Epic Troll Level in Mario Maker 2

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This is what I get for playing fan levels.
...so be sure to give me MORE of your Super Mario Maker 2 levels in the comments below. :D
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Jul 20, 2019

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Comments 2 092
Atsuko Kagari
Atsuko Kagari 2 days ago
These Troll levels will ascend to a higher plane if Nintendo adds in the fake Flag Poles from 3D World.
Neonlaser 3 days ago
When you have no idea what DDLC is so you waste 3 hours playing it just to understand the reference.
hey you
hey you 3 days ago
Intermediate Banzai: new super mario u QKY-5G7-88G Hope you guys enjoy and have fun!
Nake Livious
Nake Livious 4 days ago
Alpharad: Minecraft, The Way Home Ad: nEW aNImE Me: Dead
Mauricio Leonardo Flores Mostacero
I really love these kinda videos man, you make me laugh so hard. Greetings from Peru!!
Magnus Bergfjord
Magnus Bergfjord 6 days ago
Anyone know how to actually unsub to this channel? It keeps getting recommended even after I unsubbed months ago... Algorithm bullshit?
KingDoodies 6 days ago
4:38 Now i can put monica in the thumbnail it is a win win for everone Me:😐😐😐
Pixel 6 days ago
What is the id
Lars Beertsen
Lars Beertsen 7 days ago
Me looks at thumbnail: Monika what are you doing here?!
Dakota Beard
Dakota Beard 8 days ago
Didn’t DGR play one of these levels
Travis Shaffer
Travis Shaffer 8 days ago
Did you Blockcraft yet? You blockhead. Pffh Great video dude and nailed it.
nikyeet. 8 days ago
ID : 5930MC67G Name : Ultimate Bowser Jr. Fight It’s one one my first levels so :/
Tacocat 9 days ago
why does alpharad keep playing levels meant for carl lul
Finn Pom
Finn Pom 10 days ago
dominic Valorie
dominic Valorie 13 days ago
Alpharad i dought youll see this but play this doors map how to beat it? Find out ur self!!! Cource id: MLSNNGX6G
KuanLin Chen
KuanLin Chen 13 days ago
Try this level please alpharad code D2G-W84-50H
The Joker
The Joker 13 days ago
Hey alpha I’ve never had a particular interest in Mario maker until I saw your videos on it and I decided to buy mm2 and created my very first level and I’d really love it if you and jo played it(mainly jo though) hope you enjoy it. Id: 387-8XY-46G
ThatOneDaxSter 14 days ago
3:04 Put her out of her Missouri
Henry Nelson
Henry Nelson 14 days ago
Come check out my level! Course ID: Y9C-T83-WXG Maker ID: 516-01K-K4G Good luck lol
Pika Dude
Pika Dude 14 days ago
My super Mario maker level -2HG-XRR-55G and if you want I have lots of other courses
Edwin Gonzalez
Edwin Gonzalez 14 days ago
1PSYQM4SG: Is the course nobody can beat here. I will like if you tried it out guys
Ethan Lopez
Ethan Lopez 14 days ago
triforce 2005
triforce 2005 15 days ago
My code for my level is HXV-S99-SLF
V!Verna 15 days ago
ID: D95-D2L-R1G Level name: Time, Maze, Fight Description: Time - Timing is involved in this... Maze - Perhaps easy, but pretty confusing as well. Fight - (So I thought this was gonna be a good multiplayer VS level until I realized how bad it would be to fight in, so just ignore that...) It's not as much creative effort I put in like my last level, but I feel like this is more just a challenge level, and holy shit was I fuming trying to verify it because of one goddamn section I know will piss you off... so have fun!
Memegamer420 - Liam
He didn’t just say that 1:09
Danexing 15 days ago
Me and a friend of mine made a troll level together... its optimized to be the least fun possible... enjoy. Course ID: N7D-YN6-HMF
ThomasTheName 15 days ago
Twopm spin chek it KKN-81V-SPF
Majora 37
Majora 37 16 days ago
Calling all Makers and speed runners(and mr alpharad) I have what is supposedly a impossible level(it took me from 8pm to 5am to beat it)Called really difficult course ID:YK7-PLB-25G If you can complete it, CONGRATS!!
ya yeet_64
ya yeet_64 16 days ago
Hey epic gamers can someone check out my level the id is S5Q-953-R1H
AN3V1L533D_Zz ??
