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Jun 16, 2019

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Comments 1 012
No Bro 17598
No Bro 17598 3 days ago
I love how mopi had to look up the entire time he filmed
Asher Bryant
Asher Bryant 9 days ago
Drizzy D.R.A.Y
Drizzy D.R.A.Y 12 days ago
Drink some bleach Jesse. Fortnite? .... Fortnite?! God ur cringy
M4RKIF4RT 15 days ago
0:00 song?
THEANOSSS 15 days ago
I miss the old 2 hyped when the pool and goal was there
Jacob Kogut
Jacob Kogut 15 days ago
How u get that pick axe bruh🤣
Dessy Wilianti
Dessy Wilianti 17 days ago
Jesser u r a bot
UCWR 17 days ago
Can we see another road to dunking from jesser
dylan villez
dylan villez 18 days ago
petition for james our of 2hype
AK. anime
AK. anime 18 days ago
Why are you noob
Kyle Mutter
Kyle Mutter 18 days ago
I said to myself you lost the first game on purpose
Mike Fowler
Mike Fowler 18 days ago
3:43 that did not look like James lol, eurostep to a finger roll
George Alexander
George Alexander 20 days ago
Me: how long did it take u to write use code jsr Jesser: am I talking about how long it took
Yatecs Man
Yatecs Man 22 days ago
You should put the shaq basket on the court
Omar Abdalla
Omar Abdalla 23 days ago
These PS4 players are garbage😭😭😭😭
Danny A
Danny A 23 days ago
Mic was awful.
tendedtost34 boi
tendedtost34 boi 23 days ago
How do you feel about lazarbeam and his 10mil
gamer3412 yt
gamer3412 yt 23 days ago
I used the code
Isaac Diaz
Isaac Diaz 23 days ago
Dude why you win against jesser your no cool but jesser is its his video and court so stop idiot
Gavingammer 11
Gavingammer 11 23 days ago
@9:32 nigga dead said I heard the sounds backwards
Ronit Prasad
Ronit Prasad 23 days ago
Do you guys still even use the office house?
nolimitsilerz 24 days ago
what song do u use in the beginning
Michael Frazier
Michael Frazier 24 days ago
I laughed a lot when jiedel tap the floor after scoring😂🤣
E Hansen
E Hansen 24 days ago
“I listened to every sound backwards”🤣
Mystic Kryptic
Mystic Kryptic 24 days ago
Mopi is actually the best Hooper in 2hype
Wizzy Gizzy
Wizzy Gizzy 24 days ago
Maxwell Barrington
Maxwell Barrington 25 days ago
Fortnite is fucking stupid and gay
YT_Mamba 25 days ago
Jessie make 2k vids no one like fortnite
Jaime De leon
Jaime De leon 26 days ago
James some poo
Xan Smith
Xan Smith 26 days ago
Did anyone else notice that the court was Seatgeek
Xanmz 26 days ago
“Let’s get some simple points” misses three and lay up
Max Davidson
Max Davidson 26 days ago
Boo Fortnite sucks
T C 27 days ago
James play basketball in slow motion
Nasru Diin
Nasru Diin 27 days ago
0:18 nani?
Jalen Dunbar
Jalen Dunbar 27 days ago
i remeber jesser was just a \t 50 k with only 2k videos now he's almost at 3 mil and only makes irl videos time flies
Usman Ghani
Usman Ghani 27 days ago
I thought y’all switched to XBOX
NOVA 05 27 days ago
Fortnite: Jesser, how much motion bl- Jesser- yes
Galaxy _ Sample
Galaxy _ Sample 27 days ago
2k do need to fix they game 💯💯
Preston Gutierrez
Preston Gutierrez 28 days ago
No more fortnite it’s dead
Brady _Green
Brady _Green 28 days ago
Is it just me but where is Walker?
Nikos Gazis
Nikos Gazis 28 days ago
He lives with td at the first house
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 28 days ago
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 28 days ago
Kessler can I 1v1 you my gamer tag is EXOTiic_Raiders
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 28 days ago
I messed up
Brennan Hardy
Brennan Hardy 28 days ago
Who’s Kessler
MightyDucks 999
MightyDucks 999 28 days ago
Pls do more 2k 19 vids
Nate Wolf
Nate Wolf 28 days ago
How does your health go up with no heals and can’t loot?🤨
Logan Jalo
Logan Jalo 28 days ago
Do a prank to Jidel and mopi
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 28 days ago
where has TD been??
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker 28 days ago
Bring back mycareer
dj yongster star
dj yongster star 28 days ago
I bet 20k i could bet jesser in a 1v1
Marcus Lynch
Marcus Lynch 28 days ago
That court loud as shit
Deity Mummy
Deity Mummy 28 days ago
Mopi’s side commentary is hilarious
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