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We all know the legendary Toyota Supra and the R34 GTR from Fast and Furious, but we decided to rank every single car* in the Fast and Furious franchise, from the Mona Lisa S15 to the Plymouth Road Runner.
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Jul 22, 2019




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Comments 80
Donut Media
Donut Media 11 months ago
WOW so this list is way more polarizing than I thought it would be, but you know what? I stand by it! Just remember that at the end of the day it is just one (pretty strange) guy's opinion, and I really love all the discussion that this video has spawned. You guys are awesome!
Kaif Khan
Kaif Khan 3 days ago
You missed doms impala
Jakub Pražan
Jakub Pražan 10 days ago
i just finished watching Fast and furious : Tokyo Drift!! 7:45
Retro 5
Retro 5 11 days ago
You missed #43
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez 12 days ago
NissanGang 21 day ago
@Donut Media lykan hypersport is real not fake 😂😂😂😂
MozziePlayz 3 hours ago
The lykan is real tho
Fransisco H
Fransisco H 10 hours ago
SevenDeMagnus 12 hours ago
Original had the coolest cast.
DJ RIXX_KE 15 hours ago
No 1 Honda Civic? What?!
DJ RIXX_KE 15 hours ago
Woah Back up bro....Did u just call 2 Fast 2 furious weakest movie?? Aight am done
DJ RIXX_KE 15 hours ago
Bruh The charger/without blower from Fast Five isnt matte black 😂 Damn😭
DJ RIXX_KE 15 hours ago
Did u just say the offroad Charger " a Challenger" 😂😂😂bruh
Pro4yu 16 hours ago
Wow that looks like the gone in 60 sex list🤩😍🥰 love it!!
Αργυρώ Μίχα
I cried too in that scene
Hafej Mohammad Mahmudul Hasan
Really Great Video, I'm lookin for this🖤❣🖤
Frederik Fogh
Frederik Fogh 23 hours ago
only 7 lykans ind the wold
Michael Copland
1. brians skyline (2 fast 2 furious ) 2.doms dads charger (the fast and the furious) 3.brians supra (the fast and the furious) 4.either brians skyline from fast and furious,hans mazda rx7 from tokyo drift,or the honda civics from the fast and the furious. Anyone agree
Janice Berinia
#1 is the lykan hipersport
Carl Rygwelski
Khole Harris
Khole Harris Day ago
The charger with the blower is my #1
#26 is a 63 corvette grand sport
Doge Day ago
*#89 Bugatti Veyron* *#88 Chevrolet Suburban*
savage_dawg 1
Imagine Fogrwtting about the all blue rs4😖😖
Lorna Hurst
Lorna Hurst Day ago
Why does Sean have hot sauce
David Costanza
Where did he get that shirt! I want one!
Andrew Hynes
Andrew Hynes Day ago
Bruh he forgot lettys green bash bar challenger
Phil Bernardi
Phil Bernardi 2 days ago
Where is Luda’s NSX??
Aidan DDD
Aidan DDD 2 days ago
7:42 it’s a c2 grand sport
G-reezy G
G-reezy G 2 days ago
Stupidest list ever
Gizmo Man
Gizmo Man 2 days ago
A f***ing truck above that r34?!?! The r34 is the best in series!
Phantom Play3r
Phantom Play3r 2 days ago
BRAIN"S SKYLINE GT-R #61??? %#^*#^*#%@@)@*#
Ty DesJardine
Ty DesJardine 2 days ago
whered you get the shirt
Nintenderson 2 days ago
44 25 and 34 are the best cars on the list
Zi pratama
Zi pratama 3 days ago
is that a supra?!!
FNAFLover456 3 days ago
“8 cars, 116 movies!” “Wait” Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Farabi Mandriva
Farabi Mandriva 3 days ago
Don Bandolero
Don Bandolero 3 days ago
#65 is Lucra LC470 (4:45) and not eagle speedster in my opinion
u mom
u mom 3 days ago
5:31 that boy had pulled up in a hulk machine
Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy 3 days ago
I fucking knew he was gonna pick some stupid fucking rice burner
Dylan T
Dylan T 3 days ago
Noting but a hater hater clout
Jacob Roblee
Jacob Roblee 3 days ago
Fast and furious 2 was one of my favorite fast and furious movies
Sam Gluck
Sam Gluck 3 days ago
hi the fuck did a suburban beat a veyron? that’s just not righr
ZxRSKILLS 3 days ago
This man picked a Honda Civic as his number 1 fast and furious car.. 😂
Eduardo Contreras
Hey dont do my lykan like that it should be on number 1 what you mean dide
KC Khronic
KC Khronic 4 days ago
Nolan: "an evo 7" Screen: shows evo 8
Perksy 4 days ago
This is GTA V I swear...
