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Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 80
Bishal Royal
Bishal Royal Day ago
Before blaming our nation policy .. you guys have seen Everest Movie right ..??! one has asthma he wants to clime there one wants because he has money and had fight with his wife .... so on
Splitting Productions
That infuriates me that people liter Everest. It's one of the most beautiful things in nature. Have people NO respect or control when doing this bandwagon feat?
Depressed Glub
My shit is *shredded*
hiccups55 2 days ago
John Oliver. in your face truth every week.
Alonso Sotomayor
Alonso Sotomayor 2 days ago
My question is ... why the f*ck go up a mountain?
Zero Maximus
Zero Maximus 3 days ago
I’m getting that onesie for my baby niece Haha
Xylok 4 days ago
0:39 i bet Thadglius the neanderthal and george mallory and andrew irvine might just have a bone to pick with that claim.
Flying Chef
Flying Chef 5 days ago
Zip line down!!!
Kasper 5 days ago
Guy "I climbed Everest to make the world's highest phone call." ... [planes exist] ... Guy: **rekt**
YASH JOHAR 6 days ago
Bycott china beat the china
Alex 7 days ago
I’m finna beat to this
Gaius 1968
Gaius 1968 7 days ago
Mt. Everest being covered in trash (10 tons, what the *fuck?)* really pisses me off. Is there no place safe from attention-seeking morons anymore? It needs a good snow storm or avalanche wiping out a few hundred of the idiots, then maybe the other dumbasses will change their minds, and spread their trash in Utah again.
Phssthpok 8 days ago
This is excellent. I'm a bit surprised at no mention of Green Boots.
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 9 days ago
Rich people getting bored
Well, the dead bodies up there are used as landmarks. So there's a way to really become immoral, even if you do die. "oh look, it's blue jacket guy. We're almost at camp then"
Janet Stoker
Janet Stoker 9 days ago
Oh noooo, did Ben Fogle (British Broadcaster/Writer/Adventurer) climb Mount Everest as well?! He was indeed extremely fast in hugging that Sherpa he questioned!! It sure felt like Ben was squising "the white guilt" out of that sherpa 😒.
Dharmesh Verma
Dharmesh Verma 10 days ago
That silly of you to expect from Nepal, our leaders are treating covid19 with sneezing and hot water...preventing it by advicing to eat turmeric and ginger while they r busy buying masks, pcr kits n all for several times higher than market price...
Ksenia 11 days ago
Does anyone climb Everest outside commercial expeditions at all anymore? It's pretty hard to take any Everest climbers seriously if sherpas have done everything except physically carry them up the mountain.
Bonnie Wong
Bonnie Wong 11 days ago
It is now June in Covid 2020 and the website still works :) thetopofmounteverest.com
Chartreuse Maiden
Chartreuse Maiden 11 days ago
Ok. I climbed the ULM steeple. And that is nothing compared to everest and the hardest part was GOING FUCKING DOWN. You'll go up thinking. Ooof man this rough. No.....hell No. And it's scary why you feel you leg wobble in that tiny hall that allows only 1 person to pass and there are other below you. You had better not fall. So NO NO DO NOT WANT TO CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST
VitalyMack 11 days ago
Why are we worried about rich assholes dying on a mountain...?
Anil Kadam
Anil Kadam 13 days ago
Sherpa should be interviewed in late night show to roast climbers.
Diane O'Donovan
Diane O'Donovan 13 days ago
Most deaths occur during the first stage of return after reaching the summit.
Mr. Amer
Mr. Amer 13 days ago
We need English subtitle plz
Darrin Stanfill
Darrin Stanfill 14 days ago
I laughed because I thought he misspoke. I assumed he meant crevice
Darrin Stanfill
Darrin Stanfill 14 days ago
Lol crev-ass’s
John Taggart
John Taggart 14 days ago
As a tower hand, icefall doctor seems easy. What's it pay?
John Mack
John Mack 14 days ago
America's Got Talent has shown us anyone can sing and now anyone can go up Everest. So we should no longer glorify "Pop Stars" or people who climbed Everest.
Phoenix Eden
Phoenix Eden 14 days ago
I saw it coming
Seatacos is dead
Seatacos is dead 15 days ago
I guess holocaust and sherpa have something in common. They’re both capitonyms.
Mikoo 15 days ago
These sherpas are so lucky, they get to experience Death Stranding without spending money on a PlayStation or the game.
Michael Aitken
Michael Aitken 15 days ago
Well, I'm not going until they complete construction of the Summit Starbucks...
Witnessing Obscura
Witnessing Obscura 15 days ago
No coffee, no go.I'm with you.
Thug Rammus
Thug Rammus 16 days ago
i really expected another Rickroll at the End
Syed Areeb
Syed Areeb 16 days ago
Sherpas are men 100%. where are feminists? Don’t Want equal representation in all jobs
Fábio Vilares
Fábio Vilares 16 days ago
talk talk talk i dont see him in the top of everest
Fábio Vilares
Fábio Vilares 16 days ago
I used to respect this show, but now just turns to just to other american show about nothing.
allen kuester
allen kuester 17 days ago
Stupid tinny penie johie olive the no nothings comedian idiot,,,,old shit,,, like u,,,
Rohit Joseph
Rohit Joseph 18 days ago
21:28 I am going to do it alone Shoo Sherpa shoo shoo😂😂😂😂
Noel Kerns
Noel Kerns 18 days ago
Charge more. Let fewer people climb. There'll still be enough to fill the schedule.
