Episode 4: The Silent (Fan Animated)

Daria Cohen
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Watch the rest of the series here: ruvid.net/video/video--WsZ2fUXbZg.html
Enjoy ^^
Song used: The Silent/ Tragic Tantrum
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Jan 2, 2019




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Comments 100
Quisha :3
Quisha :3 3 hours ago
How do u get the sound?
T. P.
T. P. 18 hours ago
What do you use to edit?
Вячеслав Обломов
Ля какая
TommyGun Day ago
Sophia Volkova
Вам не кажется, что у неё меняются голоса. Вот например в этой части и в на данный момент последней у неё похожие голоса, а в fuck you он более высокий. Не, ну если она так голос меняет, то круто
Escanor The One
딩초 2 days ago
나는 당당한 한국인이다 한국댓은 내가 처음이닷!
feli y isa
feli y isa 2 days ago
Saquen esas letras olos mataré atodos en este mundo patetico y asus familias y mujeres y niños y tendrán una peor vida iselodire alcalde todos los días y perderán su trabajo😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😤😤😤😒😒😒😒😒😒😒☠️☠️☠️☠️😾😾🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⛈️⛈️⛈️⛈️⛈️🌩️🌩️🌩️🌧️🌧️🌧️😾😾😾😈😈😈😈😈
Sammoyed Gorl
Sammoyed Gorl 2 days ago
I used this song for my English assignment, thank you
Galaxy Fox Animates
How did you credit? Because Daria didn't make the song.
구독하지마 3 days ago
Tad Dad
Tad Dad 4 days ago
After watching the showdown and returnign to this.... i don't think their reconsiling will end well.Especially at the part where she... THEY say 'that was so fun'. The shadow thing is a projection of the cane itself i think. And the damn thing smiles during her breakdown. The cane is alive. It doesn't want to go back to its previous owner, not when there is a new, more unstable soul to corrupt. Also the previous statement of 'that was so fun' seems a rather apt description of what happened in Showdown..... It makes me think this entire video is meant to be foreshadow how things will go down in the last episodes.
Carried Thunder
Carried Thunder 4 days ago
She may be going insane. But her bag in Part 3 was dirty and covered in cobwebs, but not in this one. Is she bothering with cleaning her bag?
이연진 5 days ago
It's just now that i realize the cane it's sort of like a drug for miss. boi this is deep
Galaxy Fox Animates
It's really not-
وفاء الغامدي
You know what the fan Peyer girl do you want to kill a vampire to have different skirts and cat and have a siren head you know what is cartoon cat is cute people do you know what siren head killing people to get a tree
Ari • Chan
Ari • Chan 6 days ago
Duke took so long reading that poster
Ashekora :3
Ashekora :3 7 days ago
Oh god It's so so quiet here The silence is slipping into my head When monsters are loud They're really quite delightful It's the silent ones that kill you So please do watch out We had a monster ball And they all came out to play They were dressed to the nines In their scary monster ways We had guzzard tea And lizard skin And baby legs and rolled around Merrily and spilled our fluids God it was so fun! At the end of the night We bowed and said "Good Eating!" And they spilled into the night Slithering and creeping I closed my door and hit the lights And sighed into the frightful night The chandeliers were creaking Ah oooh! My little tom's were peeking! Oh God, what's that? Could it be my little black cat? Could it be my shadow playing tricks? Could it be my flighty candlesticks? It's time my body go to bed But who to tend to my dear head? The night will soothe it's deadly ways Into the realm of the insane I lift my covers up And I close my little eyes And I listen to the night With its silent screams and cries I went to sleep and woke to find I was being eaten Which wouldn't be so bad Except I never gave permission Those silent little demons And their silent little ways Its the silent ones that kill you Its the little ones that rage The big ones will hound you The loud ones will pound you But the germs get in you And eat you inside out Inside out Inside out They'll eat you inside out Which wouldn't be so bad Except they eat you Inside out Inside out Inside out They'll eat you inside out Which wouldn't be so bad Except they eat you Inside out Which wouldn't be so bad Except they don't ask for permission They just get inside you And set upon their mission Or better than that They'll get into your veins And seep into your bloodstream Which causes lots of pain Or better than that They'll make you go insane If the little bugger slimes Reach into your brain Or better than that In your soul they'll lurk A place to worship You've become their church Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Inside out Inside out They'll eat you inside out Which wouldn't be so bad Except they eat you inside out No it wouldn't be so bad Except they eat you inside out Inside out Inside out They'll eat you inside out Which wouldn't be so bad But then they leave you inside out Inside out
Bella R Avila
Bella R Avila 7 days ago
Me:comes home from school Nobody home Me:
Nadia Calderon Reyes
Fantastic 🇲🇽
Kiera Seestadt
Kiera Seestadt 7 days ago
something I noticed is that things that are real are white with a black outline (usually) and things that are black with white outlines are imagined. Missy imagines that there are tiny little monsters inside the mansion trying to kill her. The Chandelier had no saw marks in it, and was perfectly intact, but Missy can't see that. She hurls the cane into a portrait of a grinning Duke, only for it to be edgar allen poe. She wakes up to find herself being eaten, but then,after dispelling the imaginary monsters, we find that she's just in the hallway, listening to things that go bump in the night and assuming they're sent by Duke. She is eventually taken over by the cane, which she thinks is Duke's spies eating her up from the inside out, and after rejecting it and accepting it again, Missy becomes similar to the monsters she imagined earlier. is she now a full vampire? is she mentally ill? is it the cane fully corrupting her?
