European Open 2019 MPO Feature Card Round 1 Back 9 (Jones, Lizotte, McMahon, McBeth)

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Our European Open 2019 coverage continues with the open division star studded feature card action. See Kevin Jones (USA), Simon Lizotte (GER), Eagle McMahon (USA) and Paul McBeth (USA) battling it out on the Beast!
Commentary by none other than Big Sexy - Jeremy Koling & Nate Sexton!
Made possible by Innova Discs
Produced by The Spin TV


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Jul 19, 2019

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Comments 136
Medhed 13 days ago
Great coverage! Love the post-round interview
Koalakunkku 20 days ago
AJ Brown
AJ Brown 22 days ago
Some of the outfits in the crowd! Finns really like the day glow colors, don't they?!
Rojo Escobarrio
Rojo Escobarrio 25 days ago
I really enjoyed the commentary. I like hearing about what discs peoples are throwing. Great coverage.
Mikko Saarinen
Mikko Saarinen 27 days ago
Great coverage guys. I was there for the president's cup and the weekend, but it was sometimes very difficult to see each shot amongst the crowd. It's way easier this way 😄 Hole 10 is actually not a soccer field, as there are no such things in Europe. That's a football field 😉
cro4591 27 days ago
I always root for Simon, and he always breaks my heart.
Ryan Vanderburg
Ryan Vanderburg 27 days ago
Fantastic coverage!
888HUSKERS 27 days ago
Love the most important shot commercial with Eagle talking about the Glass Blown Open. Thanks for this European Open coverage!
Kendall LaFavor
Kendall LaFavor 28 days ago
Kevin "bullseye" Jones
Jason Beck
Jason Beck 28 days ago
Is the bullseye only a thing on European courses? I wish every tourney had them.
Dillon Spellman
Dillon Spellman 26 days ago
It's a thing that the Disc Golf World Tour events did. USDGC and European Open have kept it from that time.
Hilton Booth
Hilton Booth 28 days ago
Great coverage, great work by all the team. Looking forward to watching the rest of the rounds
Justin Swanson
Justin Swanson 28 days ago
I mean that grouping on hole 10... what? Next level stuff, fellas. Am I even playing the same game?
twins tube
twins tube 28 days ago
We want slomez fuck spin tv
Javaman92 28 days ago
Didn't Paige Pierce shoot a -4? If that's correct, she's ahead of a LOT of guys. 😂
Trent Myers
Trent Myers 28 days ago
great coverage thanks spinTV
Marty Modus
Marty Modus 28 days ago
WTG team Finland! Great course and great results from top Fin players!
wacky295 28 days ago
any older man knows - to see a young man under pressure (especially an athlete) - keep a cool head all the while dealing with inexperience and raging testosterone - is the sign of a future champion. see - *kevin jones*
J Five
J Five 28 days ago
Love the after round interviews. Awesome!! Thanks for the coverage.
David Gaylor
David Gaylor 28 days ago
Great Coverage! only complaint is i feel like the colors for the "Par" "Bogey" and "Birdie" graphics should be rearranged.
James Turner
James Turner 28 days ago
This should be televised.
Kasey Burlingham
Kasey Burlingham 28 days ago
If you guys ever played tournaments at elevation you might have a different dream 18. There are some beautiful courses above 6000 feet!
Jacob Maguire
Jacob Maguire 28 days ago
What did Simon say on 13?
John Evans
John Evans 29 days ago
Is there any coverage of the presidents cup? Always crazy action on this course. Such an up n down rollercoaster
eyeoftheshiticane1 tpb
What's par, birdie and bogey in finnish?
WC 'Strawberry' Fields
Great Great Great
The Art Of Moore artofmooreinstagram
Great to hear BigSexy commentators make the excellent game much thrilling with such professional pro disc golfer!
ethan L
ethan L 29 days ago
Was Kevin not on the line safe on hole 15?
m 29 days ago
"Which if you did'nt, what are you doing? Get over there." Classic pitch for front 9 coverage.
Vojtech Rozsival
Vojtech Rozsival 29 days ago
Please sign! #saveJarva www.change.org/p/stockholm-stad-stop-the-closing-of-the-lively-and-beautiful-park-formerly-known-as-järva-discgolf-park-now-elmia-park-inspira-voted-the-park-of-the-year-2017-for-a-cemetery
@disccombobulated 29 days ago
Forty-eight Photons
This is a winning combo! Thank you Nate, big Jerm, and Innova!
disc crusher
disc crusher 29 days ago
Love the first major of the year. 🇺🇸 KILLED it. Now time for the real $$
Chris Davies
Chris Davies 29 days ago
awhislyle 29 days ago
Lets go Kevin! You still got this!!
Adam 'Static' Pelayo
Phil hatch
Phil hatch 29 days ago
Thank you for the kick ass coverage!
I do care
I do care 29 days ago
Paul @ 9:22 - that was a fantastic display of his agility, focus and both some honed and raw talent.
Chris Sadberry
Chris Sadberry 29 days ago
16 is too soft now.. I liked that it was a tournament ender before
Greg L
Greg L 29 days ago
Awesome coverage!!! But don’t cover the score after the birdie!
Sean Lynch
Sean Lynch 29 days ago
Nate with the Keith Morrison "Oh No!"
Norwall 29 days ago
Lovin your content fam.
Lee Cox
Lee Cox 29 days ago
The scoring colors are honestly messing with me. At first glance they all seem backwards.
Justin Choi
Justin Choi 29 days ago
Kevin, what a pro. The guy everyone would want on their card
mscudde2 29 days ago
So amazing!
James Satchwill
James Satchwill 29 days ago
