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Meet a kitty with great sprit: the European Shorthair!
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May 17, 2012




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scoobywatch z
scoobywatch z 3 months ago
My european short hair became 11 this year he and my other cat arent realy friends they tolerate eachoter he and my dog is ok at times
Doge dude
Doge dude 2 months ago
My European shorthair is 19 years old, beat that
Thea Baverstock
Thea Baverstock 4 months ago
My European short hair is definitely the king of the castle he even chases my dog not the other way around he is also a 5 month old kitten
青年X 5 months ago
lockedlooneytune 5 months ago
I have one!! My baby Maximus is my ESA and I dont know what my life would be like without him. I love my Maxi ❤❤❤
Sparks Me
Sparks Me 6 months ago
I have a European shorthair and she’s very sweet😂❤️❤️
Alice Lima
Alice Lima 8 days ago
me too
Djalu Yudhistira
Djalu Yudhistira 9 months ago
Pedigreed version of Domestic shorthair ? Does that mean European Shorthair and Domestic shorthair have similar looks ?
Amy Williams
Amy Williams 10 months ago
KITTENS, KITTENS, KITTENS. (dies of cuteness)
Sukiart00 10 months ago
Proud of having these kitty.
mimi el
mimi el Year ago
God i just undersyood why my cat is so territorial and mean
my name is Keanu, I am a european shorthair cat
Long live the European shorthair
TheEnder Guy
TheEnder Guy Year ago
I have one
Leo Vahtola
Leo Vahtola Year ago
Märkä kissa joo olet märkä kissa.
1847 ת
1847 ת Year ago
No, you dont need to groom or brush their fur at all, except maybe in winter. I never met a person who brushed the fur of this cat. You see these cats in our region every day and many people own them. And there are many people who don't brush the fur at all, because it's short.
grettagrids Year ago
how can you tell the difference between these and a DSH?
EuphratesLeap Year ago
Got my cream tabby shorthair almost 3 years ago, I believe. Awesome cats.
HK 112
HK 112 Year ago
I have one of these called Bentley
Adrijana Radosevic
...I have 4 and only 1 looks like the cats in the video... others have longer, more angular heads and longer, thinner bodies. They ARE territorial, though; they play well with each other but clan up to ward off intruders. Introducing a new cat is a bit of a night mare.
RaiRaiBrown Year ago
Why are they showing Russian blue kittens?
TheEtherian 2 years ago
i have one with with fur on her neck (and even on the belly) and her is called sophia, and her is an adult
Ghostlad 2 years ago
0:50 bondkatt 😁🐱 the way he pronounced it made me laugh. it's pronounced like "boo-nd-katt"
Chloe Hakim
Chloe Hakim 2 years ago
I love these cats
Lara Goldberg
Lara Goldberg 2 years ago
I have a Scottish fold and she always picks fights with all the European shorthairs in our neighbourhood
Rasverix Xyleighraq
My cat until i was 14 was Calliope and I think based on this she probably was largely European Shorthair
Jared DeMarzo
Jared DeMarzo 2 years ago
0:36 kitties wearing Roman legion helmets!
Raissa Year ago
@User banned I love it. 🤗 They came from Roma like my grandparents
Raissa Year ago
So cute 😊
spicedwop 2 years ago
i have a European-american short hair mix. very friendly and cuddly. also does anyone else notice that European's coats are much softer and sleeker than american? i love it
Meghan Gracie
Meghan Gracie 2 years ago
I have a black European short hair, he’s fuckin’ crazy.
Maximus Suriya
Maximus Suriya 2 years ago
Its this breed the same kind of British Shorthair?
theshinken 2 years ago
No, British Shorthairs are more sturdy with bigger, rounder faces. But they're often just called "Shorthair" because they're the most common cat in the UK while the (European) Shorthair is the default , common cat you'll find everywhere on the continent.
madison knees
madison knees 2 years ago
My cat Buster is the most healthy cat we've ever had, but they're right about being territorial, he once got in a fight with the neighbor's cat, but they're both fine.
SchafimWolfspelz 2 years ago
They are simply the best.