Nikolett Arnold
Nikolett Arnold 7 days ago
I like those cute little demon buggers.
любитель поиграть
Представляю как Дракула идёт к ментам и её вяжут за порчу чужого имущества (⌐■-■)
R2prime Spaire
R2prime Spaire 9 days ago
honestly this episode in particular makes me want to make the staff a DnD item, an artifact of some kind.
WDCain 9 days ago
Missi is a goth version of Ice King from _Adventure Time._
Hajime Hinata
Hajime Hinata 9 days ago
Wow, thanks subtitles from RUvid, I didn't know that this was [Music]
Hajime Hinata
Hajime Hinata 7 days ago
@Galaxy Fox Animates I did that, I was just seeing what RUvid did.
Galaxy Fox Animates
Pick the not auto generated ones-
Mocha drop
Mocha drop 10 days ago
Lazavion Smith
Lazavion Smith 10 days ago
We have eatin Diara insideout plenty but not so much to ask you to stop what your doing we will leave the brain. Thanks for the meal!
Galaxy Fox Animates
Evelyn Patrick
Evelyn Patrick 10 days ago
This has got to be my favorite I think, though they are all amazing
베르메스 11 days ago
한국어 제목은 있는데 한국어자막이 없다니!!
마감법사 7 days ago
오우 이걸보는 한국인이 있다니 너무 반가운..
Johana Hernandez
Johana Hernandez 11 days ago
I really really loved the music they should make it to an movie
Johana Hernandez
Johana Hernandez 11 days ago
@Galaxy Fox Animates what???
Galaxy Fox Animates
han you
han you 11 days ago
i sure do my favor channell daria cohen
Galaxy Fox Animates
cookieboy 77
cookieboy 77 12 days ago
did someone els here a guy screaming in the background when she hold the stick up
angry kid
angry kid 13 days ago
Duke: Busting nuts. Missy: Going nuts.
Galaxy Fox Animates
You're not wrong-
kaizen toc toc
kaizen toc toc 13 days ago
Se ve buena aunque no me gustan las sonrisas exageradas
シSugar 13 days ago
I think...just think... she's gone crazy...
シSugar 11 days ago
yes XD
Galaxy Fox Animates
Pippy Barrow
Pippy Barrow 13 days ago
I love this series it’s so pashonet and confusing I love it🤩😱
Shadow Тень
Shadow Тень 14 days ago
evavanwijk gmail
evavanwijk gmail 14 days ago
The only scary thing is that this is so underrated
evavanwijk gmail
evavanwijk gmail 11 days ago
Did I stutter??
Galaxy Fox Animates
Ah yes, 10M views is underrated.
Liz Martina Avila
Liz Martina Avila 14 days ago
es geniallll
Английский с Полиглотом
🤙 Determinism is Freedom 🤙
Mimi Mimi
Mimi Mimi 15 days ago
shes crack
Galaxy Fox Animates
The Worst Parent
The Worst Parent 15 days ago
I'm not even sure what Missi is angry about here. She broke into a dude's house, faked interest in sleeping with him, and frickin' murdered him in cold blood when he took the bait.
Galaxy Fox Animates
Petty fuckin'revenge for not being allowed to leave the damn mansion. She's also a teenage girl.
Avaeh Harrison
Avaeh Harrison 15 days ago
She should play baseball she got the powerful swing 😂!
TimeFliesAway 16 days ago
Okay so she becomes a vampire when she touches the duke’s staff? Aha
Galaxy Fox Animates
Have you not seen episode 1?
😭w w w w
Antonio B. Rodríguez Olmos
¿Era demasiado poder para una mortal?
gamewizard2008 17 days ago
Aww, and she was just about to return to her normal life. :(
kk 17 days ago
Notice how she still has a reflection. Aka, not a true vamp.