One of favorite moments in Disc Golf happened at around 2:50...3 Discs land in a Triangle and each disc is a shade of the 3 Primary Colors: Red, Blue and Yellow. While I'm drinking a Red, White and Blue beverage. While sitting in The USA watching a Tourney in FINLAND!
dust man
dust man 29 days ago
Great coverage, commentary, and play!
tony curry
tony curry 29 days ago
Big sexy commentary on point. Coverage was amazing thank you
Peter Garden
Peter Garden 29 days ago
4 amazing disc golfers and I find myself cheering for Kevin. He has so much promise. Looking forward to seeing him hit his stride in the coming rounds.
J. Clark
J. Clark 29 days ago
If this was JoMez imagine the triple follow-flight on hole 10!
K 29 days ago
Best commentary. Period
Christopher McCabe
Christopher McCabe 29 days ago
Some really aggressive play early in the tournament is pretty surprising. "You can't win the tournament in the first round, but you can definitely lose it." - Jussi Meresmaa
The Legendary E
The Legendary E 29 days ago
What did simon say at 13:40
Jack Thrasher
Jack Thrasher 29 days ago
I thought I would see a KJ on here but I was sure it would be a different one. Not disappointed though!
Michael 29 days ago
I love the coverage I just don’t like that red is for birdies and green is for pars.
Nasticus Natemazeae
Fantastic coverage! thanks sooo much! WTF is up with the red birdie color....
Truetellerrrr 29 days ago
The day disc golf will evolve to next level is the day Worlds will be played in Finland. 100 000 people in the gallery. Nothing will be the same after.
Chris Fabian
Chris Fabian 25 days ago
Truetellerrrr I can’t wait! This course looks amazing 😉
Joel Leonard
Joel Leonard 25 days ago
Yes! Let's have worlds in Finland. Love from America
eyeoftheshiticane1 tpb
Worlds in finland would be off the chain brodie!
bamadeadhead 29 days ago
0:51 What kind of field is this?
84twiggins 29 days ago
Eagle is killing it!
Tyler Carlin
Tyler Carlin 29 days ago
Pro move k Jones rooting for you bud!
net poser
net poser 29 days ago
Shrink that lower-third. It's a bit tall.
Manolo García
Manolo García 29 days ago
Birdie in red and par in green... Really? 🙄
micah_lee 29 days ago
Whenever kevin misses a putt it always looks like he feels like he broke his back
dustydaddyd 29 days ago
I'm so confused, why didn't Eagles two throws that missed the island on 16 count towards his score????
Jesse Discsalot
Jesse Discsalot 29 days ago
It's just a rethrow without a penalty on this particular shot.
Johnathon Matthews
Johnathon Matthews 29 days ago
Either a lot of PTO taken or most of these people don’t work 🤪
Janne Simonen
Janne Simonen 29 days ago
Most Finns are on vacation in July.
Great Job, SpinTV!
HatchieeOG 29 days ago
Let’s go KJ!
Baron Richmond
Baron Richmond 29 days ago
Mad respect for Kevin keeping his composure.
mika123123 29 days ago
More player interviews analyzing shoths!
dalcowboiz 29 days ago
Wow this course is awesome, great coverage. Lol interviewing the players about their worst plays of the round at the end, understandable though. Also, tip to Nate and Jerm, if the players say something, it is likely we can't hear it (Simon said something at one point but the player audio is so quiet compared to commentary we couldn't hear what he said). If you guys can hear it and repeat it, it makes the viewing even more special.
Tuomas Wainio
Tuomas Wainio 29 days ago
Great stuff iso sexikäs! Waited this happening so long! Didn't disappoint.
Seppo Koponen
Seppo Koponen 29 days ago
This is going to be a classic! Hope isot seksikkäät continue commenting for the other rounds. Kiitos!
themarcazard 29 days ago
We know our boi KJUSA looking get a course record out here before the tournament is over!
Hugh Keene
Hugh Keene 29 days ago
Literally everything Paul does is casual
Damien 29 days ago
Jonas Milsten
Jonas Milsten 29 days ago
Great coverage and I must say I really appreciate that you mention the discs thrown a lot!
Xyan 29 days ago
gstardestroyer165 29 days ago
Ricky, Paul & Eagle on lead for round 2? Sweeeeeeeeet
Kekkonen 29 days ago
If there are people tied, lowest PDGA player number goes first.
gstardestroyer165 29 days ago
I wonder how they figure out who makes lead card when so many guys are tied...player rating?
FractaLens Portals
FractaLens Portals 29 days ago
*Question* How do they decide who will be making lead card for round 2, when there are several people tied for 4th? Will Mcbeth and Mcmahon be back for round 2?
laserbeamhorse 29 days ago
@FractaLens Portals they each have a PDGA number. When determining cards in tie situations, the one who has the smallest PDGA number goes to a higher card (in this case the first card). Paul and Eagle have lower numbers so they were on lead card today so we will see them play (or at least that's what I think, I haven't watched today's scores because I don't want to spoil it).
FractaLens Portals
FractaLens Portals 29 days ago
laserbeamhorse Thanks, that answered part of my question, but I still don’t get how that works and whether they will be back here for round two...which is what I am here crossing my fingers for 😁🤞
laserbeamhorse 29 days ago
That order is determined by PDGA numbers.
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 29 days ago
Great coverage, and really enjoying quality post round interviews.
Dave Lizotte
Dave Lizotte 29 days ago
Great stuff guys! I really like the red pop-up Birdie. Great graphics, love the colors.. A few more Spin-Backs would be nice :-)
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