Eskimo Callboy - Hypa Hypa (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Eskimo Callboy
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"Hypa Hypa" taken from our upcoming EP “MMXX”.
Release Date: September 11th 2020.
Music video directed and produced by:
Pascal Schillo & Oliver Schillo (www.schillobrothers.com)
Concept by Eskimo Callboy
Film Crew:
Florian Berwanger - DOP (instagram.com/fbwg)
Kami Zero - Hair & Make-up
Jan Schmidt - 1st AC
Tim Schuback - Grip
Patrick Unger - Lights
Linh: instagram.com/_alienxslut_/
Kalle: ruvid.net/u-santorro207
HandOfBlood: ruvid.net/u-HandIOfIBlood
Bart: www.twitch.tv/behaartmitbart
EisOhneWaffel: www.twitch.tv/eisohnewaffel
Sola: ruvid.net/u-TheSolalol
Sterzik: ruvid.net/show-UC4ptxdb1pXK64LMR3_T_Rug
Papo: ruvid.net/show-UCjKRCS8eVTPPKDimoFDuT9A
Nikeles: www.twitch.tv/nikeles/
Music written by Daniel Haniß, Pascal Schillo, Kevin Ratajczak, Nico Sallach
Produced by Daniel Haniß, Pascal Schillo, Kevin Ratajczak
Mixed by Daniel Haniß
Mastered by Aljoscha Sieg - Pitchback Studios (www.pitchbackstudios.com)
#EskimoCallboy #HypaHypa
Hypa Hypa
You're pretty and I like ya
Move your body girl
All night long
Hypa Hypa
You're pretty and I like ya
You're gonna be my girl
All night long
There's a fire on the floor
Anytime you hit the club
Your body moves hypnotize me
God, I want it!
You are my drug
You're everything I want
I would give my soul
For a girl like you at once
Put your hands up!
And let me see you shake your hips
Medicate me!
I want that juice on your lips
Yeah you like that!
I wanna know that it’s true
You're dancing for me
And I'm living for you
Hypa Hypa
You're pretty and I like ya
Move your body girl
All night long
Hypa Hypa
You're pretty and I like ya
You're gonna be my girl
All night long
And I can't look away
I'm addicted to your smile
Dance for me! Dance!
Never stop girl
God, I love it!
You are my drug
You make my dreams come true
I would give my life
For a pretty girl like you
Put your hands up!
And let me see you shake your hips
Medicate me!
I want that juice on your lips
Yeah you like that!
I wanna know that it’s true
You're dancing for me
And I'm living for you
You're alone on the dancefloor baby
Turn the light
You're alone on the dancefloor baby
Turn, turn, turn on
You're alone on the dancefloor baby
Turn the light
Turn the light
Turn the lights on
Wanna rip of your clothes now baby
Turn the light
Turn the light
Turn the light
You're alone on the dancefloor baby
Turn the light
Wanna rip of your clothes now baby
Turn the light
Step by step
Getting closer to you
Step by step
Getting closer to you
Dance baby dance! Dance?
I wanna dance
I'm gonna hit so hard
Imma break down the floor
I wanna dance
Baby, can you see my moves
You're gonna love it!
Imma! kill it! like I never did before!
Hypa hypa!
Hypa, hypa!
Hypa hypa!
Hypa Hypa
You're pretty and I like ya
Move your body girl
All night long
Hypa Hypa
You're pretty and I like ya
You're gonna be my girl
All night long
God i want it


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Jun 19, 2020




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Comments 100
Edwards Family Entertainment
How am I just now finding this..
Victor Deleon
Victor Deleon 15 hours ago
The chick has a tattoo of satan on her stomach 🤯
Seven Chords
Seven Chords 16 hours ago
sounds like someone mixed scooter together with some metalcore, was not what i was expecting, but i like it
junjie jordan
junjie jordan 16 hours ago
Dude You deserve a like and subscribe From Ph Here
the DEMO player
the DEMO player 19 hours ago
10/0.0000000000036103 Anyway i rated them.
Cr Hu
Cr Hu Day ago
If you're gonna put a gorgeous girl just writhing around, the least you can do is ALSO make all the out of shape guys do a ridiculous dance routine in insane mullet wigs.
StukaJi86 Day ago
the synchronisation on 0:45 is just... damn
Lap' In
Lap' In 2 days ago
Damn I wish the part as 3:10 was 3 minutes longer, so powerful this hardstyle / metal mix, remind me of Catastrophe from Crossfaith
Jen S
Jen S 2 days ago
I like it and I dislike it cuz of the screaming heavy metal mess in the middle I would have been okay with maybe Rock instead but the screaming is a complete putting this song in my dislike pile
Nilas Officiel
Nilas Officiel 2 days ago
Who is there this summer? ahahahaha I want more song like this!!!!
tyler hart
tyler hart 2 days ago
Whos that girl tho
Werulisima Rose
Werulisima Rose 2 days ago
The best I've ever seen :-D I love it! Great job!
