ERIC B. & RAKIM. "Paid In Full" (seven minutes of madness-the Coldcut remix).1988. vinyl 12".

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"Paid In Full" (seven minutes of madness-the Codlcut remix).1988. vinyl 12".
Island Records. Spain edition.
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Nov 10, 2012




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Comments 294
Alexander Lehmann
Alexander Lehmann 22 days ago
the video says 1998, which is not correct, it should be 1988. The track was released in 1987 but became a hit 88
Jerel Ferguson
Jerel Ferguson 28 days ago
I remember being 5 yrs old and hearing this. The sounds and samples over the beat was so intriguing lol. I didn’t know what I was listening to.
marsellu markos dipaula
does anyone know a version with guitar riffs of led zeppelin?
C whippz
C whippz Month ago
still bumpin this on vinyl in 2020!!!
Tim Lowenhaupt
Tim Lowenhaupt Month ago
Jason Holton used to kill this
Whisky_Tango_Foxtrot 1984
Diane Love
Diane Love Month ago
2020 bitches and this is still FIRE
Patience Hector
Patience Hector 3 months ago
Rhymes flowing without hindrance like ice cold water..... genius at his best, a real journey into sound..
John McGuinness
John McGuinness 3 months ago
0:49 The bassline🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mike Jr
Mike Jr 3 months ago
2:37 The real 50 cent kneeling on the lower right with red Adidas cap
Chad Eriksen
Chad Eriksen 3 months ago
My Wife always says all of the old Hip Hop I love sounds the same, but I dont think she gets the nuances. This rhythm is consistent with rap of this time, but that's because it still holds up to this day! Rakim, Tribe Called Quest, Ghetto Boys, Slick Rick, Mobb Deep, Public Enemy, all game changers. Probably get flamed for this, but I would say better than Biggie or Tupac..
Eugene Crusha
Eugene Crusha 3 months ago
Great Memories
Miguel López
Miguel López 3 months ago
Can we agree that tupac used the beat to "hit them up"?
Angel Figueroa
Angel Figueroa 3 months ago
Still bumpin in 2019!
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 4 months ago
This is rap's 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
PURGE2 {u}NITE 4 months ago
This is a journey into sound 🙌💯 people still don't get how POWERFUL THAT PHRASE IS ☄️🔥🎶
gary jamespon
gary jamespon 4 months ago
Waz it good enough fer ya
Sergiio Van Haren
Sergiio Van Haren 4 months ago
My God THAT BASS!!!!
Mirco Ferranti
Mirco Ferranti 4 months ago
00000808 4 months ago
Travis Wooten
Travis Wooten 4 months ago
2019 and forever.
dalvinder chonk
dalvinder chonk 5 months ago
One of the greats
The coolest mix to date. Ever!
The Hammond player
The Hammond player 5 months ago
Great track with one of the funkiest drum beats sampled from the soul searchers Ashley's roach clip
RoastHardy 5 months ago
Placing this on my like list.... again!! RUvid what's wrong?
leo sicaro
leo sicaro 5 months ago
It was really good enough for me
Do We He Lee
Do We He Lee 5 months ago
murray webb
murray webb 5 months ago
This has been my favorite song since I 1st heard it in 88’. I didn’t learn about Alan Watts until 2016. Can still listen to this jam and Watts daily.
simon mcdonald
simon mcdonald 6 months ago
... i would have thought.... - this remix is possibly part of what potentially hit the editors floor (.. one of the ye oldest crimes in histoire - apart from Harry Squatter.....).. is shaving down some awseomage music.. - to fit some other potential co0ntext.. anyways.... an pretty decent version.. dig it..
dylan vasey
dylan vasey 6 months ago
What makes this remix so good is it's not perfect. In places the turntablism was live and mistakes are made. It's like a tribute to the age. Nowadays sampling is easy and no longer an art in itself.
chandler bing bong
chandler bing bong 7 months ago
75 people didn't get paid in full.
