ERIC CLAPTON Live at Budokan, Tokyo, 2001 (Full Concert)

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Live at Budokan, Dec 4, 2001
Eric Clapton - guitar / vocals
Andy Fairweather Low - guitar / vocals
David Sancious - keyboards / guitar / vocals
Greg Phillinganes - keyboards
Nathan East - bass / vocals
Steve Gadd - drums
Key To The Highway 0:38
Reptile 3:41
Got You On My Mind 10:25
Tears In Heaven 14:21
Layla (acoustic) 18:51
Bell Bottom Blues 23:33
Change The World 28:37
River Of Tears 35:15
Goin' Down Slow 44:04
She's Gone 49:28
I Want A Little Girl 57:01
Badge 1:01:36
Hoochie Coochie Man 1:07:42
Five Long Years 1:12:39
Cocaine 1:20:57
Wonderful Tonight 1:25:44
Layla (electric) 1:32:58
Sunshine Of Your Love 1:43:05
Somewhere Over The Rainbow 1:50:00


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Nov 21, 2012




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Comments 80
Rafa Fernandes
Rafa Fernandes 10 hours ago
the best....Eric Clapton is very good in the guitar and vocal. I love your all songs
Romain Day ago
Man....What a band...tight as F***!
Abel mendoza
Abel mendoza 2 days ago
Eric Clapton is like, "Layla", "acoustic or electric, I got you covered." I love that song and it took me days, nights, hours and a bunch of seconds to learn the entire song! I even ended up on Hollywood " Tengo talento mucho talento " because of that song 🎵 I'm very thankful for these amazing people of inspiring me to play guitar and write my own songs.
Alexandr Sherbakov
Музыка высшего качества. Браво.
Vicenta Patricia Loyola
Vicenta Patricia Loyola
ika winner
ika winner 4 days ago
Love very much your music!!!
Art Robledo
Art Robledo 4 days ago
Always loved the song Layla....especially the piano playing. Layla....got me on my knees...👍🍺✌️
Luzza 6 days ago
1:29:49 I'm dreaming..
sunil krishnan
sunil krishnan 7 days ago
One hell of guy!! with all his 'three fingures' lol. and lets just bow!!!
Bluesy Samurai NAO
EC is my super hero! Steve Gadd is the best drummer in the world as far as I know. I wanted Steve played his super cool solo in EC live. I'm covering amazing EC tunes in my channel.
Profil 300c
Profil 300c 8 days ago
Tylko Eric Clapton, David Gilmour i Mark Knopfler. Z nieżywych Hendnrix i Prince i SRV
Fernando Oliveira
Samba, Bossa Nova
Eliza Warmack
Eliza Warmack 9 days ago
This is what keeps the world in balance. Its also a blast to jam to.
岡山努 9 days ago
日本の観客は静か過ぎるね。もっとノリノリで楽しめばいいのに。 クラプトンや他のミュージシャンもつまらなそう。
worst best
worst best 5 days ago
岡山努 だからお前のレベルが低いだけ。 ここのコメント内容も評価も再生回数もなにも見えないの? 目も耳も頭もそこまで悪いならクラプトン聞く価値ないね。 大体ロンドン公演っていつのだよw 衣装なんてないけどこの年のツアーはずっとこんな服装とステージセット
岡山努 7 days ago
ロンドン公演の映像を見れば一目瞭然。 衣装もステージセットも格段の差。日本公演は息抜き程度だよ。
worst best
worst best 7 days ago
はあ?w 音楽史に残る最高のライブで本人たちも観客も明らかにノリノリ&ここの英語コメントも絶賛の嵐で楽しんでるのに、当の日本人が日本の大衆レベル丸出しのバカコメントw お前みたいな自分の低さを認識して学ばないバカって最高をつまらない、くだらないを最高と感じるんだから人生終わってるよね。バカはコメントすんなって恥ずかしい
Josep LLuis Saldaña
He pasando una mañana agradable. Gracias Eric.
Ane Lyram
Ane Lyram 11 days ago
Antonio Bonillo
Antonio Bonillo 13 days ago
Jose Papun Alicea
Jose Papun Alicea 13 days ago
Vasiliy Bets
Vasiliy Bets 14 days ago
Як же тебе не любити Ерік Клаптоне мій!?!
ulysses guimaraes
ulysses guimaraes 15 days ago
Puta som da pra ver que os caras estão até emocionados tamanho entrosamento no palco. 😍👏👏👏👏👏🙌
Carlos AC
Carlos AC 15 days ago
Kenneith Licudine
Kenneith Licudine 15 days ago
haha the arrangement more like muscle memory
kazya M
kazya M 19 days ago
He keeps evolving until its life comes to an end.  心よりの感謝をこめて
waltinho arruda
waltinho arruda 20 days ago
2.500 Pessoas não sabem nem pra que veio ao mundo, agora imagina só definir o que é música boa!!
Dennis Pope
Dennis Pope 20 days ago
This is, without a doubt, one of the very best musical assembles I have ever witnessed in my 63 years on this lord's beautiful earth. Thank you so very much!
Jessi Perkins
Jessi Perkins 21 day ago
Always the best, take lessons folks...
ewa kamiska
ewa kamiska 21 day ago
Werner Boaventura carvalho
Curto ,Eric Clapton.
Роман Хоруженко
Henry E.
Henry E. 22 days ago
Cantantes de habla ingles como : Clapton, Gilmour, R.Water, Bowie, entre varios mas por no mentarlos En español : Cerati, Spinneta, entre varios Marcaron un antes y un despues que creo que jamas volveran haber cantantes como ellos en esta tierra.
reina mora
reina mora 23 days ago
Enamorada de su música.....
Hernan Brizuela
Hernan Brizuela 23 days ago
W P 23 days ago
Fides Exchange
Fides Exchange 24 days ago
great song!
Raul E. Sánchez
Raul E. Sánchez 25 days ago
"Unforgettable acustic"bosanoba , ritmon blues ,unplugged, clasic miusic (crean) ending cristmans
Alba Štambuk
Alba Štambuk 26 days ago
Just wonderful. I love him more and more and more
Clyde’s covers
Clyde’s covers 26 days ago
Eric Clapton playing music the cable company uses when they put you on hold
