Every Phase of a Guitar Player's Life

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This one's for all my guitar buddies.
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May 4, 2020




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Music is Win
Music is Win 5 months ago
Which phase are you in?
Alessandro Burza
Alessandro Burza 16 days ago
Intermediate, still learning fast sweep picking and precise fast alternate picking (costantly playing dragonforce until I build enough speed)
Logan Arkels
Logan Arkels 2 months ago
I’m in the play infront of a girl and can’t remember anything because you have a crush on that girl happend to me Saturday I was embarrassed
K C 2 months ago
Intermediate and hoping to buy my 3rd guitar next month :)
jest frenzy
jest frenzy 3 months ago
Stuck between novice and intermediate. I still have no clue in what I'm doing... :| I can play open chords with down strumming... That's bout it ;-;
Dino Ter wiel
Dino Ter wiel 3 months ago
The failure sadly ;c. I cant play anything anymore sinds my wrist enjury over a year ago..
Cole Ramsey
Cole Ramsey 50 minutes ago
lego_man_swe ye
i gave up when i was 8 and then when i became a student i actually started learning and began watching you.
Tess Tickles
Tess Tickles 10 hours ago
The failure really got me 😕
Sticknub 10 hours ago
2:14 When you go to Guitar Center but forget how to play everything you've ever learned
Fred Martens
Fred Martens 11 hours ago
I am at the "I had kids, and moved off grid with no electricity, and no time" phase...
Edwin Valencia
Edwin Valencia 19 hours ago
congrats bro..
Lil Antie TV
Lil Antie TV 20 hours ago
You know Stevie T
Adrian B
Adrian B 23 hours ago
Nirvana and soundgarden phase
Sofia J
Sofia J 23 hours ago
I'm novice, playing Seven nation army 87,00000000 times a day
Shamer Zaihan
Im in the 4 string guitar phase
Madoc Of Catarina
5:09 The Lick!!!
Drill Bitt
Drill Bitt Day ago
I just got out of the "isnt seeing any improvement really, you should just sell ur guitar" phase, and im now in the "hey look at that, you can actually play 3 of the notes from that system of a down riff you've been practicing for 3 months" phase, im trying to get to 4 notes before I die so we'll see how that goes
Allen Freeman
I went through a lot of the phases. When I got to the teaching phase I realized I wasn’t good enough. Then occasionally fall back to the get more gear phase and the “learn a new song” tier, then the watch your channel phase.
Gavin Wurm
Gavin Wurm Day ago
I’m in between the intermediate and the quitting
Ashton Henry
Ashton Henry Day ago
I'm the failure
Random Clash Royale Videos
There is one fase you forgot: "After the youtuber some people choose the way of becoming a memer" (Davie)
Jonas Ashcraft
That custom 22 looks like a violin
Razioski _
Razioski _ Day ago
Im at the im Only playing the System of a down songs that are easy phase
Sweenz Day ago
I am glad this featured the lick. 5:00
Finlay Reedie
I play drums but very cool
what? Day ago
I skipped live player and went straight to gear addict.
capmilk Day ago
I can only play three cords and already am a gear snob...
Pascal Hannemann
Pascal Hannemann 2 days ago
glad i now know, what im supposed to do next. buy a new expensive guitar :)
Eli Powers
Eli Powers 2 days ago
I would say I'm in the amateure phase I mean I know some chords and I can play a song and sing at the same but ice only been playing for 8 yrs
Vortex Gaming
Vortex Gaming 2 days ago
You forgot the “ I can only play 0-3-5 stage”
xXCheezBoiXx -Yt
xXCheezBoiXx -Yt 2 days ago
I'm where I played guitar for alittle then quit to learn alittle bass,then go back to guitar.PHASE
fred bollows
fred bollows 2 days ago
Haha lol i needed this! Thank you
Currently in the "played acoustic guitar for six years when I was younger but for some damn reason stopped and now three years later is about to start electric guitar however just gets judged as I am literally the same size as the guitar" phase. Just needed to get that of my chest.