Galaxy Fox Animates
Well, yeah. She's still technically human.
Софья Ковалева
Меня одну смущает что автор русский видео английское и тут нет русских👺👍🏼
любитель поиграть
28 ударов ножом
Я русский :D
MrAcerulez 17 days ago
At 3:14 you can see one of the papers has her full name on it! Along with her birthday.
Galaxy Fox Animates
Mhm, Name: Melissa Dumarias Age: 17 (as of "The Night" "LOTD"-"Showdown" she is 18) Birthday" 7/7
Victoria Wimley
Victoria Wimley 17 days ago
I feel like part 3 in miss speaking, and 4 is her vampire form speaking
Семён Леднёв
Бе ды с ба шкой
Busy_arts 17 days ago
She's only like this because Duke was greedy
Galaxy Fox Animates
Alpha Anna's adventures
0:40 i like it uwu
유녕 18 days ago
So great!I love it🥰
Aarón Vil
Aarón Vil 18 days ago
wow bad time
Mehmet Feyyaz Dönmez
ı'm not gonna belive this is a fanmation
Galaxy Fox Animates
It's just a fan animation* because the songs aren't made by Daria.
Scarlett Blum
Scarlett Blum 19 days ago
3:15 Idk if this was mentioned before. But since I only know her as Missy I figured I’d point it out. Her full name is Melissa Dumatias/Dumalias
Galaxy Fox Animates
Also, Missi*
Galaxy Fox Animates
Melissa Dumarias
Guy Van Tilborgh
Guy Van Tilborgh 19 days ago
How curious. She still chose to accept the insanity of the staff in the end. Maybe after all this time, she still didn't fully give herself to the staff because of fear of what she might become. Maybe this was the reason why she still could change back into her mortal self after all this time. But the moment she fully accepted the cane she became more powerful than ever and probably lost her human side, she knew there was no going back from this.
Wannabe 1 Me
Wannabe 1 Me 20 days ago
Quarantine do be getting us hard lol
Jorge Valdez
Jorge Valdez 20 days ago
Why the hate though
Galaxy Fox Animates
Nalah Hope
Nalah Hope 20 days ago
guys turn on captions
ItsAPerfectionist *
Matt-max 20 days ago
Este capítulo me quitó unas dudas de encima. Buen trabajo 💜
Anamaria Zambrano
Anamaria Zambrano 20 days ago
As much as I agree that Duke has a lot of fault here, I think this episode made me realize that Missi is really messed up to begin with as well. The power of the cane scared her, but she STILL preferred to endure horrifying hallucinations, throw out her entire future (hence her college application that flew out of her bag) and continue to let her family (the people that actually matter in her life-listed in a paper of emergency contacts that also flew out of her bag) worry to death about her...just to continue tormenting Duke. The cane isn’t controlling her, it just brings out what’s already there. Up to this point, she killed him, she brought him back to life, she tortured and beat his ass, humiliated him and violently threw him out of his own house. I think the scariest thing here isn’t the power of the cane, it’s her own capacity to hate so deeply. I think that’s the “Silent” monster inside her that’s literally “eating her inside out” and that’s how she chose to live her life.
Galaxy Fox Animates
LORA SOLANO 20 days ago
why does this part give me M A J O R queen of hearts vibes? 1:32 / 3:55
Kidding :3
Kidding :3 20 days ago
Duke just chillin outside lol
Icess WT
Icess WT 21 day ago
Is anyone gonna mention her that she's a fan of edger Ellen Poe
Priscilla Mitchell
Did anyone else see the shadow next to missi's face at the part of "god it was so much fun!"
Mur Der
Mur Der 21 day ago
Спасибо что ты делаешь такие классные анимации
anaïs hélary
anaïs hélary 22 days ago
deso duke est plus cool en chant
Uki_ Ko
Uki_ Ko 22 days ago
Can I ask,what program you use?
Всё о домашних животных.
miky milk
miky milk 22 days ago
Alexir Mendoza
Alexir Mendoza 22 days ago
So A in literature but F in Geography. I think it checks out since she wandered off to a vampire's mansion while reading a book.
Galaxy Fox Animates
And an F in Math, lol
Bell Clover
Bell Clover 22 days ago
alguien sabe el nombre de la serie
Sydney Stevens
Sydney Stevens 22 days ago
3:14 her full name is Melissa Dumatias and her birthday is July 7th and she's good at Literature but bad at math and geography and her emergency contacts are Mom, Dad, and Nessa
Galaxy Fox Animates
Melissa Dumarias*
Imported Emperor
Imported Emperor 22 days ago
Power and madness or normally.
kaismi 22 days ago
Ты русская?
