Every Best Animated Feature Winner Ranked

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Schaff ranks movies that aren't The Lego Movie or Moana.
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Jun 12, 2019

Schaffrillas ProductionsBest Animated FeatureShrekSpirited AwayFinding NemoThe IncrediblesWallace and GromitHappy FeetRatatouilleWall-EUpToy StoryRangoBraveFrozenBig Hero 6Inside OutZootopiaCocoSpider-VerseDisneyPixarDreamWorks




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Comments 10 857
AspectBG 27 minutes ago
*HTTYD 3 wants to know your location.*
John Snyder
John Snyder 27 minutes ago
I watched just to see what Ratatouille was on, and now I see. your a man of culture as well. I also watched into the spider verse because of this video despite being skeptical at first.
mythicalcapo 1
mythicalcapo 1 35 minutes ago
27:13 videogamedunkey
Sejha Chisholm
Sejha Chisholm 41 minute ago
I actually really like Happy feet, even as an adult. So maybe its a difference in opinion more than anything.
Tamlin Chloe Morris
Tamlin Chloe Morris 46 minutes ago
I watched Inside Out like 26 times. My family hated me for during month.
Lps Shadowdachshund
Toy story is personally my favorite movie line. The first one is the best im my opinion. I mean. "I'd _love_ to see you try. Of course, i'd love to see you as a crater." uh, i see *NO flaws*
Spaincat Hour ago
"Coco is an incredible movie that deserved an Oscar" Loving Vincent: Am I a joke to you?
Spaincat 57 minutes ago
​@Wave Train It's the first film to be animated out of oil paints and it tells the incredible story of Vincent Van Gogh.
Wave Train
Wave Train Hour ago
Spaincat Loving Vincent really only had good animation
I James
I James Hour ago
The Arlo reference tho...yeah I got that.
Ceeday_98 Hour ago
I hate toy story 4
Classix Hour ago
There are two things I remember about Zootopia. Firstly, “RACISM BAD! DON'T FORGET THAT RACISM BAD! EVEN THOUGH THIS MOVIE PLAYS IN A WORLD WHERE RACISM MAKES PERFECT SENSE, BUT RACISM BAD!“. Secondly, the porn. Soooo much porn. And that's it. Couldn't tell ya how a single scene goes, what the characters are called, or even how it ended.
Zut Hour ago
Ms. Teechar
Ms. Teechar Hour ago
Thnx to Miyazaki for such a masterpiece.
Paradox Gaming
Spirited Away is just... theres so much yet so little I need to say for such an amazing film.
Cat Karkosky
Cat Karkosky 2 hours ago
I legally have to like Toy Story 2 more purely because it has Kelsey Grammer.
wintertheAmpharos 2 hours ago
Frozen’s issue is that it was overhyped before it came out.
Kadimius 2 hours ago
The Wallace and gromit movie actually scared me as a kid and I think I only ever saw it once
Wave Train
Wave Train Hour ago
Kadimius Watch it again
cerwyn123 2 hours ago
Why are you copying videogamedunkey? 27:22
Wave Train
Wave Train Hour ago
cerwyn123 It's a reference
Jayden Lewin
Jayden Lewin 2 hours ago
Wait what’s wrong with brother bear
Christopher Mondy
Christopher Mondy 2 hours ago
I hate toy story 3s ending whenever I go back to watch it I have flashbacks to Infinity war #IDontWannaGo
DJDowd Da God
DJDowd Da God 2 hours ago
27:13 dunkey rip off
Wave Train
Wave Train Hour ago
DJDowd Da God It's a reference
Josh Smosh
Josh Smosh 3 hours ago
I don’t wanna be THAT person, but I don’t really like Inside Out, mainly because that was the first movie I went to see with my ex on a date, and our relationship ended kinda badly. Keep in mind this was back when we were in 7th grade, but still - I guess it just makes me feel bad about how that relationship ended. also Joy looks a lot like my ex so there’s that too,,,
andy rocheleau
andy rocheleau 3 hours ago
This video was great, and major points for including music from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, which had an incredible sound track.
Oriville Tycoon
Oriville Tycoon 3 hours ago
PlasmaBall12345 3 hours ago
33:13 Does anyone know the name of the piano song in the background?
Sawyer Northrop
Sawyer Northrop 4 hours ago
My favorite animated movie is the Emoji Movie
KoS_ Nightmare
KoS_ Nightmare 4 hours ago
Bruv happy feet best movie N.A
Wave Train
Wave Train Hour ago
KoS_ Nightmare Best at being bad
JFAnimations 5 hours ago
Big Hero 6 kind of stinks
pizza nut
pizza nut 6 hours ago
The Bible is almost impossible to defeat
Ian C.
Ian C. 7 hours ago
I still don’t get how the LEGO Movie didn’t win in 2014.
Btd Cul123
Btd Cul123 8 hours ago
Brave was lit, no one can change my mind.
Btd Cul123
Btd Cul123 Hour ago
Btd Cul123
Btd Cul123 Hour ago
Wave Train
Wave Train Hour ago
Btd Cul123 Yeah, it lit people's brains on fire for how bad it was
Emma Wright
Emma Wright 8 hours ago
joke's on you I watched ratatouille again just last week
GirgDoesNothing 8 hours ago
Here's a comment from the person who doesn't like Moana that much.
EZMoney 10 hours ago
“And when it all ends, I’ll have good ol’ Buzz Lightyear to keep me company.” Uh. I don’t know about that chief.
XD Rekt Noob
XD Rekt Noob 11 hours ago
The only one of these that made me cry was toy story 3.
Lettuce 12 hours ago
Best animated movie *Killer Bean*
Just A Balloon
Just A Balloon 12 hours ago
Oh look it’s fainteds avatar
77 Flowers&Gachas
77 Flowers&Gachas 12 hours ago
I haven't seen Spirited Away so when you showed a scene from it, I thought it was Ponyo.
Paradox Gaming
Same studio so.
Reilly 13 hours ago
wheres pono?
Reilly 59 minutes ago
@Wave Train Ponyo on the Clif
Wave Train
Wave Train Hour ago
Reilly What's pono
Connor Killesen
Connor Killesen 13 hours ago
Zootopia and Scott Pilgrim are my 2 favorite films of all time.
Wave Train
Wave Train Hour ago
Connor Killesen And you think Spirited Away is the best
Connor Killesen
Connor Killesen 13 hours ago
Am I a furry now.
FubaMr 13 hours ago
Your top 4 are perfect accept for #1 ironically
Wave Train
Wave Train Hour ago
FubaMr No number 1 was the most perfect you dunce
Morel Hunter
Morel Hunter 13 hours ago
Ratatouille was the best animated movie I've seen. There is something so charming about it that I simply can't put into words. Can't say I see how The Incredibles beat it but hey, 4 ain't bad.
Alex Heed
Alex Heed 14 hours ago
References to Team Four Star AND Top Gear? Huzzah, truly a man of quality.
Hemaglox 14 hours ago
8:00 bruhhhh was that a fesh pince reference
The failure
The failure 14 hours ago
I saw fainted
Crabmaster333 15 hours ago
The stupid furry bit was by far out of place.
Clay Tronic
Clay Tronic 16 hours ago
Doble D
Doble D 16 hours ago
can i get more pixels please?
Dalton Drinks Water
Dalton Drinks Water 16 hours ago
Bell Cranel
Bell Cranel 16 hours ago
*watches two days late* Scaffrillas: dont wait man, theres *5 0 0* *of the them!!* yeah no dude, they're all gone
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