EVERY PICK from the First Round | 2019 NBA Draft

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Zion Williamson, Ja Morant and RJ Barrett highlight the first round of the NBA Draft! Watch as every first round pick hears their names called!
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Jun 21, 2019




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Comments 2 477
SG - 06MR - Greenbriar Sr PS (1423)
Finally i see a toronto player
Let’s go rui
Hilmi Firdaus
Hilmi Firdaus 2 days ago
Ja Morant is the real deal here
ryananna2 2 days ago
Ja Morant Advice from mother : “Beneath no one” *Second draft pick* I mean not to be rude but sometimes you’ve got to take the L with things like that
ryananna2 2 days ago
I honestly think that the reason why Zion put his head down was because it was the pelicans haha But he’s happy it was first pick
Toluwani Babs-Ajayi
This finna be me one day....
Sand 4 days ago
finally knicks didnt boo there pick
Sudhanshu Ranjan
Sudhanshu Ranjan 8 days ago
Zion was so emotional man
JPF1305 Best
JPF1305 Best 8 days ago
I met Zion IRL though at his high school basketball games
Mike H
Mike H 9 days ago
and most of them went straight to dvd
Harsh Boy
Harsh Boy 10 days ago
You an tell that Zion and Ja are not happy
Darey Topete
Darey Topete 10 days ago
Anyone else see bango jump over the fence at 13:05
Yayz 11 days ago
RJ Barrett: Oh fuc not New York
Yayz 11 days ago
The music they play during a draft pick is the best part
Harvard University
Harvard University 11 days ago
With the 1st pick in the 2020 us army draft, the us army select... Zion williamson
Luca Nicolini
Luca Nicolini 11 days ago
Zion is a beast and so is Morant and rj my boy
Ariz 12 days ago
Tigers Fan All Day
Tigers Fan All Day 13 days ago
The first time Knicks fans have ever been happy with a pick since Ewing.
Mary Campbell
Mary Campbell 14 days ago
it took 9 minutes for the top 3 picks and 12 through every other pick lol
nikita mihalkov
nikita mihalkov 14 days ago
Zion most hyped but ... Ja Morant best player RJ overrated ... Miami did best job on this draft generation from something they have got everything
VioletHOOPS 14 days ago
4:55 is that jaren at the back
Damir Damir
Damir Damir 13 days ago
Yes, It's JJJ
Humza Muhammad
Humza Muhammad 15 days ago
you can tell my man zion never cried ever in his life
Wavy Deonte 1
Wavy Deonte 1 15 days ago
Guys just wait I will be in the draft just wait guys I want to go to the Orlando Magic
Chef Ramzy
Chef Ramzy 15 days ago
Watching this again after all those WW3 memes😪 getting ready for the moment🤣
Cat King
Cat King 11 days ago
Chef Ramzy for 24th pick of the ww3 draft the military select Cat king from the university of memes reporter: how do u fell like being drafted Me: *i m g a y* Military:and i oop-
Crippling YouTubers
Zion ignored that kid on his table when he wanted a high five
NHArmann 7 days ago
Crippling RUvidrs i wasnt dissing you
Crippling YouTubers
@NHArmann alright, relax how was I supposed to know
SamYG 13 days ago
He high fived him tho
NHArmann 14 days ago
Crippling RUvidrs that "kid" is his brother lol
Jamil Tadjeran
Jamil Tadjeran 15 days ago
Who’s here after Zion started his career with an injury
DrAKo QwAn
DrAKo QwAn 16 days ago
With the first pick in the 2020 World war 3 draft, Fort Bragg selects Aaron brooks
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 16 days ago
day 198 zion hasn’t played in the regular season
Demetri Pedroz
Demetri Pedroz 16 days ago
And the first pick for WWIII is...
