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Schaff ranks movies that aren't The Lego Movie or Moana.
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Jun 12, 2019




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Comments 14 570
Jay 2 hours ago
Finding Nemo not even in the top 10? Damn, this is a weird list...
chairs or standing ufos
Oh I thought happy was a good movie
Sara Imam
Sara Imam 4 hours ago
Spirited Away literally made me break into pieces, every time I see Chihiro cry, I cry.
Kate Wilcock
Kate Wilcock 6 hours ago
Am I only one who loved Brave when it first came out?
Park Star
Park Star 7 hours ago
Brave wad terrible but lets be honest frozen should be st the bottom
calvin the person
calvin the person 16 hours ago
Happy feet is just a fever dream
Vanessa Roman
Vanessa Roman 17 hours ago
Uh.....I liked Brave.
Why Do I Exist
Why Do I Exist 17 hours ago
Good *GOD* I hated Happy Feet.
Why Do I Exist
Why Do I Exist 17 hours ago
Coco is my favorite Disney-Pixar movie
Not Applicable
Not Applicable 19 hours ago
The writing in The Incredibles is so good, that even when it has two Sonic's dubbed over Helen and Bob having that argument, it's still dramatic and engaging (and it's a funny vid too)
Curlytops Day ago
*whispers* I-I kinda really like brave cause I think it’s cool. I might just be biased though cause I’m Scottish but she’s my favourite Disney princess ;-;
Alberto Productions
You haven’t seen Rango before making this video? *HIS MISTAKE WAS THAT*
Brayden Hill
Brayden Hill Day ago
I cant tell if he likes over the hedge with that picture used
Jöergen Day ago
Spider verse is my favorite animated movie ever
Gordon Hoffman
I think spider man was the best purely because it balanced drama with action while spirited away was just drama
An Idiot
An Idiot Day ago
Yes, spirited away is beautiful, all though i dont have time to write an essay on it right now, so, not bad kid.
eliz miranda
eliz miranda Day ago
“Brave is the worst Disney movie and Pixar movie” Me: *logs off RUvid*
Angel Rene Rosado
Fun fact, in Mexico the penguins were cubans, and i remember that as funny xd
Raddish Republic
16:48 if Romeo and Juliet gets pardoned for it, Shrek should be as well.
Greedy Animal
Of course the furry defends Zootopia
magik 2 days ago
spider-verse better be #1 edit: ok yeah spirited away is an acceptable winner
Isa the Rebel
Isa the Rebel 2 days ago
I've never liked Disney I was never into that girly kids shit, even when I was growing up, yo the Shrek series is probably the only cool animated set here, I've always loved Marvel and Hulk 2003 was one badass movie
Sara Holloway
Sara Holloway 2 days ago
My only problem with Syndrome is that his initial reason for turning to villainy can be summarized as "senpai didn't notice me." And also he killed a bunch of people but you know that's just something I'm surprised Pixar was able to put in the movie.
fork lift
fork lift 2 days ago
Me:*sees shrek In thumbnail* Also me: don't fuck this up
Brown Buns
Brown Buns 3 days ago
Moana didn’t get a Oscar Moana didn’t get a Oscar
Lonely Aurora
Lonely Aurora 3 days ago
Man that fii's farewell at the end went so well with spirited away. Cheers to you for bringing back some very fond yet sad memories.
THE MAD MUTTS 3 days ago
1:54 nice team four star reference
Oscar Sweeney
Oscar Sweeney 3 days ago
What the hell is the piano pics used at the end when he talks about spirited away. I need to know, please
Felipe Rico
Felipe Rico 3 days ago
This a better superhero film like winning an animated oscar to "Into the Spider-Verse" is more good than "Black Panther." Oh Black Panther should win the Oscar! It has action sequences and it's all about power, revolution, race standards, all black women united, and African culture! Oh please go ear glowing plant juice and get u head straight by this overpraised movie. 😒
Felipe Rico
Felipe Rico 3 days ago
Although Rango is not much like a Wes Anderson film, but felt like a CG adult version of Hunter S. Thompson's dreamlike world of western style even they reference to that including Rango wears the Hunter's Hawaiian T Shirt and Depp uses the voice compare to Hunter in "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas."
