A portrait of life here in the suburbs of Osaka, Japan. Clips of the people and places around where I live. Everyday life in Japan.
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Jan 31, 2017




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Comments 3 895
Sebastien Lewis
Sebastien Lewis 16 hours ago
that is ............. so clean.
pink girl
pink girl 2 days ago
Please universe helps me to get out from my shithole country, I get fed up
Theo Mast
Theo Mast 4 days ago
Wow.. the public compared to holland is so quiet! Could you imagine just walking outside just to get some rest and calm down... what a wonderfull place..
sonu kumar
sonu kumar 7 days ago
Why india is not so good yar
smurf akoun
smurf akoun 9 days ago
oh shit, no soil no trees, that must be hot, luckily it's not tropical country
Shamik Bera
Shamik Bera 10 days ago
The streets looks cleaner than my house
Redric Blue
Redric Blue 13 days ago
Reminds me of psycho pass
Patrick Corlay
Patrick Corlay 17 days ago
No wonder they're not too keen on having too many foreigners in their country. That's the way Europe used to be once upon a time!
game fucker -D-
game fucker -D- 18 days ago
Everything is in order...... but you can see sadness on their faces This is weird
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna 28 days ago
this could be my asmr
Samaviya Baig
Samaviya Baig 28 days ago
So impressive,
Phelystus Wayeta
Very nice city but the documentaries have watch of people being found dead in their homes and neighbors can only know when they hear bad smell scares me on their social life .teenagers killing cos of life pressure is so depressing .
Jessy Koulut
Jessy Koulut Month ago
sooo calm, Bicycles, descipline, more clean... just wow. Love from India.
You2uber0714 Month ago
Zero trash on the ground.... not even a cigarette butt...nice
Tahsin Mohammad
Tahsin Mohammad Month ago
😔 when come red signal our countrys people run fast
Gary Jimz
Gary Jimz Month ago
The majority of people are old...!
James Foreman
James Foreman Month ago
What is the camera you using?
Arjun Srivastava
it feels good when u see bicycles more than motorcars..😊
ワンコは出来れば店先に置いてかないで欲しいな 心無い人も居る。 イタズラされたり、最悪連れ去ってしまうかもしれないから
Pancho Month ago
Ryan Felix Shinglai
Mostly cycles eco-friendly
zhou qikai
zhou qikai Month ago
2:33 wtf....
Hello hello
Hello hello Month ago
So this is what cleanliness looks like...
Widline Baptiste
People usa they always think about retirement they can't arrived for that they think all shit for me I'm prepare my life anywhere have gym not for me people still sick I don't know what I'm prepared for died so crazy usa
Kriluck0 PS4
Kriluck0 PS4 Month ago
I only have one problem, slow ass speed limits.
Anil Thapa
Anil Thapa Month ago
I very much liked the Cleanliness.
lia Month ago
This video brings me lots of peace and a sensation that I'm home because looks like the city where I was born. I think I really would like to visit this beautiful place
vercigentorix M
vercigentorix M Month ago
It looks communist!
Tim Rizvanov
Tim Rizvanov Month ago
It appears that in Osaka, owning a bicycle is an absolute MUST. Also, surprised to see just how much plastic packaging is used on vegies.
Rian Gnteng
Rian Gnteng Month ago
Indonesia view
Carlos Abranches
This country is 100% boring and sad... I never would live there!
4:20 😊
paulgonzales18 2 months ago
This makes me want to commit anime
Anandan N
Anandan N 2 months ago
Same like Indian life simply
Mdmchannel 2 months ago
Is it easy to get laid?
mumtaz akhter
mumtaz akhter 2 months ago
Wow how much clean? 😘
ARVIND KUMAR 2 months ago
Is these all scenes taken in Tokyo or any other city??????
TopIDOLJapan Horcrux2
Not in Tokyo. In Kanisai area. The brown train is Hankyu Railway.
Cygnus 2 months ago
Phước Nguyễn
Yahh .. There isn't any red hair girl running late for school with a burning bread in her mouth
Muhammad Ash Shiddiqi
The only noise is in the super market and the train
Trong đây đâu Có gì
This movie so real
shankar cg
shankar cg 2 months ago
It's boring no hustle and bustle, crowd, noise screaming shouting like India
Wiriya Intarasaeng
Wiriya Intarasaeng 2 months ago
Where is this? doesn't seem like tourist area
Elvira Florence
Elvira Florence 2 months ago
Everyone are working from 9 till 5 at afternoon. Why would they think cafe or diner store will have so many customers at that time?
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 2 months ago
Everything looks so much better and organize than America lol I would love to visit japan no doubt about that.. Love it
Dilip Katiyar
Dilip Katiyar 2 months ago
No garbage omg
Jay Cee Max
Jay Cee Max 2 months ago
This is a wonderful viewing of Japan.
Gary 2 months ago
Very clean and organized
j kim
j kim 2 months ago
Rich country poor people. I just can't see any hope from the people. Just like pigs or dogs.
jiss george
jiss george 2 months ago
That dog in anxiously waiting for its master like kids wait for mummy to come back from work
The King of Pasadena, Ca
SANDEEP KUMAR 2 months ago
I am coming next year
3rdman 3 months ago
This is more like everyday life in TOKYO is like this.
Melinda Punzalan
Melinda Punzalan 3 months ago
Thankyou Japan for the good en happy memories.. iloveyou japan Godbless
Daruny Beoulve
Daruny Beoulve 3 months ago
peruring channel
peruring channel 3 months ago
street cat
street cat 3 months ago
Osaka area?
Freedam X
Freedam X 3 months ago
日本人にとっては何も珍しくない風景 日常です
chandan sinha
chandan sinha 3 months ago
Japan is safest in context to money food and all belongings no one steals if something is left behind but they have a weird obsession with cycles and umbrellas these tow might be robbed anytime 😂😂😂 And one more thing there are so many perverts stocking girls in japan they literally follow you to your home 😂😂😂 otherwise its the best country
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