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Jun 16, 2019




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Comments 1 005
Dan Bull
Dan Bull 2 months ago
Best creator code ever
Basketball Singers
Basketball Singers 2 months ago
Border man gets paid
Decca The lazar
Decca The lazar 2 months ago
No Bro 17598
No Bro 17598 3 months ago
I love how mopi had to look up the entire time he filmed
Asher Bryant
Asher Bryant 3 months ago
Drizzy D.R.A.Y
Drizzy D.R.A.Y 3 months ago
Drink some bleach Jesse. Fortnite? .... Fortnite?! God ur cringy
KungJin Chris
KungJin Chris 3 months ago
0:00 song?
TH3EZEE 3 months ago
I miss the old 2 hyped when the pool and goal was there
Jacob Kogut
Jacob Kogut 3 months ago
How u get that pick axe bruh🤣
Dessy Wilianti
Dessy Wilianti 3 months ago
Jesser u r a bot
UCWR 3 months ago
Can we see another road to dunking from jesser
dylan villez
dylan villez 3 months ago
petition for james our of 2hype
AK. anime
AK. anime 3 months ago
Why are you noob
Kyle Mutter
Kyle Mutter 3 months ago
I said to myself you lost the first game on purpose
Mike Fowler
Mike Fowler 3 months ago
3:43 that did not look like James lol, eurostep to a finger roll
George Alexander
George Alexander 3 months ago
Me: how long did it take u to write use code jsr Jesser: am I talking about how long it took
Yatecs Man
Yatecs Man 3 months ago
You should put the shaq basket on the court
Omar Abdalla
Omar Abdalla 3 months ago
These PS4 players are garbage😭😭😭😭
Danny A
Danny A 3 months ago
Mic was awful.
tendedtost34 boi
tendedtost34 boi 3 months ago
How do you feel about lazarbeam and his 10mil
gamer3412 yt
gamer3412 yt 3 months ago
I used the code
Isaac Diaz
Isaac Diaz 3 months ago
Dude why you win against jesser your no cool but jesser is its his video and court so stop idiot
Gavingammer 11
Gavingammer 11 3 months ago
@9:32 nigga dead said I heard the sounds backwards
Ronit Prasad
Ronit Prasad 4 months ago
Do you guys still even use the office house?
nolimitsilerz 4 months ago
what song do u use in the beginning
Michael Frazier
Michael Frazier 4 months ago
I laughed a lot when jiedel tap the floor after scoring😂🤣
E Hansen
E Hansen 4 months ago
“I listened to every sound backwards”🤣
Mystic Kryptic
Mystic Kryptic 4 months ago
Mopi is actually the best Hooper in 2hype
Wizzy Gizzy
Wizzy Gizzy 4 months ago
Maxwell Barrington
Maxwell Barrington 4 months ago
Fortnite is fucking stupid and gay
YT_Mamba 4 months ago
Jessie make 2k vids no one like fortnite
Jaime De leon
Jaime De leon 4 months ago
James some poo
Xan Smith
Xan Smith 4 months ago
Did anyone else notice that the court was Seatgeek
Xanmz 4 months ago
“Let’s get some simple points” misses three and lay up
Max Davidson
Max Davidson 4 months ago
Boo Fortnite sucks
Worldwide Tashaun
Worldwide Tashaun 4 months ago
James play basketball in slow motion
Xotiic Decay
Xotiic Decay 4 months ago
0:18 nani?
Jalen Dunbar
Jalen Dunbar 4 months ago
i remeber jesser was just a \t 50 k with only 2k videos now he's almost at 3 mil and only makes irl videos time flies
Usman Ghani
Usman Ghani 4 months ago
I thought y’all switched to XBOX
NOVA 05 4 months ago
Fortnite: Jesser, how much motion bl- Jesser- yes
Galaxy _ Sample
Galaxy _ Sample 4 months ago
2k do need to fix they game 💯💯
Preston Gutierrez
Preston Gutierrez 4 months ago
No more fortnite it’s dead
Brady _Green
Brady _Green 4 months ago
Is it just me but where is Walker?
Nikos Gazis
Nikos Gazis 4 months ago
He lives with td at the first house
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 4 months ago
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 4 months ago
Kessler can I 1v1 you my gamer tag is EXOTiic_Raiders
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 4 months ago
I messed up
Brennan Hardy
Brennan Hardy 4 months ago
Who’s Kessler
MightyDucks 999
MightyDucks 999 4 months ago
Pls do more 2k 19 vids
Nate Wolf
Nate Wolf 4 months ago
How does your health go up with no heals and can’t loot?🤨
Logan Jalo
Logan Jalo 4 months ago
Do a prank to Jidel and mopi
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker 4 months ago
Bring back mycareer
dj yongster star
dj yongster star 4 months ago
I bet 20k i could bet jesser in a 1v1
Marcus Lynch
Marcus Lynch 4 months ago
That court loud as shit
ItzOnyx 4 months ago
Mopi’s side commentary is hilarious
Tony Williams
Tony Williams 4 months ago
now lazzarbeam hase more subs than you
Aidan Baird
Aidan Baird 4 months ago
Put youngnarrow in 2hype
Preston Kuykendoll
Preston Kuykendoll 4 months ago
do more creative with other fortnite youtubers like kenworth
YUG Shah
YUG Shah 4 months ago
Can somebody please tell me what is the background song in the beginning ??!!!
Icy Boy
Icy Boy 4 months ago
Lazarbeam is the better lazar
grace meneses
grace meneses 4 months ago
Latrell Gilmer
Latrell Gilmer 4 months ago
I wish I can visit the two hype house and one v one mopoop land
Jimmy Allen
Jimmy Allen 4 months ago
This new court is fucking ass
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