[EPISODE] It's Snack Time of Big Hit @190427 Show Music Core

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May 22, 2019




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Bacotan Tetet
Bacotan Tetet 15 hours ago
Still waiting for next BigHit's episode, and also Bighit family concert💜💜💜
Lom Lo
Lom Lo Day ago
they really take a pic while jimin's falling sleep😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💜💜
Stella K.
Stella K. Day ago
jimin sleeping omg lmao
Blaze 1271
Blaze 1271 Day ago
Everyone here talking about Bts and Txt when no one is talking about poor Lee Hyun eating in the corner.
Rexa Mae Abian
Rexa Mae Abian 2 days ago
Army Loves taehyung
Can we UAE armys get to have a concert atleast once in our life.💞💕💓
Kelvin 0
Kelvin 0 3 days ago
i don't know man, i keep thinking and can't get over with it, what happen if GFRIEND in that moment. I mean what it's look like. BIG HIT FAMILY GETTING BIGGER
김서하 3 days ago
태형오빠 진짜 너무 귀엽다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Leya Sheib
Leya Sheib 3 days ago
Amazing boys ever ever ever ..... Love you...... especially jungkook....best songs ......best boys in the whole world
Катерина Не скажу
왜 그렇게 잘 생겼 니😍😍😍
Orlando Guillen rivas
I just think it's a little rude for Jimin to imitate soobin
raina chaudhary
raina chaudhary 4 days ago
Jimin fell asleep at 3:00 ...and that group photo ..😂😂
J A 4 days ago
Bighit is not just a company but a family. No other company in korea treat each other like these. The CEO must feel proud of his children. But please put subtitles to all videos. 🥰💜💜💜
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 4 days ago
Love bight family 💜💜💜💜
A. r. m. y BTS
A. r. m. y BTS 4 days ago
Big hit is a big family
chimchim tae
chimchim tae 5 days ago
1:59 my vmin hearteu💜
Ratnadewi Dewi
Ratnadewi Dewi 6 days ago
Kaya sungkan gtu ga si.pdhl satu agensi.canggung
Hani Nugraha
Hani Nugraha 6 days ago
I'm waiting Big hit episode again
Samuel Naranjo
Samuel Naranjo 7 days ago
ouhhhhhh JIMINNNNN
zulma alas
zulma alas 7 days ago
Like bts comentario txt
natgnaB 7 days ago
Jungkook: IM A HYUNG NOW YAAA! also Jungkook: 3:51
smile jean
smile jean 8 days ago
Subtítulos en español 😭😭😭
Ly Dao
Ly Dao 8 days ago
Cha cha
Cha cha 9 days ago
I want episode BTS & TXT at Melon Music Awards 2019 hmm, by the way congratulation Bangtan, Txt & Pdog!
Rizwana 9 days ago
Well , not to be rude but it looks like none of the members of txt is interested in hoseok Especially yeonjun , beomgyu and soobin
김남 레오BTS대한민국
jimin love
jimin love 10 days ago
지민오빠 잠든채로 사진찍힌 날이넴
Javeria Shabbir
Javeria Shabbir 10 days ago
I still can’t believe that RUvid put BTS’ idol in the most disliked video aka RUvid rewind 2018 but CANT GIVE THEM A FRICKIN VERIFIED MARK.
Army Bangtan
Army Bangtan 10 days ago
We want txt and bts to collab!!! Make it happen bighit!! Before bts enlist on their military
Liz 11 days ago
Big hit, please put English subs on all videos💜💜
Gustavo Oropeza
Gustavo Oropeza 11 days ago
Like si no entiendes coreano y de todos modos lo viste completo :b
ARMY SARANGHAE 12 days ago
They're so cute when they are together!😳😍
Riley Barnes
Riley Barnes 12 days ago
is jimin taller then the man that brought snacks and also am i supposed too know who he is?
STAS MAKARENKO 12 days ago
Юнги вообще на них пофиг)
Evelyn Karpencopf
Evelyn Karpencopf 13 days ago
Subtítulos en coreano para un video en coreano.. no si es muy útil ahora entiendo todo lo que dicen gracias 🙃
Its 2322
Its 2322 14 days ago
This is what we live for ❤what is the song name?
김보경 14 days ago
빅히트 단체 mt가주세요 ㅠㅠ 먹고, 먹여주고, 마피아 게임도 하고, 사진 찍고 ...
mary lyn Serdoncillo
@BigHitEntertainment please...please...we will deeply appreciate if there's an english subtitles for Bangtan TV Videos 😭😭😭👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
nelia sparks
nelia sparks 17 days ago
BigHit needs to do a family concert. They also have GFriends now.
Lilit Army
Lilit Army 17 days ago
❤❤신이 너무 귀여워 사랑해😊😍❤💕
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