SyrupThegamer 101
He missed doms factory charger that race beside the white supra
devin buirge
devin buirge 4 days ago
Where was the dodge Daytona
Raul Perdomo
Raul Perdomo 4 days ago
You missed the pizza boy's car! How could you! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤙
VikAdventures 4 days ago
Why do People say that 2f2f is the weakest movie? I really do not get it. This movie is really down to earth and solid characters. The racing is great and they don't have a one last ride for the fifth time.
talha dar
talha dar 4 days ago
1. Han's RX7 from Tokyo Drift 2. Orange Supra 3. Paul's Silver Skyline R33 from 2Fast 4. Green Eclipse from the Fast 1. 5. Paul's white supra from F7 6. Dom's RX7 from F1. 7. Mia's blue integra 8. Flipcart 9. Dom's original charger 10. Edwin's DC2 Integra
Preston Ross
Preston Ross 4 days ago
I was really hoping he’d bring up the Miata 🤣
Driftzzz zzz
Driftzzz zzz 4 days ago
but can they beat Takumi tho?
Rahul A
Rahul A 5 days ago
"Smoke'em" I feel it. RIP Paul
Sniperpro 21
Sniperpro 21 5 days ago
he has a horible taste in cars
Sunny Anand
Sunny Anand 5 days ago
15 minutes for a civiic smh
Owen Crider
Owen Crider 5 days ago
6:05 ken block 😤
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar 5 days ago
I like the charger with blower because it does wheelies in a videogame I play
Xxxx 5 days ago
#1 blue/silver r34 gtr #2 yellow veilside rx7 #3 bayside blue gtr r34 #4 DK's 350z (so underrated)
Lovro Kovačić
Lovro Kovačić 5 days ago
He forgot to mention the red PORSCHE CARRERA GT thats the car that Paul Walker died in #rippaulwalker we miss you We will see him again in heaven right now he needs to wait for his friends come to heaven Also in the subtitles you spelled Sean wrong its not Shaun it's Sean nvm btw still works
Robert Bruise
Robert Bruise 5 days ago
Why was the 2 fast 2 furious evo so low it looks amazing
Honda Civic: "Take THAT Supra and skyline gtr!!! Vtec just kicked it!"
Smutty 6 days ago
Takashi’s 350z so underrated
Debbi Turnbow
Debbi Turnbow 6 days ago
My list was a lot different than yours but it's others peoples opinions
Studio N.O.
Studio N.O. 6 days ago
My TOP 10 1st 2F2F Brian's Skyline 2nd Han's Rx-7 3rd Evo IX from Tokyo Drift 4th Dom's Rx-7 5th Brian's 2F2F Evo VII 6th Ornage Supra 7th Takashi's 350Z 8th Brian's Blue Skyline 9th Green Eclipse 10th Civic's
JAKOB CORTEZ 6 days ago
Some of the most iconic fast and furious cars in the 100’s 😔
Atharv Vyavahare
Atharv Vyavahare 6 days ago
Dude the only reason I gave u a like was for your efforts to actually make a list of all the cars.... But huge dislike for the sorting of that list😂😂😂😅
Tyrese just has a terrible taste in cars 😂
Erik Toprak
Erik Toprak 6 days ago
What about the bayside blue r34?
Manuel Stojanovic
you forgot the dark red daytona lol
High Flya
High Flya 6 days ago
That "weird corvette" is supposed to be a C2 Grand Sport. Go back and watch James' Bumper to Bumper, Nolan ;)
Viktor Stoykov
Viktor Stoykov 6 days ago
My favourite car from the fnf franchise is the Monte Carlo ...don’t make fun of me
Jesus Motherfricking Christ
If I ever make a the fast and the furious movie im going back to tuner cars and it starts with the green eclipse being rebuilt
Jack Towers
Jack Towers 7 days ago
It’s always still gonna be a tie for the 1970 Charger and the 94 Supra it was a tie for first place in movie and a Tie for first I’m my heart My two dream cars are still a 94 Supra and a 1970 Holden Monaro (an Australian contemporary to the charger) for that very reason
UNEEK VR 7 days ago
WHAT? Awd cars suck at drifting?? Have you watched gymkhana??? It’s harder to drift and control sure which makes then not a good choice for competition drifting since you have a lead follow set up. And if you have to go faster then the guy in front to get sideways it’s just not a good choice. But to say they are not good drift cars? That’s just a completely wrong statement.
George Van Gego
George Van Gego 7 days ago
Pumphrey, nolaan I'm disappointed 😞
Luke Street
Luke Street 7 days ago
Wait??? How is the mustang with no engine not last?????
katey Drouillard
katey Drouillard 7 days ago
did he call the corvette grand sport a "weird corvette" smh
Taze storm V
Taze storm V 7 days ago
Its bot a Ferari 599 xx evo its a Ferari enzo
Gavin Harrison
Gavin Harrison 7 days ago
Nolan: lets rank the worst to best car. F&F 9: I'm about to end this mans whole career.
Luke Wallace
Luke Wallace 7 days ago
P V Sreejit
P V Sreejit 7 days ago
Lyken hypersport is a real car
Eurolife E46M3
Eurolife E46M3 8 days ago
I lost respect for the channel with that #1 pick. 🚶🏽‍♂️
Vlad Nicholas Vîlcov
When the Murcielago is number 98 on this list **Sad Tavarish Noises**
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