**EPIC RACE Battle** TURBO Honda K-Swap SmartCar Vs V8 LS3 Miata! Import Tuner Vs Domestic Tuner!

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May 10, 2020




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Comments 100
Fasterproms 5 months ago
First off THANK YOU FOR making our last video the most liked video EVER! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! And Dont forget to like this one as well it helps us grow our channel!! OK Secondly This was so much fun and im gonna miss Brent and the guys. Check out Brents perspective on this @ pfispeed. Also Check us both out on Instagram @pfispeed and @fasterproms HELP US HIT 100k!! The next smart car video is kind of unbelievable! We are gonna keep it coming!! KAterTot T-shirts are available for preorder in the link below! thank you for your support!
Graham Smith
Graham Smith 3 months ago
Aaqqqqq aqaaaaaaà
The Architect
The Architect 4 months ago
Mannnn I want a K series Smart car but mannnnnnn I want an LS powered Miata!!!! I built a ‘97 TJ Jeep Wrangler with a 5.3 LS, 4L60E , Tera 60R with Detroit locker and 4.88’s , that beast on 37x12.50’s wheelied like mother. Scared off a lot of mustangs back In the early 2000’s. Miss it. Would looove either the Miata or the Smart car.
Ordengate A
Ordengate A 5 months ago
Thanks for letting me know ill be dubbing the bet on the next race
Robert Shirey
Robert Shirey 5 months ago
@fasterproms @pfispeed, y'all need to get these two cars on tour, badest match up of all time!! God bless and keep up the awesome content guys 👍👍👍
James Cotton
James Cotton 5 months ago
Hey it would be awesome if you did a video on that 2 door blazer!!! I have a 2000 jimmy 2 door with a 5 speed
Kieron Moore
Kieron Moore 2 hours ago
James is a total troll lol, love the banter
Le Subariste
Le Subariste 2 days ago
White S10 Blazer in the background
Robsim 2 months ago
The jealousy reflected in those thumb downs is shining so bright Jody has to wear shades while pounding those unsatisfied wives of the thumb downers
Robsim 2 months ago
Over 200 thumbs down because there's actually over 200 people honest about being a shitty person who suck!
Brandon Haywood
Brandon Haywood 3 months ago
Good race
Jared THISDELLE 4 months ago
C -prom
LowMan Josh
LowMan Josh 4 months ago
These both look sketch man love it.
James Skinner
James Skinner 4 months ago
With a helmet on Jeremy looks like Tim Curry
Rudi N
Rudi N 4 months ago
Honestly a long boring video
Josh Chaparro
Josh Chaparro 4 months ago
Miata so fast hard top almost flew off 😂😂
Dead Soul Walking
Dead Soul Walking 4 months ago
Need details on the white blazer in the background
kram Null
kram Null 4 months ago
I wonder if the front brake caliper had the piston sticking on the last race?
Piotr K
Piotr K 4 months ago
Awesome Vid and match up. Great work putting this together ... btw any more info / videos on that White blazer/gmc at 1:43
J T 4 months ago
Is this the old Bradenton drag strip.
t_s 4 months ago
That Smart needs some form of instrumentation to keep you up to date on revs and temp.
E82 Jacob
E82 Jacob 4 months ago
that foo driving the smart car in the roll cant shift he just lost on those granny shifts
Robert E Lee
Robert E Lee 4 months ago
There are more commercials than races.
TheRowdyRex 4 months ago
Boost the ruckus!!!!!
Thomas Halley
Thomas Halley 4 months ago
With everything so close the rpm difference makes a major difference.
Dang Brent was driving that thing !!!!
Son Goku
Son Goku 5 months ago
the smart car would go faster if it didn't have to lug around Brent's massive balls. that thing looks sketchy as fuck
Jocelyn Brisebois
Jocelyn Brisebois 5 months ago
if you closed your windows you will have less drag.
Cole Komaromi
Cole Komaromi 5 months ago
No boostedbois or pfispeed in title or description. Could be changed
Blue_Mopar Blaine
Blue_Mopar Blaine 5 months ago
Both of those cars look like absolute handfuls
jeff 5 months ago
Your breaks are gone.......ya were Guna go again 😂
rwsteiner100 5 months ago
i was laughing when dude got to drive the smart car at the end when it got sideways on him... good stuff
Chris Hodges
Chris Hodges 5 months ago
Rich Lewis
Rich Lewis 5 months ago
Throw a 302 from a 94-95 mustang in that miata . High compression ,high torque low horsepower . Leave it bone stock and watch how it rips that car down the track !
