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Whether you're a weepy Cancer, a grounded Capricorn, or a fiery Leo, no one's immune to the power of the stars. This is EVERY ZODIAC SIGN EVER.
Courtney Miller (@co_mill)
Shayne Topp (@supershayne)
Damien Haas (@damienhaas)
Olivia Sui (@oliviasui)
Noah Grossman (@noahgrossman214)
Keith Leak Jr. (@KeithLeakJr)
Director: Ryan Todd
Writers: Brittany Metz, Monica Vasandani, Damien Haas & Ryan Finnerty
Production Manager: Margo McHugh
1st AD: David Gutel
PA: Jacqi Jones
DP: Mitch Anderson
Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
DIT: Matt Duran
Art Director/Costumes: Steven Cirocco
Set Decorator: Tayler Nicholson
Props/Stage Coord: Yasmeen Mughal
Community Manager: Cece Wrenn
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
It/Equipment Manager: Tim Baker
Executive Assistant: Nancy Azcona
Smosh Sketch Editor: Mike Small
GFX: Brittany Metz
Executive Producer: Ryan Todd
Wardrobe : Meredeth Peebles
Script Supervisor: Eddie Vigil V
Sound: Greg Jones
Gaffer: Billy Yates
Key Grip: Nick Giomuso
Grip: Angelique A. Costanza
Make-up: Rachel Jenkins
Make-up: Brooke Darwin
Buyer: Natalia Brito
Carpenter: Phil Huertas
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May 20, 2019

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Comments 13 836
Mallory Garner
Mallory Garner Minute ago
I love how almost all of the comments are about the Sagittarius skit 🤣 Are we mostly Sags or was it just the funniest? 😂
rainna beal
rainna beal Minute ago
okay say what ya wanna say but the libra one is so fckin true😂
The Onion Ninja
The Onion Ninja 31 minute ago
Aquarius ♒️🤪
Banana Man
Banana Man 46 minutes ago
Why was there no Libra? I'm a libra.. HOW DARE YOU
Kit10 klawz
Kit10 klawz Hour ago
honestly the Pisces is very innacurate
Olivia Mohr
Olivia Mohr Hour ago
Cancer was off...way off.
Joseph Storkel
Ok so I'm a sagittarius..... that whole reenactment about what we do.... it suits me perfectly. (4:50)
Olivia Mohr
Olivia Mohr Hour ago
I have 3 friends who are Gemini and that is LITERALLY them.
Firetruck Hour ago
I resonate more with my rising sign then my moon sign *Scorpio appears* IS THAT A PERSONAL ATTACKSJSJSJ
Damian Mangold
Im a gemini and ur not wrong
Aris Tocratic
Aris Tocratic 2 hours ago
Leo here...totally worth it
Gwen Lindberg
Gwen Lindberg 2 hours ago
Who's with me Aquarius all the way
cozysophie 2 hours ago
sksksk this is so accurate for Pisces😂 we’re legit the definition of passive aggressive
bendus58 3 hours ago
♊️ gemini:)
Gummi Bear
Gummi Bear 3 hours ago
Lmao I'm a Capricorn. So true. But also not
NarwhalsAreFluffy Productions
Me:YAY PICSES! Well, yes but actually, no
Cc_ravenclaw 3 hours ago
It’s funny because I’m a cancer ♋️ and I’m not anything like that
Shevaun Kaseeska
Shevaun Kaseeska 4 hours ago
I’m a Capricorn
Nolan Hugghins
Nolan Hugghins 4 hours ago
I'm a Sagittarius That scene is me every time I have a group project
Fiona Meany
Fiona Meany 4 hours ago
Ummmm no Aries >:(
Kaitlin Keene
Kaitlin Keene 4 hours ago
Me an Aquarius feeling attacked! Lmaoooo
Izzy Osborne
Izzy Osborne 4 hours ago
I’m an Aquarius ♒️
G Sires _
G Sires _ 4 hours ago
You didn’t add Gemini
Pisces Person
Pisces Person 4 hours ago
8:06 is definitely me
squidward the ugly duckling
Sagittarius anyone ♐️?