ArJay1966 2 days ago
Ich, 55, ergo alter Sack, find es GEIL!!! 😆😆 KNALLT, Jungs. Gruß aus OB.
Camp Survivor
Camp Survivor 3 days ago
Everyone Metal is no party music! Eskimo Callboy Hold my Jägermeister.
Sergey Karpov
Sergey Karpov 3 days ago
Hardcore kick + metalcore... fok that's what i was looking for
goose10091203 3 days ago
This reminds me of what a video of the guys from Super Troopers would look like.
Pablo Farias
Pablo Farias 3 days ago
ig de la minita
pepeblockchain 3 days ago
holy based
iAmDefiant 3 days ago
This reminds me a little bit of brokencyde lmao.
Bryce Lane
Bryce Lane 4 days ago
that man on the drums is killin it the entire video
GenericWhiteBoy 4 days ago
High key banger
Dieter Peten
Dieter Peten 4 days ago
Ja, scheisse. Bestes Lied und Corona verhindert ne geile Tour. Fuck.
AL1R 4 days ago
So good (◕ᴗ◕✿)
LordFinexx 4 days ago
Dieser Song braucht ein Comeback, wenn man wieder in die Clubs darf!
Abdullah Arief
Abdullah Arief 4 days ago
new genre unlocked : memecore
Liam Summers
Liam Summers 4 days ago
Officer Doofy knows how to rock!
JacksEpicFail 4 days ago
This is gonna sound dumb, but watching people react to this video literally got me through 2020. Thanks boys.
James Campbell
James Campbell 4 days ago
Listened to this song 82 times in 2 days.
German Tomas
German Tomas 4 days ago
Deutsche 1941:😡😡😡 Deutsche jetzt:🥳🥸🥳
Andrew9th 4 days ago
I showed this video to my girl, she asked me if this video was a parody of something hahaha
DeFu 4 days ago
"What is ur type of boys?" "Its...complicated" 2:57
Rai2M 4 days ago
Wait a moment... what? Is it legal? :)
Benjamin Lucas
Benjamin Lucas 5 days ago
Ommfgggg just omg awesome sauce
GameZedd 5 days ago
Whats the pink haired girls name?
Lisa Avrich
Lisa Avrich 5 days ago
Man this never gets old..excellence..
Camgaroo 5 days ago
very catJAM
Star of Eden
Star of Eden 5 days ago
she looks like boomstick girl Harley Quinn
Жорик Пылесосович
Кто сюда попал после Longplay?
Someone89a 6 days ago
This is the one song that I’m glad I had never heard of the band before - I was never expecting the metalcore
James Corley
James Corley 6 days ago
This is what happens when their management says "we need you to make a pop song"
Velin Malinov
Velin Malinov 6 days ago
Who is the Girl wow!!!!
They added a new one to “the world ugliest metal MVs”.
IAM MONKEYGOD 8 days ago
So this is the only thing germany has outside of ww2
mirqooo hoo
mirqooo hoo 8 days ago
Co to do chuja jest za gówno? :D
Rangikapua Teepa
Rangikapua Teepa 8 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂 funny as fuck
Edyta H.
Edyta H. 8 days ago
I love this Scheiße, yeah! My neighbors of course too ;)
Lamirry 8 days ago
grimore 8 days ago
I wish I could watch this for the first time every single day
Dreadoom_live 8 days ago
I thought it was just a fun song but this is an absolute banger !
Julian Ruiz
Julian Ruiz 9 days ago
its a bop tho
Nicholas Meriwether
well that just went hard as shit...
males mules
males mules 9 days ago
Derek Zoolander must be one of the missing members of this band
David Baláž
David Baláž 9 days ago
top top top top !!!!!!! from Slovakia
fx 9 days ago
I love this song more than can ever be healthy
First Titan
First Titan 9 days ago
Pure masterpiece
Pascal Bouffard
Pascal Bouffard 10 days ago
lol :)
Marten B.
Marten B. 10 days ago
Der Song ist durch das Video einfach nochmal 10x geiler!
quint0nJ 10 days ago
I'm convinced that like...25%of the views for this video came from me
Sebastien Poli
Sebastien Poli 10 days ago
Can‘t wait to bring a mullet wig to a show and mosh on this
desolat 327
desolat 327 10 days ago
Wenn man sich dieses Video anschaut stellt man sich nur eine Frage: ist Linh single?😁
sk8mysterion 10 days ago
Fucking sick hahaha, das ist komplett an mir vorbei gegangen 😁
Cherie Roskams
Cherie Roskams 11 days ago
When RUvid recommends something you actually ended up liking!