Blake Moore
Blake Moore 5 months ago
U look so uncomfortable from ur faces 😂
Waferz 5 months ago
Should be titled “watch these 500whp cars spin and go no where” lol
Hey Gek
Hey Gek 5 months ago
if they can make that SMART run on adrenaline instead of gas, it will have unlimited fuel
Just Tim
Just Tim 5 months ago
Good thing you have toll bars in there, otherwise one crash into the wall would be your last with a adult RC car like that lol
Ralph Monta
Ralph Monta 5 months ago
I’m in no position to buy a car. I want a Miata. This video is not helping to make a sound decision 😂😂😂😂
B Moore
B Moore 5 months ago
AWESOME video!
David Kelm
David Kelm 5 months ago
Krazy Tot
Benny 5 months ago
Just gotta take a little gas and a rag to the miatas headlights and buff out that fog
JMG_2 _SLOW 5 months ago
Jeremy imagine putting the lsa supercharger from Uncle Sam in the Miata 😳.
adam s
adam s 5 months ago
I'd pick the lsx miata in a race ..them boys arnt familiar with 8s I see, exp kylie's prediction of how the race would go..i think the exact opposite , the miata will real in the smartkar
adam s
adam s 5 months ago
It's not neat if it cant be driven on the street
rudy bernal
rudy bernal 5 months ago
I would be shitting bricks in that smart car! Both bad ass cars though
Show No Mercy Gaming
My question is where do you live in Flordia that has mountains??
Dan's R&C
Dan's R&C 5 months ago
Tell them god damn boosted boiz they need to do that fucking turbo'd j series and stop playing with my god damn emotions
Mack Durff
Mack Durff 5 months ago
Kater tot for the win. Looks like it’s a handful keeping it straight
ROCCOCYCLES 5 months ago
Stand in the middle of the track??
riverrat1284 5 months ago
Smart Car needs to go to drag week
Vash Darknessz
Vash Darknessz 5 months ago
so many ads i cant even watch it
Sithhy 5 months ago
"LS the world" *Even though the Smart won more times*
VinnyMartello 5 months ago
Wow, the epic race battles of the 1960’s were very different compared to today’s.
fail farm videos
fail farm videos 5 months ago
Love that miata. the smart needs to be wider and longer front. and wheelie bars haha.
ZSTRODE. 5 months ago
James is so dam funny for no reason lol
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 5 months ago
Wonder where the dale truck is 🤔
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez 5 months ago
More of Craig's Jimmy build! Lol
John Stephens
John Stephens 5 months ago
Cjbarker2 5 months ago
Jeremy doesn’t blink.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 5 months ago
I’d like to know where in the Appalachia mountains you’re at in this video. I’ve seen a few other videos with this same background.
Windows Sauce
Windows Sauce 5 months ago
Florida man Florida man cleetus likes his Florida friends
raheem ebraheem
raheem ebraheem 5 months ago
I like this...look ruvid.net/video/video-YluquTXCia8.html this super game for kids..😍
No Grip
No Grip 5 months ago
He does not have anti lag. Stop spreading the misuse of that word. I doubt you've ever seen real anti lag
Rebel Whitmire
Rebel Whitmire 5 months ago
I guess less power with more grip goes faster
Budget Tech
Budget Tech 5 months ago
Jeremy is obviously the OG because he knows what we all want some race action. Possibly one of the greatest race videos ever made. wish there was a cam on the miata showing the smart car
Jacob Preedin
Jacob Preedin 5 months ago
You should have switched cars....
Derek Kennedy
Derek Kennedy 5 months ago
Your videos are freaking awesomeI can't get enough of your videos you got to be one of the best RUvidrs on the planet you and Cletus love your videos keep up the good work and I smashed the like button also can't forget the PFI guys you are all awesome keep up the good work can't forget the boostedboiz they're awesome too
Fiddler's Green 420
Fiddler's Green 420 5 months ago
I think Brent from PFI speed and Jeremy from faster problems should find a way to do this full time I would watch you guy's all day every day you tow are like little kids and it's so funny to watch you guy's always puts me in a better mood plus the puppies and music suggestions always seem to be what I need in the moment thank you for everything you all do for us
Douglas Brodock
Douglas Brodock 5 months ago
That white s10 blazer definitely caught my attention.