Tomislavski 2 days ago
He really played the lick...
Μάνθος Φουστάνος
Hey is a Harley Benton MS-25 good?
Anonymous 2 days ago
Im the guy whos too scared to just shred for 5 years because my dad is a good guitar player and i dont want to embarrass myself
Patrick Dead Jørgensen
The failure hit me like a bullet - That me
TVGraphicNerdity 3 days ago
Where’s failure gang at?
Jim Bame
Jim Bame 3 days ago
I'm in the "has played for 30 years, was never very good, never tried really hard, never learned shit, and is pretty much done with it" phase.
rathydalion 3 days ago
He called the live player a mime
Deep Doo Doo
Deep Doo Doo 3 days ago
I am in the air guitar stage... Just kidding I am in the grinding stage and just have fun playing in my basement. Maybe one dayI will move up Into a Grandpa Garage Band Stage..just jamming with some friends , hanging out having fun and drinking 🍺.👨🏼‍🦳🎼🤘🏼
he IS guitar center
Christian Green
Christian Green 3 days ago
The thumb nail looks like the Anarcho-Pacifist flag.
II Sapdreamlover II
I’m in the “I wanna learn but I don’t think I will ever be good” :, )
Leonor Tablet
Pleas try! It's so much fun, you'll won't regret it!
Drop Kicked Murphy
Im right about at "student"
QbertTehKiller 3 days ago
For me its everything up to intermediate and then gave up for a year and then skip all the way to polyphia songs and not being able to show anyone because I have severe performance anxiety
Wildman Williams
Wildman Williams 3 days ago
Im looking to buy a guitar stage..
Andrew Craig
Andrew Craig 3 days ago
LEGENX 01 4 days ago
What about the too broke too buy a good guitar phase?
Java Monsoon
Java Monsoon 2 days ago
Then DiMavery might be your ticket.
PEPSI MAN 4 days ago
Wow i skipped a lot of phases
Arnav Behari
Arnav Behari 4 days ago
Been playing Acoustic guitar off and on since I was 10 maybe. My fingers hurt which is why I quit. I really want an electric guitar I am bored of acoustic. Everything sounds happy and stupid on it I want variation god danmit.
KnoUrMeemz 4 days ago
I'm in the novice faze I need to learn scales tho
Augusto Hernandez
jingle bells
YoungSkedoodle 13
What is the song at 4:25 it’s really catchy
Martin Petersen
Martin Petersen 4 days ago
Guitar is so gay smh it’s so sad.
Jean González
Jean González 4 days ago
I did
Sandy z
Sandy z 4 days ago
I'm dying laughing but he so nailed the journey 😂😂😂😂😂
spooky bugz
spooky bugz 4 days ago
I'm in the "my playing is ass and basic but I've convinced myself I'm the best player in the world but then realizing my playing is ass and basic and then getting sad but then getting back into playing and the cycle continues whilst never improving" phase Who else is in it?
Philsons Lament
Philsons Lament 4 days ago
My rekindle moment..watching Walk the Line..bought a Strat lol...looking into diff gear now and upgrading my pickups
pathammond 4 days ago
5:08 licccccc
Beyond Bri
Beyond Bri 5 days ago
I’m in the “learning every thing I can about guitars before actually buying one” stage
Koceme Evo X
Koceme Evo X 5 days ago
I'm still in the first timer phase without a guitar yet, I hope I can get an acoustic soon
Java Monsoon
Java Monsoon 2 days ago
I'm indonesian so a bit biased, but take a look at DiMavery instruments. I'm a session-bassist and get weird looks when I show up with my DiMavery (their instruments are seen as student-level instruments, really.), but the run-down is DiMavery is consistently good, are easy to tune, keep tuning for a long time even if you don't play for a while (hence the student classification professionally), come stringed with unbranded but good strings but really shine when you restring with accoustic Ernie Balls. Their half-accoustic line have an inbuild tuner which is accurate to my own surprise and sound great amped. Accoustic they have a meaty warm ring to them and even a beginner strum across open strings will bring a smile to your face. A DiMavery instrument won't fight you, but help you. You get all that for a really affordable price. DiMavery has model-numbers in this sequence: 3 letters, 4 numbers, 2 letters. If you buy 2nd hand, check the serial with DiMavery, because if you never played a DiMavery you won't know what to listen for.
