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Eugene drinks the 15 most popular cheap American beers and ranks them from best to worst. What do you want to see Eugene pick a definitive ranking for next? #RankKing
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Aug 18, 2018

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Comments 20 550
venus vu
venus vu 6 hours ago
please do rank og pokémon
Alabama Nights
Alabama Nights 9 hours ago
Keystone lite and and coors light are the same formula just they charge more for a fancier can
Jeremy Chen
Jeremy Chen 9 hours ago
Also please review vodka and whiskey
Jeremy Chen
Jeremy Chen 10 hours ago
I did not expect this guy to be gay. He is like one of the straightest try guy. But then again, surprises are not a bad thing necessarily.
Maria Jose
Maria Jose 10 hours ago
i don’t know why i’m watching this... i’m underaged to drink but here i am watching him drink alcohol 😂
Ryan Boisvert
Ryan Boisvert 11 hours ago
I'm still excited for the 150 pokemon ranking
Raina Thomas
Raina Thomas 11 hours ago
Eugene should rank la croyx flavors or Maybe Ben are Jerry’s icecream 🍦 I think they would make good videos
L S 13 hours ago
Busch? Not lite? Interesting
L S 14 hours ago
Rolling Rock comes in cans????
L S 14 hours ago
Man the Texan really comes out of him sometimes
MrMcluvin97 15 hours ago
The try guys should review craft beer. Especially my favs: Porters, Stouts, and Imperial Stouts.
Sarah Gawle
Sarah Gawle 17 hours ago
I love that Eugene's "catch phrase" is what his Mom said in a previous video.
hipsterboy420 !!!
hipsterboy420 !!! 17 hours ago
im michael and im outstanding not all michaels are average :(
Austin Lockridge
Austin Lockridge 18 hours ago
Simpler times can says 5.5 % alcohol not 6.2%
Zoe Kirk
Zoe Kirk 20 hours ago
Next episode: Eugene ranks popular strains of weed
Jade Purcell
Jade Purcell 23 hours ago
So in Canada (and possibly other places) we have something called Stone Cold beer. It’s in a 2 litre bottle, it’s $10 and it tastes like ASS but it’s 9% and super easy to chug, when it’s in a beer bong, so if you ever find it and want to get drunk QUICK try Stone Cold. You’ll regret it. 😂
OhGeezy48 Day ago
I knew this list was shit when he ranked coors lower than miller and bud lite
Samuel Mendlowitz
I love when he gets drunk it’s hilarious
Nathan Gilfoyle
Fosters anyone?
S W Day ago
I don't like beer, but this has been highly entertaining xD
Yeah Eugene I'm a Michael, fucker, still my favorite though cause Texas!
Kirsten T
Kirsten T Day ago
PLEASE make a pokemon rank king video
MinorJamz Day ago
I knew he was a pussy
sebastian fox
ghopghopp Day ago
Highlife and PBR are by far the best
Spaceline 360
Hi I'm Michael I'm pretty outstanding
Her Serendipity
“I’m right, You’re wrong, Shut up.” -Eugene 2k18
Logan Schaff
Logan Schaff 2 days ago
Cheap American Beer so just American beer
Patricia dickinmyhole
I am out standing
Mike Fallon
Mike Fallon 2 days ago
I'm a fantastic Michael
MikeV /
MikeV / 2 days ago
He should rank the beers from mexico
Georgia P.
Georgia P. 2 days ago
7:17-7:24 🤣🤣
Grace Robles
Grace Robles 3 days ago
I realate to Eugene soooooo much lmao that's why I love him
Charlie Haslam
Charlie Haslam 3 days ago
Herbal not erbal
Bryan Echeverria
Bryan Echeverria 3 days ago
thekydman01 3 days ago
So sad that michelob ultra didnt get that #1 spot. Havent tried miller high life so guess ill have to now
thekydman01 Day ago
@82kac will do. Thanks for the suggestion
82kac Day ago
try in a glass botle the first time for the true experience of The Champagne of Beers.
Leah Nguyen
Leah Nguyen 3 days ago
*Eugene pees* *zooms into his pee*
Akasha Kirby
Akasha Kirby 3 days ago
6:50 he just-
Christian Wiles
Christian Wiles 3 days ago
I... agree wholly with this
Esme _33
Esme _33 3 days ago
Rank cheap wine
SonicHeroXD 3 days ago
"I'm gonna go home tonight, and I'm gonna drink a Coors Light. That's a Coors Light because Bud Light won't pay me nothing!" -Brock Lesnar, 2010
Kiara Loonen
Kiara Loonen 3 days ago
The drunker eugene gets the more dad Like Keith becomes
Amber R.
Amber R. 4 days ago
You don't have Lone Star and you're a Texan?!?!. Shame!!!!!!!
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 4 days ago
i happen to be outstanding
The pinball wizard
The rolling rock: The thing Avgn has been drinking for every crappy game review.
