Every "Madden Curse" in Order

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Every Madden Curse in Order. The most recent one is Patrick Mahomes.
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Ding Productions
Ding Productions 7 months ago
Make sure to like the video if you enjoyed it! It took me a while to make but I love how it turned out!
JJ Chrismer
JJ Chrismer 3 months ago
richard sherman ????
Qb12the great
Qb12the great 3 months ago
Patty is now in the superbowl let's go Chiefs
FPSTed 7 months ago
Ding Productions you forgot about Vince young
Gaming Bros101
Gaming Bros101 7 months ago
Ding Productions, I know it’s a minor thing but madden 18, Tom Brady may have not been injured, but he lost the Super Bowl to Nick Foles, Tom Brady losing a super bowl to a team that’s not the giants is a madden curse to me and him(Brady).
Dominick Meade
Dominick Meade 7 months ago
Daniel Thank you finally someone understands thank god!
ElasticFiddle 4 days ago
Vick also got arrested for dog fighting
evan s
evan s 5 days ago
Here we are after mahomes wins a super bowl the only curse he has is of being good
winnerizzy football7
Patrick mahomes won the super bowl but the curse finds a way next season we dont know yet
winnerizzy football7
U skipped some games
Zaur Mahmudov
Zaur Mahmudov Month ago
Everybody in the comments:OmG ThE cUrSe Is ReAl!!! Me , chiefs fan after sb 54:...
X_CRISPY Month ago
Madden cover curse: I’m going to destroy every cover athletes career haha Patrick mahomes: wins super bowl ending the chiefs Super Bowl drought
Connor Berdine
Connor Berdine Month ago
I had the same injury as Patrick mahomes
Sergeant Z.U.C.C
Mahomes’ madden curse was... winning the Super Bowl
Carter Allen
Carter Allen Month ago
Pahomes won the Super Bowl
Mekhi Bass
Mekhi Bass Month ago
Does this mean Lamar will get 😞
MrTopKay 2 months ago
Ahem. Madden NFL 16 was the Super Bowl 50 Year. 2017 was the Super Bowl 52 year.
MrTopKay 2 months ago
The Madden Cover Curse is Broken! Patrick Mahomes Won the Super Bowl!
Skyler novick
Skyler novick 2 months ago
Is that you at the end of the vid plz respond
Patrick Stovall
Patrick Stovall 2 months ago
Yeah, I would in no way, shape, or form call Mahomes injury part of the "Madden Curse" seeing that they won the SuperBowl this year.
Alexander Calle
Alexander Calle 2 months ago
Bruh Mahomes and the chiefs won the Super Bowl
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs 2 months ago
Alexander Calle still somehow got injured though
Chance Uhl
Chance Uhl 2 months ago
Patrick mahomes broke it he came back from injury and won a super bowl
DC FN 3 months ago
How Patrick Mahomes get the madden curse he literally won the super bowl
GEORG CLAVIN 3 months ago
Mahomes still won the sb
MemeLord 5000
MemeLord 5000 3 months ago
did patrick mahomes really get the madden curse yeah the injury but the superbowl
Can Mason
Can Mason 3 months ago
Patrick won the super bowl tho
PointGod 23
PointGod 23 3 months ago
Cant say num bout because he came back from big leads and won all of them then he won the superbowl also being down the amount of points he was down
Adrien Yb
Adrien Yb 2 months ago
Kudos to
Chris Pesce
Chris Pesce 3 months ago
patrick won the super bowl
Jonathan Stevenson
Jonathan Stevenson 3 months ago
Pat Mahoney kind of beat the curse winning the super bowl
Mantiss Toboggan
Mantiss Toboggan 3 months ago
This aged TERRIBLY
Redskinsman10 3 months ago
Patrick Mahomes has broken the curse
Irvin Umana
Irvin Umana 3 months ago
Patrick mahomes didn't really get the Madden curse because he won the Superbowl
Taj Bulish
Taj Bulish 3 months ago
Odell Beckham is the best on this list in my opinion. He’s my favorite player and the league and is by far one of the best Wide Receivers in the league #OBJ
Demetrius Almanza Arts
Mahomes beat it by winning the super bowl
WhyDoPeopleUseYTInTheirYTName? YT
the curse doesn’t last forever... he got hurt, that’s the curse at work
H Town
H Town 3 months ago
He literally just won the super bowl what are you talking about
Cree 3 months ago
DengekiTV 3 months ago
You forgot Vince Young
JbandzElite 3 months ago
You need to take Madden 20 off the list they won the SB🏆
Adrien Yb
Adrien Yb 2 months ago
@JbandzElite 👍👍👍
JbandzElite 3 months ago
@Young God You right still he won even with da "curse"
Young God
Young God 3 months ago
Jeff Bryant
Jeff Bryant 3 months ago
It has been broken! Time to rejoice !
