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Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.
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Jun 24, 2019




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Comments 9 646
maroosk 33 minutes ago
Ahahaa got rolled, wiseguylolllll
Angel Slavtchev
Angel Slavtchev 9 hours ago
14:33 - because it's their free will and free choice, John. Taking freedoms and prohibiting people doing stuff they wanted to do freely is a feature of another type of regime... I would not like for the state to decide instead of me what is best for me... And if they die up the mountain, they die, and it's their fault. Stop telling people what to do, how left can you go?
EverNewb 15 hours ago
I love the AT&T bashing, it is well deserved!
Mr. Mr.
Mr. Mr. 16 hours ago
Weak episode. The narrative seemed forced and inauthentic.
Johnny Judge
Johnny Judge 23 hours ago
I feel somewhere in this video there should have been a black joke lol or rather a white people joke lol
Liam Deschamps
Ever since I was in middle school I dreamed of climbing Mt. Everest. It's sad that this is the reality. Maybe one day I still will, but with as little help as possible
Jack Stuchbery
A line to reach the top of the world. Now I want to kill myself.
Aaron 2 days ago
The Simpsons, Season 9 E23: King Of The Hill. Sherpas drag a Powersauced-up lift-tacularly swol Homer up the mountain while he sleeps, at the behest of the Powersauce CEOs. In reality this service is available to nearly everyone for only $125 000USD. Everest tourism: so ridiculous cartoon writers couldn't write the reality and have it be believable enough for Fox.
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil 2 days ago
sir Edmund also had help from sherpas. I honestly expected you to challenge his success like you did with those 'tourists'
Golden 47
Golden 47 3 days ago
The *K2* Mountain is harder to climb then Everest.
Golden 47
Golden 47 3 days ago
Anyone who uses *AT&T* is as worst as *AT&T* Fuck *AT&T*
raiBK 3 days ago
lol, the sherpa was not expecting to be shooed away
mike meeks
mike meeks 3 days ago
So... lemme get this straight, Ted Cruz should lick John Oliver's 'scrote' cause Cruz said that legal immigration is a good and illegal immigration is bad? WTF? How is this even a debate? How is following and respecting the law of the very nation you seek to enter something to be scorned? BTW, if you agree with John Oliver, then please tell me, why don't you and your family go n offer to vouch for some random, total stranger and let him/her stay at your place if you're so keen on the idea? I'm betting you won't, will you hypocrite?
Kyson Channell
Here's the thing: I am sponsoring an immigrant. She's my fiancee. In all reality, open borders are not an inherently bad thing. Criminals generally don't feel an overwhelming urge to live here. Those who want to escape their awful situations and start a new and better life here do.
mike meeks
mike meeks Day ago
@Kyson Channell lol, omg you didn't even listen to what John Olivier said did you? Everything in my post covers topics brought up by him. He covered ways someone can go through the immigration process. Vouching for an immigrant to stay with you is one of the ways to gain citizenship. So, you go ahead n let some stranger stay with you, vouch for them. I bet you won't. Why? Simple, cause you don't know them, and wouldn't want to put your family at a potential risk, right? Now think about that on a national scale, that's what open borders creates, and what Mr. Olivier is supporting.
Kyson Channell
Khazar Gorji
Khazar Gorji 3 days ago
If it was me, I would continue as, "we are a family, and you are the spoiled little brat whom mommy and daddy make other siblings carry on their back!!"
brih Mendiola
brih Mendiola 3 days ago
Social climbers are in much better positions. Ask the Kardashians
ZorbaTheDutch 3 days ago
Embedded rick-rolling. It doesn't get more sneaky than this.
Thomas Joosten
Thomas Joosten 3 days ago
That first Rickroll I didn't expect honestly. The second one I realized a split-second before it happened.
Greedy Baron
Greedy Baron 4 days ago
i can't stress this any more than i already did, John is King of Sarcasm & Comedy. gets many peepz wet. im sure he knows that. keep up the humorous temper.
nohlavopi 5 days ago
whit guilt? fuck you motherfucker... that is just one pusy huging the guy who does all the work..he could be also black or asian or what ever.. i am shure as fuck that they also used those people same as white man
Eli Wiberg
Eli Wiberg 7 days ago
Luxturna is rumored to cost up to 1 million dollars...How can anyone pay for that?
Chien Yang
Chien Yang 8 days ago
At 7:13, this would be extremely safe to cross if Queen Elsa were here.
Nkosikhona Mnamatha
Stampu mounts.
Serena Zhang
Serena Zhang 9 days ago
If you CANNOT guarantee to remove your own dead ass body from there, you shouldn't be allowed to climb. It's sad people are dying and all, but that's not an excuse to do irreparable damage to the environment.
Pierre Taschereau
Pierre Taschereau 10 days ago
The Justin Long picture made me sneeze
Evan Poirier
Evan Poirier 10 days ago
My new Mount Everest is to bust the highest nut in human history
Burnin Colours
Burnin Colours 11 days ago
Please drop the comedy act. Your segments are interesting & fantastically researched. I really *really* love them. The comedy is absolute fucking garbage.
Racist Billy
Racist Billy 11 days ago
Me: Nepal is a small country. No one will know about it. Everest: Hold my snow.
DonJuanDeLaVerga 12 days ago
Let natural selection be! People can visit Chernobyl now, have fun , die soon! Free the highways!