Nitous Infinitarius
Nitous Infinitarius 5 months ago
You guys are amazing we love all the Content your Team does, and Brent and his Team as well. You guys have brought back my dream of working on my Vehicles to make them more fun, fast, and learn as much as possible along the way.
Nitous Infinitarius
Nitous Infinitarius 5 months ago
Question guys! What could I tune my ecu on my 2010 Ford explorer Xlt 4.6l 3 Valve with? Or do I just get remap/reflash, or what stand alone ecu would be good for this big lug?
David Eason
David Eason 5 months ago
Is that Mel Gibson driving the smart car?
tranceadict11 5 months ago
that SmartCar need some downforce to put all its power on the roadway.
tranceadict11 5 months ago
BTW I love those "i wanna kill you cars"
bustin yanutz
bustin yanutz 5 months ago
nstg8r347 5 months ago
PFI and Boosted Boys need to move to FL. All 4 channels have been awesome!!!
jazz smith
jazz smith 5 months ago
The two coolest tuners! These guys together are novels of knowledge.
PIZZA MAN 5 months ago
Wtf was that Chevy trailblazer drag😂
gary66669 5 months ago
10:50 you can see when Brent's balls literally turn to Steele
Blair Woodhouse
Blair Woodhouse 5 months ago
OH MY GOD these things around a hill drive side by side would be so so much fun haha
fix it up
fix it up 5 months ago
Jeremy allways blows the. Roof off
Chandler Frazier
Chandler Frazier 5 months ago
Legend looks freakin awesome man
Mitch Mitch
Mitch Mitch 5 months ago
That white s10 blazer looks fire. I need those wheels and tires for my 1st gen
Gene Long
Gene Long 5 months ago
Next time I'm in Stuart Florida I'm gonna swing by and thank you in person. Love it!!!
Tristan Ambross
Tristan Ambross 5 months ago
Dawg, the smart car fucken squats 🔥💀
Ginja 5 months ago
Mate Your Videos are Awesome it's Easy AF to like them.
Persona Non Grata
Persona Non Grata 5 months ago
Well, drag-racing has not changed in the last 60 years... It is still a matter of keeping her going straight and locking the power to the ground and then stopping her...
Cody Willems
Cody Willems 5 months ago
Clips of Brent are all hellacious and rowdy then it goes to Jeremy and seems like he’s just having a cup of tea in the Miata 😂
Kurt Green
Kurt Green 5 months ago
when i watch these kind of videos, the first question that always comes to my mind is..."why no real slicks?".
Josh Rinlee
Josh Rinlee 5 months ago
Not a wise place to stand there....
Michael Hilton
Michael Hilton 5 months ago
Just watched a video of a smart running a 9.96 in the 1/4 . Y’all should try and beat it lol
Smokebuddie 5 months ago
John Farnham - Break the Ice ruvid.net/video/video-lyNRmFxpbLU.html Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know ruvid.net/video/video-8UVNT4wvIGY.html
xProRenegade 5 months ago
Jeremy out here running the adaptive aero hardtop.
UncleManuel 5 months ago
Jeremy is like "My brakes are cooked? Yeah, let's do another run," ^_^
Kyle Mathis
Kyle Mathis 5 months ago
Ive been doing some work on the highway behind showtime. i apologize for the dust but. i did get to see yall testing these cars. they are WILD
Michael Mann
Michael Mann 5 months ago
"he did him dirty in his own car" LMAO
3uvakind 5 months ago
Man Brent had to really drive that thing! And can we see that s10 Blazer! That thing looks sick!
Gibson Garage
Gibson Garage 5 months ago
I think the problem with that smart car being so unstable is the back tires are so much wider than the front tires you got to widen the track on the front
Ed H
Ed H 5 months ago
Put some 26x8 et drags on the back of the smart car and that Miata would be nothing but a fading memory!!
scott barker
scott barker 5 months ago
Thanks for great content!
Kevin Wallace
Kevin Wallace 5 months ago
should call it the WiKed Smaht Kar
John Leuty
John Leuty 5 months ago
I told you, LS all day baby
Craig Freeman
Craig Freeman 5 months ago
Just played a drinking game evey Tim Yu sed so mich.... mer gud
Oliver Copeland
Oliver Copeland 5 months ago
Brent is super competitive lol
Ture Ture
Ture Ture 5 months ago
What transmission are you running in the smart
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