EPIC GAME! - NaVi vs Fnatic - IEM Katowice - BEST MOMENTS | CSGO

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EPIC GAME! - NaVi vs Fnatic - IEM Katowice - BEST MOMENTS | CSGO
Twitch recap is the video where all the the best CS:GO clips, best moments, pro highlights, twitch highlights, ксго, ксго лучшие моменты stream highlights collected in one place. In this video you can find compilation of best ace, clutch, 200iq play made by top players of csgo scene such as s1mple, stewie2k, coldzera, niko, device, fallen, scream, kennys, симпл, shox and many others. Also you can find best moments from the matches of tier 1 teams like Liquid, NaVi, нави, Astralis, MIBR, FaZe Clan, NIP, Fnatic, Vitality, G2, Ence, Mousesports, EG, 100 thieves.




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Comments 80
harold morales
harold morales 12 days ago
Playboy51 18 days ago
31:15 JW :( feels bad man
everded ddd
everded ddd 27 days ago
22:12 lol
Sh4dy Qq
Sh4dy Qq Month ago
в последнем раунде видно что команда приехала побеждать
Karol Pęcak
Karol Pęcak Month ago
facebook.com/LeMagicien-109088294027638/?modal=admin_todo_tour please like i need this for my esport career
Xerim Month ago
12:34 sick hold from flamie Sad that he got 1 Killed because of simple knife 2 Killed by simple (flashed) 3 has to let them win by time in the very last round Fkin unlucky
Oliver Yuan
Oliver Yuan Month ago
damn flusha is playing really fishy
Jemeson inc.
Jemeson inc. Month ago
Нави отыграл отлично, у меня на канале тоже есть подборка моментов.
slayer Month ago
Обоссали бездарей)
Emily Richardson
Hayali video
Hayali video Month ago
If Na'Vi wins, People:Ohh!that's insane game! Now Na'Vi lose People:Stop putting "epic game" in every title.
Muazzau Ahmade
Muazzau Ahmade Month ago
Hayali video yea bro
David Month ago
1:50 srsly? these are pros? in MG Matchmaking id get 10x headshots in the time
Technikal Memes TF2
Would love to see you go pro then
World Gemes
World Gemes Month ago
Ребят го ко мне на канал я же кайфовый ))ТАм много контента про кс гО )советую всем )
Tariq Mehmood
Tariq Mehmood Month ago
OMG Flusha was using aim lock any one notice
Ling Ji Lih
Ling Ji Lih Month ago
For god sake please bring Guardian back
Nuraly Bolysbai
Nuraly Bolysbai Month ago
21:55 xDD
Barmy Month ago
how is the sg not nerfed yet
Ivan Bogdanov
Ivan Bogdanov Month ago
FNATIC красавцы !!!!!! Наказали нави за несобранность. KRIMZ просто батя)))))
Vexy channel
Vexy channel Month ago
В тиме флуша крыса а так нави почти выебала фанатик Просто нави нужно играть за атаку а то они за атаку совсем никакие а вот за спецназ просто супер
Nyon Month ago
I'm mad😣😡
Albert Bnq
Albert Bnq Month ago
Look up "epic" in the dictionary.
Думаю НАВИ просто не ожидали от фнатик такой собранной игры. Слишком недооценили их, после побед над астралис, виталити, фэйз и тд.
David Wilson
David Wilson Month ago
When you compare the amount of highlights perfecto has compared to guardians appearances from the past you know that Navi has made the right decision for their future
Karoun Falafel
Karoun Falafel Month ago
why commentators says boomich ?! he's name is BOOMBLYAT !
Kian Month ago
I hate Fnatic...
Salty Month ago
TuTu 95 u a russian?
Alex De Hond
Alex De Hond Month ago
Krimz first map was so insane
Neptune VIN
Neptune VIN Month ago
Ебать Фнатики крысы!
Bubbles Month ago
Simple carrying so hard on mirage fucking shit team
Андрей А
Андрей А Month ago
И ещё раз обосрались. Так держать. Фнатикам респект!
Siegrain Morningstar
Flusha father is Brad Bellick. If you are watching prison break you will know him
Siegrain Morningstar
@Daniel M you know i was joking. Lmao
Daniel M
Daniel M Month ago
They look similar but it's not true
Bayu Dwiputra
Bayu Dwiputra Month ago
21:10 wtf???
Anuj Guglani
Anuj Guglani Month ago
Which moment did you find surprising?
Tuan Anh Hoang
Tuan Anh Hoang Month ago
Wait how can Navi lose this game... They were leading 10-5 in Mirage by the time i slept.
Tuan Anh Hoang
Tuan Anh Hoang Month ago
@Moonman * man S1mple is on fire lately... Suck that Navi lost their momentum in Mirage.
