Evelyn Tells OG To Butt Out of the Scott Family Situation | Basketball Wives

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OG confronts Malaysia about what happened at Cece’s event, leading Shaunie and Evelyn to try to show OG why she should stay out of the family situation.
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Basketball Wives follows the daily lives, drama-filled parties and outrageous fights that unfold between the wives, ex-wives and girlfriends of professional basketball players. With a cast that includes Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams, there's never a dull moment on the home court.
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Evelyn Tells OG To Butt Out of the Scott Family Situation | Basketball Wives ruvid.net/u-VH1




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Comments 80
Biyi Ogundele
Biyi Ogundele 13 hours ago
og jesu christi is not igbo its yoruba fool
Erald Murati
Erald Murati Day ago
Is no one gonna talk about how cool it is that OG knows Igbo?!
N I Day ago
Lol Ogi always wins
shell Beans
shell Beans 2 days ago
Og is a genie pig like Feby said. But that’s up to her when she will see the truth.
J P-GOKU 2 days ago
Wow so OG is a vengeful b****.... You lost the argument with your words I guess Christian last season's so now you want to play dirty
Toya Caldwell
Toya Caldwell 4 days ago
Jackie! You ain't no damn Jesus!
Terry Byte
Terry Byte 4 days ago
Now if OG pulled out a Virgina slim like tami I’d die a happy man
Ken Butler Diary
Ken Butler Diary 4 days ago
It’s sad cause that whole time Fubu never knew the annoying person was her...lol
SunkissedBri 4 days ago
Evelyn got some nerve to tell OG that she's in some family business, that has nothing to do w/her but wasn't she in jackie's family business that had nothing to do w/her? My goodness these females are so hypocritical, biased & delusional!
Ihsaan Brown
Ihsaan Brown 7 days ago
So when they tell OG she's aggressive this is what they mean- she tends to threaten to kill people, not because her emotions are so fired up that she speaks without thinking but as a clear threat even when it's not needed. She also tends to make things about her at every opportunity. There's always three sides to every story and while OG is right that they do have a double standard when it comes to her they're right that she is more likely to threaten -and mean it - the other girls with murder. Which resonates differently when you A. don't really know these girls and B. could actually do it. I think she's a very confident person who, from day 1, has felt very unconfident in her position in this group of women, which has made her more reactive. She threatens them so much because she doesn't feel safe around them, the same way that a snake will hiss to keep would be predators at bay. An apex predator thrown into a new environment will be on the defensive and highly reactive until they begin to feel confident. Unfortunately these women were never able to reach that point.
Suzyq willdo
Suzyq willdo 7 days ago
Jackie you are the Jesus like creature of the crew because your ass is almost as old
Dieba 10 days ago
This edit is so wrong !!!!
hoosipower 10 days ago
Jackie n OG got the ratings up 👌👌 they’re hilarious
C.C.W 11 days ago
Theres nothing wrong with being direct. Love OG
The MetaChristian
The MetaChristian 11 days ago
Og make up isn't working for her
jenbk2 bk2
jenbk2 bk2 12 days ago
Kristen is stunning.
J W.
J W. 12 days ago
Feby your the goofy b****😆
Kong Flu
Kong Flu 12 days ago
They all mad cuz they haven't seen a bad bitch before
Beautifully Blessed
Jackie whew!!
Beautifully Blessed
Haha they cracking me up 😂
Stephanie S
Stephanie S 13 days ago
Shut up Ru Paul.
Devyn Glass
Devyn Glass 14 days ago
The power of Jackie compels you! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Pinkyy Doll
Pinkyy Doll 14 days ago
OG alright .. not a OG Fan .
Neo 15 days ago
You dont talk about me, I won't talk about you negatively. Exactly OG. That's how I am.
Rebecca M
Rebecca M 16 days ago
They’re all terrified of OG, it’s so obvious. They don’t know how to deal with a woman that they can’t knock down. Whenever they can’t scare someone they try to knock down their appearance. Evilyn did it for years with tami because she couldn’t compete so she always knocked down the way she looked and they can’t do it to OG and it scares them. They don’t know what to do
beyond pretty
beyond pretty 17 days ago
Omg Someone Tell me what shoes Evelyn is wearing at the end
HotMessMemories1 17 days ago
Damn. LeKeisha Malaysia’s hips are spreading faster than an Australian Bush Wildfire!
Marcus McIntyre
Marcus McIntyre 18 days ago
Evelyn is The Biggest Hypocrite Of Life 😂😂 OG got Malaysia, Evelyn all they @$$3$ spooked 😂😭😭
AndreNyce Gray
AndreNyce Gray 18 days ago
Evelyn You Should Be The LASTTTT Person To Say "Stay Out Of People's Family Business" But You Just Did It To Jackie Like Girl Bye
Jada Monét
Jada Monét 18 days ago
Jackie Is So Beautiful 🥺😍
Ketlynn Strasser
Ketlynn Strasser 18 days ago
OG is wrong period..she's very aggressive ..
