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May 27, 2020




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Darcy Ti
Darcy Ti 42 minutes ago
Usually, if my mom or my elder brother points a finger at me in mock seriousness, I go forward & bite their fingers 😂 and, when Danny pointed his finger at 14:15 I had to resist the urge to bite his finger through the screen 😂
Bill Nye the Russian Spy
I feel like Danny’s voice doesn’t match up with his mouth
Toasty Pancake7
Toasty Pancake7 5 hours ago
we 👏 need 👏 a 👏 part 👏 2👏
DoritosWhy 5 hours ago
Girls: *plays neat romantic episode* Boys:*plays epic gamer free robux messed up episode*
Total Nonsense
Total Nonsense 6 hours ago
15:34 THE DOG
Jazzy Cabana
Jazzy Cabana 7 hours ago
Me: HIS HAIR IS DIFFERENT Him: I know my hair is different... Me: ok nevermind....
Gn_baller Fortnite
Gn_baller Fortnite 7 hours ago
You suck
Gn_baller Fortnite
Gn_baller Fortnite 7 hours ago
Jenelle McCreary
Jenelle McCreary 9 hours ago
I honestly can't tell the difference between his scripted and unscripted.
Kraye 2018
Kraye 2018 13 hours ago
Please finish the series
Mortal Wombat Official
dont worry danny you dont need to search here you go umm.. your an indecent person
shannon 14 hours ago
i want views but also dont
Soggy Milk
Soggy Milk 16 hours ago
When he did the voice for Becky, he sound like that one dick head from Wreck-It Ralph
Lucy Cheese
Lucy Cheese 19 hours ago
No I no no ninininininini
Elyse DePrisco
Elyse DePrisco 23 hours ago
Mia/ Gregi looks like the really pale guy from the Princess Bride...
Bear Show
Bear Show Day ago
It’s weird that Danny is voicing over some of it
TheDoggo OfTheWorld
Graystillplays .vs. Danny Floridaman, Floridamaniac, Florida Girl, and Floridaman hahah please kill me .vs. Gregi and skeet *wHo wiNs*
Dylan Laubengayer
another great video keep it up have a good day
Jim Rock
Jim Rock Day ago
Brain dead
Brain dead Day ago
aidan Daly
aidan Daly Day ago
Wait was this set in Ireland!? Cause we say first class and mum the British say mum but the don't have 1st class
Triple Demz
Triple Demz Day ago
1st class isn't a thing I've heard of in England before...
BeeZ Future
BeeZ Future Day ago
Make a video about petscops
-Jimena C-
-Jimena C- Day ago
Wes Cooper
Wes Cooper Day ago
danny really is out here living off of battery water that taste fondly of the sweat of an old man who bathed in lemon scented soap during the great depression
Lindsey Richardson
He is so young looking in this
esmond singley
I'm mildly tempted to hate on danny just because he said he doesn't get haters
Maldonado Avocado
Danny will most likely not see this, but if you are looking for more episode content, you should play Galactic Game It’s considerably better writing than most stories, it is quite interesting and also quite long, you can squeeze a lot of videos There’s a fuck ton of plot twists and it’s fun to play and your personality will shine through
Paxambi .w.
Paxambi .w. 2 days ago
I just can't take my eyes of your dog.
Stxr Lights
Stxr Lights 2 days ago
danny you scared me when you started the video sounding like a teacher
Lilly-B 2 days ago
1st class isn't british we say year 1, year 2 etc so idek
Progressive Transformation
Somehow, with the passing time, you are looking younger 😂
jorm.u.ngandr 2 days ago
Gregi looks like a crackhead experiencing withdrawals
The Anaking
The Anaking Day ago
jorm.u.ngandr How is it so accurate?
Footyman 72
Footyman 72 2 days ago
miso soup
miso soup 2 days ago
Danny: I WAS POISONED the dog in the back: -w-
Zion Davis
Zion Davis 2 days ago
The hair is lowkey a vibe😎
Imogen Howard
Imogen Howard 2 days ago
Danny, you should have a go at making your own episode story.
