Escaping The Dream SMP's Most Inescapable Prison (pandora's vault)

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Can I escape the Dream SMP's most inescapable prison? Let's find out...
Huge thanks to awesamdude for making this prison, huge thanks to my cousin who cosplayed awesamdude:
Huge thanks to Creavite for making the map that I used:
And of course, huge thanks to all of you watching! It makes my day, being able to entertain you all :)
0:00 - intro
1:04 - setup
3:32 - security measures
6:10 - phase one: entry
6:59 - phase two: preparation
8:05 - phase three: execution
Execution - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Slave To The Grid - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
The Void Is Calling - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Something Wicked - Ross Bugden
The Rebel Path - Cyberpunk 2077
V - Cyberpunk 2077
(now obviously since we don't know what pandora's vault completely looks like then some of my methods here might not work on the actual prison, but its as close as we could do)
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Twitter: Mythrodak
Until next time, ladies, tootloo!


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Apr 18, 2021




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Comments 100
Nav3t_ 2 hours ago
Lets just hope dream isint watching
IO- Ki
IO- Ki 2 hours ago
The Outsider
The Outsider 2 hours ago
i loved the intro OH MY GOD I LOVED IT
Zachary Earls
Zachary Earls 3 hours ago
What if you just put a piece of obsidian in a lava lake 2000 blocks from land?
Kiaiponookaoiaio Rezantes
Dream watching this be like: damn I’m about to escape
Mariela Games
Mariela Games 3 hours ago
What if in the first kill check u dont right click the bed but u left click which will tp u to ur bed and from there u just run
ChaoticPyxel 4 hours ago
amazing video!
notjasper 4 hours ago
Amazing..... just amazing
ɹnɥʇɹA 4 hours ago
Or you just don't commit crime
Roshan Surelia
Roshan Surelia 4 hours ago
One way to escape is to break the glass use the lectern and then make a nether portal
Cadey 4 hours ago
I bet dream watched this
Tbrnrkayani Gamers
Tbrnrkayani Gamers 6 hours ago
Dream be like Write this down write this down!
H1tCactns 6 hours ago
Why dream not watching this??
Klaus Edge
Klaus Edge 8 hours ago
you forgot the part in the prison cell where the blocks lift up preventing you from getting to the lava :/
Moova gaming
Moova gaming 8 hours ago
His escape is flawed because when he jumped in the lava there would usually be a wall there unless there letting a visitor in it, or awesamdude needed in there.
yeetus deletus
yeetus deletus 9 hours ago
canon dream watching your videos : interesting
uhhuman ?
uhhuman ? 9 hours ago
Next video: breaking out of Alcatraz
Its bruhNANA
Its bruhNANA 9 hours ago
James Kaiser
James Kaiser 9 hours ago
11:10 you should of just went onto the rails and built to the other side
James Ortega
James Ortega 11 hours ago
the endeing was cool
Anshul Ravi Sharma
Anshul Ravi Sharma 11 hours ago
I hope dream doesn't watch this video
James Ortega
James Ortega 11 hours ago
this is how dream is gonna escape
weakxblaze 11 hours ago
i wanna see description so i can see thx it for making that my bros friend and hehelo
RazorBS 12 hours ago
You are insane
Quack 12 hours ago
You forgot that every lever and button needs a keycard to open
Harry Godliman
Harry Godliman 13 hours ago
What happened to the mining fatigue 😂
mystic gamer
mystic gamer 14 hours ago
if u see enscapeable prison get dis dude
Hardik 14 hours ago
This video is AMAZING!!!! It has such dramatic parts!!!!
Dr. Dreamer
Dr. Dreamer 15 hours ago
Dream would be proud of the parkour.
Bon Elips
Bon Elips 15 hours ago
If dream sees this vid he will escape easily
john gaming 2.0
john gaming 2.0 15 hours ago
If dream watches this then a new chapter of dream smp will come
R0ztek Tomi
R0ztek Tomi 16 hours ago
this is a good video for dream especially
Buncha Idiots
Buncha Idiots 18 hours ago
Escaping Hell with a toothpick
Leyton LEYTON 18 hours ago
Dream should watch this
GNATLeader 19 hours ago
2:30 "using command blocks wont even stop me" me: repeat always active /kill [his username]
iisickzii Xpro
iisickzii Xpro 20 hours ago
Dream himself couldn't do this, your insane my guy.
Charlie Boyce
Charlie Boyce 20 hours ago
Dream watching this to escape be like
Subzero 20 hours ago
The thumbnails is me asking my friend to help me when I’m stuck on a lava island
Jake McFarland
Jake McFarland 20 hours ago
Real life?
Katherine Cane Baluarte
Dream sholud watch this
Tactical 31
Tactical 31 23 hours ago
Very good. The bad part is that we don't have the og version so you maybe can't do some things like breaking the redstone at 10:08 bc probably have ob up there too
Tactical 31
Tactical 31 23 hours ago
Also, at the lava floor at the cells part, you could've towered up an bridged to the other side, it would probably be cheaper on the blocks.