Lakeshia Ball
Lakeshia Ball 19 days ago
Omg🤦‍♀️Jackie guh by lmbo😂😂U are nothing like Jesus
Black Goddess
Black Goddess 19 days ago
Man OG is the Goat 🐐 Flat Out or as said today “Period”
janken 21 day ago
Jackie: “ i am like the Jesus like figure in the group I always hold the group together” So you and Malaysia swapped personalities Bc last I checked it’s Malaysia that mended everything 🤣🤣 but I mean to each their own delusion
Kong Flu
Kong Flu 21 day ago
i feel like Evelyn see's herself above everyone there. WHERE'S TAMI WHEN WE NEED HER
Doneishia Henry
Doneishia Henry 22 days ago
Is og a man ??
kj love
kj love 22 days ago
Toe g what a Bum u got ur 5 mins of fame ok goodbye your already forgotten
Mally Sphinx
Mally Sphinx 24 days ago
Like Shaunie said... They tried to ‘make OG see the light’... :/
Brianna Skin
Brianna Skin 25 days ago
I don’t like og idc
Peachesxo 25 days ago
OG’s wig 😖😖
Donice Chappell
Donice Chappell 25 days ago
Nobody: Jackie: I definitely am, the jesus like figure of the group... Jackie stfu...
Trendy Golbin247
As many times they shared peoples business in this group over the years about each other why the hell would it matter now “don’t repeat and share” I feel like they are intimidated by OG because OG puts them in their place and calls out their bull. Y’all talk about each other even though y’all are friends get dah f outta her with that shyte
Janinia Wilson
Janinia Wilson Month ago
OG is trash! I can't stand and I hope they don't bring her back
cocopucks Month ago
The dumbest storyline....who cares
A. G.
A. G. Month ago
How does someone tell another to stop doing the same thing they are doing!?!?
Jesse hernandez
Jesse hernandez Month ago
For once i agree with evelyn
priscilla kisakye
"Jackie is like the Jesus in the group" really?????
Marichele Jeremiah-Wright
They scared of my babes OG PERIODT!!!!! And Feby needs to go🙄🙄🙄
Mari Hearndon
Mari Hearndon Month ago
OG is extra extra extra extra the girl just said you right I'm wrong I don't want you to be passive I don't have that b**** shut up
Nyezaire Mclean
Nyezaire Mclean Month ago
I hope they bring OG back she made this group and show so much entertaining i love her personality and aggression, it isn’t a turn off for me i like it the producers brought her in at the right time this group needed some spice
Xsxs codiene
Xsxs codiene Month ago
Og is sooooooooo ugly like soooooo ugly she looks a man I can’t get over her uglyness
Jonelle85 Month ago
Jackie said she’s the "Jesus like figure in the group” with a straight face 😂😂😂
Stephanie Cobb
Stephanie Cobb Month ago
It's everyone that keep up mess , They should be tried of fussing and fighting.They are getting to old for that.. OG is just the only one that speaks up.. ...... It's so sad that's what sell... ACTING In full force......
Felicia Kennedy
Felicia Kennedy Month ago
Evilyn telling people to but out she needs to take her own advice
Saphyr Docius
Saphyr Docius Month ago
Stop talking about the annunaki
Saphyr Docius
Saphyr Docius Month ago
Marriage minded adults
Denai Allen
Denai Allen Month ago
Did anyone notice Malaysia face wen og said "ok so" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴
Damon Gibson
Damon Gibson Month ago
If OG off next season we know it’s because of shaunie n Evelyn
Paris James
Paris James Month ago
That igbo accent I wanna learn 🥰
Racheal Silburn
Racheal Silburn Month ago
Um....excuse me? “You don’t have to repeat what you hear.” All of them have repeated things that they’ve heard but because it’s IG it’s a problem? They are soooo fake!
Tyra Maria
Tyra Maria Month ago
No one knows who the hell Feby is she should think about that
Rajendra Starks
Rajendra Starks Month ago
Kristen a victim???? Ohk
Damaris Njie
Damaris Njie Month ago
That is my igbo sister....praying with our vanicular
Reibecca Stringer
More names!?😂😂😂😂
Cowboy Western38
OG is very annoying
Robin Greg
Robin Greg Month ago
Team OG😂😂‼️
RAE LEI Month ago
Feesi is always calling someone goofy 😂 girl get a story line first
Ozziesha White
Ozziesha White Month ago
Feby I hate her and her voice so annoying
Valerie Aguirre
Valerie Aguirre 2 months ago
Feby my favv
Amanda Baby
Amanda Baby 2 months ago
Serena jones
Serena jones 2 months ago
Gretchinn Weiners
Gretchinn Weiners 2 months ago
why does feby talk like that?
Fashionable Mom
Fashionable Mom 2 months ago
OG a mess I love her! ❤🙌
S. G
S. G 2 months ago
Evelyns duck pajamas are appropriate for a bird
OJay88 2 months ago
OG's wig is so upsetting in this scene
julia rosa
julia rosa 2 months ago
OG’s formation is killing me 🤦🏻‍♀️💀
Julio Romero
Julio Romero 2 months ago
Lol Evelyn a lil girl 😂 but og ugly asf
Nicole Gober
Nicole Gober 2 months ago
Evelyn is goin to let OG Beat her ass one day
Antanasia Coleman
Antanasia Coleman 2 months ago
What did she say...
Skull Kid
Skull Kid 2 months ago
I don't think the executive producer should be in the show
Christopher Chisholm
Is Feby trying to hard or am i tripping??? Like the hood accent seems forced.
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