Shree Olambe
Shree Olambe 5 days ago
I am above the pentatonic and blues scale right now but my parents told me to study so i havent played guitar in 1 or 1.5 years now
Java Monsoon
Java Monsoon 2 days ago
@Shree Olambe Why is growth your focus? I keep asking my students where the sheer joy of playing is in all of this. They all have goals years in the future or name confirmed and world-wide celebrated natural talents. "Not growing" tells me all I need to know, my friend. Your goal is too lofty and you're too critical of yourself. Rethink your goals, bring them closer to home and start playing for the sheer fun of it. Find the fun and the growth will come as a result- because growth by itself is not a goal. It's a by-product.
Shree Olambe
Shree Olambe 2 days ago
@Java Monsoon no i am sparing much time than 10 minutes bro like now itself but its the thing that i am not growing there my guitar just is lifted for hour or a half i play my things and go back to my desk
Java Monsoon
Java Monsoon 2 days ago
Are you saying that you never had a spare ten minutes in those 1.5 years?
Jaylem Jarvis
Jaylem Jarvis 5 days ago
Wish i could go to the guitar store n grab two prs off the wall lmao
bashpr0mpt 5 days ago
Who's that chick and why isn't she in every video? I'd sub if she was. I'd simp if she was.
MrLocain 5 days ago
For me the Rekindled phase came 17 years later :D
Bucko Z33
Bucko Z33 5 days ago
Were you in a pop country band or something? I don’t think I would ever do it though.
Bucko Z33
Bucko Z33 5 days ago
Yeah I don’t think I would ever join a pop country band. I have another idea in mind. I mean we cover some songs but we also do some originals to. Also the sound is similar to pop country except good. It’s also a Rock style.
Nikko Dunbar
Nikko Dunbar 5 days ago
I’m at The Intermediate. I’m about to get new gear tho!
Nikko Dunbar
Nikko Dunbar 5 days ago
I ran into “the kid who’s been playing a little longer than me but seems like a guitar god”. He was in jazz band and I was in the one below and now I’m in the top and he’s gone and at first I thought I had some big shoes to fill but really I wasn’t too far behind.
Craig 5 days ago
Im going through the trade in phase
Dawson Caviness
Dawson Caviness 5 days ago
This video doesn’t feel like 5 months ago
S197 GTCS 5 days ago
I’m in the I have a real job now, but at least I can afford to buy more gear ,although no time to practice because I’m a dad n shit phase.
Eli Cooper
Eli Cooper 5 days ago
I know how to play guns and Roses songs such as sweet child of mine civle war mr brownstone welcome to the jungle November rain solo and the sweet child of mine solo and allot of rage against the machine songs including bulls on parade killing in the name of sleep now in the fire know your enemy and I know audio slave songs such as Cochise set it off exploder light my way and show me how to live
Justine Kessler
Justine Kessler 5 days ago
I’m at the grinder right now, this is pretty accurate tbh I play bass tho, I used to play guitar but after the “failure” stage which lasted me like 3 years I bought an upright bass, then an electric and an amp now I’m grinding grinding and want to play on stage like I did in school, started playing again about a year ago
Yasha Bykhovsky
Yasha Bykhovsky 5 days ago
What song is he playing at 5:07?
