ESCAPE The CARNIVAL KILLER (Fortnite Murder Mystery)

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Today in Fortnite Creative we do a SCARY Carnival Murder Mystery in Fortnite Battle Royale!
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Aug 18, 2019




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Comments 4 204
Bradley Harrison
Hello I love ur vids
Ben Estes
Ben Estes 20 hours ago
You are my favorite RUvid videos
Crystal Menser
You are the best
Let us sing
Let us sing Day ago
I love to watch you
Jacob Clarke
Jacob Clarke 2 days ago
Have you got merchandise
ashley batacan
ashley batacan 3 days ago
i agree whith thebubbleruler it was great until u stoped the series sundeen 😥😥😥😡
Jacquelyne L
Jacquelyne L 3 days ago
Cody Haas
Cody Haas 4 days ago
Your the best
gamer 221
gamer 221 4 days ago
Can I get your name for frens request
Ed W
Ed W 4 days ago
hey Ssundee bring back troll craft.
Lang Heng
Lang Heng 4 days ago
Hi .....
SixCypress 333
SixCypress 333 4 days ago
Red like button looks better
Marcela Cuatlayotl
Amanda Feckers
Amanda Feckers 5 days ago
You better HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON 👍🏻🦶🏻
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 7 days ago
Have a murder mystery for you
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 7 days ago
Ethan Stierna
Ethan Stierna 7 days ago
Hey Ian, I love your cids
Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia 9 days ago
Shae Lance
Shae Lance 10 days ago
Make 30 minute vids like if u agree
Shae Lance
Shae Lance 10 days ago
Holly Devil
Holly Devil 10 days ago
Don’t you think sad sagils sounds like ninja
Holly Devil
Holly Devil 10 days ago
It’s back yay
Jacob Rad
Jacob Rad 10 days ago
SSundee, when he becomes sheriff: I will protect this city Me: Every time SSundee becomes sheriff he says that
AeroYT_ GAMES 11 days ago
i love murder mystery
beatsforever king
beatsforever king 13 days ago
Love these videos Ian keep up the good work
LethalLoot Llamas
LethalLoot Llamas 14 days ago
Who thinks crainers a bot more than sigils I I V
LethalLoot Llamas
LethalLoot Llamas 14 days ago
LethalLoot Llamas
LethalLoot Llamas 14 days ago
Sigils is a bot
Nathaniel Rose
Nathaniel Rose 14 days ago
Sigils had 3 kills. not two
Liam Donnelly
Liam Donnelly 14 days ago
Like him like me
Dayton Ghana
Dayton Ghana 14 days ago
Happy new year 🎆!!!! I know my profile picture is kinda inappropriate for ssundee vids but I’m sorry I just love 💗 naruto 🍥 and shippuden😐
Derek Arredondo
Derek Arredondo 14 days ago
Ian said that when you hit the like button, it becomes red like the murderer. he was joking. I thought afterwards he would say it turns blue like the sheriff
Adamepic 15 days ago
Plural of foot is feet dumbdumb
_riseh_. _
_riseh_. _ 15 days ago
now you must die😂💔
Feanuga Savea
Feanuga Savea 15 days ago
Love vids and sub to ssundee
HP Plays
HP Plays 16 days ago
Thank you for doing by bidding For hitting like on this comment
Priyanjan Tamang
Priyanjan Tamang 16 days ago
Ssundee when you are a murderer or a sheriff don’t tell anyone or they’ll find out you’re the killer or the sheriff
Joaquin Novoa
Joaquin Novoa 16 days ago
8:16 cuphead music
Golf479 16 days ago
Also on fort it’s do North Pole murder mystery
Cosmic gaming
Cosmic gaming 16 days ago
9:05 ssundee is murderer
Bendizzle Gaming
Bendizzle Gaming 17 days ago
Nice FPS in the very beginning intro
Trang Pham
Trang Pham 17 days ago
Who watching this in 2020 hit that like button
Perry Lecompte
Perry Lecompte 18 days ago
U cool sunnbee make more videos of murder mistory
Perry Lecompte
Perry Lecompte 18 days ago
Friend me mrfrenchfries7
Suzelle Koekemoer
Suzelle Koekemoer 18 days ago
Global worming is in 16monts and every buddy will die!!!!So every buddy will go to Mars,share this whit the world!!!!!Maby
Kenny Wilkie
Kenny Wilkie 18 days ago
Ian can I friend you
Angela Doster
Angela Doster 19 days ago
can you make more murder mystery
zair rodriguez
zair rodriguez 19 days ago
Am in joyinet
Jeremiah Helton
Jeremiah Helton 19 days ago
Ssundee,I have a challenge for you to do a video WITHOUT saying "hit that like button"
Adam Olson
Adam Olson 19 days ago
WHO IS WATCHING THIS IN 2020?! The face ssundee makes when someone has shield 🤗🤪
Ed W
Ed W 4 days ago
Holyminer190 gaming
Carrie Hromek
Carrie Hromek 20 days ago
Who else thinks SSundee is stupid/cringey
Ay Sexton
Ay Sexton 20 days ago
No, its the like button turns blue like the sherif lol
Carmen Clocotici
Carmen Clocotici 21 day ago
How many times dose sundee say like this video
Peter Sloane
Peter Sloane 21 day ago
2020now however fire is AroundAustralia
Jonathan Morse
Jonathan Morse 21 day ago
Why does his card thingy were he putts his score always start with jjjj
Thomas Rios
Thomas Rios 19 days ago
@Jonathan Morse LICK ME
Jonathan Morse
Jonathan Morse 21 day ago
Ik right
Football Slayers
Football Slayers 21 day ago
0:08 if we know the rules why r u explaining them
Cason Broome
Cason Broome 21 day ago
RUvid will you change the color of the like button
Lorraine Empress
Lorraine Empress 22 days ago
my brother has that fortnite skin its my favourite!
vtrm 22 days ago
What’s white SSundee and feet
Ex m0bb
Ex m0bb 23 days ago
Today i broke my clavicle and your vids made me feel better
Charlie Caulfield
Charlie Caulfield 23 days ago
pla murder myster with atks or the quads
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