Eric B. & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Eric B. & Rakim performing I Ain't No Joke. (C) 1987 The Island Def Jam Music Group
#EricBandRakim #IAintNoJoke #Remastered #Vevo


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Jun 16, 2009




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Comments 100
Standing 8 Count
Standing 8 Count 7 hours ago
Flav killed it
moto braw oficina de motocicletas
epoca boa dos djs ,finados djs
moto braw oficina de motocicletas
epoca boa que o rap não defendia bandido
Scott Hill
Scott Hill 9 hours ago
"I hold the microphone like a grudge" enough said
Facekid 12 hours ago
Ryan Leslie used the drums in ''You think you know''
Carlos Aponte
Carlos Aponte 18 hours ago
Love old-school hip-hop!
Lisa Easter
Lisa Easter 19 hours ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐰I get it they won’t!
dekdk11 20 hours ago
Are those chains real solid gold?! Those would be worth a fortune. I'd expect that to be worn by a king. But afterall, he ain't no joke.
thomas esparza
thomas esparza 20 hours ago
Last dance lol
DerekSpeare 23 hours ago
Still no joke in 2020...
Francisco Barron
Wish the weather in Houston was like Rakim fucking cold
Eugene Anchante
Who’s here because you’re from New York and music was so much better in 1987
mkhuseli veto
mkhuseli veto 2 days ago
It's like it was made Yesterday 😭 but they just added effects to look old. Damn!
QxDark _
QxDark _ 2 days ago
Lyrical genius man
Big Boss Cool Aid
kordell kovu
kordell kovu 3 days ago
nba 2k13 those were the days
wallace andrea
wallace andrea 3 days ago
Real legends can't and won't fade.....
MLX TV 3 days ago
Who's here in 2020?
Calvin Dampier
Calvin Dampier 4 days ago
Pure Sports
Pure Sports 4 days ago
Wish music ans the world was like this still, Todays world is a horrible place
JK number5
JK number5 4 days ago
Flav made this vid🔥🔥🔥. Ra is the 🎤👑
King Brommer704
King Brommer704 4 days ago
Paying homage to the goat 🙌🏾
Skyler Lucky
Skyler Lucky 4 days ago
Put my tape on pause !!! Reall hip hop! Theses clowns today... pfft
e sit
e sit 5 days ago
how many MC's today could what the God did? R from Wyandanch, LI. Flavor from Freeport, LI Eric B from Astoria, Queens, they on 125th street Up in Harlem, wearing mad jewelry, and everybody showing them love. Todays rappers be scared as hell, and would need 500 goons with them, the 3 of them was dolo,New York was unified and beautiful in them days.B.
Curtis Williams
Curtis Williams 5 days ago
Millennials name a better rapper. I’ll wait!
Christian Hall
Christian Hall 5 days ago
Tyreek Maxwell
Tyreek Maxwell 5 days ago
Who's here in 2020?
J.Black 5 days ago
O, Yeah. Grew up on this. But it was the law cause we where brake dancing. Taking card board from the back of stores to spin on. Good times
David Jenkins
David Jenkins 6 days ago
6.1k suckas don't know what good music is
Abdul Rahim
Abdul Rahim 6 days ago
here before the last dance
Calvin Dampier
Calvin Dampier 6 days ago
Abshir 6 days ago
Am I the only impressed by the quality of this video. This looks like 90's
Eduardo Guerrero
Eduardo Guerrero 6 days ago
Flava flav was clownin dancin
keV james
keV james 6 days ago
CES Service department
Eric B. the mic feen.....
Seedaripper1973 6 days ago
Didn't expect flava flav to turn up.
Travis Thomas
Travis Thomas 6 days ago
2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shawn Lilley
Shawn Lilley 6 days ago
this song is not good anymore
notvertexx 7 days ago
Damn this was rap 😦 hurts my heart to see the shit they make now
Lil Mo
Lil Mo 7 days ago
2020 still rocking
Frederick Allgood
Real hip hop
Karill Gonzales
Karill Gonzales 7 days ago
I started listening to kpop, somehow ended up here
Calvin Dampier
Calvin Dampier 7 days ago
Chiraq Gangs Soundtrack
Robert Rhodes
TYRELL WILSON 8 days ago
I’m 25 years old, when I listen to the lyrics there’s literally a canvas being painted in my mind, there really not a lot of music that can overwhelm you with visionary and imaginative content
princepill 8 days ago
who still listening in 2020
Bermuda Bryson
Bermuda Bryson 8 days ago
Cool ass video
sibraham 9 days ago
Rakim needs to come out and slap the sheet off these new school lyrics these days.
Eli 9 days ago
*Your a damn legend if you didn’t come here because of “the last dance” or “mj” you just looked it up yourself because you know OSM very well*
Fun 4Life
Fun 4Life 9 days ago
Still blows my mind in 2020. THIS is pure , dope rap. Graduated high school in 88’. ♥️♥️♥️
sibraham 9 days ago
Class of 08 here but I got mad love for these smooth jams. Wish the game was still like this.