AN3V1L533D_Zz ?? 16 days ago
Which is more sad: Act 1 ddlc Mother 3 Up
OceanMaster 022
OceanMaster 022 17 days ago
Here’s my level Spaghetti man does parkour : LG0-54F-1WF
Lillyium The Artist
I came because of Monika in the thumbnail.
T dog
T dog 17 days ago
328-4PP-6SF. hammer fun I don't know just enjoy ITS FUUUUUUNNNN i think play it please
olivia nievera
olivia nievera 17 days ago
Puzzles and platforming - your favorite! Just the right amount of memeing included. ID: 7VW-NP4-RFG "Three is the Key, Baybee."
Blu TNT 17 days ago
Spike dash:7X401GYRG a fun challenge
Abster The Dabster
Abster The Dabster 17 days ago
Course ID: QYL T30 MVG I would really like to see you beat this level since no one I know can beat it
Puffizard 17 days ago
Long Jump Heaven - 85D-S6L-K2G (SMW3D) I tried to make my 2nd level focused on a single mechanic - the long jump. Precise timing is paramount. It's fast paced and punishes every mistake, but is very doable and doesn't take long :) Hope you have fun and I appreciate feedback! Spiky Pyramid - CG0-DLN-0FG (NSMBU) Mario has to get to the top of the pyramid, explore it and get out in one piece. Trust the arrows, mind the spikes and use spin jumps! In this level I tried to combine some fast paced sections (beginning and banzai bill part) with more relaxed ones. I'd very much appreciate feedback, especially when it comes to how the level leads the player (Is it clear, what you need to do next? Does the level feel fair?) Hope you have fun and feedback for me! :) Feel free to reply with your stages and I'll try them out tonight :)
Maurofilho animations
1:07 is that say sike piranha but pink?
C Vi
C Vi 17 days ago
R2W-JWO-SXF It’s my first level, but not for the weak of heart, lots of lava and some tough decisions. Think long and hard in this one
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins 18 days ago
Who else here got lured in by the Waifu thumbnail?
I am Humiliated
I am Humiliated 18 days ago
My course id is TTD-71FSFG
Foxy Jr
Foxy Jr 18 days ago
A secret block contains a coin. That is the,clear condition.sorry for any confusion
dennisvergel36 18 days ago
Oh just wait until you see the stage Dan Savato (ddlc creator) did.
Jack Webster
Jack Webster 18 days ago
Hey Alpha, but hello everyone else too! If you want to play any of my courses, feel free to input the codes below! Keys and secrets: 76K-4Y4-YRG Description: Enter the airship, find hidden powerups, unlock new paths and have fun! Lava Escape - 100 coin challenge: K3X-BV4-RVG Description: 100 coins. Lava beneath your feet. You know the drill. Go. 10: 32C-XXP-W9G Description: Only 10 seconds?!?! What madman made this?
TokyoCrabs 18 days ago
Mario maker 2 id- DX8-FJF-2JF or GRK-9P3-K1H
Adryan Johnson
Adryan Johnson 19 days ago
Well I've only got one level out there and it's a doozy, I hope you like Bob-ombs cause there's a whole lot of them to deal with in this level! 8PQ-YJB-CCG Using a bunch of the new things in the Super Mario 3D World style along with well Bob-ombs heh!
NightOwl YT
NightOwl YT 19 days ago
Wiggler Infestation M2X-NHR-1SF An easy yet fun level based around killing 7 different wigglers spread throughout the sub-world. Complete simple challenges to exterminate this invasive species before they get out of control!
The American Rocker
Rn8-Vyf-xwf play it cuz it’s fun
Michael Draws Stuff
Jorden The Master
Jorden The Master 19 days ago
Hey doea anyone wanna play my first level? 572-LJ3-60H
Sassy Muffin Trash
Sassy Muffin Trash 19 days ago
Does amyone know what song he uses at the end of his videos
Triple S
Triple S 19 days ago
Sassy Muffin Trash “Swear to My Bones” from Persona 5
Blu 2019
Blu 2019 20 days ago
There’s pac man like saying it show biz
JustAlex 20 days ago
MBX-D01-HYF (Speedrun Level) Get Back Home You are coming back from a long trip but the way home is blocked! Get passed all the koopas, hammer bros and more enemy’s to get back home!