FT Nimbus#
FT Nimbus# 23 hours ago
Yo!!put this guy in azkaban and he will escape from there I am sure!
JackIsWack YT
JackIsWack YT 23 hours ago
c!Dream watching this video: _sips tea_ *Interesting*
is this technos dad
sanctus bellator
I love the quality of the vids
Sharpspitter Day ago
Me hearing the music: 0_0 Mr ballen?
Aiden Zorn
Aiden Zorn Day ago
Here’s the plan: it’s rp, so apply for parole and get approved. Boom, prison escaped. And it wasn’t even that hard
lucas bockner
this is cool but It would not work because awsamdude has a guard key in order to activte the buttons/levers. they do nothing without the key.
Sam Zavatsky
Sam Zavatsky Day ago
Viewers For The Following Video, Escaping The Dream SMP's Most Inescapable Prison (pandora's vault) First Viewer: Dream
Ghost Pheonix
Shhhhh Dont give dream any ideas
f Day ago
In 2021 what makes you a criminal? Getting to other side without a bridge **Cyberpunk music intensifies** 10:50
Dream would be breaking that block for 5 days straight
MudManSon Day ago
this guy could probably escape actual prison
Renz Lalu
Renz Lalu Day ago
Bruh u forgot that dream only has healf a heart in prison
Squid Dude98
Squid Dude98 Day ago
There’s a flaw with this escape plan. in the cell there’s netherite wall preventing you from even touching the lava. in this Recording The netherite is down.
Jonathan Goldsmith
Quick question in the beginning when he swam through the lava by logging out and back in arent the netherite blocks raised so the prisoner cant get through or are they only raised when there is a visitor
Celadon _Wolf
There will never be a powerful enough prison for Mythrodak, because Mythrodak is always more powerful.
Meme R
Meme R Day ago
This guy should be on the dream smp for that
Doi Kid
Doi Kid Day ago
Boomer: Doctor, I'm getting very impressed by a man escaping a block game. doctor: You're alright.
joseph howard
Tushig B
Tushig B Day ago
Damn my guy Houdini be dreaming about beating u
Eduardo González
Ok so can someone send this to dream
mimis Day ago
It wasnt built in sirvival tho. They even used command blocks on the prison
TGBray Day ago
ayo dream hit up my man mythrodaktv
HEZZYY Day ago
mega mindfuck
Frosty x
Frosty x Day ago
You are really smart
IamBuck Day ago
Honestly i wouldnt be suprised if he manages to escape a bedrock box
7:05 "To write various things like journals and diaries and _suicide notes_ in the chest over here."
ItsAWildBren YT
The dream smp is on a server, not a single player world which means this plan wouldnt work
brianchan8 19 hours ago
Uh what
Christopher White
You just helped dream
Beans Day ago
You know it's all scripted right? so even if dream knows this he won't be able to use it (If I sound stupid it's 1 am)
Kr1tic Day ago
this video should not be so well edited i feel like i am watching a movie
Lonely Keks
Lonely Keks Day ago
1:04 Mr ballen moment
All best Songs
Is every mine crafter dumb just surround a person in lava And it's impossible for him to escape
Rocket league bros Wright
Wait when ur in the cell ur on have a heart right?
Disastrous Day ago
What is the name of the music at the end of the video, while you're running away from the prison.
Disastrous Day ago
this music is SICK
End creep sr
End creep sr Day ago
Simplify Day ago
Dreams gonna watch this video be like : 😯 ima try this
nightly _yt0
nightly _yt0 2 days ago
I think he is tecnoblades "brother" or dreams brother
Sloth Turtle
Sloth Turtle 2 days ago
I could escape way easier than that! *Turns on hacked client*
leo da bob
leo da bob 2 days ago
dream build the pison btw
Noel Cain
Noel Cain 2 days ago
All fun and games until dream sees this
DripDracula 2 days ago
this feels like a movie
Lipe890 2 days ago
Dream seeing this: Hmmmmm
The Ironfury
The Ironfury 2 days ago
And btw this was not made in survival this was made on creative in the dream smp
Brendan Yuki
Brendan Yuki 2 days ago
That your right I’m stupid part made me laugh earned a sub
Randomized Vince
Randomized Vince 2 days ago
Irfan Ali
Irfan Ali 2 days ago
Wait do I have my brain cells now ?
Gamer crusader ✔︎
Next video escaping a real life prison
elia terminator
elia terminator 2 days ago
this guy do be using every advantage and at every i mean EVERY
Looxki 2 days ago
Minecraft escapee
Bruh Games
Bruh Games 2 days ago
Me wondering how the guard got back 👁️👄👁️
Esme Rolfe
Esme Rolfe 2 days ago
Dream watching this
Malik Keskes
Malik Keskes 2 days ago
Dream would use this.
Benjamin Williams
I swear this guy is Yoshie Shiratori Reborn or something
Jonas Møller
Jonas Møller 2 days ago
Binu Jacob
Binu Jacob 2 days ago
Dreams Pov: Fanally I can escape
BUBEL NUGET 2 days ago
10:30 stack up to the top cells then you can just go to the other side from there letting out anyone else that can be in there making a giant prison escape
BUBEL NUGET 2 days ago
Dream: 📝
John Kyle Mellijor
These guy must be smart