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Join Basically editor Amiel Stanek as he attempts to cook an egg in almost every way possible. Which method is the best? Can there be a best method? What does 'best' even mean? Who says what's best? Not us. They're all eggcelent (besides the ones that aren't).

Check out each of the methods here (thanks to Asaf Lebovic for making this list):
0:47 raw egg
1:10 prairie oyster
1:34 amber moon
2:00 sunny side up egg
2:25 olive oil fried egg
2:51 olive oil fried (basted) egg
3:18 olive oil friend (steamed) egg
3:43 over easy/medium/hard egg
4:26 salt block fried egg
4:41 McMuffin Egg
4:58 cracked and scrambled egg
5:30 low and slow scrambled egg
6:00 hot and fast scrambled egg
6:33 boiled egg
7:39 steamed whole egg
8:37 sous-vide egg
9:08 pickled egg
10:11 poached egg
10:40 egg poached in tomato sauce
11:14 microwave scrambled egg
11:32 microwave poached egg
11:52 grilled in George Foreman egg
12:17 waffle iron egg
12:46 blowtorched egg
13:09 diner style omelet egg
13:41 French omelet egg
14:16 souffled omelet egg
14:47 cloud egg
15:20 steamed custard egg (Chinese style steamed egg custard)
15:53 coddled egg
16:26 shirred egg
16:54 air fried egg
17:31 deep-fried egg
17:54 dehydrated egg
18:18 frittata egg
18:48 frozen egg
19:17 dishwasher egg
19:49 rice cooker egg
20:22 egg cooker egg
20:50 Rollie cooked egg
21:18 oven cooked egg
22:08 cooked in broth egg
22:48 grilled egg
23:13 smoked egg
23:43 campfire (cast iron) egg
24:19 campfire (foil pouch) egg
24:49 campfire (burned in coals) egg
25:11 sauna cooked egg
25:38 engine cooked egg
26:03 solar oven egg
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Every Way to Cook an Egg (59 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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Mar 25, 2019




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Comments 80
Corkscrew Bricks
Corkscrew Bricks 6 minutes ago
Show this to howtobasic
Tonin- Hour ago
Lmao, french don't say "bavoose", they say "baveuse" and it definitely doesn't mean dog snot. Although... It isn't that far neither. But what is sure is that we do not think of it as if we were eating dog snot... Like ewww
Ashley Clarke
Ashley Clarke Hour ago
Eggs don`t cause Collesterol.
vansdan 2 hours ago
made me so hungry I had to pause and make myself some eggs
Sarah 2 hours ago
My dad just buys canned beets, eats them, and then puts hardboiled eggs in the liquid in a Mason jar and let's them sit in the fridge for a week.
Genesis Woods
Genesis Woods 3 hours ago
Him: This egg is over cooked That egg is fully cooked. That’s how you boil an egg
Ahmad Taufik Choo
Ahmad Taufik Choo 3 hours ago
Deep fried eggs (and omelette) are common in some countries. It's tasty. And i think the Chinese custard egg and the Japanese chawanmushi are probably the same thing and yes it's very delicious.
REeD 6 hours ago
idk why but i love overcooked ones
Shayra Melendez
Shayra Melendez 6 hours ago
team olive oil fried basted egg ✊🏼 (sidenote: did he really eat all those eggs? 😣)
Flowey the goat
Flowey the goat 7 hours ago
*HowToBasic wants to know your location*
1000 Subscribers Without Video Challenge
This guy is HowToBasic. Confirmed look how many eggs he used
Kejsi •
Kejsi • 8 hours ago
If i were you id hate eggs after this video.
Jamie Joe Thompson
Jamie Joe Thompson 9 hours ago
The amount of eggs this guys had to eat during the making of this videos is really really distracting and kind of worrying. I’m skeptics that he actually ate all these eggs.
Ann ie
Ann ie 9 hours ago
I tried adding easy melting cheese in scrambled eggs and it tasted nice haha
jake the ripper
jake the ripper 10 hours ago
As a Hongkonger, I grew up with Chinese-styled (actually more Cantonese-styled) steamed egg custard. I have a love-hate relationship with this and specifically this only, out of all foods. My mom cooks it really soggy, and it’s like drinking a cooked egg, which isn’t pleasant at all. But strangely the residue water goes REALLY well with some chopped-up spring onions, and (not kidding) baked cheese.
Jun Fauzi
Jun Fauzi 10 hours ago
Waiter: how would you like your eggs British person: TEA yes I know the tea egg was made in china
PlaxZ 14 hours ago
Im just concerned on how many eggs he used
N.B. 14 hours ago
I don't even like eggs
danielle wolfe
danielle wolfe 16 hours ago
when you got to the deep fried egg bit i was hoping youd do the beaten pipped out way that makes the egg noodles and you also forgot about doing the japanese style rolled egg
irenne atmadja
irenne atmadja 16 hours ago
8:33 uhh in my country thats a perfect egg
egg 16 hours ago
adds salt to salt block egg
Maddee 18 hours ago
this is amazing. idk why i love it so much.
Animation Kid
Animation Kid 18 hours ago
It looks like he made those pickled eggs in the blood of Oompa Loompas
Vicente Facuse
Vicente Facuse 18 hours ago
Damn...I want eggs now
Bobby Townsend
Bobby Townsend 19 hours ago
You messed up the amber moon, you have to let the alcohol and tabasco cook the egg
Spider Riszer
Spider Riszer 21 hour ago
24:57 “OH GOD OH”-Amiel Stanek The most human reaction to an explosion I have ever heard
Not Your Average Person 000
6.5 min boiled=ramen egg
Juan Duarte
Juan Duarte 21 hour ago
Nobody: Howtobasic: Interesting.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 22 hours ago
French: dit kinda like dog snot feeling Me: HOW DO U KNOW HOW THAT FEELS LIKE
VantiDraws 23 hours ago
"Then we're gonna beat the whites-" Uh
some random guy on the internet
Why do you Americans always deep fry food?