If you pause the video @ 0:21 you'll get the perfect picture of what the 80's was..Truck gold,ill ass gear and standing in your B-boy stance
Nenad Durovic
Nenad Durovic 10 days ago
the last dance❤️
Laidbackpussy_cat3 10 days ago
I loved the part when he wasn’t a joke.
Gail Garza
Gail Garza 10 days ago
LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
Carolyn Stone
Carolyn Stone 10 days ago
Yall see flave, 😂😂😂😂
Mario Rowland
Mario Rowland 10 days ago
The second verse is PURE LETHAL.
313doughboy 10 days ago
There's reasons for nobody fucking wit rakim
Michael Hampton
Michael Hampton 10 days ago
This 🐱 cat is smoove the miles davis or john coltrane of rap check hypnotic
Alicia Hockaday
Alicia Hockaday 10 days ago
Lol, Flavor Flav
Jesus Lind
Jesus Lind 10 days ago
The G-O-A-T
Peter Macias
Peter Macias 11 days ago
Get down boy with them sick lyrics. He ain't no joke.
Liekky 700
Liekky 700 11 days ago
Old 2k brought me here
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson 11 days ago
epic track ........ seriously
Ant Chi
Ant Chi 11 days ago
Hip hop at its basic form. The sample, the rhythm, the flow, it dont get no better
Sherry Thompson
Sherry Thompson 12 days ago
His music actually takes you back to the time of what was taking place in your life when you first heard this for me it was 8 grade at Sholes middle school in Milwaukee WI.
DJCTE 12 days ago
What happened to rap?
Rascally Rellic
Rascally Rellic 12 days ago
Fila fit and rocking Nike 😎 I like it
Carl Blacknado
Carl Blacknado 12 days ago
what do u think of my new song on my channel? It's called 'I'm not cupid' #oldschool #newyork
REBEL PUMP 12 days ago
This is HARDER THAN A LIVING T -Rex (Dinosaur ) TOOTH! !!!!!🤣 DAMNNNN'
Jay Bruno
Jay Bruno 12 days ago
I’m 14 and I love old school music because it’s way better then the shit they okay today
Carl Blacknado
Carl Blacknado 12 days ago
what do u think of my new song on my channel? It's called 'I'm not cupid' #oldschool
Orlando Lucero
Orlando Lucero 12 days ago
My top 5 after kool g.....rap
Wuluminati !
Wuluminati ! 12 days ago
My favorite rapper of all time!!
proofbreal 12 days ago
cancelled (forever)
Giovanni Lepore
Giovanni Lepore 12 days ago
Who’s here after the last dance? Cuz I am
Ryder 12 days ago
I like his clean lyrics and smooth flow. Kind of reminds me of the d.o.c. Rarely curses but can still bury a beat with their verses.
Amirdaggs 12 days ago
Freedom Ring
Freedom Ring 13 days ago
Lyrical genius
Chris Becker
Chris Becker 13 days ago
wow look how flav is. original rappers. talent times10
Matias Arevalo
Matias Arevalo 13 days ago
En el 2020 año de mierda
Timothy Beardsley
Timothy Beardsley 13 days ago
Best hip-hop beat of all time
VXL 14 days ago
1980s 1990s was maybe the best decades for rapping only little now is keeping rap alive this is comin from a late 2000s kid
Migatron1 14 days ago
From the days you needed a dictionary to decipher lyrics
MrsTania 14 days ago
Hottest in history and flavor got the footwork
Kwasi Walters
Kwasi Walters 14 days ago
Wow whoever disliked this song is ridiculous. It must be haters or the newer generation.
Mister Maze
Mister Maze 14 days ago
Rod S
Rod S 14 days ago
How bout Flav wit tha moves tho 🕶️🎩
Jabarri Jones
Jabarri Jones 14 days ago
if you heard this song on the video game Saint Row on 360 playing Protect tha Pimp and Team Deathmatch like this comment. 💯you a real one. lol
gt-r smokes
gt-r smokes 16 days ago
That was a clean rap
Fausto Galarza
Fausto Galarza 16 days ago
Exercise&Relax 16 days ago
Did Rakim invent the word "frenemy"? I didn't hear people using it until years after this came out.
JDLT 17 days ago
Cornell Muhammad
Cornell Muhammad 17 days ago
PapaSeanX5 18 days ago
That second verse is so savage🔥
Your Highness
Your Highness 18 days ago
Those Giant Gold Chains were the Shit.
Darla #1
Darla #1 18 days ago
Yo ! Pump pump pump it up! This was the joint in the day and I still get goosebumps listening. Hype! #LEGENDARY
Torron Joyner
Torron Joyner 18 days ago
Best music 80
Neil *CASUALS* Anthony
Love Eric b and rakim from the start from 80s love all there music well dope WORD 😎
Darren Johnson
Darren Johnson 19 days ago
Top 10 greatest hip hop records,ever
bigmo72 20 days ago
Hip hop in true form
Zoey Meadows
Zoey Meadows 20 days ago
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