Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Eric B. & Rakim performing Paid In Full. (C) 1987 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Dec 24, 2009




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Divine Reality
Madd respect!
ch candy
ch candy 2 hours ago
Take off the part where there is quran
Storm Tropp
Storm Tropp 6 hours ago
woooooow woooooooow 2020 this is next level
Renegade the Rapper
Renegade the Rapper 16 hours ago
Please understand.... The sampling, the disc spinning, the carefully-crafted lyrics and simplistic subliminal messages in the video... This is real hip hop. And we might not ever get it again 🥺
Steve Cherry
Steve Cherry 16 hours ago
8Dark Knight4
8Dark Knight4 16 hours ago
The way people look at you when you pull up blasting actual Hip Hop music is priceless
Zoya Primo
Zoya Primo 19 hours ago
реально один из лучших, есть кто в 2020?
Examining English With Young
Ты,вот ты лучший,что слушаешь это дап song
Lamar Watkins
Did Milli Vanilli steal this beat? I mean they didn’t sing and used fake voices lol
Mija Sf
Mija Sf Day ago
Still dope af in 2020
bojan bokan
bojan bokan Day ago
Car playlist newer erased
William Noel
William Noel 2 days ago
If only they had made an official full-length video to match the "7 Minutes of Madness" version. Hip-hop doesn't get more classic than this unless you include ensemble efforts like "Self-Destruction", "We're All in the Same Gang" or "H.E.A.L."
Eric Iverson
Eric Iverson 2 days ago
dal 2 days ago
Looked like a young Carmen adojo in video with frizzyness
neXus23 2 days ago
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 3 days ago
SEPTEMBER 21, 2020
afnan salah
afnan salah 3 days ago
wait a dam min did he used Quran in HIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!
afnan salah
afnan salah 3 days ago
believe it or not, im here because of BTS, yep BTS the Korean band, an im so grateful
Ali khalifa
Ali khalifa 3 days ago
Dislike for using verse of Quran with a nude dance backround // 0:46 + 2:41
jörg malcherek
jörg malcherek 4 days ago
Break through inspiration for a decade of fantastic rap& hip hop
a1seus 4 days ago
Erick B is a god
Pablito Clavito
Pablito Clavito 4 days ago
That bass sound like Tupac's biggie smalls diss track (hit 'em up)
daniel malone
daniel malone 5 days ago
this beat and his voice belong on mount rushmore of hip hop so epic nothing these days can compare
Booker Forte
Booker Forte 5 days ago
@ 0:37 life began
Maddog Of Midgard
Anyone here because of Louis Theroux?
Plumber Time
Plumber Time 5 days ago
Grab your glocks when you 2pac, call the cops when you 2 pac
Lovro Luketić
Lovro Luketić 5 days ago
wow alltogether
Noisy Decks
Noisy Decks 6 days ago
Vol Up & Repeat For Ever!!!
Cheryl D Salter
Cheryl D Salter 6 days ago
REAL RAP! Thirty years old and it's still easy to listen to and UNDERSTAND!
Mr x Good hood
Mr x Good hood 6 days ago
حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
Jassi Phool
Jassi Phool 6 days ago
Monwabisi Ngwenya
This is were they took the hit em up beat
matuto2007 6 days ago
2020 and it still bangs hard! É nóis! São Paulo/ZL!!
Bryan Kirshon
Bryan Kirshon 6 days ago
The r is paid n full.
Rawezh Yunis
Rawezh Yunis 7 days ago
Why there's quran verses at the background?
sean calpini
sean calpini 7 days ago
Lucky Loser
Lucky Loser 7 days ago
i was so confused when i first watched this music vid. and i still am but still a legendary song
raistrickt 7 days ago
OH HELL YEAH !!! ..... ... hold on i am on my p.c .. watching this on the tube , right now , bout 2 mins in lol .. QUESTION ? ... who can put this on , speakers up !! play 20 seconds without doing a .... !!!! REWIND !!!!
jason gonzalez
jason gonzalez 8 days ago
This beat goes harder and harder as time went by!Thank god ,I had this tape back as a shorty in the 80’s!🙏🏼
Eddy Pop
Eddy Pop 8 days ago
0:43 what dance is that or where is it from?
Ontario Nagasaki
Ontario Nagasaki 8 days ago
Certified legendary song for the roller rink
MrMeFTW 8 days ago
“Ain’t nothing move but the money” boom straight at you in 2020🔥🔥
Makaveli 10 days ago
Can someone explain why is there verses of the holy quran?
Mr Stamp
Mr Stamp 10 days ago
Thank you Louis Theroux nice one fella 13-9-20
Sibi 11 days ago
The bass sounds similar to hit em up
pablo jara
pablo jara 11 days ago
Mierda.... Demonios.
Greg Battles
Greg Battles 11 days ago
In the daze before white mans didnt try to dance. and wanted to rap 5.8k wanna be white rappers dislikes
Paul Hanson
Paul Hanson 12 days ago
snoop dog says Rakim is the best mc he's ever seen or heard , simple!
C L 12 days ago
Hit em up the break and if my enemies love there kidz tupac honoured the great rakim
BLUNTMAN 12 days ago
MikeyChino 12 days ago
A nice big plate of fish! Which is my favorite dish!
Glaucia Lauton
Glaucia Lauton 12 days ago
Pose brought me here!