REN 2 years ago
Am I the only one who pays attention to dog breed, but not cat breed? There aren't factors like training since cats, even if rowdy, are pretty chill compared to certain dog breeds
Adrijana Radosevic
well, no, and no, really. as both cat and dog owner, I can warrant that just like with dogs, you need to choose a cat whose energy matches yours: and I don't mean some ezotheric energy from Nepal, I mean the actual physical energy you exhibit in your life which reflects on how you want to spend time with your pets. regardless of the fact that you can train dogs, adopting a bulldog will be disappointing for a marathon runner who wants a running partner, and you shouldn't adopt a husky if your idea of a time with your pet is sitting at a bar with your dog curled up at your feet. and cats are pretty much the same: if your idea of spending time with your cat is walking it on a leash, having an elaborate kitty city in your home and a collection of 234234 laser pointers, then lean toward the siamese, orientals, rexes, sphynx.. etc and steer clear of the calmer persians, exotics etc. are there exceptions? sure, but don't play all your money on one card and hope exactly that ONE cat you adopt will turn out to be an exception to the general rule. When people can't handle the fact their simaese IS going to hang off the ceiling and NOT spend 27 hours a day asleep in her basket, is when kitty shelters get more kitties :( basically, regardless of the species of your pet, you should always consider your own energy levels and envision your time with your pet FIRST, and then consider the breed and/or mix you want to adopt for best match making. another thing to consider are maintenance needs. Just like some dogs will be a-OK with a quick weekly brush and some will require a monthly expense at the doggy salon; some cats will require daily brushing or weekly baths and some will go through life not needing any maintenance from their owner at all. again this is a choice - some people love to spend hours grooming their pets and some consider it a chore: which ever you are, you need to make sure you make the RIGHT choice. When owners of persians realize their cats need regular and time consuming grooming to not get matted and get a skin condition which costs a helluva lot to fix, is when kitty shelters get more kitties. and last but not least, you NEED to understand that just like pure bred dogs, some pure bred cats have health issues and need a lot of veterinary care which you must be able to afford. sorry to wag my jaw so much, but I thought it was kinda important to clarify this stuff for people who might actually BELIEVE that breed doesn't matter: it DOES. however, all this said I'm a huge proponent of ADOPT, DON'T SHOP and of mixed breed cats (and dogs). just make sure you get to know your future pet before adoption, or their parents if you're adopting a puppy/kitten, and make sure their needs match what you're willing to provide and you'll have a long, happy life with them!
Summoner Stripclub
Summoner Stripclub 2 years ago
you peeps is loss then, there's some awesome breeds being developed, I'm really fancying the Lykoi
Mehreen Malik
Mehreen Malik 2 years ago
Neji Nii-san yeah same to me all cats have the same kind of traits and personalities
Neko_Demon 3 years ago
I found some kittens in a box on the street saying free cats one of them had died and was out basically it was terrible but I took them home and fixed them up I think they might be British short hairs I gave all of them away but one he's very sweet and adorable
Kevin Pitt
Kevin Pitt Year ago
Hi Kimberly - well done for looking after them. I do not think they are BSH cats. First, BSH are normally house cats. The main reason being if they were let out on the street someone will just whisk them away in no time. That is quite a few hundred pounds walking around there. What with their dramatic looks, it will be too much temptation. If anyone has a female BSH, and they want kittens, then they introduce it to a male BSH with a certified pedigree and reference number so it can be traced. The resulting litter will get the owner a good £1000.00, if all the paperwork and registration is correct. So they will not be left in a box. But regardless, a cute kitten, is a cute kitten, and hope they all went to a good home and are happy and healthy, with a long life ahead of them, and that will be thanks to you.
Maximus Suriya
Maximus Suriya 2 years ago
Kimberly Zuniga i also have free two snowshoe cat ,the mom bring her son to live within my house. Now the son stay permanently but i dont know where the mom really stay (she really come to visit frequently but never spent a night with her son,lol)
Leananshae 3 years ago
I live in France and have 2 shorthair farm cats... by definition, they are European Shorthairs, n'est pas? :)
mergirl2000 Dunne
mergirl2000 Dunne 3 years ago
I love my European Shorthair but unfortunately she has issues. but I love her.