Philosophical rowlet
I’m like right before the intermediate phase. But I can’t improve. Like at all
Ibexan935 Zomb
Ibexan935 Zomb 6 days ago
i’m the “i want to learn to do solos from my favorite band but doesn’t even know chords😞”
GETHRASH!N 6 days ago
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 6 days ago
I'm in the intermediate stage now! That's why I'm watching this video! Got so inspired one day that I learned the base track to "Wish You Were Here" in 15 minutes. Then spent 3 weeks mastering the solo. Now my fingers really hurt. And the skin on the tips are gone from to much fingerstyle picking. *BUT IT"S SO MUCH FUN!*
Well I'm a bit in the failure part, BUT I won't give up. I love that beautiful instrument to much to let it go 😂🎸
Joshua Oleary
Joshua Oleary 6 days ago
I’m the rekindled spirit
Bjorn Reeve
Bjorn Reeve 6 days ago
It makes me sad that I'm still in student after 3 or 4 years
Java Monsoon
Java Monsoon 2 days ago
Don't worry about it. Play for the love of playing and set your goals closer to home.
Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark 6 days ago
3 figures lol
JTWDUDE 6 days ago
God your so cool
William Kelly
William Kelly 6 days ago
This is my new favorite video . Facts in every part of this video. Facts I have reached over and over in
Drew Johnson
Drew Johnson 6 days ago
Getting a letter from Susan wojeski (spelling wrong) is nothing to be proud about. She's a law breaking tyrant and should be thrown in prison along with her sister. Wife of Google alphabet founder. These are sick people but I get it, you gotta eat and nobody or very few have actual integrity nowadays. They're selling out or country and violating our natural rights.
Mike F
Mike F 6 days ago
Im in the "decent i guess/all my friends think im good and have potential/plateaued/lack of motivation, drive and stamina/get stuck when trying to write music for various reasons/always playing the same types of riffs/pick up the guitar one every 2 weeks" phase. Someone help
GO! GO! uramen
GO! GO! uramen 6 days ago
Im in the "i know how to play a lot of system of a down and Metallica songs and barely studies guitar" or you may call It the "i just wanna Jam" phase
Giant Killer
Giant Killer 6 days ago
I had to stop the video at 4:30 sadly...
James Stackhouse
James Stackhouse 6 days ago
Hilarious Bro. Bravo
educated Canadian
In the song writing phase after many years of learning from the hardest most difficult songs and studying artists like satriani and hammett to see what made them so good and melodic. Learning that jimmy page is a god for a reason and that when you an actually play it all, you're ready to write your own.
educated Canadian
Omg so so true. Lol omg
The green Beens
The green Beens 7 days ago
I’m not trying to be mean but you have really bad technique, you can get better and cleaner notes when you keep your thumb in the middle of the neck, again I’m not trying to be a bad person im just saying to try this technique out it may really help your ability to play
Atomic YT
Atomic YT 7 days ago
At the moment I’m the quitter and my guitar is literally in the corner of my room
I'm Bad At Games
I'm Bad At Games 7 days ago
I'm in "kid who's had one lesson"
gothboy click
gothboy click 7 days ago
Nah I play classical
Kyle Olin
Kyle Olin 7 days ago
I’m an intermediate, play some gigs (mostly farmer’s markets and coffee houses) was a bass player in a country band, play multiple instruments, write and sing, am starting to learn how to mix/produce music, work on my own gear, and am almost done making my own recording studio. Now I just need to start laying tracks down, but perfectionism, life, and other lame excuses always seem to stop me...
Ariana 7 days ago
My guitar experience if it ended at 2:53 :(
jmurockstar 7 days ago
I'm in the "novice with 25 years of experience and no discipline" phase.
DropOut 7 days ago
5:07 the lick!
Logan Nagy
Logan Nagy 7 days ago
public phase
Ironic Gamer
Ironic Gamer 7 days ago
The rekindled spirit is my phase saw the youtuber TheDooo and you could guess
NOVA GHOST120 7 days ago
I'm in "The Student" Phase
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