Mohamed Ghilas
Mohamed Ghilas 12 days ago
I look short part of quran in beging of the video whit image of girl danceing that is not good for religion of islam pleaze delete the part of quran
Examining English With Young
They will not , so don't hope
Jackson Atieli
Jackson Atieli 12 days ago
Been a banger since 1987
Markus M.
Markus M. 13 days ago
Legendary ! How many Bands covered this Beat ?
Deedee 60
Deedee 60 14 days ago
I never tire of this incredible, original and unique hip hop track!
Alex Avila
Alex Avila 14 days ago
Again this is tape
Mariano Cherini
Mariano Cherini 14 days ago
Dieter Smeets
Dieter Smeets 14 days ago
Candy shop anyone ?
jm 91
jm 91 14 days ago
Ozark brought me here.
Mc Estler
Mc Estler 15 days ago
I've seen words from the Quran at the beginning
Chris Louca
Chris Louca 15 days ago
This is what hiphop is not todays shit, this takes me back when hiphop was funky and fresh
Cinnamon VSG Diva
Cinnamon VSG Diva 15 days ago
Maaan My era was the dopest period!!!!!!
Hadi Haidar
Hadi Haidar 16 days ago
I don't understand the inclusion of the Quran verses.
Hadi Haidar
Hadi Haidar 2 hours ago
@Examining English With Young what?
Examining English With Young
Me too,I got afraid of inclusion it into the video you used to watch. That is kinda odd)
56 originalman
56 originalman 16 days ago
Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell 17 days ago
Classic hip hop not that drake bullshit
Derek Jones
Derek Jones 17 days ago
Lil uzi vert is better.
Joel Bowling
Joel Bowling 17 days ago
Still jammin' this in Sept 2020!!!!
Examining English With Young
Jamm?What does it mean?
日々のtracks 17 days ago
Anubison 17 days ago
Don't look any further for good music, look back 🕺
Angie Gonoh
Angie Gonoh 18 days ago
Wait a minute you better talk to my mother .....
Shawni Edwards
Shawni Edwards 18 days ago
Gospel News
Gospel News 18 days ago
1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. -Holy Bible
banquetroom 19 days ago
Paid in Full + Rapper’s Delight = Best Hip Hop songs ever recorded!
Jason Velez
Jason Velez 19 days ago
This song made R an immortal. An untouchable MC that became the Gallactus of Hip-Hop... destroyer of worlds... destroyer of imposters. For a period of tine he was at the top of the pyramid... all eye seeing intergalactic rhyme genius that sent many careers to the graveyard...
Umbrella Corp.
Umbrella Corp. 21 day ago
Best part from 0:00 to 3:39
Akah Ra
Akah Ra 21 day ago
That's God on the mic
vrish44n 21 day ago
fernando pereira
fernando pereira 21 day ago
Alô Brasil alguém curtindo esse clássico na Quarentatena 🎵🎵🎵🎵09/2020
Jay Saley
Jay Saley 22 days ago
No Gangsta garbage, no dumb N and F words .. seen through today's standards, this would be considered as misogynistic, homophobic, white supremacist ..
Harvey Kent Lagura
Harvey Kent Lagura 23 days ago
Saurav Bajracharya
Saurav Bajracharya 23 days ago
here after watching ozark
Eesa Elkafarna
Eesa Elkafarna 23 days ago
Why are there texts from the Holy Quran and what is their relationship to the song?
Icecold Glacier
Icecold Glacier 23 days ago
The greatest message to the point it's universal. Why did you use me and make me more prominent? I have a problem with that, but the gates still open. 1234 if rakim rapped fast the message would have been lost. Just ask anyone who thinks a fast rap is better what they just heard and it will profound you
J-masterLegend 23 days ago
I like this song and the film.
Ali Kouidere
Ali Kouidere 24 days ago
This beat was ahead of it time man,
James Jones
James Jones 24 days ago
Hit em up
anthony gumbo
anthony gumbo 24 days ago
I mean ... how brilliant was it to sample ofra haza . She made this song sooooo muchhhhh bigggerrrr
Joe Moe
Joe Moe 25 days ago
Top 5 MC's of all time
Dr. Snoop
Dr. Snoop 25 days ago
Allah Akbar
Dr. Snoop
Dr. Snoop 25 days ago
Best song of rakim
Sbqndbakandb Sbandbaksbd
Mr nice guy
Mr nice guy 26 days ago
hhahahahah 2020......... $24 a hour.....$36 a hour ot rate and lots of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maitence mechanic welder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ghost dog
Ghost dog 26 days ago
Como La Flor
Como La Flor 26 days ago
This shit def meant to watch high
Pete A'Leet
Pete A'Leet 27 days ago
2021 and still in my playlist 😎
lilieth cameron
lilieth cameron 27 days ago
Def with the record! Now it's def with the download Peace! Thinkin of masta plan such a classic song Paid In Full. From the legends Eric B and Rakim Allah the god of lyrical poetry.
Examining English With Young
Def,what does it mean?
Nick Tinker
Nick Tinker 27 days ago
I’m here After watching a Netflix documentary on history of hip hop. This is fire
Barack O Mandela
Barack O Mandela 29 days ago
Otra Haza is singing a Yemenite Jewish song in this track.
sup 2 days ago
@DESTRAKON Im Nina'lun
DESTRAKON 6 days ago
What song?
Eme Noronha
Eme Noronha Month ago
August 2020. 🎧🔥🎵Still Amazing
james Deer
james Deer Month ago
Ah takes me back in the day when that back beat from "Lovely Day", by Bill Withers made mediocre groups famous ala Milii Vanili and PM Dawn.
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