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Escape The Haunted Pyramid - Roblox

Guava Juice
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We must escape this creepy eerie pyramid in order to survive!
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Oct 14, 2018




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Comments 4 471
CMTV Tanks
CMTV Tanks Hour ago
Also is it just me, or does the part where he goes to the bear is a little bit dirty??
CMTV Tanks
CMTV Tanks Hour ago
Manem kyle mad favorite youtuber is you
Cathy Solitario
Cathy Solitario 8 hours ago
Hai GuavaJuice☺️☺️
Mageswary Mariapan
Mageswary Mariapan 11 hours ago
Gava jus
Cookie worl_2001
Cookie worl_2001 19 hours ago
my favourite youtubr is guava juice
Steve spam
Steve spam 20 hours ago
does your shirt in roblox do you need robux
Connor Schneider
Connor Schneider 20 hours ago
My name is Connor
Jasmine Cheng
Jasmine Cheng 2 days ago
Can you pin dis
Caden Avila
Caden Avila 2 days ago
I love you guava😍
Creative shaeera
Creative shaeera 2 days ago
My favourite youtuber is guava guice..And please play on ly horrors game because I love horror games...
BlackPink Fan
BlackPink Fan 2 days ago
Hi roy
Jeanette Jack
Jeanette Jack 2 days ago
Thyann Johnson
Thyann Johnson 3 days ago
Rigoberto Gramajo
Love your video
Kyronkyruz Quintana
Me name is kyron noice vids bruh
Jasmine Routledge
I am named my username
Alli Schlner
Alli Schlner 3 days ago
Guava juice I put the video of you playing escape the iPhone x and I played it to see who won you won I was struggling so badly worse than what you are in this video
Rizza Marie Mindanao
i'm martheena i'm 6 years old i' am a girl i'm cute
bappy zaman
bappy zaman 4 days ago
Kristie Delgadillo
Of course guava juice😀😀
Thyann Johnson
Thyann Johnson 5 days ago
Pugs are the best
Thyann Johnson
Thyann Johnson 5 days ago
Guava games chad wild clay exposing protect zorgo Vy qwaint
Piotr Piasecki
Piotr Piasecki 5 days ago
what do you call a pyramid with a eye on top? "illuminati"
Mohammad Hasan Masud Nipu
Chad wild clay
Ellie P
Ellie P 5 days ago
I am sooooo bad at the game
lily eves
lily eves 6 days ago
My favourite RUvidr is sssniperwolf love u my name is Sarah btw
De avonturen Van Tijmen
my name: tj
DD 123 kk
DD 123 kk 6 days ago
Yes please live stream plsssssssssssssss I love your vids
mossy dude the last playing
guavs add me name sandwitchhi
kylie animallover10
Roi do you think you and Alex could get together for more videos I miss Wasabi productions
Johnna Sloop
Johnna Sloop 8 days ago
Mine to
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams 8 days ago
My favorite is guava juice
Anna Tarantino
Anna Tarantino 9 days ago
My favorite youtuber is dantdm
Khensy Alicia
Khensy Alicia 9 days ago
My favorit youtouber is karina omg and ronald omg
Faith’s Life
Faith’s Life 10 days ago
My name is Faith. And Yh plz do a livestream! ♥️😂
P P 10 days ago
My is @simplynailoigal
Kimberly Abobo
Kimberly Abobo 10 days ago
i want a shout out
Kimberly Abobo
Kimberly Abobo 10 days ago
amazingngngngngngngngngng go guava juice
Randy Patterson
Randy Patterson 10 days ago
Love your videos 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Mateusz Cybulko
Mateusz Cybulko 11 days ago
Guava juice
Slimaz Slimer
Slimaz Slimer 11 days ago
Awww they didn’t get fifty k likes 😕
maya naureen
maya naureen 11 days ago
i w0ve juav@ juice i
haha beeg
haha beeg 11 days ago
Bobo yan hindi maronong
AHMED 112 11 days ago
AHMED 112 11 days ago
Yolines Torres
Yolines Torres 11 days ago
Hey roi where is guavs
RoseANN Hinaniban
RoseANN Hinaniban 11 days ago
zuleima nolasco
zuleima nolasco 11 days ago
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim 11 days ago
