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Aug 19, 2019




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Алина 13 лет
2:02 Oh my God
tira NA
tira NA 7 hours ago
Everglow : new song 'adios' Yiren :good bye avodios Me: O.O
STN 7 hours ago
عاشت عايشة 😂💗
Amani Bayaty
Amani Bayaty 7 hours ago
(وجه يضحك) و ربي قريت ناس يسالون هل هي مسلمة بسبب إسمها أحبهااا أحبهم كلهم آنتي فورإيفر ؟؟؟
Krisna T.F.O.A
Krisna T.F.O.A 7 hours ago
My first reaction to this mv at a minimart TV 1: Hmmmm their outfit looks like snsd, who are they? 2: I fall in love with their visual especially Yiren 3: what???, this song is EDM, its like treasure for EDM lovers like me 4: the choreography make me cannot wink 5: Begin to search who are they Now here i am
Amani Bayaty
Amani Bayaty 7 hours ago
Our Fandom's name is Forever Can I say welcome to our Fandom?
dog may
dog may 7 hours ago
Adios😎 I LOVE this song💕 But I don't care about the number of view. Because Adios is already best👮
Krisna T.F.O.A
Krisna T.F.O.A 8 hours ago
Is Aisha getting well?, member health is more important
Min Yooongi
Min Yooongi 8 hours ago
Guys RUvid deleting wiews. Sorry my bad english 😔 i hope you understand me
Amani Bayaty
Amani Bayaty 8 hours ago
Yeah I understand what are you saying Yesss Ahhhh YT always deletes the v**ws of the Kpop songs TT
-뽀뻬삐꾸 8 hours ago
even now i can't stop listening to this
Pancio O.O
Pancio O.O 8 hours ago
Name group: everglow Fans name: foreverglow Anty-fans: neverglow
pétale awjan
pétale awjan 8 hours ago
They already announced the fandom name on august 19th. It's *for.ever*
E : U
E : U 8 hours ago
Blackpink - Kill This Love + CLC - Me = Everglow - Adios
Kate T
Kate T 8 hours ago
I never thought of it but Onda looks like a female version of Jaemin from NCT dream.
Amani Bayaty
Amani Bayaty 8 hours ago
And Exo Chen
Krisna T.F.O.A
Krisna T.F.O.A 8 hours ago
A lot of ppl mention it
lia 9 hours ago
The one with the grey hair gives off Iggy Azalea vibes.
lia 7 hours ago
@Amani Bayaty got myself a bias gurl
Amani Bayaty
Amani Bayaty 8 hours ago
Her name is Mia :)
opabuddy Hp
opabuddy Hp 9 hours ago
opabuddy Hp
opabuddy Hp 9 hours ago
Bunny Kookie
Bunny Kookie 9 hours ago
Beat is a bit similar to kill this love by blackpink!
Bunny Kookie
Bunny Kookie 9 hours ago
Wow! Just another group in my stan list! I'm in extreme love with everglow!!!
akmasha 9 hours ago
My fav song ever❤❤
LeleCat 9 hours ago
Onda is my bias😍😍❤❤❤
1st win for•evers?
Amani Bayaty
Amani Bayaty 10 hours ago
I'm proud to say that I'm here before 100m
Amani Bayaty
Amani Bayaty 10 hours ago
Me too :)
김민서 10 hours ago
조회수 왜케 높아 ㄷㄷ
SL 10 hours ago
vote on starplay!!!
maria incons
maria incons 10 hours ago
El visual de Sihyeon es de lo mejor me encanta toda ella❤
maria incons
maria incons 10 hours ago
Yiren se ve tan poderosa aqui
maria incons
maria incons 10 hours ago
Mia eres perfecta 💞💞
maria incons
maria incons 10 hours ago
Los ojos de Aisha me tienen re loca
maria incons
maria incons 10 hours ago
El rap de E:U morí
maria incons
maria incons 10 hours ago
Me encanta todo de este video
민초 11 hours ago
노래 진짜 뭔데요 ㅠㅠ 신입 인데 진짜 대박이다 처음 부터 주인공은 나였어야돼
Excuse Me
Excuse Me 11 hours ago
Is it just me that gets the blackpink vibe from them?...Like bro they are so good and their style is different from all the other girl groups..no? K...i guess im just being weird rn ...sorry😅😅
Excuse Me
Excuse Me 7 hours ago
@x isaka im an army but i dont go and say bad things about blinks or bp cuz i like their music too and if u dont just dont spread hate
Excuse Me
Excuse Me 7 hours ago
@x isaka dont be rude! If your not a blink you have no right to say bad things about them!
x isaka
x isaka 7 hours ago
Blink trash
Excuse Me
Excuse Me 8 hours ago
@SL kind of like you know their both like not that girly and fantasy type liek both of them have this different vibe from all the other girl bands even clc has a half vibe like them
SL 10 hours ago
its because they both have a girl crush concept
Choi Minha
Choi Minha 11 hours ago
Yiren Goodbye,au revoir, adios Aisha Rap skill Onda See U later Sihyeon High note E:U Super center Mia Seumyeonhae!!!
they call me queen
they call me queen 11 hours ago
58M views Done now let's work on 59M views.and then 60M views.
Hona Jung
Hona Jung 11 hours ago
I don't know who they are, but their song were really good! Those girl give me BOOM!