Biplov Bhattarai
Biplov Bhattarai 13 days ago
Mountaineers: "Sherpas our real brother".
William Hazelwood
William Hazelwood 16 days ago
That was not a tater tot that was like chicken.
Ke Tho
Ke Tho 16 days ago
highest photo in the world on everst? pretty sure ppl did phones on planes.. and also pretty sure NASA did something like that also...
Dannik Dubois
Dannik Dubois 17 days ago
Yes i did, yes i did see it coming John. (but still pretty fun ! )
pop5678eye 17 days ago
No black person has ever died on Everest! (that's because this is a white people/Asian people problem)
Sean Patrick
Sean Patrick 17 days ago
🤣🤣🤣 Are you fucking kidding me? That sherpa on the ladder is wearing a harness and is roped in. As a mountaineer that is literally the absolute best position to be in.
BoldWriter 17 days ago
John O and his writing staff are the bestest extra mostest of writing,,, kinda like Little Ceasars. PS fuck AT&T, worst move I ever made.
Anonymous Forever
Anonymous Forever 18 days ago
Indians!!!!😂😂😂 We are creative when it comes to saving money and faking almost anything.
David Moore
David Moore 18 days ago
God dammit John, stop making such excellent pieces!! I have to sleep, you heartless bastard!!!
Kyrylo Aleksandrov
Kyrylo Aleksandrov 19 days ago
Ok, so I finally decided to start watching this show and it rick-rolled me in the very first episode I've picked. I didn't saw that coming.
C e
C e 19 days ago
19:19 He jokes about Makalu, but in this minute look at the companies name hahahahaha
Chien Yang
Chien Yang 19 days ago
We can be on a filght which flies over Mount Everest, and then we will be at the height no climber can reach.
Kelsey Schoenbaum
Kelsey Schoenbaum 20 days ago
The is the Last Week Tonight equivalent of a fluff piece. Such an easy fix! John Oliver: Don't climb Mount Everest! Me (on my couch eating donut holes): Yes sir!
Chien Yang
Chien Yang 20 days ago
You can also be in a plane which flies over Mount Everest, and then you will be at the height no climber can reach.
Adam Snyman
Adam Snyman 20 days ago
Ben fogle is a douchebag
Adam Snyman
Adam Snyman 20 days ago
I wish john Oliver could do a show of South Africa's politicians
Andrés Aldana
Andrés Aldana 21 day ago
We need you! in Colombia almost 9000 executions of young people, 500 ONG members and 150 disidents of old guerrillas were murder in past 10 years. We need help to bring former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez to justice. We need your help to show the World how his puppet Iván Duque is killing our democracy. We need your help!
Aqib.A.C 21 day ago
Wait... Does that mean he wearing Snowpants the entire time?
Miguel Ariño
Miguel Ariño 22 days ago
After watching this, I think that climbing Everest on a commercial expedition is ethically dubious, not to say wrong.
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy 22 days ago
conflate reality with reality nice idiot . thought you ere smarter then that
Raphael Ettinger-Finley
I guess you could say that Everest is the Dark Souls of expressions
d rad
d rad 23 days ago
I gotchu business daddy....I gotchu!!!! LoL!!!!
Kay L.
Kay L. 23 days ago
That website is real!
vahidmirkhani 24 days ago
Capitonym.... ... is a word my phone doesn't recognize and wants to autocorrect!
Iscah E.
Iscah E. 27 days ago
One man squeezing the white guilt out of another 😂😂😂😁 truth
Hammerschatten Industries
The highest phonecall? I bet there was one asshole who used his phone on plane, so the Everest thing is not world record.
Khalil Magic
Khalil Magic 28 days ago
Actually the man vs food host is now living a super healthy lifestyle after he left the show
Hlouszek 28 days ago
These sherpas who get you on everest are like Sherpas in Simpsons who helped Homer on the Murderhorn.
Adam Kern gaming
Adam Kern gaming 28 days ago
This video illustrates everything that is wrong with humanity
Sâñdêsh S
Sâñdêsh S 29 days ago
Thanks for shading some light on the dark corrupted tourism business of my sad little country
gotama420 29 days ago
I never knew J. Oliver was a racist. Sad.
gotama420 20 days ago
@Chien Yang its a dog whistle, hes signaling to other racists thAT HE aggrees with them
Chien Yang
Chien Yang 20 days ago
@gotama420, Oh---, that part. John calling "white guilt" is not racist because he is White. However, if John say the n-word, he is racist.
gotama420 20 days ago
@Chien Yang at about 9 min 20 sec he busts a guys balls for hugging a sherp[a and makes astatement about white guilt. a racist dogwistle statement
gotama420 20 days ago
@Chien Yang ill watch it again and tell you
Chien Yang
Chien Yang 21 day ago
Which part in this episode prove this is so?
Rajendra Baniya
Rajendra Baniya 29 days ago
I m Nepalese and i m ashamed
Kristian Brandt
Kristian Brandt Month ago
Tabasco on oysters?! Someone somewhere in France just died! Oh and in case you were wondering, because John didn't explain it, the hardest mountain to climb is K2, Everest' Pakistani brother from another mother. Only about 300 climbers have made it to the summit, and for every 100 who attempt the climb, 29 die.
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