Eugene Babysits Ned's Baby

The Try Guys
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By popular demand, Eugene confronts his biggest nightmare: babysitting for the first time ever. While Ned and Ariel enjoy a day to themselves, Eugene must handle the trials and tribulations of raising little Wes, from feeding him to changing his diaper and putting him to bed. Will he learn to love babies or grow to hate them even more?
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Ariel Fulmer and Wesley Fulmer
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Nov 14, 2018

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Comments 25 799
Marigold _playz
Marigold _playz 14 minutes ago
"You feed it, You sleep it.." I wish you were my babysitter because thats all I need in life tbh- oh, and wifi or data but ya knoww
Ultimate Trash
Ultimate Trash 27 minutes ago
Eugene’s the cutest thing in this video
Bean Bag
Bean Bag 52 minutes ago
I DIED laughing wen he was like Wesley what are you doing what HE doing!?!😂😂 he got a little worried there😂😂
zsazsa dhysha
zsazsa dhysha Hour ago
Eugene : when they stop drooling? Ned : when they go to college DEAD 😂😂😂😂
Felipe 2 hours ago
*Can’t imagine something sweeter than Eugene sitting with the baby* ☺️
K M 3 hours ago
Can we talk about how happy Eugene looked when he was with Wes?
Arii 3 hours ago
Why is this sooo adorable?! I think he did a great job for someone who does not like baby's that much. He is so sweet
Hamilton Lover101
Hamilton Lover101 5 hours ago
Wes is too adorable!!! I can't even.
sarahtolkien 5 hours ago
We didn't bond [but he fell asleep on me and I watched him sleep and then I put him in his cute outfit and played with him and then laid under his little structure and read him a book] but I will murder anyone who tries to hurt him.
Yellow Umbrella
Yellow Umbrella 10 hours ago
Nobody: Not a single soul: Eugene: " *wHY arE HIs BAlLs sO biG?* "
Quilove **
Quilove ** 10 hours ago
You guys are funny!!! Just found your channel n love it.
The Muddy Billmans
The Muddy Billmans 10 hours ago
Caryn Miel Sese
Caryn Miel Sese 11 hours ago
Shrestha Sinha
Shrestha Sinha 14 hours ago
"Well he is alive"😆😆😆
lol 15 hours ago
*"I just have to keep him alive right?"*
Adrianna Aviles
Adrianna Aviles 16 hours ago
*wHy ArE hIs BaLls sO bIg???* Had me dead 😂😂😂
Forget me not
Forget me not 17 hours ago
cheryl hubner
cheryl hubner 17 hours ago
He may not like kids but he did ok
AwkwardlyMe 18 hours ago
I am literally Eugene. I held my nephew for the first time last week (he's 8 months old). I don't know what to do with them, Im awkward when they cry and honestly watching Eugene with Wes makes me cry... why are we expected to like and hold and do stuff with the baby just because they came from someone we love. And then you feel bad because you don't want to hold it or play with it. ANYWAY just saying Eugene is actually trying so hard and you can see it and I'm proud of him.
Desteney Cordero
Desteney Cordero 20 hours ago
" do stuff outside of parenting"watches baby while sleeping
Parker shuler 14
Parker shuler 14 20 hours ago
I speak baby he is saying give me my fucking milk
Avinda Azn
Avinda Azn 22 hours ago
It's like horror movie, when watching eugene tranfer wes
Stacy Thomai
Stacy Thomai Day ago
Wes is the cutest ❤️❤️❤️
Abby McGuire
Abby McGuire Day ago
"I tried to sleep him"😂
Hello Tacos
Hello Tacos Day ago
Eugene: when do they stop drooling so much? Ned: oh......when they go to college Eugene: ........ I died laughing at that part
A Ajayi
A Ajayi Day ago
Why does Eugene's impression of Ned sound like Squidward?! 😂
Lindsey Reads
Because Ned sounds like him sometimes
Lis Klock
Lis Klock Day ago
Always Nice to know you are not the only person on this earth to refer to baby's as 'it' 😂
i love gay meatballs :3
"go the f to sleep" I DIED XDDD
Anna Krueger
Anna Krueger Day ago
This is so precious
ZoeyTube XD
ZoeyTube XD Day ago
Never gets old.....
Victor 360NOscope
Asks the baby what he wants hahahahaha
Hermione Granger
Eugene starts off with a suit and ends up with his shirt half unbuttoned
crisi isterica
Eugene is become Robin
Luka Day ago
Eugene is supringingly good w kids and jts mt favorite thing in the world
Rose Goldberg
The way Eugene apologizes for "making the baby feel bad" is adorable and melts my heart
Meighan Lough
13:45 "ohhhh shiii-takii"
Meighan Lough
"oh shit oh fuck oh l*covers mouth * I FOKEN DIED LMFAO
Yoongi Bunny
Yoongi Bunny Day ago
The baby has such beautiful eyes✨
Paradox Lopez
Lol is anyone gonna talk about how Zach can’t babysit Wes ? 😂
XxIce And SnowxX
XxIce And SnowxX 2 days ago
somi__ 2 days ago
he could be a cute dad tbh
Layan Sowayan
Layan Sowayan 2 days ago
This is so wholesome I love this
FBI 2 days ago
Mom: hows the baby doing Bean: am i a joke to
Sydney Lim
Sydney Lim 2 days ago
Seeing Wes throw up reminded me of the time my younger brother threw up on my favorite dress. Yeah not funny
Jemimah Manaen
Jemimah Manaen 2 days ago
Aw that’s adorable
Teodora Enno
Teodora Enno 2 days ago
Eugene looks exactly like me with my first child 😂😂
Dark Elements
Dark Elements 2 days ago
Me and my mom were your 17k sub
M.J. Meece
M.J. Meece 2 days ago
Wes: Eugene: fuckFUCKfUcKFuCkf*ckf&£!f¡ckfu€k
AlphaWolf Plays
AlphaWolf Plays 2 days ago
I really think he would be a good father or baby sitter. Also He says he’s a dog person and does not like babies *he plays with baby, gives baby outfit, smiles while playing with him, worries for baby, and says he will protect baby, wants a bottle, says he will babysit again*
Simar Hunjan
Simar Hunjan 2 days ago
when eugene said "i will murder anyone who tries to hurt him" my heart hurts aweeee
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