EVERY PICK from the First Round | 2019 NBA Draft

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Zion Williamson, Ja Morant and RJ Barrett highlight the first round of the NBA Draft! Watch as every first round pick hears their names called!
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Jun 21, 2019




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Comments 100
Charles Lobo
Charles Lobo 3 hours ago
Why are the interviews being led to being very emotional? They don't use to be like that, cringy as hell
larrenze mance
larrenze mance 21 hour ago
wow zions wearing white too like lebron back on '03 draft
rahmo mahamud
Oliver Crowley
Oliver Crowley 3 days ago
Adam silver is damn tall
iscokc12 4 days ago
Ja and his father rocking the #12. I like that
Piano-Keys of Fire
The class of 2019 is one of the worst I’ve ever seen
YungBreezy 10 days ago
If this isn’t motivation then what is?
Nicholas Sutton
Nicholas Sutton 11 days ago
Bruh the first 9:15 is literally between three players like bruh.
Spencer Ico
Spencer Ico 14 days ago
where is that okeke guy now?
Derrick Fan Boy Rose
I’ve listened to the bad lip syncing of this so much times I start laughing when he’s about to say something
Lance S
Lance S 16 days ago
Question now for RJ Barrett is he built for Coach Thibs bruh
aniduh 17 days ago
Lakers should have gotten Coby White they needed a pg
Dibesh Shrestha
Dibesh Shrestha 17 days ago
Bol bol dominating
김진성짭짭 18 days ago
Zion - I would be not to a New York
James Tyler
James Tyler 20 days ago
The Minnesota Timberwolves select George Floyd
Galaxii Eclipse
Galaxii Eclipse 20 days ago
Isaac Bowen
Isaac Bowen 21 day ago
Isaac Bowen
Isaac Bowen 21 day ago
Isaac Bowen
Isaac Bowen 21 day ago
Isaac Bowen
Isaac Bowen 21 day ago
Tysen Matlock
Tysen Matlock 21 day ago
ja should win roty
Wolfman_25no 22 days ago
Bro jas dad gave up his dreams for his son “that’s a great dad”
Noralyn Calaca
Noralyn Calaca 24 days ago
Why No Warriors Team Draft
Nsosh 123
Nsosh 123 24 days ago
I wish my Celtics kept mattise bruh
Lil Spice
Lil Spice 25 days ago
Matisse Thybulle steal of the draft
Celtics 17
Celtics 17 27 days ago
Romeo Langford or sekou
alec theboiii
alec theboiii 27 days ago
who else a grizzlie fan
SuperMarioJeremy 27 days ago
Where's Che at?
Wesline Reyna
Wesline Reyna 28 days ago
*wheres curry*
giveaway hunter
giveaway hunter 29 days ago
i think keldon johnson is a steal...
WGB 29 days ago
6:31 I gotta say as a Knicks fan even thought we’ve had some trash years, hearing all those applauses for rj even though we lost out on Zion is such a feel good moment
Noah Jones
Noah Jones Month ago
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Dylan windel
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Ty Jerome
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Nickeil Alexander walker
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Cameron Johnson
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Rui hachimura
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Kobe White
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Deandre hunter
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Cam reddish
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Kevin porter Jr
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Keldon Johnson
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Zion Williamson
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Paul Washington Jr
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Romero Langford
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Rowan Barnett Jr
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Tyler herro
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Brandon clarke
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Jackson Hayes
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang Month ago
Ja Morant my man
Ratty2k Month ago
Poor rj going to a toxic franchise
llIusion Month ago
Are we gonna just ignore that a guy named Zion and Ja( Sounds like Jah) were drafted in the same year. Where the Rastafarian brothers at?? xD
Kansas City Jones
xKinq Lebronx
xKinq Lebronx Month ago
What you mean???
Super Rhino Bros
Good players for the NBA this season
natedog5671 Month ago
Ja morant was a success
Jackson Month ago
Those draft hats are trash
ポルナレフMr Polnareff-
I loved hearing my name get drafted in mycareer 2k16 times man
Greek Freak
Greek Freak Month ago
Never seen Zion cry
Micah Bell
Micah Bell Month ago
Look at zeeon Williamson man, so inspirational.
Ron Edwards
Ron Edwards Month ago
weirdest draft pick ever especially the names man!