Profound Genius
Profound Genius 7 months ago
I know Eric B and Rakim did not like this version but it’s my favorite version 🤷🏿‍♂️
Filip Knežević
Filip Knežević 7 months ago
Marelja 300
Marelja 300 7 months ago
That's the jam!
Renato & Nostalgia
Renato & Nostalgia 7 months ago
"Wait a minute, you better talk to my mother!" 02/07/2019
Philip Halpenny
Philip Halpenny 8 months ago
Anyone else spot the " back in the club, why, you kids used to laugh at that song" sample at 4.27 on this track, is a scene from the classic Jimmy Cagney film, The Public Enemy.
Benjamin   Huggins
Benjamin Huggins 8 months ago
MFS still can't fuck wit RA
Klyn JACKSON 8 months ago
Maybe the best song in hip hop history or at least top 3
theBrick ton
theBrick ton 8 months ago
this track has been passed from myself to my daughter, 2 gen strong, peace be upon Rakim, Eric B, Coldcut
BEH TALKS 8 months ago
Angel and Unicorn Kisses
Best cut. Never gets old ❤️ Thank you! Great memories of 10th/11th grade. It was sooooo fresh
Matt Vranjes
Matt Vranjes 9 months ago
It's cause I'm a white boy.
My Fake Name
My Fake Name 9 months ago
I remember thinking this was not as good as the original - cleverness and a heavier beat not necessarily making it better. But it sounds OK to me now. Some of those Ninja Tune guys thought that they were cool. They were very silly arrogant white boys who thought they knew everything about the groove. Spare me please. Though Coldcut Solid Steel ended up really good eventually on Kiss FM once they had learned a bit about music rather than reefers and trainers.
Manuel Cesta
Manuel Cesta 9 months ago
top sound lo suonavo e mixavo nelle discoteche per adolescenti in svizzera fine anni 80 wowww
bismark montalvan
bismark montalvan 9 months ago
Holy cow
Michael Brawley
Michael Brawley 9 months ago
So I think of all the devious things YOU did.
Michael Brawley
Michael Brawley 9 months ago
Hit the studio 'til I'm paid in full.
Devon35 10 months ago
Rakim, Best rap voice ever !
VJ Johnny Blitz
VJ Johnny Blitz 10 months ago
I can't tell you all how many time I heard this mix in the New York City club scene in 1988. I'm a Nell's alumni and they use to kill this track every single weekend for probably the entire year. Let's put it this way, at the end of 1988 I knew all the lyrics just from hearing it in the clubs and never owned the mix at the time. That should give you an idea of how often this the DJs spinned this track in the clubs in Manhattan back in the day. Now I hear it played over the sound system at Equinox. Mind blown but in my heart with those memories forever. LOVE!
Pop Muzik
Pop Muzik 10 months ago
Épicman Conservatore
Épicman Conservatore 10 months ago
Clássico transitório Hip Hop + Break + House Music Tempos do Som refinado também no Brasil, Sampa!!!
Marquita Swain
Marquita Swain 11 months ago
Still listening to this 3/30/19
Team Jiggawatt
Team Jiggawatt 11 months ago
Da shit😎👍
gakaface 11 months ago
4:50 - Ahhhhhhhooww, ahhhooowwww, [squiggle] ahhouwww.... Thi thi this this [squiggle] this stuff is re re re ... really fresh! F f f f f fresh! Great lyrics! Funniest song ever!
gary jamespon
gary jamespon 11 months ago
This a journey into sound
Gus Gus
Gus Gus 11 months ago
..."was is good enough for you, was it good enough for you? "
Jordizzle 4 Shizzle
Jordizzle 4 Shizzle 11 months ago
My girl is definitely mad
david gilbertson
david gilbertson 11 months ago
'87-'88- best years in Hip Hop.
Mark Cowser
Mark Cowser Year ago
Rakim Da OG in da Game Fuck Mumble Rap
Peter Kolas
Peter Kolas Year ago
Legendary!!! Old school rap at its best!!!way ahead of its time!!!
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Year ago
this is THE only version. 👍
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