ESCAPE The CARNIVAL KILLER (Fortnite Murder Mystery)

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Today in Fortnite Creative we do a SCARY Carnival Murder Mystery in Fortnite Battle Royale!
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Aug 18, 2019




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Comments 4 016
Kathleen Thein
Kathleen Thein 52 minutes ago
Look at his fps
Christiano Aditya
Christiano Aditya 13 hours ago
Roses are Red Violets are Blue i got a like Wait why is it Blue???
Anthony Gutwein
Anthony Gutwein 23 hours ago
does anyone else notice that Ian laughs every time he kills someone and everyone else is like god damn it Ian!
Lavigne Bui
Lavigne Bui Day ago
Where is flash
Jamie Neuvel
Jamie Neuvel Day ago
If you love sundee subscribe to anders lambada
Gabe Harper
Gabe Harper Day ago
do another murder mystery
Moon Shine lit dab
Sub to my channel or Ssundee will delete his channel
Death Tag
Death Tag 2 days ago
Ian the day this was uploaded it was my bday but I missed the upload
My like button turnde red
Thomas J. Horwood
Addison gaming
Addison gaming 4 days ago
I’m a fene
jackson shirah
jackson shirah 5 days ago
dude im your most biggest fan
Spyder Ayers
Spyder Ayers 7 days ago
its soooooo fun
Spyder Ayers
Spyder Ayers 7 days ago
hey ssundee play prodigy
Jyoti Gupta
Jyoti Gupta 8 days ago
Give innocent people heavy ammo and others the ammo only of that gun they have
Rogelio Perez
Rogelio Perez 9 days ago
Zapron Playz
Zapron Playz 9 days ago
Benjy sounds like ninja
Elizabeth Zurschmit
Yo yo yo
Esho Issac
Esho Issac 10 days ago
The murderer also has a shotgun so they have shoty amo every innocent has shoty amo even the sheiref for the shotyyyyy
Yousef Emara
Yousef Emara 10 days ago
It’s blue I dislike
curtissa deener
curtissa deener 12 days ago
Can you do it chapter two murder run please :like if you want Ian to do it
Linas Krulikauskas
Linas Krulikauskas 12 days ago
manar ahmed
manar ahmed 12 days ago
Please can SSundee do some more video of murder mistory
Yangfeng Li
Yangfeng Li 13 days ago
Press my like button if you believe Ian is the Silent Master
Merri Lewis
Merri Lewis 14 days ago
Play Murder Mystery on Roblox
Doug & Suzanne Scott
Make more of these. I have seen every modern mystery
Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa 14 days ago
Ssundee is best player
Nirmala Rai
Nirmala Rai 14 days ago
Murder mystry of Avengers
Mandy Macomb
Mandy Macomb 14 days ago
go to drawing sundae's life it will tell you so much about him
Erik Amundsen
Erik Amundsen 15 days ago
Love your murder mystery games
Itzyourboi zac3
Itzyourboi zac3 15 days ago
Why don't you play with mrchang
Vin Seb
Vin Seb 16 days ago
BreBre Tv
BreBre Tv 16 days ago
1:00 NEW ON TV : *The Pink Ssundee*
Moto Marauder
Moto Marauder 16 days ago
Hi ssundee it’s been awhile. I just wanted to say you are a great youtuber and you always have been. I remember when your channel was just at 4 million subs and I’m proud that you’ve come this far. I remember when you did videos with Madeline and Colton pleas bring back those glory days with bedwars and random games that viewers like. I hope you see this beacause I’m so glad you’re here
Icenrium 16 days ago
Everybody please stop telling people to like your comments cause it won’t do anything. There’s already a Like button on top of these comments. No need to ask them. It’ll cause people to hate on your comment or report it for unwanted commercial or spam.And also please learn grammar cause Some people don’t understand you and people will take it a wrong way sometimes. So what I’m saying is: * Stop asking people to like your comments. * Please learn Grammar (English).
John Keefe
John Keefe 16 days ago
Macatrevelle 17 days ago
Me name is Jeff
Luca France
Luca France 17 days ago
I meant hit
Luca France
Luca France 17 days ago
I love murder mystery that's why I bigger that like button😁😁😁😁😁😁
Soel God
Soel God 18 days ago
This is how many people like ssunde
SHADOW DARK 18 days ago
Double press this like button on my comment it turns grey 👇😂😂🤪
FireWater The Night Fury
Sundee do sonic the hedgehog murder mystery Mine craft or fort nite
Rachid Chengoul
Rachid Chengoul 18 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue the sugar bowl is empty and so are you
Nuff Grirce
Nuff Grirce 18 days ago
How many times do you hit that like button like bellow
FearsumFighter 18 days ago
1178 stacks of gun powder
Gamer Kamagi
Gamer Kamagi 18 days ago
Hmmmmmm i think this is a reference to a video on RUvid premium hmmmmmmmmmmmm
IEnVy RxG3 YT 18 days ago
What is the code
better doggos
better doggos 18 days ago
Silly you need to ask for their SNIPER ammo
Ernestas Pikelis
Ernestas Pikelis 19 days ago
stop the video on 1.48
Hamza Aroud
Hamza Aroud 19 days ago
Pls do more murder mystery
Demon Panda
Demon Panda 19 days ago
The formula for a ssundee video Explain the video in the beginning Say something to do with the like button and say “just hit the like button so I shut up” Say foot, mommy, and you smell like cheese curds like 30 times each At the end they fight or fight during the video Ssundee wins it And to Finnish he becomes a sellout
Jayme Terra
Jayme Terra 19 days ago
this is how many times ssundee has said foot I v
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz 20 days ago
Tanks for useing my skin
Eetu Yletyinen
Eetu Yletyinen 20 days ago
duos crundee
Tanduay for lunch
Tanduay for lunch 20 days ago
Ssunder pls can i have a shout out my name is phirz ian lomigo!!!!!!😁😁😁
Faza Ayu Kerisa
Faza Ayu Kerisa 20 days ago
1 like =1 foot!!for the innocent
Raven-lover-3339 Etimani
It actually turned red
Christian Lock
Christian Lock 21 day ago
I love these
Minecraft 21 day ago
I love your videos Ssundee
Jigme Thinley
Jigme Thinley 21 day ago
11:58 he has done your bidding. NOW HE MUST DIE
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