HyperPablo 16 days ago
*Impatient Bol Bol noises*
kur stephen
kur stephen 16 days ago
This is how they finna draft niggas for the Army😂 For the first pick, the Special Forces Unit select: Kendrick Jennings
Lil Panda13
Lil Panda13 16 days ago
You know the drill 1. Michael Jordon 2. LeBron James 3. Kobe Bryant 4. Kevin Durant 5. Steph curry 6. Giannis Antetokounmpo 7. Luka Doncic 8. Trae Young 9. Kawhi Leonard 0. Zion Williamson K. Bronny James Comment who you are
Silva701 11 days ago
@Lil Panda13 So why are redoing this on a 6 month old video?
Lil Panda13
Lil Panda13 11 days ago
So did everyone else
Silva701 11 days ago
You just stole this comment
Rui Hachimura is a steal
BrutalSlayer45 16 days ago
Deandre hunter looks like alex hunter
Kelmin Gutierrez
Kelmin Gutierrez 17 days ago
Ja morant is a goat
n40798 17 days ago
Does the chime that plays while the commissioner announces the picks sound off on a fixed interval? or is it set off manually by a person?
Skittlez btw
Skittlez btw 19 days ago
ja morant is a 🐐
water flavor ice cream
Why Tacko Was Not drafted in 1 round 😢
Gwen Marie
Gwen Marie 20 days ago
Tyler💯💯💯💯❤❤❤🏀🏀🏀😈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Thats our. Guy😀😀
Zion Nelson
Zion Nelson 20 days ago
Gentle giants
Fresh anda
Fresh anda 21 day ago
Tyler herro a straight baller now
Gwen Marie
Gwen Marie 20 days ago
fuhjrvr 21 day ago
Goddamn that interviewer is tall af
zころばし屋 22 days ago
Nanette Bartolome
Nanette Bartolome 25 days ago
Max Robinson
Max Robinson 26 days ago
Being a pro basketball player begins with genetic luck, you need to be tall.
roibordeaux 16 days ago
only few of them are
roibordeaux 16 days ago
those were not even superstars
DB Balbas
DB Balbas 23 days ago
Nate Robinson 5"8 Chris Paul 6"0 Allen Iverson 5"10 Isaiah Thomas 5"9 Earl boykins 5"6 Spud Webb 5"7 Mugsy Bogues 5"4 All NBA players ..2x MVP Steve Nash 6'1
brigida kuehn
brigida kuehn 28 days ago
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best mini hoop *scafe.shop/tbmh2019?pD* hope it helps you out too!"
KVS 28 days ago
Boston and Indiana players.... A beautiful connection
MilesMan 29 days ago
Tyler herro was definitely the biggest steal 🔵
Wyatt Seim
Wyatt Seim 6 days ago
MilesMan or MPJ
Marcos Rosales
Marcos Rosales 9 days ago
Also herro derserves a team like the heat so he could work with jimmy probably 2 years bet he will be in the all star game
Gwen Marie
Gwen Marie 20 days ago
Ghoul Month ago
I feel like Zion hasn’t showed any dominance and definitely is not in deserving of the 1 overrall pick.
KVS 28 days ago
Bro he is injured u know that??
Junebug loco
Junebug loco Month ago
When I grow up going to join the nba
Joshua Rivers
Joshua Rivers Month ago
Ja Morant is the best 2nd pick that ever happened to Memphis. We're grateful.
Rawr5649 Month ago
what blind man picked out Tyler Herro's suit?
Peter No
Peter No Month ago
mel saint
mel saint Month ago
No. 1 but injured didn’t play
Jr TE2CO Month ago
Why is nobody talking about Hachimura? He needs more respect! #respectHachimura
Chanonymous Month ago
I still pick ja morant and herro over zion. This 2 boys has something special. I'll wait 5 years, these young men will make history for the nba.
Aidan OShea
Aidan OShea Month ago
Who else thinks ja kinda sounds like Forrest Gump
Damn she gotta be like 6’1
PBJ_Exotic 2 months ago
He’s crying because he’s with the pelicans
Only the highest adventure
this woman in yellow is beatifull...
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