Escalator accident in Rome subway station injures soccer fans

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An escalator collapsed in a Rome subway station Tuesday evening, injuring at least 20 people. Most of the injured were Russians in town for a Champion's League soccer game.
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Oct 24, 2018




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Comments 335
Hailey Michells
They talking about the cause of the incident isnt yet known it's clearly damn obvious
Xcite Carnalval
Xcite Carnalval 4 days ago
That’s poor engineering and design! Properly you would design it to handle that weight and at least 3-10 times more just to be safe. Seems like they had to cut corners from lack of funds. I would of jumped off, falling into metal is a nightmare! I hope everyone is okay!
Adam Lay
Adam Lay 6 days ago
I hope those injured heal quickly.
Don't do soccer, kids
edward delorme
edward delorme 16 days ago
I’ll just add escalators on my list of fears @_@
Toneer Ramirez
Toneer Ramirez 16 days ago
Valió verga
Constiff Piano
Constiff Piano 20 days ago
0:41 CYPRUS (my country)
Younghak Kim
Younghak Kim 24 days ago
한번에 너무 많이 탔어
Adis Babaca
Adis Babaca Month ago
whats this zombie appoclypse is this kind off a joke this isnt even funny i remember one time when i was kid in my country maybe i was around 10 12years old i tryed go boat some citizns tryed go boat and i was in middle tryed go inside boat one almost throw me out off boat in water becaue this behaviour my parents were pissed
JinkCrisJun Ray
JinkCrisJun Ray Month ago
Actually, they should have the standing area and down walking area what I mean is like they shouldn't stand on the escalator all together that would definitely break the systems of the escalator in terms of their weight. instead they must have a side for standing another side for people to walk down like Singapore escalators, So that everything would be balanced.
ndl -knj
ndl -knj Month ago
am your big fan bhai
Who was jumping? Didn't see one person jump, just the high speed of the escalator... They are trying to deflect blame.
հᎥgհ I'm
հᎥgհ I'm Month ago
*Stairs* is *better* i *guess* OR *staying* at *home*
Yotuber Pakistani
In london there is a proper way people use the escalators
darek622 Month ago
dawgchyper91 Month ago
One of my worst fears when going on one at the airport!
michael lister
michael lister Month ago
That mosh pit was intense
Yannick 2 months ago
It is kinda their own fault. Why the hell would you stand with like 30 people on an escalator?!
we have way more people on escalators here and nothing like that has happened... and i didn't see anyone jumping BEFORE the escalator malfunctioned. They claim they were jumping to get out of responsibility to all of those people.
Set Dayer
Set Dayer 2 months ago
Poor kid.. needed to see the whole scene. I hope the people that got injured are okay now.
WithUr Shield
WithUr Shield 2 months ago
The one time you SHOULD push the big red button.
Dyson Spreybar
Dyson Spreybar 2 months ago
People, don't get me wrong. I know good and well how dumb we Americans can be, but what's with Europeans getting THIS out of hand over a sports game?
françois Bertrand
françois Bertrand 2 months ago
Ça ses drole ha ha ha
Martijn Keulen
Martijn Keulen 2 months ago
My guess is imported from china
LES GEEKERS 2 months ago
They will be faster
Y H I N 2 months ago
National Ggraphic
National Ggraphic 3 months ago
I’m Boring
I’m Boring 3 months ago
Wait Russia then its a normal day
mateus vídeos manhaes
Pareceu um ataque de zombie kkk rsrs brincadeira eii Tomara que vcs pass bem depois do susto
Bloom oom
Bloom oom 3 months ago
How painful it is, that when you a passion for something it will just suddenly took away from you but yeah you can learn how to manage a new life for you guys, always believe in yourself. 💜
Vicky Noneya
Vicky Noneya 3 months ago
How does an escalator randomly speed up...or did someone somewhere take a prank too far? Great...now I have a new fear...
xxpanda 133
xxpanda 133 3 months ago
Now you know to not jump on the escalator 😐
Lucas 3 months ago
We need the video of that guy recording it all at 0:05 - we need it!
Simse's workshop!
Simse's workshop! 3 months ago
Well that escalated quickly...😂
Sheshana Facey
Sheshana Facey 3 months ago
What the hell even happened here? Looks like they were all sliding from the jump. I’ve never seen a escalator going that fast😱
pouyan nikookar
pouyan nikookar 3 months ago
god deam .. where there is IQ when u need one
Mohd Azim Mohd Pilus
0:01 When roblox players sees real free robux on the ground
Manon Kpl
Manon Kpl Month ago
izabelle fortune
izabelle fortune 4 months ago
Okay so you see it going fast but you go on it
Nicole Mendoza
Nicole Mendoza 4 months ago
If I were in this video I would save people with two hands
[GD] Mattia the goat
They are Italian? Porcodio!
Christian 3
Christian 3 4 months ago
I was there its next to the Spanish steps
Alex Espinoza
Alex Espinoza 5 months ago
That dude who jumped on the side at the last is smart
Mocking69 5 months ago
muraturile 5 months ago
They wait patient theyr turn to meat grinder...
teenmbb 5 months ago
why was the escalator going so fast?
nag c
nag c 6 months ago
Dancing and jumping people escaped ..but others got injured
Yad Aziz
Yad Aziz 6 months ago
That escalated quickly
Juan S
Juan S 6 months ago
Not made in China but the maintaince ???? Lol
Bye- 6 months ago
This is why I hate escalaters and elevators..
Demigod Spacebender Starfluxx Gamer
hehehahahahhah soccer chant :D
Arun AXL40
Arun AXL40 7 months ago
Eskalator kx kenceng kaya kereta🤔
300pzl 7 months ago
In soviet russia, escalator rides YOU!
BiggaBoyBBQ 7 months ago
what was that noise? 0:05
Christopher Isac
Christopher Isac 7 months ago
Wow that escalator has a weight limit just like anything else! You don’t see 25 people crowding into an elevator same concept!
Yowie 7 months ago
I have to take subway to go to college everyday on overcrowded escalator I am very paranoid
Bunny Flippers
Bunny Flippers 8 months ago
An italian girl passing by
It's because they were jumping on it
Lola Bowen
Lola Bowen 9 months ago
DiDi Sparkles
DiDi Sparkles 9 months ago
Why just why would you jump on an escalator
Knoxla Gee
Knoxla Gee 9 months ago
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