Variable 26 days ago
If i get a time machine, I'd time travel to watch this concert live.
Variable 26 days ago
During "change the world" , it felt like he really made his guitar weep.
Joan Carter
Joan Carter 26 days ago
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小透明 27 days ago
Kamarul Saiful Yazan
i hate to say lot for one thing we dont always say...by this moment, i see clapton is humblest soul of god and demon on earth none other fits to take same place. JJ Cale was not this void silent on inside but music blooms in there...less words, hard work, respect others as what they are to him, and singing improves hell fast
Kamarul Saiful Yazan
yo...that organ seems to have come from nearly 100 years in the past. gospel blurs
Kamarul Saiful Yazan
layla sann
Kamarul Saiful Yazan
hi mr knopfler. how could i not see it was you..to the right. ha
Kamarul Saiful Yazan
at his best, all round taken care and delivered
Kamarul Saiful Yazan
konichiwa arigato..
apolok mandal
apolok mandal 27 days ago
Its hard to tell if Mr. Clapton has the best vocals or best guitar skills. There is nothing next to his blues vocals. The champ, the inspiration.
GEORGE E. Schaub
GEORGE E. Schaub 28 days ago
I'll wager EC will never have BUY another guitar in what I prey will a very long life ! He must have sales reps from Fender, Gibson and Martin going around his block ! Hell, Fender should dedicate an annex and fund an EC scholarship program ! :
Suzana Eça
Suzana Eça 28 days ago
como posso agradedcer, me ajuda,!
ALBERTO RE 28 days ago
The best concert of Clapton. What a drums Steve Gaad. Extraordinary.
rahmat ardian
rahmat ardian 29 days ago
eric to old now in 2020 hope hes ok still play guitar too,,wish he hv a last guitar live concert
Patric M.
Patric M. 29 days ago
It is a tragedy that this man is losing his hearing.
Tim Haigh
Tim Haigh 29 days ago
Wonderful concert.
Anahi Negrin
Anahi Negrin Month ago
buen blues!!!!
Heraldo Garcia Vitta
The best
Moises da cruz Vieira
Eu nuncaa tinha parado para ouvir "esse cara".... F A N T Á S T I C O ! nunca vi nada parecido!
Ferds Garcia
Ferds Garcia Month ago
Never tired listening to Eric
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira Month ago
1:00:00 ''This one is for George'' just 5 days after his long dear friend died. RIP George Harrison.
Jesus Francisco Altino
sensacional profissionais musicos,vocalistas e instrumentistas.
J. Shankar
J. Shankar Month ago
Got you on my mind is from "Straight no Chaser" - Thelonious Monk
Michel Lorente
Michel Lorente Month ago
Fairweather-Gadd-East-Phillinganes-Sancious.-God. What a dream team!
Peter Wray
Peter Wray Month ago
Eric Clapton just gets better, but his Tokyo gig must be one of the best.
hawkercaine hawkercaine
26 mins in weak eric
Gladimir Alexandre Santos Nunes
Duc Pham Minh
Duc Pham Minh Month ago
How good Guitarist he is.
WalkingJOker Month ago
wait i didnt know that eric clapron invented the elevetor music 3:41
Chris Spite
Chris Spite Month ago
Amazing 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
Shala Taebi
Shala Taebi Month ago
Jazz Blues in Japan...I love it.
Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson Month ago
I just realized that this concert was 5 days after George Harrison died. Eric must have been grieving deeply, but the show, especially a PACKED Budokan. I know I was grieving at that time, too. I had just lost my Golden Retriever, Sierra at 13 years old on Dec. 1st and I was crying for weeks for George and for Sierra.
Lương Châu
Lương Châu Month ago
Tienghat va tieng dan cua Eric deu tuyet voi! That nguong mo!
Ted Hernandez
Ted Hernandez Month ago
Wow!! An Eric Clapton I haven't heard before!!! Nice!! OOOOH Yeh! Loving it!
Cozy Baby
Cozy Baby Month ago
Elé Perfeito com 1 defeito... usa meias brancas...
Cozy Baby
Cozy Baby Month ago
Drew Shourd
Drew Shourd Month ago
A white British dude playing black American blues to a Japanese audience who is loving it!!!!...this is music at it's purest state people!
Sky Station79
Sky Station79 Month ago
Mix those colors in paint and you get shades of green.......
tesohn Month ago
I like this but not sure its much like EC. Case in point listen to "Bell Bottom Blues and compare it to the great lead guitar on that same song on the Layla album. Not sure if I would like to see an EC concert with him playing acoustic over electric.
Elizabeth Malon
Elizabeth Malon Month ago
But it is EC and the fact that he has that level of diversity is what makes him one of the greats. And no one of his caliber wants to play it the same way night after night. That's part of the beauty of a live show.
Rover Month ago
E.R.I.C.!!!!! Soooooooooooo good 💙 🎶 🙏 🎶 Steve Gadd too!!!
Marco Tudini
Marco Tudini Month ago
The best concert in a while...
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