Lindsay love
Lindsay love 5 hours ago
Were are all my virgos at I was born August 23
Panda LOL
Panda LOL 5 hours ago
I'm Scorpio Or Libra
random dio
random dio 5 hours ago
Just ran over a couple of kids Must be a gemini smh
Juju Ped
Juju Ped 5 hours ago
I'm Aries💚
-Starlight Wolf Gacha-
I’m a Capricorn..
Em Ms
Em Ms 5 hours ago
Defintily a Scorpio
XxAkarixX 5 hours ago
wait but the "serial killer" was the sign Taurus? :') I meant Kenneth xd
Salem Algargawi
Salem Algargawi 6 hours ago
Pisces. Feb 19. That was SUPER ACCURATE!!!
Aidan Ayala.
Aidan Ayala. 6 hours ago
Umm can u do the Chakras of the body?
Lucy R
Lucy R 6 hours ago
Why no Scorpio
elliottjerv 26
elliottjerv 26 6 hours ago
Where's Taurus then
Damien Webb
Damien Webb 6 hours ago
Libra He got it
_Kiri 6 hours ago
Lol I’m cancer😂
Flowers life
Flowers life 6 hours ago
I love being a Scorpio
Unicornswirl 6 hours ago
The cancer was right
SwagSpartian 6 hours ago
Capricorns don't act that way.
Padazis Der
Padazis Der 7 hours ago
Life of Pride
Life of Pride 7 hours ago
leo and virgo mixed sometime I felt leo doing the plan and sometime being a virgo who trying to be perfectionist lol
Phobia 7 hours ago
Leo’s RISE UP 🤘🏾
Nutella Llamas
Nutella Llamas 7 hours ago
Im a virgo
Bailey Boo
Bailey Boo 7 hours ago
I’m proud of the way Gemini are pictured in this 😂 basically we’re the social butterflies with multiple different personalities and very manipulative revenge... SO BASICALLY we can turn your whole world against you if you mess with us... *SO BASICALLY* don’t f with us. Thank you 😇
Pokemon Nguyen
Pokemon Nguyen 8 hours ago
I’m a Taurus and that is offense
Paul Necasio
Paul Necasio 9 hours ago
As a Pisces ♓, I can agree as the TRASH BOOOOOOY
Llama Love
Llama Love 9 hours ago
There is no Libra!!!! YEAH EVERY zodiac sign pfft
Flat Tiles
Flat Tiles 9 hours ago
Ah ah I’m gemani
Alex Banana fofana
Alex Banana fofana 10 hours ago
I'm a capricorn and that is me!!
Ayano Aishi
Ayano Aishi 11 hours ago
Sims 3?! 6:57
BigBoi Brock
BigBoi Brock 11 hours ago
All the signs while watching this: haha, I do that
Shaela Academy
Shaela Academy 11 hours ago
♓️ is sooooo me lol
Katy Stenner
Katy Stenner 12 hours ago
As a Pisces, I’m pretty sure I’ve done something like this 😂😂
The sleepy Unicorn
The sleepy Unicorn 12 hours ago
I'm cancerrrr
Soulcrusher200 13 hours ago
Okay I can’t help that I’m easily distracted
Pop Lyrics
Pop Lyrics 13 hours ago
2:27 that’s my mom
Pastel Gacha
Pastel Gacha 13 hours ago
Aquarius spirit animal is a deer because we’re quite as heck and shy🙁😕
Dophinlovely _
Dophinlovely _ 14 hours ago
Why is literally no one a Scorpio like me
xx_toir Anubis_xx
xx_toir Anubis_xx 14 hours ago
Leo is not like that we care about outher people more in we hide are emotion
sarai Reyes
sarai Reyes 14 hours ago
I'm a Libra its true I can't never make a decision
Jessica Lash
Jessica Lash 14 hours ago
Lmao why is the Virgo so true for me
AlyaNoJuega 14 hours ago
The amount of Tauruses thinking that the serial killer was the representation of Tauruses, is too damn high. That wasn’t the joke, guys - that wasn’t the joke.
