Eugene Ranks Cheap American Beer

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Eugene drinks the 15 most popular cheap American beers and ranks them from best to worst. What do you want to see Eugene pick a definitive ranking for next? #RankKing
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Aug 18, 2018




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Comments 21 085
Tony C.
Tony C. 13 hours ago
PBR is definitely the best cheap beer, S tier for sure
Tessa 14 hours ago
rip corona
Tessa 14 hours ago
i guess it's mexican
kyna 14 hours ago
rank hangover meals
D. A.D
D. A.D Day ago
Yes Eugene
Dwayne Lowery
Amazingly close to being correct! Especially for being drunk!
Walker Constant
11:57 cuz I'm Fucking right
Joey Lim
Joey Lim 2 days ago
I came here after the girl scout cookies vid hehe
Kevin Wells
Kevin Wells 2 days ago
U r a fucking hipster...jesus
Haley Galapati
Haley Galapati 2 days ago
can you like actually rank all version 1 pokemon? that would be great for my liking
Cody B.
Cody B. 2 days ago
I just keep replaying the clip of edward knocking over eugenes beer order lol
Ty Davidson
Ty Davidson 2 days ago
Rank pie
Noah Lowery
Noah Lowery 3 days ago
Miller has always been the tastiest cheep light beers 🤷🏽‍♂️
Christopher Payne
No yuengling!?!?
Boiman Toby
Boiman Toby 3 days ago
It’s like a 14 year old girl drinking
Poppy 4 days ago
I'd like to see him rank sodas
PS Soni
PS Soni 4 days ago
Plzzz rank pokemon!!!!!!!!
Jarrod Pellissier
Just rewatched this because I need more rank king. Also please don't use simpler times lager and pilsner interchangeably. The lager is one of the worst beers I've ever put in my mouth.
Sarah Huynh
Sarah Huynh 4 days ago
Claire Allard
Claire Allard 4 days ago
Rank M&M flavors!! And Pokemon!!
Leanne Chambers
Leanne Chambers 5 days ago
All the Michael’s I know are assholes. My dad, two of my school bullies, and my first boss who couldn’t remember my name.
Jayy Marie
Jayy Marie 5 days ago
Benny Tenor
Benny Tenor 6 days ago
There’s one missing. It’s called ‘Natty Daddy’. Don’t believe me, look it up
Mike 8
Mike 8 6 days ago
I do lol
Dramamine 6 days ago
steel reserve is one of the best beers he reviewed wtf
kristin james
kristin james 7 days ago
More of these videos!
Clint Moberly
Clint Moberly 7 days ago
Fuck this guy
Grace Corcoran
Grace Corcoran 7 days ago
when ever they say rank king it sounds like wanking
Taylor Thornsberry
couldn't finish the video because you all made me want to go pick up a rack
Jay Neugebauer
Jay Neugebauer 8 days ago
I think you need to have a better tolerance than feeling it after sipping 6 beers to be a reliable source for a beer video. Also how can you judge chugging if you cant chug.
Kyra Royal
Kyra Royal 8 days ago
Rank whiskey Please
Brandon Dvorak
Brandon Dvorak 8 days ago
I must be poor as fuck because ultra the good shit XD
fleetato 9 days ago
michael cera is shaking
Xander Hall
Xander Hall 9 days ago
One time I thought coors light was coke so I jugged it it did not end well
dc vs marvel
dc vs marvel 9 days ago
God I'd fuck this guy
Steph Schoeman
Steph Schoeman 10 days ago
Rank taco's or burgers from fast food places.. or different types of tequila/vodka.. Rank different cuts of meat? Fillet to rib eye to chuck etc.. (best to worst)
Gunnar Grove
Gunnar Grove 10 days ago
i love busch light, it's my favorite cause i can down a six pack of tall boys and not feel like death the next day before work. now, miller high life gives me the beer sh*ts so it's a no go with me. i just like sh*tty beers i guess. no shame
Mike Picone
Mike Picone 10 days ago
How the hell is steel reserve not last?
MikeSora7 7
MikeSora7 7 10 days ago
I am outstanding
Michael Barry
Michael Barry 11 days ago
ShelbytheFairy 11 days ago
Eugene should rank hard seltzers since they're so popular now
RemaSalamander 11 days ago
I need more rank king
Paul Kirk
Paul Kirk 11 days ago
I’d drink any of these beers and have before, only now I would never buy Steel Reserve
Knownwellenough 11 days ago
Eugene was doing great until we got to the high life
Michael Ferrulli
Michael Ferrulli 12 days ago
It’s Michael
MrWOW87 12 days ago
But he is manspreading
abi RoMez
abi RoMez 12 days ago
I feel like lone star should have been in this line up and i'm disappointed.
Nia Eva
Nia Eva 12 days ago
I still want our Pokémon ranking video
Lillian John
Lillian John 13 days ago
Rolling rock ain’t cheap
Brittany Schullo
Brittany Schullo 13 days ago
Eugene your Asian glow is showing 😂❤️
gropestha 13 days ago
Did he do one with mid tier beers?
Mrs. Moose
Mrs. Moose 13 days ago
I'd love to see him rank gluten free pizza from the frozen section of the grocery store 😂
Calculator 13 days ago
This guy talks and behaves like he just came out of high school, what is this video lol
Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright 13 days ago
MORE RANK KING!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rory C
Rory C 13 days ago
You know what American beers have in common with having sex in a canoe? It's Fucking Close To Water.
Daniel Cole
Daniel Cole 13 days ago
8:33 Keith should be the next Batman
Audrey Strain
Audrey Strain 14 days ago
Coors is pronounced kers if you’re from the south
Audrey Strain
Audrey Strain 14 days ago
Michelobs >
MaxH 14 days ago
MU, bud light, Busch are my top 3
Jakob Jakobson
Jakob Jakobson 15 days ago
I'm honestly surprised PBR came up that high. I have never tasted a beer more watery than PBR. Even the cheapest beer at a discount store isn't as watery. Or maybe they water the beer down when they export it to the UK. The one time I bought it, I could barely finish it, it was like the beer version of La Croix
camerin allison
camerin allison 15 days ago
I don’t know what’s so entrancing about this but I could watch him do this forever
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