Donald's Doughnuts
Donald's Doughnuts 9 hours ago
​@Amani Bayaty Since February with their crank in film videos. I've been following Wang Yiren since PD48 and I was so happy when I heard she's going to debut that's how I found out about Everglow. I'm from Asia. South East Asia to be specific.
Amani Bayaty
Amani Bayaty 10 hours ago
@Donald's Doughnuts I've seen a lot of ur comments you love Everglow and support so much Since when you are a Forever? And where are you from? I'm just curious You can ignore me if you don't want to answer :)
Donald's Doughnuts
Donald's Doughnuts 10 hours ago
0:18 Mia - main vocalist, main dancer (Birthday: January 13th, 2000) 0:29 Sihyeon - lead vocalist (Birthday: August 5th, 1999) 1:26 Onda - lead vocalist (Birthday: May 18th, 2000) 0:34 Aisha - lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist (Birthday: July 21st, 2000) 0:45 Yiren - center, visual, lead dancer, vocalist, maknae (Birthday: December 29th, 2000) 0:51 E:U - leader, main rapper, main dancer (Birthday: May 19th, 1998) They debuted on March 18, 2019 under Yuehua Entertainment. The fandom name is FOR•EVER You can check out their two singles album 'Arrival of Everglow' and 'Hush' on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or RUvid. Arrival of Everglow: First Singles Album: Songs: 1 Moon 2 Bon Bon Chocolat 3 D+1 Hush: Second Singles Album: Songs: 1 Hush 2 Adios 3 You Don't Know Me Have a good day!
Nick 11 hours ago
Attention For Evers: Behave yourselves out there, think before you say anything. Let’s try to keep our fandom clean and mature.
Lalaa Thufaila
Lalaa Thufaila 12 hours ago
Mirip kill this love ga sih?
Krisna T.F.O.A
Krisna T.F.O.A 9 hours ago
Dibilang enggak ya mirip, dibilang mirip ya gk juga hahaha
JimjiToy 12 hours ago
okay but who can tell me those girls names 👁️👁️
JimjiToy 11 hours ago
@Stan Akverrahwawoo _Ot6_ thanks
Stan Akverrahwawoo _Ot6_
0:18 Mia 0:29 Sihyeon 0:38 Aisha 0:52 E.U 1:27 Onda 2:27 Yiren
Daisy Dayz
Daisy Dayz 12 hours ago
who is she in 2:48? 2:48초에 나오는 분 누구예요?
Daisy Dayz
Daisy Dayz 11 hours ago
@Stan Akverrahwawoo _Ot6_ ty
Stan Akverrahwawoo _Ot6_
Her name is Yiren
Grace GM7
Grace GM7 12 hours ago
1:12 K-rock? 😂👌😍
Olga Swittansie
Olga Swittansie 12 hours ago
Target: 100M views 1.5M likes 120K comments
Luka Luka
Luka Luka 12 hours ago
In that time when Onda's fair didn't faded. 😢😢
Sweet Girl
Sweet Girl 12 hours ago
Sounds like goodbye ravarios
rachexx 12 hours ago
30M✔ 40M✔ 50M✔ 60M✖ Come on 2M more to 60M fighting!💓
Allysa Guntinas
Allysa Guntinas 13 hours ago
This is the trend here in the philippines
Chery Gaming
Chery Gaming 13 hours ago
Me Right Now : (◔‿◔) Me After Drop's : (☉。☉)!
Unni ChaeYoung
Unni ChaeYoung 13 hours ago
When Onda's Lines? I heard it was in the chorus "see you later" part but it sounds like a bunch of people singing it
Anthony De Ausen
Anthony De Ausen 13 hours ago
it jst give me blackpink vibe i dnt know if its just me? kill this love?
Donald's Doughnuts
Donald's Doughnuts 10 hours ago
It's not just you, many people in the comment are talking about that. Because it's girl crush concept and military dance that's how you got that vibe.
Britney Carson
Britney Carson 14 hours ago
Wow this is the group I thought Itzy was going to be but shit Everglow are such monster rookies! 🔥✨
Perriewithluv 14 hours ago
They have proved how good they are with this but now I am waiting for them to perform the songs in award shows imagine the SLAYAGE ♥️
Joyce Tan
Joyce Tan 14 hours ago
为抖音而来🙋 被洗脑了~~👍
Honey Black pearl
Honey Black pearl 14 hours ago
Monster rookie indeed❤️👏🏻 👇🏻
Prity Sen
Prity Sen 15 hours ago
Here's a proof that your here before it become 100 m views🤗
ColourLife 15 hours ago
The beginning sounds like Kill This Love...no hate tho
pétale awjan
pétale awjan 12 hours ago
The beginning of ktl: trumpet sounds The beginning of adios: whistle Me: am i deaf or something? 😕
Schrondinger Cat
Schrondinger Cat 13 hours ago
Lmao it does not 😂😂😂 (with love ♥☕)
LEXY SAGE 15 hours ago
*Stream Adios for Amazing Skin* *Stan Everglow for Excellent Grade*
Rocio rock
Rocio rock 15 hours ago
¡Chicas pronuncien bien la palabra "Adiós"!!
Schrondinger Cat
Schrondinger Cat 13 hours ago
Y tú canta está canción en perfecto coreno. 😂☕
Ridhaa Noviera
Ridhaa Noviera 15 hours ago
blink army once
blink army once 16 hours ago
I love all 😍
blink army once
blink army once 16 hours ago
100m a year .
katox 16 hours ago
I’m here before 100 million views and I’m proud.
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