Moonman *
Moonman * Month ago
They had poor t side tactics that's what happened. But overall they are strong rn and it was a close game. Nt Navi
Isak 1234
Isak 1234 Month ago
I’ve never seen simple make so many mistakes on a map as he did on mirage, jesus christ, couldnt of done much worse in terms of positioning
Samuel Olsson
Samuel Olsson 15 days ago
dsVScaacavcafvsd and why are you commenting on everyone just hating?
Renegade the only two consistent teams over the past year have been liquid and astralis, curious how this years gonna unfold for both teams
Renegade Month ago
JP Trj uhhh one tournament bro. NAVI is probably one of the most inconsistent rosters in the world. They are flashy. they can win one tournament and then lose the next 3. They’ve always been like that. And a lot of it is because one or two players aren’t great and the others are. I’m not saying they’re bad, but they aren’t consistently great at all.
JP Trj
JP Trj Month ago
@Renegade Uhh no, they were recently playing really good. They even won in their last LAN tournament against the likes of Astralis
Renegade Month ago
JP Trj NAVI always looks like that. What’s new? Fnatic was more focused.
Bang Official
Bang Official Month ago
12:52 uuuumaaaygaaad
Marius Karlsson
Marius Karlsson Month ago
Everything is epic to this vladdo sellout
Kolyanovich44 Month ago
Fuck fanatic for doing this ;( they are way stronger then navi rn
Erland Thingnes
Erland Thingnes Month ago
Use my new code VLAD123456
Jaka Počkaj
Jaka Počkaj Month ago
Epic game! Next time i see *epic game* in ur title im not gonna watch it
Adam Izzac
Adam Izzac Month ago
I think perfecto suit to play with navi?
omar mughal
omar mughal Month ago
Insane that Simple landed that shot in 29:12 . Fnatic very solid on Mirage.
SeXceL Month ago
Isn't s1mple back in this match ?
Mage6679 Month ago
So navi gone? Is navi kicked out?
Samuel Olsson
Samuel Olsson 15 days ago
Mage6679 nah they won the kato
Rahendya Satya
Rahendya Satya Month ago
Go to Lower Bracket
SeXceL Month ago
Nah .. they will play today
Baber Baberov
Baber Baberov Month ago
У фнатиков читеры
Ali Kaan Altaş
Ali Kaan Altaş Month ago
where is guardian
Altres Capilos
Altres Capilos Month ago
He's now a guardian angel
Emphasis .S
Emphasis .S Month ago
why Fnatic members still kicking, suppose they retire now
SeXceL Month ago
KK ..salty nerd
Stark Industries
Симпл играл мираж как настоящая звезда (в смысле голд нова). Ставить пачку под сити без смока - ну такое себе. Вообще игра нави на мираже мне показалась подставной, ибо нельзя так тупить за атаку.
Vexy channel
Vexy channel Month ago
За атаку плохо играют нави и всем давно это понятно
ALEXN Month ago
Check my new video 💖 its edit cs go
Ignacio Morales
Ignacio Morales Month ago
31-10 krimz on the first map
Lambda Storm
Lambda Storm Month ago
From what we've seen so far, perfecto's pretty much a flamie 2.0, can clutch but is otherwise just another good player. Navi is at the point which they can't switch players easily but flamie and perfecto really need to step up.
Lambda Storm
Lambda Storm Month ago
@Moonman * Yeah, flamie's been consistent for a long time. He does pretty well for someone playing a support role. Whether or not perfecto is the right pickup we'll have to see in the upcoming events, but if navi first day curse is a thing, then maybe we can't judge them too early.
Moonman *
Moonman * Month ago
Flamie is good rn. Just look at the games prior to this, especially the 2nd game against vitality in blast premiere. Perfecto isn't really a fragger, especially on ct side as his role is to be the solo player on a/b site while his teammates focus on action elsewhere. However he does clutch but still needs time to adjust. But already we can tell that he will be a solid player. Navi doesn't have problems with fire power or any players really. They lost this game due to their poor t side tactics on mirage. They need to work on their map pool and tactics and then they can be a top 3 team easily.
Duong Pham
Duong Pham Month ago
"epic game, crazy game, destroyed" is that all you got????? just get rid of these braindead title
Vannrith Va
Vannrith Va Month ago
simple should create his own team, just saying
yan depieri
yan depieri Month ago
it seems like krimz is training with flusha
House King
House King Month ago
I like watching fnatic because they seem to play so in sync with eachother
Bob Bobington
Bob Bobington Month ago
Bro, fnatic on paper seems like a bunch of 80-year-olds and Brollan, but they are as monstrous as they were five years ago. Damn
Bob Bobington meh, navi is really underwhelming tho, perfecto is useless and eveything falls on s1mple to win games for them. Simple also made so many mistakes this mirage game, hurt to watch.
Бакыт Асеков
Ебучий Flusha.....