Minecraft memories
Bro 27 degrees is literally summer weather over in the UK
Nix Galexa
Nix Galexa Day ago
Electric Blanket Egg
Wat 0
Wat 0 Day ago
My dad throws eggs into pan cook the egg put black pepper now you have eggs wonderful
Xavier Ferri
Xavier Ferri Day ago
I bet your doctor get richer ;)
BooBoo Editz
BooBoo Editz Day ago
You forgot a way....In Shrek, Fiona fried an egg on a rock.
BooBoo Editz
BooBoo Editz Day ago
I feel like besides him....I’m the only other one who likes my yolks wet. ;_;
-vLeo_eZ Day ago
HowToBasic would be proud.
Scott M Brown
you forgot Filipino balut. I know its a duck egg, but could do with a chicken egg, right?
Thien Ly
Thien Ly Day ago
22:09 *thats basically egg drop soup*
Taylen Tippetts
I'm starving right now and it's annoying the heck out of me that he doesn't eat the whole egg😫
Flying pigs
Flying pigs Day ago
“A pressure cooker can do things that other things in your kitchen can do.” You have a bomb in your kitchen?
kayleigh devera
Red Harlow
Red Harlow Day ago
What type of fool uses a knife and fork to eat boiled eggs
Random Guy watching yt
I hope you don't die after all those eggs
Daniel_Howell Thats it
This video was reccomended to me a long time ago. I watched it and watched it over and over again when i was supposed to be doing school. I realize he probably didnt eat most of these that were interesting and that has ruined this for me. I was a stupid child and didnt realize it was a voiceover.
FJM TV Day ago
My grandmother always said to me that an egg is equal to a piece of meat and she's kind of right
Random weeb
Random weeb Day ago
*Howtobasic would like to know your location*
Cactus LeatherJeans
He... ate... 59 ... EGGS Oh wait... that's not him, is it?
Ice Cube • BFDI
that’s egg abuse but on second thought the other eggs are happy youare healthy and you like them
Donna Noe
Donna Noe Day ago
I do not get foodies. I do not want anything remotely slimy. No runny anything. Yuck. Doesn't like the Instant Pot but loves the 45-minute sous vide? No.
Jce HD
Jce HD Day ago
No eggs were harmed on making this vid
Boalol lal
Boalol lal Day ago
"a little butter" :>
Gelo P
Gelo P Day ago
5:20 they look like pop corns but packed
Fish Stick
Fish Stick Day ago
mearl anne
mearl anne Day ago
i want to eat eggs so bad
Layla Roses
Layla Roses Day ago
It’s 3 am and I want eggs now
All this running yoke made me lose interest, only monsters can eat yoke while it’s still runny
tc in the oc world
15:20 Srry just leaving this for myself
ok so ive just realised ive been eating overcooked eggs my whole life
Lewis Bryant
Lewis Bryant 2 days ago
Him: Ima make a video on how to cook eggs in 59 ways. Start of the day: I have no muscles .... End of the day: Worlds most Buff man ....
The King Of Youtube
We just gonna ignore the fact that he jsut ate 59 eggs lol
The King Of Youtube
Shattered Reality
The video is fine, but the dude doing the voice over disgusts me with his egg preferences.
Hayden hayden
Hayden hayden 2 days ago
Pickled Beet eggs are my favorite!
Phanuroj 37
Phanuroj 37 2 days ago
Your are gonna get salmonala
Darkness Incarnate
1:03 good luck being sick buster
Elias Pellikka
Elias Pellikka 2 days ago
I do 13 minute eggs
Fairy Fox
Fairy Fox 2 days ago
Poaching eggs is easy if you keep an eye on it and use Carla's technique.
Kierstyn Kaiser
Kierstyn Kaiser 2 days ago
salmanila has entered the chat
Kazeniq Nishizono
How many times you wash the pan?
-army- 2 days ago
this guy has egg fetish and he is a king of eggs XD
-army- 2 days ago
Kok cu
Kok cu 2 days ago
syaiful haziq syaiful zamani
No one: Amiel: People eat raw eggs all the time.
syaiful haziq syaiful zamani
@BooBoo Editz what true?
BooBoo Editz
BooBoo Editz Day ago
Well it’s true-
Towser 2 days ago
Scrambled eggs in the microwave are delicious. Why wouldn't you eat that, when half of your methods made the eggs look like rubber!?!?
Stan User
Stan User 2 days ago
Him: the runniness of the yolk is so good! Me: absolutely hates runny yolk
Stan User
Stan User Day ago
@fathima rishma yeah. Have you seen his burger video? They're practically raw!
fathima rishma
So trueee, when he said the well done egg is bad, I was like that's the only one I like!
gun master army
gun master army 2 days ago
Why is it that I watch these videos when I’m hungry
Ian barber
Ian barber 2 days ago
Raw egg is a little gross
Frank Epicman
Frank Epicman 2 days ago
Ngl, I thought this was a Howtobasic vid before i clicked it
Jordan Nye
Jordan Nye 2 days ago
You got really ridiculous with some of these... I had high hopes for the waffle egg and was very disappointed to hear it wasn't good.
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