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The Origin Big O 2019. A combo of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and RTX Titan Gaming PC in one box.
Origin PC - www.originpc.com/big-o/
LG UltraGear 38GL950G - bit.ly/2Lf9Qy4
LG UltraGear IPS 1ms 27GL850 - bit.ly/2JJTgnX
Twitter - twitter.com/unboxtherapy
Facebook - facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger
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Jul 20, 2019




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Comments 23 941
Xander Hemnani
Xander Hemnani 3 days ago
Someome- what console do you have Lew- yes
Xander Hemnani
Xander Hemnani 3 days ago
This would be nice to have
PhotonSix 3 days ago
some kids mom: Honey what gaming system did you want for christmas kid: yes
Gary Gelini
Gary Gelini 3 days ago
The only big o I can give my girl, yet, I cant afford it
Cmoney 4 days ago
How do you insert game discs
CaptChundi Arthur
Prestige Gamer
Prestige Gamer 4 days ago
I want one
Tianwei Gu
Tianwei Gu 4 days ago
Finally A perfect PC for Minesweeper.
Robert Moore
Robert Moore 4 days ago
except you cant buy one, that's literally the only one in existence. what a tease.
Sonic. exe1256
Sonic. exe1256 4 days ago
This is the Xstation switch pc edition
defaultyboii_ 69
defaultyboii_ 69 4 days ago
I don't even have a Pc/Ps4 and switch.Not even an old monitor.Just a base Xbox one S without a single accessory.
Dilun Wu
Dilun Wu 4 days ago
can you play 4 minecrafts at the same time?
Raxi boy
Raxi boy 4 days ago
Everygamers dream 😭😭😭
Syailen Thahir
Syailen Thahir 4 days ago
Nintendo on a pc Me: *seems legit*
acis os
acis os 4 days ago
where can i buy?
thomas burns
thomas burns 5 days ago
Could have at least threw in an elite Xbox controller hahahaha
Athiya Thanveer
Athiya Thanveer 5 days ago
Best one till now
Dr Derp
Dr Derp 5 days ago
Let. Me. Buy. Immediately!!
Creator 34
Creator 34 5 days ago
Mom: You can get ONE console for Christmas Me: Origin Big O please Brother: That's three consoles you sneak Me #$&! YOU GAVE IT AWAY
AFTER LIFE 5 days ago
Buddhist walks into a GameStop and says: Make me one with everything.
Amber Clark
Amber Clark 5 days ago
Lovin Kirk's tee he has on ❤
Sarcasmistic 5 days ago
Why is there a titan RTX in a gaming system when you would be much better off with a 2080 ti?
mm720 6 days ago
I wish I had a big package
Alexander Cummin
Alexander Cummin 6 days ago
1:17 What is that saber??
Ian Wells
Ian Wells 6 days ago
3:28 I seriously thought that was the Big O booting up XD
SuPeRioR Kid
SuPeRioR Kid 6 days ago
This shit beautiful have my babies 😩
Deczilla Corc
Deczilla Corc 6 days ago
This is the real “switch”
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 6 days ago
Imagine how your electricity bill would be
E tyszko
E tyszko 6 days ago
andyenid2 6 days ago
It’s not every console....weres the wii
Rifat Mahmud
Rifat Mahmud 6 days ago
Rifat Mahmud is OvoNormal - i want it
Kaisan Ikram
Kaisan Ikram 7 days ago
I wanna buy this
McJerkins 7 days ago
You wouldn't need to upgrade the PC portion for 4-5 years, but those consoles will be replaced early next year. lmao damn nice try though! Make another with the new consoles and that's the ultimate.
Andrew Demos
Andrew Demos 7 days ago
I love how this black, there where no more ps4 But like. 100 x boxes
SpectralGamer345 7 days ago
Too bad this is not for sale. I bet this thing could be thousands of dollars!
Tuckermen 7 days ago
His voice sound so weird
Plasmancer 7 days ago
I keep coming back to this vid, maybe I should try make one, minus the Xbox
Trainee 8 days ago
I'm very jealous.
-The_cathedralist -
This is best part check it out 10:00
Sinuev1 8 days ago
So... it's basically a less functional Yoshi box that you have to take a personal loan from the bank to afford.
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