Riccardo Deboli
Riccardo Deboli 22 days ago
Me when i am in the basement
Архонтик 23 days ago
Объясните сюжет пж.
Simon Science
Simon Science 23 days ago
So theres a willhelm scream at about 3:17 Just thought you should know
Galaxy Fox Animates
Well fuck, now I can't unhear it.
《*: TATSAKI :*》
Ms Lackadaisical
Ms Lackadaisical 23 days ago
If you slow it down at 3:15 you can see one of Missis emergency contacts is someone called Nessa. I wonder if she'll make an appearance? Maybe not but I wanted to point it out Edit: nevermind she's in the next one
Brooklyn barber
Brooklyn barber 24 days ago
idk why but i absolutely love 2:00 - 2:20 it’s like really fucking cool anyone else? nah just me ight
かばか 24 days ago
Me in cuarentine after i realize 2021 its 4 months away
Galaxy Fox Animates
ThatOne CopyCat
ThatOne CopyCat 23 days ago
4 months?- Thats so soon-
YUEN TING WONG 25 days ago
To be honest her in a ponytail look A little better OwO
NiaNook 25 days ago
I'm getting the impression she may be a tad more evil than the vampire guy. At least while holding the staff. But then when she had the chance to get out and go back home she chose to stay that way just to continue tormenting that vampire guy whom she already got revenge on >_>
LunatheMoonDragon 25 days ago
Everybody watching The Showdown like "ooh they're so cute together i hope they get together in the end!" really forgot about this one huh
Galaxy Fox Animates
Yeah, it's made VERY CLEAR here that she FEARS him.. yet people think they'll get together.
-??? 25 days ago
This is my most favourite one so far.
StickEFingaZ 25 days ago
A dwrpixon collab would be nice
Смирнов Александр
Объясните пж, автор этих замечательных видеороликов имеет отношение к hotel hazbin, или она просто выкладывала анимированные наброски которые сама нарисовала?
Miko Silvian
Miko Silvian 17 days ago
Она не имеет отношения к Отелю Хпзбин.
tibli 25 days ago
the sequence from 2:05 t0 2:20 was fucking EXCELLENT
Did you get my text? Well you didn’t text me back
At 2:00 I love how the captions start to look creepy 😂
Luna Tess
Luna Tess 25 days ago
Так мне интересно, этот канал на английском, так почему это видео на русском? Или это сбой у меня в ютубе?
Shadow Scythe
Shadow Scythe 26 days ago
Re-pasteing one of my own theories I had within a comment for people to gather idea's from or to argue pointlessly about the why's and whatnots. I'm going with a sort of idea of Duke is a vampire because he was in contact with that staff for a while, or some other curse affiliated with it, and the same thing may be happening to missi if not driving her slightly to completely insane as the process continues to fully make her a vampire...though, being alone probably doesn't help in the matter as we don't fully know how long she's already kept hold of the staff. The reason I believe the staff is slowly changing her into a full vampire is because of the scene of all the monster slowly inching their way towards her, and once they make contact they start going throughout her entire bloodstream, painfully (by the look of things) changing every part of her body before she eventually can't take it anymore and tosses the scepter away in realization of what shes actually becoming by continuing to hold onto it....but I guess finds that her revenge (or some other motive) against Duke is more important than keeping her humanity. This is just my theory though, as for why she resurrected him only to throw him outside, she may have done all these things to make Duke feel like how she did when she met him, hopeless and with very littlw choice in where to go.
Fun4Gamers 26 days ago
I think that cane does more than just turn people into vampires and amplify power for already existing vampires. It’s giving me a lot of “the one ring” vibes here. I mean yeah she was angry for being toyed with and the Duke not taking no for an answer, but I don’t think (in her right mind) she would bring him back to life just to screw with him. I’m guessing that if she could drop that cane after killing the Duke she would walk away like she did in this video. But (this is just me theorizing), she couldn’t . That sudden surge of power and possibly the cane making her fixate on revenge. And from the look of the cobwebs on her bag in the last video she’s been fighting those thoughts and visions for a while. Weeks maybe months. Being released from that cane’s power will still leave some nasty mental scars. Maybe the cane feeds on negative emotions. Or maybe the cane has the power of corruption. Again, this is all just a thought I had, but it’s fun to think about. 🙃🦇
Koji Garcia
Koji Garcia 26 days ago
Missi Entrati: be vibin' le Duke: is out raiding Area 51 ruvid.net/video/video-5RPHkpcH3rI.html
vladi manisor
vladi manisor 26 days ago
When mum knows 5 y.o. me is going to prank her: 1:45
Vera Kudryavtseva
Vera Kudryavtseva 26 days ago
А по чему эта фанатская анимация?
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