Ahren Starr
Ahren Starr 18 days ago
Ummm... pretty sure I was involved in the highest ever phone call back in 2003.
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 18 days ago
Doctor straing Strange
8:29 He spittin' straight facts
Zsa Zsa Umbra
Zsa Zsa Umbra 19 days ago
Can someone please explain the sneezing at Justin Long pic thing to me
Lapis Lazarus
Lapis Lazarus 21 day ago
I think these climbers should carry their own shit
Kamen Anew
Kamen Anew 21 day ago
13:08 Just..just for me to remember as a mantra
Johannes Frisfors
You got me
I_have_no _friends
This dude creates a website every episode
Srijana Bista
Srijana Bista 23 days ago
I suggest everyone to watch the movie 'Himalaya' aka the caravan movie to see of how sherpas risks their lives to carry rock salt down the mountain and survive
core competence
core competence 23 days ago
Jay nepal.... from nepal
TheHighNoonSaloon 24 days ago
Trump is a humanoid "fecal time bomb"
alan brooke
alan brooke 25 days ago
Actual, competent mountaineers don’t climb Everest.
Wendy Muir
Wendy Muir 25 days ago
Can we eat the rich now, please?
TDKarpa 25 days ago
Put a cage on the summit and charge them another $10k if they want to enter. They're already there, they can't refuse.
ericynot 25 days ago
Well, that's it -- I want to - no, I must - become as shredded as John Oliver.
Sanjay K.C
Sanjay K.C 25 days ago
He didn't get me in "Makalu" cause I'm from Nepal LoL😂😂
BrainSteam 25 days ago
The highest phone call award was already taken by one of these three: snoop dogg, Bob Marley or willie Nelson unfortunately they cant remember who made the legendary call
BrainSteam 8 days ago
I'm not this means I got to be the awesome one lol
Emma Soles
Emma Soles 8 days ago
I’m disappointed nobody made this comment sooner 😂
Canal no operativo
Canal no operativo 26 days ago
20:00 I hope that John Oliver went public with this company before the quarantine.
jerrysizzler44 26 days ago
John doing the bad business baby "wah wah" is what I hope for in every episode.
Anti-grammarnazis Action
Who came here for green boots
Anti-grammarnazis Action
The way my sister learnd about this when she was looking for green boots for cosplay, you can guess how that went
hawaiisunfun 28 days ago
another reason not to go (huh, pun): www.outsideonline.com/1965696/peak-poop-feces-problem-everest-needs-solution
Alex Cio
Alex Cio Month ago
People loving to do, what everybody else does... at least that's what people think
Vicki Reynolds
Vicki Reynolds Month ago
No one ever acknowledges the sherpas who traversed the mountain before Hillary. Norgay was not the first. Cheeky white guy! Also, not enough anti anxiety meds in the world to cover that!!😯😖😷
Harpermanius Month ago
OVER 9000!!!
Devin Cote
Devin Cote Month ago
That's an impressive set.
EnigmaDrath Month ago
For $130,000 a climb I'd expect to be carried up the mountain on a Persian rug spanned between the four rarest mountain goats, before enjoying a tub of Ferrero Rocher Ben & Jerry's (made exclusively for me, of course) as I sit in a golden hot tub on top of the summit awaiting my ride back down, i.e. an actual Eagle from Lord of the Rings, brought to life by advance science and a first print edition of The Return of the King. Or, if I had that much cash to waste, I'd forgo actually risking my life to climb a bloody mountain and just give the $130,000 to the Sherpa community to build a school or something because seriously wtf are we doing as a species??? :/
7th Quark
7th Quark Month ago
I wonder how many people would climb Everest if cameras were prohibited like in museums... By the way, John stoically presented the whole show with snow trousers, respect!
njsamkc Month ago
18:10 Epic
Earl Shattuck
Earl Shattuck Month ago
6:40 Umm, jokes on you, I've never been on a first date and probably never will, I'll save that fact instead to use at a family reunion so I can continue to be a disappointment to my parents with.
Jonathan Millner
So.... basically everest is the new marathon... for those who can afford it.
David L.
David L. Month ago
Ich bin Karl Ess von dem Mounteverescht. Du musst huscheln von der Zugspitze jetzt.
sanjaya lamsal
sanjaya lamsal Month ago
From Nepal 🇳🇵
IcyMidnight Month ago
Announcer: "At least 11 killed..." Americans: "Who caaaaares" Announcer: "...including 3 Americans." Americans: "Holy crap what a tragedy!!!"
elle415 Month ago
I can't even sit in my car waiting for it to warm up. A climb on Everest?? f@@ that ! lol
PonyoNoodles Month ago
Well now thanks to Coronavirus, nobody is climbing Everest..!
Pity how he avoids saying that the responsible government here (once more) is China. Tibet is the province which carries out the regulation, but in charge of the Tibet route is still China
ghfcv singhania
ghfcv singhania Month ago
Feeling proud indian army
Lunam Month ago
This episode should be named "I got you again„
nostrilnick Month ago
People interested in this story should read Jon Krakauer's 'Into Thin Air'. Making it to the top is like 30% of the journey. Making it back down is very much not guaranteed.
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