Spooper Senshi
Spooper Senshi 14 hours ago
He should make it about Dolphin Man teaming up with Varli
Hunter Adams
Hunter Adams 3 days ago
also graystill plays does a bunch as well
Amelia Bacon
Amelia Bacon 3 days ago
I think Danny is the new mad hatter from Alice and Wonderland
Kelle Miller
Kelle Miller 3 days ago
You managed to make the most horrific character (Skylar) on Episodes I've ever seen
AnIllusionOfSelf 3 days ago
Skyler looks like Pete Davidson
Chxrm 3 days ago
Damn that Shane part didn't really age well... YIKES 😬
Rijona _m
Rijona _m 3 days ago
I loved this video!! Do more
Cathryn Sison
Cathryn Sison 3 days ago
Ok your hair is a MESS
Hixxy 3 days ago
i thought you were dead
Katie Cropper
Katie Cropper 3 days ago
The "I'm clever" tiktok comes from this movie we used to watch at my private school in Spanish class to try and learn Spanish. It comes in a lot of languages, including English, and I highly suggest you react to it because it's absolutely hilarious. It's called "Muzzy". You're welcome in advance.
isa 3 days ago
please finish this
The Sanses
The Sanses 3 days ago
Can I just point out that SHE SEEMS TO NOT DO HOMEWORK
Melting love Cools down
2 d a n n y 4 d a n n y
End my Suffering
End my Suffering 3 days ago
Am I the only one annoyed by the fact that at some points his mouth movements don’t line up with the sound?
AceHilm 3 days ago
danny has a cute girl voice
Alma Nieto
Alma Nieto 3 days ago
Leah's voice is the same as Lola's in Big Mouth hahahaahaha
Chelsey Caitlyn
Chelsey Caitlyn 4 days ago
“Did you see Shane Dawson’s new video?” “I feel like you have to do something really shitty to get like, a decent amount of hate.” “Okay maybe they’re like racist or something.” THESE DIDNT AGE WELL. 😂
Spooper Senshi
Spooper Senshi 14 hours ago
I'm out of the loop. Could someone please fill me in?
Lara Sawkins
Lara Sawkins 2 days ago
I literally just thought that hahaha
Olivia Dutton
Olivia Dutton 2 days ago
agata f
agata f 4 days ago
9:18 oh i wonder who they'll meet.. maybe yoonbum, or sangwoo? how exciting
yiikes 4 days ago
murder is okay
MikeMc 4 days ago
La croix
Hugh Boswell
Hugh Boswell 4 days ago
do it
Hannah Child
Hannah Child 4 days ago
Danny: honestly idk why i dont get hate i bully people online aha Us: Funny, spectacular, vine star, sarcastic, sense of humor, brown hair, blue eyes, decently attractive, humble, unproblematic
racheal Stevens
racheal Stevens 2 days ago
And 12 year old boy
why does it look like he isnt talking its tripping me out .... :/
Shannon Davis
Shannon Davis 4 days ago
Is it just me or does he make Leah sound like the mad hatter for Disney’s Alice in wonderland
Zane Tickoo
Zane Tickoo 4 days ago
lets get to 1 mil
domnius 4 days ago
Is this your second chanel or your main chanel I stumbled upon this chanel and I tought this was your main chanel bit I am getting a sense this is your second chanel
deep C
deep C 4 days ago
Yo where’s ep 2 of this gameplay its soo funny
Alejandra Isea
Alejandra Isea 4 days ago
the shane dawson bit did not age well
Axulite 4 days ago
danny with his hair not lookin like a pineapple actually looks sorta better ngl
Egless3 33
Egless3 33 4 days ago
why would I be annoyed by Choose Goose's voice
Rєαl Ɓєηנαмιllιση
You look like that kid from the Fantasic Four reboot.
Yara T
Yara T 4 days ago
omg your hair i cant🥺
a random pringles can
Skyler?...the fu-
Helpahoe 5 days ago
That i'm clever tik tok sent me
Eijirou 5 days ago
I feel like ur lips r out of sync of your speech I might be looking into it to much but idk lmao
Emma is cool
Emma is cool 5 days ago
Danny what happened to your hair please change it, makes you look like a Disney character please
Emma is cool
Emma is cool 5 days ago
Oh nevermind 😂😂😂
Aramani Ryans
Aramani Ryans 5 days ago
Why did one of the voices he did remind me of the king from reck it Ralph
Satan Hates Her
Satan Hates Her 5 days ago
Petition to make Danny stop doing his hair
Paradox Gaming
Paradox Gaming 5 days ago
RUvid just once wanted to recommend my video and I got over 1000 views
Samuel Soo
Samuel Soo 5 days ago
Oh, this is hilarious! Please do the next two or so chapters sometime in a future video.
Sugar syndrome
Sugar syndrome 5 days ago
I dont know if its my sleep deprivation but whenever danny is speaking it doesn’t match up with his lips and im sitting here wondering if im crazy or not
Marissa Nelson
Marissa Nelson 5 days ago
this episode didn't age well
Megan Busse
Megan Busse 5 days ago
i love his hair 🥺
honey aesthetics
honey aesthetics 5 days ago
I wish I had Dannys hair
Radiant Night1
Radiant Night1 5 days ago
we need the rest of the episodes I'm not done taking my notes!!
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