Scott Dukes
Scott Dukes 3 months ago
Vice 3 months ago
Mahomes officially broke the curse, yeah sure he got hurt, but he missed 3 games, came back and won the super bowl and became the youngest super bowl MVP
NBD Michael
NBD Michael 3 months ago
I think the Madden curse broke though with Patrick Mahomes being ovr mvp of the Superbowl and won
2023.David Craine
2023.David Craine 3 months ago
Mahomes won the Super Bowl and was announced the Super Bowl MVP
Drew Nelson
Drew Nelson 3 months ago
Guess u could call it the reverse curse now if ya know what I mean
Setmaster20 3 months ago
Rn I think we should question it since Patrick won the sb
Pedro Roberts
Pedro Roberts 3 months ago
Cringe. This video didn't age well.
Ian Tarvin
Ian Tarvin 3 months ago
Mahomes broke the curse
Cae Ert
Cae Ert 3 months ago
Oh boy if only this video came out after the SuperBowl....
Patrick Mahomes won the super bowl
Haitam chouiekh
Haitam chouiekh 3 months ago
Well Mahomes just won the super bowl.
Gio 11
Gio 11 3 months ago
Im not feeling madden 20 because his injury wasn’t serious and he won 54
arrowheadpride 3 months ago
Well Mahomes did just win a Super Bowl so other than his knee injury which only took 2 weeks off for him he did really good
Homelyeight 3 months ago
Pat: what curse? Pat:*wins the Super Bowl* Pat:welp, time to go to Disney world! 😂
David Arriaga
David Arriaga 3 months ago
Mahomes has broken the curse 🤷‍♀️
Michael H
Michael H 3 months ago
*when it’s made by a company as awful as EA, you know it’s gonna have something wrong with it*
Charles Williams
Charles Williams 3 months ago
The madden curse is the most retarded concept I have ever heard most are injuries and injuries are so common. If every year was like Antonio brown or Adrian Peterson I’d get it but it’s mainly injuries.
Candelario Saldana
Candelario Saldana 3 months ago
Lmao 🤣 how bout that Mahomes Super Bowl win
Chris 3 months ago
mahomes won superbowl and sb mvp
handiFN 3 months ago
Patrick Mahomes just won the Super Bowl 😂
Tidela 471
Tidela 471 3 months ago
But then Mahomes went off to win the Super Bowl, so I guess the question now is ... Is the curse broken now? 🤔
DaShawn Nixon
DaShawn Nixon 3 months ago
Tidela 471 came here for this 👀
Jesus Andrade
Jesus Andrade 3 months ago
Z-ShadowMoses-Z 3 months ago
The madden Curse has been broken lol KC won the Super bowl!!!!
Braydakid 3 months ago
Madden 15?
OC RightByTheBeach
OC RightByTheBeach 3 months ago
Madden curse has been broken
the freak
the freak 3 months ago
Mahomes won the superbowl
Fram3less 3 months ago
Patrick mahomes beat the cover curse
TheHotboyz12 3 months ago
Madden curse is officially over!
Big Stepper!!
Big Stepper!! 3 months ago
Who here’s after the supposedly Patrick Mahomes madden curse ?
Swa Sho
Swa Sho 3 months ago
How's that curse now, bitch?
Lobster 3 months ago
Calm down 😂
Cowtown 3 months ago
Mahomes: after winning the Super Bowl by 11 What madden curse
The Power Within
The Power Within 3 months ago
No longer the madden curse, it is now the madden gift
Savage Danish
Savage Danish 3 months ago
"Curse" for patrick mahomes after he won the superbowl
Cristalack 3 months ago
Streak_Mysticz This video is total garbage
Streak_Mysticz 3 months ago
The video was made months ago smart one
gamesRus 3 months ago
Who watching this after Patrick Mahomes winning the super bowl
TylerIX 3 months ago
mahomes broke it
Terrance Jackson
Terrance Jackson 3 months ago
Anyone here after Patrick Maholmes won the Super Bowl
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 3 months ago
Yea he’s a goat
Joshua Asante
Joshua Asante 3 months ago
Patrick Mahomes just won a Superbowl
Bigstef28 3 months ago
Madden Curse is over
ATLaker 3 months ago
Curse gonna get him in Super Bowl
Just Quit Productions
Mahomes is going to lose today because of the madden curse
Joshua Asante
Joshua Asante 3 months ago
Lol no
Colin_Gamez 3 months ago
Fitzgeralds curse is never winning a ring
MATTHEW SLAYEM 3 months ago
Mahomes is gonna lose because of the madden curse
TheDizzleHawke 3 months ago
Mahomes about to reverse the curse.
WWFAttitudeEraFreak 4 months ago
Mahomes is going to the super bowl tho
First Last
First Last 4 months ago
Patrick Mahomes is in the super bowl this year. Lets hope the curse works
Noah Alexander
Noah Alexander 4 months ago
If you think about it Tom Brady did receive the madden curse because he went from MVP one season to relying on his defense every game. If it was for the patriots defense the pats would be doing terrible
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