I regret my past decicions
SUOMI MAITITTU(tai ainaki sitä puhuttiin) :D
Darth Vapor
Darth Vapor 3 years ago
Shin Uchiha
Shin Uchiha 3 years ago
my Felix... love her to death :3
Rambles 3 years ago
Funny how the mention Rome and then Sweden...and in the end there is Finnish people taking care of the cats.
DrGaz Art
DrGaz Art 4 years ago
yes gr8 cat 🐈🐾😻👈my tiger cat is great 😻👍
Damian 4 years ago
odd eye like the..? 1:57 what does he say?.. can someone tell me
Damian 4 years ago
@Tracy Xie thanks soo much!! have an awesome day! xDxD
Tracy Xie
Tracy Xie 4 years ago
like the Khao Manee, another cat breed :)
Jamila Nasri
Jamila Nasri 4 years ago
Je cherche un cha gris
RTProductions 3 years ago
Jamila Nasri As-tu trouvé un chat gris ou non?
Aliisa 4 years ago
Omg that old lady in the end fas finnish and i am finnish
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker 4 years ago
I may have one or it Nibelung
Maike Engel
Maike Engel 3 years ago
Kevin Baker Nebelung
TommyMG96 4 years ago
I have one, he acts like a self entitled little shit.
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 4 years ago
I just got a 3 month old ginger one yesterday! first animal ive ever had :D
Alice Lima
Alice Lima 8 days ago
is he/she 4 now
Glitterstqr Year ago
Sam Jones aww so know he is three? :,)
Sam Jones
Sam Jones Year ago
@CatchinXBodiezz holy smokes just found this comment 3 years later. yeh shes pretty fucking good.
CatchinXBodiezz 2 years ago
MrChaosTV how is he now?
trol lulu
trol lulu 2 years ago
Lime Soda oh that's sad :(
Low Quality Games
Low Quality Games 4 years ago
I have an autistic tomcat from this breed. And hes very lovely but if very strange
Devr AJ
Devr AJ 5 years ago
THIS is what my cat is i thought he was a russuin blue or nebulung
Fafnìr Ice Dragon
Fafnìr Ice Dragon 5 years ago
I have small completely black female European shorthair with stunning yellow greenish eyes with a hint of brown in them. And when I say small I mean it. She weighs a whooping 3,3 kilograms and will be nine in August. She look like the classical black witch cat with her black coat and yellow eyes. ^-^
sallittu 5 years ago
Suomea amerikkalaisessa ohjelmassa! Torilla tavataan!
Raissa Year ago
Alex K.
Alex K. 5 years ago
The Volkswagen of cats.
roboliño schmidt
roboliño schmidt 2 months ago
Hahahahahah😂😂😂 got me dead
Djalu Yudhistira
Djalu Yudhistira 9 months ago
@GooseMeister Pedigreed version of Domestic shorthair ? Does that mean European Shorthair and Domestic shorthair have similar looks ?
Djalu Yudhistira
Djalu Yudhistira 9 months ago
Pedigreed version of Domestic shorthair ? Does that mean European Shorthair and Domestic shorthair have similar looks ?
Raissa Year ago
Andrew Ament
Andrew Ament 3 years ago
or the Volvo
Nyla Valentine
Nyla Valentine 5 years ago
Tohkani 5 years ago
My favorite cat breed :3 i have one myself too!
Elvira 4 years ago
I have a european shorthair 2! He is 1 year, créme coloured and have yellow eyes.
PuffBall Night
PuffBall Night 4 years ago
+Tohkanime My favourite cat breed is the highlighter, it was 5 months old xD
Therailfanner 4 years ago
@Tohkanime She was a dark gray tabby btw.
Tohkani 5 years ago
@Therailfanner I feel so sorry for you :(
Therailfanner 5 years ago
Mine died in 2012. :(
Nyla Valentine
Nyla Valentine 5 years ago
ksionc100 5 years ago
This show has the credibility of a horoscope. Not a source of actual information. For example this one 2:25. The blonde is wrong as the European shorthair has lots of undercoat. Some breeds have even more (for example Persian, Exotic, Siberian etc), some less (Siamese, Burmese, Tonk etc)
CaptainDuckman 4 years ago
+ksionc100 well, having one myself (and having spent a lot of time around them), European European shorthairs have little undercoat and very short hair. Most of the ones shown in this video are NOT European shorthairs as they exist in Europe, they're some form of American crossbreed or something with far longer and denser fur. Great personalities, low maintenance (brushing once a week? Nobody does that in Europe, cats wouldn't allow it anyway), temperament ranging from highly territorial to very social, most are pretty friendly with humans, many can get along well with other cats and often even dogs. Good mousers too.