Apex Hunter
Apex Hunter 3 days ago
I cried when bing bong died NO IM SERIOUS
Raspy Potato
Raspy Potato 3 days ago
34:48 I thought the villain was the bathhouse owner. I just re-watched it and she definitely seems like she's trying to get chihiro to be her slave and eat her parents that she turned into pigs
Giancarlo Colona
Giancarlo Colona 3 days ago
23:30 You used Super Mario Galaxy Music for Wall-E. I would commend you on this, but I am busy tearing up over how damn good both SMG and Wall-E are.
Dennis Montalvo
Dennis Montalvo 3 days ago
How to train your dragon 2 is my favorite animated movie period.
coca cola
coca cola 3 days ago
Inside out is incredibly flawwed as in spoilers joy crys does that mean that there are emotions inside of emotions and if so how deep do they go like 3-infinite amount
SparkStone101 4 days ago
I love The Incredibles, but Ratatouille is by far my favorite Pixar movie.
Le Saltypotato
Le Saltypotato 4 days ago
Gotta disagree about the Brave being awful thing, while it may seem boring that's only because it's more geared toward being culturally accurate to an extent. I enjoyed the strong female characters in it and the sense of impending doom and the visuals were amazing. Definitely worth an award.
Husky Plays
Husky Plays 4 days ago
What version of take on me was used for the Big Hero Six segment?
Ass 4 days ago
Soap trusted you, I thought I could to, So why in bloody hell, DOES MAKAROV KNOW YOU?
Teslimah Buari
Teslimah Buari 4 days ago
Up is and always will be perfect wallpaper material
Teslimah Buari
Teslimah Buari 4 days ago
"Elsa is an awful person"I NEVER LOVED SOMEONE SO MUCH
QUIN J 4 days ago
How do we edit your videos before you post?
Shikuya 5 days ago
BIG HERO SIX IS AMAZING *what are you even TALKiNg ABoUt*
Sarah 5 days ago
You sure are very judgemental and harsh.
mcdastardly 78
mcdastardly 78 5 days ago
I liked brave it had some funny parts
Nova Prime
Nova Prime 5 days ago
my autistic sister watched happy feet for 8 months straight, and i had to watch it with her.. 8 months straight. I hate that film
Gage Dubraski
Gage Dubraski 5 days ago
Appreciate the Dunkey reference
AKwolf-T564 5 days ago
How to Train your Dragon didn't win!? *DISAPPOINTED!!!!*
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith 5 days ago
I hear Take On Me 👀
blueberry wolf
blueberry wolf 5 days ago
Je Moeder
Je Moeder 5 days ago
2:55 can’t we just ingore that his girlfreind got 18 kids ad than cheat on hem and than the just happy danced and than the got a Oscar... HOLD UP!!!
Nintenjoe 6 days ago
3:22 'Here's Brucey!'
Emma M
Emma M 6 days ago
Emma M
Emma M 6 days ago
ok brave has WAY more charm than happy feet
Starz Universe
Starz Universe 6 days ago
AHHHHHHH spiderman into the spiderverse is like MY FAV ANIMATED MOVIE
Jake MacLaren
Jake MacLaren 6 days ago
Incredibles too low
Boopy Doopy
Boopy Doopy 6 days ago
yeah spirited away is good, but is it ratatouille good? no no it is not
layicorn 6 days ago
*Plot Twist:* The Lego Movie Won
Daniel Summerford
You forgot sprited away
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad 4 days ago
It was number 1
Thank god! I'm not the only one who considers Lotso to be one of the best animated villains of all time!!
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