Guava Juice (my favorite RUvidr)(Duh)
GioMidnight Dragon
GioMidnight Dragon 11 days ago
I did the hole obby in 4 tried
LaShaun White
LaShaun White 12 days ago
Play prison life plz my sis wants you to favorite youtuber is guava juice
Lexi B
Lexi B 12 days ago
My favorite RUvidr is fgteev
Zrinka CVITKOVIĆ 12 days ago
i wanna race with guava juice my name in roblox is amazinglanaprincess
Michelle Bryant
Michelle Bryant 12 days ago
My fav RUvidr is you and (redhatter)
Kaelyn Lyons
Kaelyn Lyons 12 days ago
I play Roblox to
Andrea Nothing
Andrea Nothing 12 days ago
Jessica Parker
Brooke Sinclair
Brooke Sinclair 12 days ago
Guava juce
Spiderman Hero
Spiderman Hero 12 days ago
My favorite RUvidr is guava juice
TheTeaManz_Gaminq 1
Yvette Quirante
Yvette Quirante 12 days ago
nicole rainsbury
nicole rainsbury 12 days ago
hi guava juice
Aaron Guloba
Aaron Guloba 13 days ago
guava juice is my favirate youtuber
Matthew Unsworth
Matthew Unsworth 13 days ago
Pug Crotty
Pug Crotty 13 days ago
You and calling key
Gregory V
Gregory V 13 days ago
Roi! My little bro greg lovees you! He loves tub tap also
tony tohka
tony tohka 13 days ago
My favourite RUvid are is guava juice
Caylia Chan
Caylia Chan 13 days ago
I love you
sunil ronit
sunil ronit 13 days ago
My name is Ronit
Zenaida Mendoza
Zenaida Mendoza 13 days ago
You you are my FAVORITE ROI
Cameron Hudson
Cameron Hudson 13 days ago
Grave yo8
Jared Valdovinos
Jared Valdovinos 14 days ago
Guava juice
Leonila Mangubat
Leonila Mangubat 14 days ago
ti sho nixuja
ti sho nixuja 14 days ago
you are my favorite youtuber
Teofilo Garza
Teofilo Garza 14 days ago
mahesh Vijayan
mahesh Vijayan 14 days ago
My favourite RUvidr is guava juice
ayano aishi
ayano aishi 14 days ago
I have alot but my top one is kubz scouts
ayano aishi
ayano aishi 2 days ago
Does anyone else know kubz scouts
Sheryll Diacosta
Sheryll Diacosta 14 days ago
My favorite RUvidr is ROI/GUAVA JUICE
Dkdkek Djsjdj
Dkdkek Djsjdj 14 days ago
Um did you guy see the end
Jorge Haro
Jorge Haro 13 days ago
I did
I’m just a cookie
My favorite youtuber is Brennen Taylor
Rodolfo Reno
Rodolfo Reno 15 days ago
My is guava jueice
ivan Gonzalez
ivan Gonzalez 15 days ago
My favorite RUvid channel is sssniperwolf
Hester Willis
Hester Willis 15 days ago
My favorite you tuber is realrosesarered
Saara Kuklase
Saara Kuklase 15 days ago
I beet the game
Jaden Sibayan
Jaden Sibayan 15 days ago
I want toh play with gyava juice
Al Raffie Manggis
Al Raffie Manggis 16 days ago
John Cena come on
Caleb Ramos
Caleb Ramos 16 days ago
U r my fayvorit utuber
Shahrul Sham Othman
My fav youtuber is azzyland
Ashley Hamrick
Ashley Hamrick 16 days ago
And sssniper wolf
Ashley Hamrick
Ashley Hamrick 16 days ago
My favorite youtubers are sis vs bro and fg TV
Kj All Day
Kj All Day 16 days ago
my favorite youtuber is Guavajuice
Shaikh abdul gani
Shaikh abdul gani 17 days ago
My favorite RUvidr is messyourself
Jesus Jimenez
Jesus Jimenez 17 days ago
You and chad
shakuntla negi
shakuntla negi 17 days ago
This is a fun video
Joshua Meza
Joshua Meza 17 days ago
My name is Joshua guava juice can you say my name
Evangeline Voces
Evangeline Voces 17 days ago
My favorite RUvidr s is dantdm guava juice Preston playz and my big brother mighty tibireus😃
Cameron Hudson
Cameron Hudson 13 days ago
Guava ji
Candace Coleman
Candace Coleman 18 days ago
My favorite youtuber is GUAVA JUICE roi i just love ur vids
Xiong Chen
Xiong Chen 19 days ago
no ofence but why is roy red
Amanda Bush
Amanda Bush 19 days ago
My favorite RUvid er. Is. DanTDM
Taylor White
Taylor White 19 days ago
I love all your videos you are the best my name is ava
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