Gul Le Lardon
Gul Le Lardon 11 days ago
treekangaroo. 11 days ago
He looks life if Joe Exotic was a surfer guy instead of a zoo guy
Zeke Jensen
Zeke Jensen 11 days ago
If I wasn't bald I would immediately grow a mullet
Jman8345 11 days ago
I listen to this multiple times every day
Nicklas Friis Vestergaard
I never knew how much i needed this, but now i know!!
Nashika4408 12 days ago
Nashika4408 12 days ago
Nashika4408 12 days ago
Jason Q
Jason Q 12 days ago
Gotta be the best song of 2020
Stee 12 days ago
This was my summer song of 2020. Nearly a year already :O
ujustgotuwued 12 days ago
gustavo rocque? 2:49
LauraArniman 12 days ago
Anyone can give me that pretty lady name or profile?
LauraArniman 12 days ago
@you like krabby patties dont ya squidward Thank You!
you like krabby patties dont ya squidward
Her name on insta is _alienxbaby_
Dr. Joseph Höcke
Dr. Joseph Höcke 13 days ago
Früher habe ich diese Band gehasst. Jetzt hasse ich mich , dass ich das hier mag. Ahhhhhhhhhrg
VNC-Crakz ay
VNC-Crakz ay 13 days ago
eyo der song ballert anders!
Pedro Sousa
Pedro Sousa 13 days ago
This is awesome!!!
Nico Birk
Nico Birk 13 days ago
Alle die dislaicken verstehe ich nicht Das ist doch voll geiel
Nico Birk
Nico Birk 13 days ago
All so den Song meine ich
Yusuf Özkara
Yusuf Özkara 13 days ago
Turkey fans 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
pipo ariel
pipo ariel 14 days ago
11 millions! 🤘🏻🖤
RightFaiky 14 days ago
Das war etwas unwuschlich 😀!
SPAZE 14 days ago
du génie
Chelsea Carr
Chelsea Carr 15 days ago
Love this
LauraArniman 15 days ago
when u mix Slipknot and Scooter :D
A.I.Lmao 16 days ago
After the fist 18 seconds of watching this guy cosplying as Ryan Gosling from The Nice Guys in a LMFAO video, i was sold! My only problem with this song is that it's too short. Otherwise, great job, guys!
Peer Bruun
Peer Bruun 16 days ago
kalle kosscinsky i'm so hypede
Killzin Traitor
Killzin Traitor 16 days ago
when you mix Gunther, Scooter and Bullet for my Valentine you get this XD XD (sorry XD)
gaster969 17 days ago
Ach ja, feinste Choreographie am Ende, meine Herren.
Esmarh84 17 days ago
Don't know how I got here, but it was definetly worth it! HYPA, HYPA!!!
RzR Burn
RzR Burn 17 days ago
For anyone wondering, The Tatt'd Female model's name is ( AlienXBaby ) And you can find her on instagram and she also has an Onlyfans. You're welcome :)
RzR Burn
RzR Burn 11 days ago
@Evan Artemis just google her name, you'll find it ;)
Evan Artemis
Evan Artemis 12 days ago
Bet. whats the handle?
Chuck Beef
Chuck Beef 14 days ago
Not surprised.
watman 17 days ago
how does this have only 11 million views?
cbonez 18 days ago
Love it. Love the anti sjw anti woke music and videos. Sorry wahmen I want to see you shake it as well and not feel bad I watch ya do it!!
duncan green
duncan green 18 days ago
Hands down the greatest thing ever. Funny and heavy. Perfect. And the object of their affections is one hot babe so it's win win.
Анатолий GraPhiT
Новый вокалист - Сергей Мезенцев на минималках ахахах.
ׂ 18 days ago
An update of the old sound with a different approach from dua lipa. This is quite an addictive song.
Maddog Rob
Maddog Rob 18 days ago
1992 Daytona Florida SpringBreak come back to life....
Joshua Rose
Joshua Rose 18 days ago
When did Dude Perfect start making amazing music?
Omar Rizzo
Omar Rizzo 18 days ago
00:49 What is Anthony Kiedis doing in this video?
Vaesko 18 days ago
Нюра, такая Нюра, охонь
hxcpaok 18 days ago
ChrisRyot 19 days ago
03:25 I found me a spirit animal and I shall call him angel
Mad9977-RC and HOBBY
my new "wake up ring tune" 😂