Star Dust
Star Dust 15 hours ago
Scorpio’s where you at? 🙌♏️
aleah odems
aleah odems 15 hours ago
Imma Taurus Me: .......
Aubrey Is Awesome
Aubrey Is Awesome 15 hours ago
I'm a Gemini 😂
Luna And Boo
Luna And Boo 15 hours ago
I'm a ♈ Aries 😂🤣
Judy Lam
Judy Lam 15 hours ago
*Aquarius is so true lol*
Kada The Rebel
Kada The Rebel 15 hours ago
My mom is a Scorpio I can confirm that. Im a Libra and I saw a vid that was good zodiac pairs I got Leo or Gemini. Im scared. Also the Libra was accurate.
Alec Devlin
Alec Devlin 16 hours ago
I was watching and thought, man i hope im not a gemini, i didnt see what month it was. Im a gemini.
purple derp
purple derp 16 hours ago
I'm an aquarius and I approve of this message
ERS_DeXs 01
ERS_DeXs 01 16 hours ago
The libra one is so offensive and us libras out here don’t cry that often
david gjorgievki
david gjorgievki 16 hours ago
Video: why are libras crying alll the time. Me strarting to cry: I dont know ....
NightWolf Animates
NightWolf Animates 16 hours ago
*_imbeciles and fools, every last one of them..-_* Oh, hm? No, I didn't say anything!
Ruler657 16 hours ago
Aries is so true!!! I can confirm
Lahna Rosenbaum
Lahna Rosenbaum 16 hours ago
Ok I'm a Scorpio and that is me
Kylie Dunn
Kylie Dunn 16 hours ago
Oof I never realized how much of an asshole I was until I watched this. You can call me trash boy now.
kaelyn foote
kaelyn foote 16 hours ago
Im very offended♊
kaelyn foote
kaelyn foote 16 hours ago
Im a gemini♊
Creativity At Random
Is Taurus the serial killer, the guy who appreciates the serial killer, or the guy concerned about the serial killer? I feel like all three.
Felix Aguilar
Felix Aguilar 17 hours ago
I think (just my thoughts) that capricorns are just a little more on the quiet side or calm but hey i could be wrong
Night Wolf
Night Wolf 17 hours ago
I’m a Pisces’s
Marley Perez
Marley Perez 17 hours ago
I have no idea what my zodiac sign is but I love you and I was born in December
-Poptart- 15 hours ago
Marley Perez 23 of November- 21 of December is Sagittarius and 22 of December- 20 of January is Capricorn. Hope that helps:)
Lorde Wolfe
Lorde Wolfe 17 hours ago
I'm a libra and this is so true
Katie Powell
Katie Powell 18 hours ago
As a Virgo 89% of the time that’s true
Kayleeisatrashcan 18 hours ago
As an aquarius that is lowkey true and happened to me in a way! My therapist would tell me his problems and dreams and never really helped me 😂 I got a different one
Taryn Sears
Taryn Sears 18 hours ago
Where was Aries?
Fan of Too Much
Fan of Too Much 18 hours ago
Pisces - Me thinking everyone hates me because of my over rationalizing every situation
MrBebopChamploo 18 hours ago
Wow my boss is Virgo to a t
Faith Howard
Faith Howard 19 hours ago
I want a shirt that says, "I'm the trash boy"
Finn Balor
Finn Balor 19 hours ago
I see why I get pissed off easily, Scorpio.
Sarah R
Sarah R 19 hours ago
I'm a Taurus *_bEiNG stUbBOrN iS mY duTY_*
SimplyWritten 0x
SimplyWritten 0x 19 hours ago
Im a Taurus. I feel attacked.
Angela Jensen
Angela Jensen 19 hours ago
U got Leo wrong that not how we are
Dax Larson
Dax Larson 19 hours ago
I’m a Leo but I’m not Makes sense
dog and song compition
Why is this so true for me I’m a cancer
kaitlyn baker
kaitlyn baker 19 hours ago
it’s funny i’m s libra and i cry a lot lol
A Person
A Person 19 hours ago
Aries is my zodiac sign, and that is a great description of me
Bonsai 19 hours ago
Bruh the Aquarius sign is so true lmao
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