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Arrangement and orchestration by John Leavitt: ruvid.net/show-UCO-E6NiuSXwn5Vvb9KkvWzQ
That amazing dress made by Nephi Garcia aka Designer Daddy: instagram.com/designerdaddy_/?hl=en
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Video shot at Emtman Family Farms


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Jul 19, 2019




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Comments 9 250
きゃめ 33 minutes ago
The qween cat ఌఌ
Anneke N
Anneke N 2 hours ago
So cute. I can't believe that this family doesn't have an album or something related to that Who else agrees 👇🏽
Emma Sidebottom
Emma Sidebottom 13 hours ago
Karina is trash compared to you
Veronica Helen Chinyere
6th time to be c and I was in a good position and I had a very good morning in the world cup with the ball of the game but I didn't want to go on the list but I didn't know what to say about to do doll or I have
Dukhina Koch
Dukhina Koch Day ago
Wow whole family are singer's 🤗
moonlight wolfie VwV
This on my b day
Ира Лепсверидзе
Nono TheCat
Nono TheCat Day ago
She is so good wow😭♥️😘I love it
Hugo Zwei
Hugo Zwei Day ago
This is the Most beautifull Video i have ever Seen!
Veronica Helen Chinyere
The girl has a nice voice
Toy Collectors
Toy Collectors 2 days ago
Do you do singing 🎤 class
KS - 05HS - Queen Street PS (1514)
They are my passion Keep Up THE GREAAT work! you guys are a really GREAT family !
Crystal Espinoza-Perez
Do you know Aladdin song
Tiki Gaming toy review
Claire is SOOOOOO good at singing! Now even I as a 23 year old lol
Jesse collins
Jesse collins 2 days ago
It makes me sad to see all of them together when my mom and dad just got a divorced and i dont get to see my siblings anymore i only get to see my brother and sister 1 time in to months and im 11 years old i live with my mom and my sister and brother live with my dad my brother just turned 10 and my sister is 6 prayers for my family and my sister also has autism, everything ijust said is true
Gabriëlla Van Eekhout
The outfit is so cute
Ursula Mayer
Ursula Mayer 3 days ago
Mega gut
Niko dim
Niko dim 3 days ago
Why would anyone leave a dislike? Really, why? Are you 6,1k people are jelous or what? Even if you dont like smthing about this vid why even press dis? Like does it give you what exactly? Increasing your self esteam? WHY!?!?!?!? I dont understand whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!?!?
Sabrina Eastley
Sabrina Eastley 3 days ago
Is claire in the little mermaid real life one from 2018
Doreen Smith
Doreen Smith 4 days ago
Your kid is crap at sing and that is troow
Jason And Colleen
You are crap at everything
Za Warudo
Za Warudo 4 days ago
The family together is so cute & Claire has an incredible voice for her age keep up the good work
unicorn girl
unicorn girl 4 days ago
Shes so good at singing
Mitali Shahapurkar
He nailed the beginning!
Lessia Taglialegna
the Habib family
the Habib family 5 days ago
Is nobody gonna talk about the circle of life of life?!Such talent!
김연아 6 days ago
애기가 왜이렇게 노래를 잘부르나 했는데.. 그냥 이집안은 대대로 노래를 잘부름...너무조타❤️
Scarlett Harding
Scarlett Harding 6 days ago
where did you get the dress from
zizy moon
zizy moon 7 days ago
Omg that dress so beautiful i want to buy it
Lærke Krogh Damborg
What about The littlebrother😂
canciones de disney
Ashley you're amazing❤️
Aniyah Schultz
Aniyah Schultz 7 days ago
Lucia Denk
Lucia Denk 7 days ago
Ameiiiii parabéns família essa garotinha é um sonho me apaixonei por ela desde o primeiro vídeo 😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Linda Schaer
Linda Schaer 7 days ago
This is such a wonderfull and talented family. Thank you for all the great videos you make with beautifull songs that go straight into my heart. Dad, Mom an the kids with such beautiful voices und musical skills, wow!!
Wolfspirit29 7 days ago
Wow! Gave me goosebumps! Excellent job! Ashley definitely needs to sing more, she has a BEAUTIFUL voice!
Yanilla 7 days ago
...no words...it’s amazing!
ELIZAH 13!!!!!!!
ELIZAH 13!!!!!!! 7 days ago
This was my theme for my birthday
박하사탕 7 days ago
와우 한국인이없어 ㅋㅋ
Jade Cottren
Jade Cottren 8 days ago
I love this. It's beautiful. Love the harmonizing.
safiyo omar
safiyo omar 8 days ago
I wach lion king to
[]Darlene Pleyz[]
This is the best family ever
fit freak
fit freak 9 days ago
Hi Claire it’s Morgan and I am eight and Im Lucy’s bff
fit freak
fit freak 9 days ago
Hi Claire it’s Morgan Lucy’s friend from New Zealand
MeMyselfAndGames !
It’s actually nan tsin kon ya ma ba ki thi baba. My school does a play every year and I’m in it this year and we’re doing the lion king
leila maia
leila maia 9 days ago
Elle chante avec le coeur c bien
michelle li
michelle li 10 days ago
😍 love it
Valentina Alvarez
Valentina Alvarez 10 days ago
This girl sing orrible
呂姿敏 10 days ago
I wish I can hear the mom's voice more often!! Her voice is also amazing!!!
Lydia Kershner
Lydia Kershner 11 days ago
These are my favorite parts:0:39,0:44,1:04,2:05,2:27,2:49
Juliana Bruce
Juliana Bruce 11 days ago
the 6.k that disliked this is scar jealous that Clair sang "be prepared" better than him😂
あおい菜 11 days ago
Parents looks enjoy singging with there daughter,what a peaceful family!!
Potchie Train
Potchie Train 11 days ago
E X 11 days ago
2:35 your welcome
Олеся Сулимова
Ребята,вы просто супер!!!Влюбилась в вашу семью!Продолжайте и дальше!!!!
uzak doğu
uzak doğu 12 days ago
I listened to it many times. It's addictive. Thank you.
Natalie Kelemen
Natalie Kelemen 12 days ago
Do, “He Lives in You” with Claire wearing the same outfit, yet under a starry sky!
Maria R
Maria R 12 days ago
Omg how cute & sweet!!
Adalyn Atkinson
Adalyn Atkinson 12 days ago
She’s gonna get ticks. Think better with your daughter
Eliza Malterre
Eliza Malterre 12 days ago
this family should be voted the best musical family in the US. i predict June will grow up like them
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