Qwertimas Carrier
Congrats on 6 mil
Rebeca Morales
Rebeca Morales 4 days ago
NED . Chill out please you’re trying too hard
guy person
guy person 4 days ago
Rank soda and pokemon
Darius Arceneaux
Darius Arceneaux 4 days ago
🍺.........How is Ned still a hurricane as a father...😂😂
Darius Arceneaux
Darius Arceneaux 4 days ago
When Ned slapped the Beers off the table I wanted to slap him so hard I’ve never wanted to slap him more in my life.
newt duke
newt duke 4 days ago
Drunkeness is next to godliness lol and I don't care what he says, Budweiser is the best beer ever
Marshall The Puppy
Coors banquet, ... go to the bank and be quiet, poor drunk Eugene ..😂😂😂
cortson1 4 days ago
I drink PBR and I’ve never once thought it tasted like weed🤷🏻‍♀️
Juul Eater
Juul Eater 4 days ago
We’re iron city
alexandria kuria
alexandria kuria 4 days ago
"33 babygirlllllllllllllllllllll"
Shquash 4 days ago
It’s great how he got progressively more drunk as the video went on.
Misha 4 days ago
Squeeze some lime juice into Keystone light and it's pretty good
Misha 4 days ago
Rolling rock tastes like peanut butter. PBR tastes like pee
Michaela Westbrook
When michelob ultra has always been your favorite but you’ve never tried Miller high life...🧐 what am I missing out on??
Michael Mosley
Michael Mosley 5 days ago
I'm a Michael
Blasia L
Blasia L 5 days ago
Well now I wanna se Eugene tank Pokémon It sounds like it would be really funny and mad shade would be thrown
Voropret 5 days ago
Ned coming in screaming about budwiser knocking shit over and ruining things unapologetically is the most American thing I've seen in a while
Caramelized Onions
9:55 ned ... your drunk 🥴
Demented Creations
We use shaken cans of Key stone light as target practice. They make a nice pop when you shoot them.
Michael Lazzell
Michael Lazzell 6 days ago
I'm a Mike and ain't average at all lmao
Paul Huang
Paul Huang 6 days ago
Corona beats all these.
Lucia Welch
Lucia Welch 6 days ago
wow how full circle this is bud light stayed in the middle 😮 why is no one commenting about this???
Emily Brown
Emily Brown 6 days ago
I cannot chug Busch. It’s way too fizzy for me.
Kelsey Grace
Kelsey Grace 6 days ago
please rank the pokemon please
zhu kevin
zhu kevin 6 days ago
Happy pride
Michael Minogue
Michael Minogue 6 days ago
uptown3636 6 days ago
12:33 that's what she said.
uptown3636 6 days ago
My name is not Michael, and I am also not outstanding. So that's one data point.
jamie anthony
jamie anthony 7 days ago
Wow american beer cans are so small
Mr.Awesome249 7 days ago
Garrett O’Connor
Keystone is a Canadian beer
Michael Galarneau
damn I guess Im going by my middle name from now on...
TheFireMonkey9 7 days ago
11:07 I’m sorry but it looks like he’s stroking someone’s d*ck.
hsmoscout 7 days ago
12:16 "the champaim beers"
astarii 7 days ago
Natty is shit
Jennifer Landaverde
One like = one breakfast burrito for Eugene
Blue Origami
Blue Origami 7 days ago
My names Michael lmao
Christopher Harpster
FFFFUUUUCCCKKKIN Steel Reserve! Back in high school my buddy's pap used to by that shit in Canada and we'd sneak a few. I haven't had on in years!
Omar Dro
Omar Dro 7 days ago
I love me some ultra
Amber Kim
Amber Kim 7 days ago
Only Eugene would compare the sound of a beer can to an orgasm....
Im Batman
Im Batman 7 days ago
Natural light taste like water
Ain't No Guy
Ain't No Guy 7 days ago
Is there a designated driver?
Nina Nguyen
Nina Nguyen 7 days ago
Eugene- go back to your baby. im gonna...nestle my babies- Keith- were so close stay focused
Nina Nguyen
Nina Nguyen 7 days ago
Eugene- Emily my light! Keith- Emily, c'mon! Eugene- Emily! Keith- Emily! Eugene- you- you can do it! use those shoulders
Caitlyn Boylan
Caitlyn Boylan 7 days ago
Eugene was dressed Texas Eugene sounded Texan Eugene acted Texan Eugene IS TEXAN!
TheJoker1886 8 days ago
Eugene you are not a terrible youtuber. You are a Capricorn lol
Johane Maher
Johane Maher 8 days ago
Who's here after he came out??
Jeff K
Jeff K 8 days ago
Rolling Rock is a great domestic beer but it belongs in a bottle not a can that makes a huge difference because of its complex taste. Pony’s in a bottle would rank much higher. 😀
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
More like a Rank *QUEEN*
Michael Deokinandan
My names Michael!
PC_GameWorld 8 days ago
To me rolling rock tastes best out of those. and carbonation has alot to do with beer. So pabst is at the bottom, I think Budweiser and rolling rock are unique in flavor
Reghan Blake
Reghan Blake 8 days ago
Obviously the Wisconsin beer is number one! We're the beer (and cheese) state!
Fitzxo. _
Fitzxo. _ 8 days ago
7:36 “I want a breakfast burrito, that is what I want” Thought this was worth mentioning
Nathan Tanguma
Nathan Tanguma 8 days ago
Amongst Latinos we call Miller highlife "la guera" the white woman because of the girl on the bottle
Charles McClellan
High life is my everyday driver.
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