Zuraidi 97
Zuraidi 97 Month ago
May i know what the first song? Hehehehhee
brayden collins
brayden collins Month ago
look at zion man so inspirational
Dean Konstantian
If the Knicks drafted me i'd quit basketball there and then !!!!!!!!!!!! poor guy
Presley Thomas
Presley Thomas Month ago
i mean if you get to live in new york it’s a win lose situation
Swift Plays
Swift Plays Month ago
Wdym Che Be gettin drafted #1
Guva Month ago
Here you go 0:00 Zion 3:26 ja 6:24 rj 9:15 Deandre hunter 9:36 garland 9:58 culver 10:21 Coby white 10:44 jaxson Hayes 11:25 rui 12:18 cam reddish 12:39 cam Johnson 12:52 pj Washington 13:27 Tyler Herero 13:53 Romeo Langford 14:28 sekou 14:56 chuma 15:08 Alexander walker 15:36 goga 16:03 Luka saminic go spurs 16:22 Matisse thybulle 16:45 Brandon Clarke 17:16 grant Williams 17:29 Darius bazely 17:43 ty Jerome 17:56 nassir little 18:17 Dylan windler 18:29 kabangnele don’t know how to spell his name 18:47 Jordan Poole 19:14 kel Johnson go spurs 19:44 Kevin porter Please like this took a long time Sorry I didn’t but everyone’s full name
Gabe Claudio
Gabe Claudio 15 days ago
@James Tyler Trust the process
James Tyler
James Tyler 20 days ago
Go Spurs Go
SavageZuhayr 27 days ago
What a legend
Nilesh Kumar
Nilesh Kumar 28 days ago
@lebron james your username checks out
lebron james
lebron james Month ago
I appreciate the work you have done man thank you for doing this
Giese Month ago
im not crying you are
Adeel Hussain
Adeel Hussain Month ago
Joel Embiids rookie season hopefully
zenon fc
zenon fc Month ago
Yo who drafted Che?
zenon fc
zenon fc Month ago
7:18 “To play fortnite and go to Waffle House at 8 in the morning”
Iosef Gavan
Iosef Gavan Month ago
wheres chris smoove
oubay mkachakh
oubay mkachakh Month ago
zion make me kry
Marco Obando
Marco Obando Month ago
509 Cards
509 Cards Month ago
Brandon Clarke was the biggest steal in the draft he could have gone top 10
Captain Unknown
Captain Unknown Month ago
I thought Axel Walden was going to be in the top 3 picks
10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge
I would imagine a white mike and ike looking like the head of the NBA commissioner
jay ronalds
jay ronalds Month ago
0:38 “button up”
Gabe Dunks
Gabe Dunks Month ago
Everyone who got drafted got all emotional before they went up, took a moment. But then you got rj Barrett and his family like “heeeeeel yeeeeeeaaaaah”.
Gabe Dunks
Gabe Dunks Month ago
Next time I want the nba to get all the teams players together, film there reactions and post it on RUvid
Noah Rath
Noah Rath Month ago
Can’t wait for zions little brother
Zubayr Ali
Zubayr Ali Month ago
Where is jazhare jakson he got draftedruvid.net/video/video-7At9VOUyEh4.html
Ham Roll
Ham Roll Month ago
I thought the Timeberwolves took Axel Warden with their first round pick?🧐🤨
Strictly Casual
Strictly Casual Month ago
I’m English and admittedly know next to fuck all about basketball or the draft - do the players know before the announcement where they’re going, I was under the impression they get a call before from the team asking if they’re ready to join etc ?
error Month ago
No, they don't know.
Strictly Casual
Strictly Casual Month ago
Ms Williamson is about to be REWARDED for her hard work 👏🏻
DREW Month ago
Wish someday I can make it to the NBA
Im_unique_bro 2 months ago
Adam Silver can pronounce names better than twitch streamers
linda hill
linda hill 2 months ago
Rj Barrett beat Zion willomson in points.
linda hill
linda hill 2 months ago
Ja morant was very good.
Guva 2 months ago
I just realized on the thumbnail the Kings mascot is in the bottom right
Konobarica Konobarica
Just Airplaneees
Just Airplaneees 2 months ago
Pelicans so unfair. After having their first pick traded to the lakers they get another one??
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang 2 months ago
New franchise for New York Knicks 2020 season
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang 2 months ago
It feel unreal like NBA draft 2019
Jahrrell Gomes
Jahrrell Gomes 2 months ago
Am i the only one watching the drafts again cause im bored during quarantine😐
N30n_ 2 months ago
Jay ay more-aunt -Flight
Wadeee3 2 months ago
0:11 poor kid
Tmac2ChillPlays 2 months ago
They going to always remember and bring up that Porzingis reaction every time the Knicks draft someone in the lottery😂😂
X-Wing 2 months ago
Pregunta en español, alguno de los chicos que están allí esperando ser elegidos por algún equipo, se puede quedan sin ser elegido? o todos los que asisten son elegidos, solo que no saben en que equipo quedaran?
ADONAI ECHAD 2 months ago
julian Newman: crying in 5' 6"
The YYZ Flyer
The YYZ Flyer 2 months ago
so the spurs wasted our pick on kelvin Johnson hmmm
Lucas R
Lucas R 2 months ago
The draft could be in 2 weeks and our lives could be so much better...
krystyna launius
krystyna launius 2 months ago
"I recommend this guide: *ioni.best/lm-guide/3i8* So grateful it exists."
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