erika 5 years ago
I have one and she is very territorial and protecting lol but really loves the family
Phoenix Sosuke
Phoenix Sosuke 5 years ago
To me when I think of a regular cat the european shorthair is the first to come to mind, to me he's the most default cat type without any extreme features, thats why it's my favorite breed. If you want just a regular cat without health issues and they have everything you would want and expect from a cat.
Alice Lima
Alice Lima 8 days ago
@Brianne Curry whats that from?
Brianne Curry
Brianne Curry 2 years ago
"what you see is what you get, I will not hide any secrets I will later regret".
Penelope Nouthavykoun
Someone get this kind of kittycat in texas
jaguar's soul
jaguar's soul 6 years ago
dude aren't those grey variations just, well you know, chartreux?
clala 6 years ago
I have a European Shorthair a girl she was giving to me by My cousin she said Her neighboors moved out and left Her ... But i glad happen bcs she so lovable loves dogs That is a plus loves kids she playfull and funny territorial which wont get out
Linda Lemoni
Linda Lemoni 6 years ago
got two of them at home and we love them
Judy-J 6 years ago
We have 2 European Shorthairs! The came from the animalshelter. I live in the Netherlands. It's a very populair breed and easy to get.
Ties 6 years ago
Denk je dat je ook gratis kittens kan afhalen van een boer? Wat dan de europese korthaar is?
Mini Ryou
Mini Ryou 6 years ago
1:48. How do I spell it? Calmane? Kalmane (yes my english isn't the greatest >
Maximus Suriya
Maximus Suriya 2 years ago
Maybe they refer to ขาวมณี Khao Manee But i dont get it why they compare this breed to pure white cat.
ÖzmanG 6 years ago
Banshee Cat 6
Banshee Cat 6 6 years ago
Reminds me of a Russian Blue
CrypticSerenity 6 years ago
I had a cat named Hank that looked exactly like a European Shorthair, but I live in America and his mom was Siamese xD
Anna A
Anna A 6 years ago
She actuall is my profile pic.. I totaly forgot that, lol
Anna A
Anna A 6 years ago
I have a european short hair... Kind of. She has a little bit longer fur (not quite long hair, but not short either). I think her grandmother was some long haired breed and her mother short haired, and no one knows who the father is. I don't even know if that counts as a breed anymore, but i still love my little fluffy kitty :3
Tigerban Gaming
Tigerban Gaming 6 years ago
Look up Cats 101- Toyger
Silvia Buta
Silvia Buta 6 years ago
Just got one. She's simply amaising!
FPX Productions
FPX Productions 6 years ago
Meow maaaoooeeow
GibbSaw 6 years ago
1:02 Dat head
Belle Spracklin
Belle Spracklin 7 years ago
I have one!!! His name is Tiger, and he is cute and chubby!!! :) so cute! :)
Moon Gloss
Moon Gloss 2 months ago
Mine is called Tigress. She's female.
Belle Spracklin mine is called tiger as well :D
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 7 years ago
im sick who would want too sell their cat for money its LIKE the slave trade ITS A LIVING BEING NOT A OBJECT and yes I know I own one of the worlds rarest cat the charteux.
Haili Wainright
Haili Wainright 7 years ago
i have 2 european short hairs and one scottish fold and both of my short hairs get along but they both dont like my scottish fold
FPX Productions
FPX Productions 7 years ago
FPX Productions
FPX Productions 7 years ago
FPX Productions
FPX Productions 7 years ago
@Felix Pavlovic no lerika
FPX Productions
FPX Productions 7 years ago
I hate that music 0:45
Agent0Fluffy 7 years ago
At 0:48 my cat looks just like that.
Agent0Fluffy 7 years ago
Her fur coat is black.
Agent0Fluffy 7 years ago
I have a European shorthair cat.
FPX Productions
FPX Productions 7 years ago
Svensk katt
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