Nesar 20 days ago
You should play CarlSagan42’s new level Level code is:SYG-7FR-QLG
boomblaster kjjj
boomblaster kjjj 20 days ago
This one was kind of hell to clear check so don't play please. 62M-BRV-BGG
Sonic did not like what you just did.
who de fuck is monika?
Bryan Buttriss
Bryan Buttriss 20 days ago
S3P-RBJ-5HF kinda got some simple puzzles and stuff, see if you can do better than the five people before you. read the level description, it explains it better.
Carlton Kampfe
Carlton Kampfe 20 days ago
Alpharad, I just Published my second level. I’m very proud of it and I think you’ll enjoy it: FWB-J7P-F3G
ParkersStuff 20 days ago
Hi, Alpharad! :3 Would you like to play my levels? (They're in a "series", so I'm going to show them to you in order.) The first level is an enemy production castle where you have to defeat Bowser and hijack the castle to stop his enemy production systems! The title is "Bowser's Enemy Production Castle". The ID is DRX BM3 PHF. The second level is a sequel to the enemy production castle level. And expect some surprise boss battle (its not the final battle though) at the beginning. The title is "The Absolutely Final Battle". The ID is F1Y 852 NPF. And if you liked those mediocre levels, you might like me, the creator. My username is ice_crime and my ID is RG6 9BL JGG. Sincerely, A mediocre content creator (level/game wise and animation wise lol)
Viggo Studios
Viggo Studios 21 day ago
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs 21 day ago
Here's a level DK5-22V-S4G
ParkersStuff 20 days ago
You need to provide a description of a level, or else he's not gonna play it. Just give him some context, you know what I'm saying?
Mott 777-1
Mott 777-1 21 day ago
The trick with the thumbnail worked
Der General
Der General 21 day ago
*Guacamole Nigga Pennis*
Luke Harvey
Luke Harvey 21 day ago
4:25 "Let's just delete System32 while we're at it" 😂😂😂😂
Erny Purny
Erny Purny 21 day ago
I only clicked on this because monika was in the thumbnail
BaddestPuppet69 X
BaddestPuppet69 X 22 days ago
The whole ddlc level brought lot some what of memories and emotions...
Metal X56479
Metal X56479 22 days ago
Try my level not too hard just a matter of Trust and memory probably a good way to warm you up for troll levels later on in your videos the code is NTH-JR0-THG
Danethebrain :3
Danethebrain :3 22 days ago
Xh8-v4b-wmf it is a mix of some of your levels and some puzzles that I thought of and it is fun and it should be in the combo video
Auralevant I Aura
Auralevant I Aura 22 days ago
Name of Level: Lost Hope Code: JH7-QRN-57G Creator: Auralevant Description: Are you willing to find hope in this course? Future series of this is....
Nolan Peel
Nolan Peel 22 days ago
i clicked cause i saw monika from doki doki literature club
RadiationZack10 22 days ago
Wow what a fuck you level
Madop67 22 days ago
Go to Shell ID: BBG-0GR-LFF NSMBU Theme Short platforming level that uses all the shell helmets/dry bones boat thing
Zach Beck
Zach Beck 22 days ago
Here's my level, it has a lot of precision platforming QNV-YD0-PNF
Wolfie Da Lucario 991
Q0Q-21V-14G PLEASE play this, i worked hours trying to beat this. I think ud like it
SnivyDoesStuff 22 days ago
L0W-0PW-LJG A pure test of platforming mastery Straight to you, check it out ^v^
Master ELI
Master ELI 22 days ago
Q2W - ST9 - 0TF Bowser has a casino its not a hard level so just try To have fun playing it
Master ELI
Master ELI 22 days ago
KWV - PTH - 38G This level contains a lot of Spikes if u touch them u die
Unlisted overdrive
Unlisted overdrive 22 days ago
0:03 A L P H A R A D S M E L L S E P I C
King Dedede
King Dedede 22 days ago
It's easy to get my attention See Monika, I C L I C K
Leonardo Costa
Leonardo Costa 22 days ago
Monika in the thumbnail was actually what made me watch this vid tbh
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