Nicolas Morais
Nicolas Morais Month ago
Holy crap, s1mple is so damn good, man, something is supernatural about that man
1nsane Me i watched it live, who said that he didnt have any impact? I just said he made alot of mistakes on mirage, if he didnt make thosr which he usually doesnt they win this game
1nsane Me
1nsane Me Month ago
@dsVScaacavcafvsd man these highlights didnt show even half of what simple did. Watch full game and then u would know how much impact he had in that series.
1nsane Me because we expect it from simple, and he made rudimentary mistakes, that no expects him to make. Perfecto is new u cant expect him to carry his team.
1nsane Me
1nsane Me Month ago
@dsVScaacavcafvsd he made few mistakes but his team made a lot of mistakes. It's a team game. Why does one man have to do everything perfect?? People are not blaming flamie and perfecto for not pulling their weight. Why??
Simple actually made alot of mistakes on mirage t side and a couple on ct, if he used his brain more they mightve won that game.
Curio Month ago
Выигрывают с комбеком астралис -> выигрывают виталити -> забирают бласт против комплексити -> проебывают бомжам
Zorkin Month ago
топи4 мира-бомжи?
Zy who?
Zy who? Month ago
Фанатик щас на пике формы в новом составе если ты называешь их бомжами то кто ты?
Muhammadtohir Abduhalikov
Fucking flusha!! Cheater!
perKs Month ago
s1mple is god
Renato Silva
Renato Silva Month ago
perKs For him to be God, he's got to kill four on the awp! Three without sight! In a few seconds! Even he was one of the victims! Cs is phase, he's in the good phase, but he has a lot of gambling still in!
Mayank Khanna
Mayank Khanna Month ago
U r epic man not the games.✌️😋
Ricardo Lima Lopes
S1mple is the best cs go player.
Samuel Olsson
Samuel Olsson 15 days ago
SeXceL he used to be toxic, but according to his NaVi teammates he is great and friendly
hasan jamal
hasan jamal 22 days ago
@dot exe i agree
SeXceL Month ago
@dot exe He can't even survive in any team ... EGO is very bad .. They said ... We believe ...
Ricardo Lima Lopes
@Caravan Electronic is playing like a beast. Very fast aim and he was connecting nice shots.
Chill Ma
Chill Ma Month ago
Maybe cheating tho
Chenkai Ge
Chenkai Ge Month ago
the number of navi fanboy in the comment section is insane smh
Jakob Jelic Engelbrektskolan 8B
@PaperPlane Guy Yeah a huge one
PaperPlane Guy
PaperPlane Guy Month ago
Does fnatic have fan base?
Chenkai Ge
Chenkai Ge Month ago
@Rahul Tarkar thats cool dude nothing wrong with that
Chenkai Ge
Chenkai Ge Month ago
@DumiS exactly
Rahul Tarkar
Rahul Tarkar Month ago
S1mple is my fav player and Fnatic is my fav team.
Mazen Kabbani
Mazen Kabbani Month ago
S1mple godlike mode on mirage and inferno
LMH Month ago
Floriana Rexhepi
watching S1mple play its something else 🔥
Samuel Olsson
Samuel Olsson 15 days ago
dsVScaacavcafvsd why are you such a hater? I really hate people like you calling out someone profesional when you can’t even perform at 1/20th of what they do. Simple is great and he probably is the best player, while you’re most likely hardstuck in mg1
Floriana Rexhepi he really made alot of mistakes on mirage, that really was something else yeah
Vups Nubs
Vups Nubs Month ago
Navi will take major 2020, currently best team
Samuel Olsson
Samuel Olsson 15 days ago
House King but they destroyed Astralis which is the best team
Vups Nubs
Vups Nubs Month ago
@muifer No Navi are actually better, but Im not saying that fnatics are bad.
MR.Dragon Month ago
@M1SFIT.R6 but s1mple really frag more than fnatic almost all the game tho? It just navi play t side very bad. They never clear corner,very very slow,very bad at reading the game and even they got opening kill they never use that advantage well. It just so many mistake of navi but it'snot about the kills. I'm very sure about that :D
muifer Month ago
@Vups Nubs just say it fnatic is better and will be
nguyễn tùng
nguyễn tùng Month ago
Your arguments is equivalent to a 5 year-old lmao. Stop crying
Noah Ha
Noah Ha Month ago
19:14 xtreme earwax
Ezequiel Hernandez
edin doe
edin doe Month ago
Krimz god on dust 2
Truyen Cao The
Truyen Cao The Month ago
Too many missing shot from Navi, I don't see anything of Epic at here
House King
House King Month ago
epic fnatic win
Jday ayy
Jday ayy Month ago
Why did they get rid of Ladi? Perfecto is none the better.
кузя :3
кузя :3 Month ago
Что то надо за атаку делать, нихуя не могут
DeadRoomBoy Month ago
А ты попробуй играть когда противник лучше подготовлен и лучше стреляет.
Atm Month ago
since when is fnatic good again???
SeXceL Month ago
Golden the diamond Head IGL
Titor Month ago
House King
House King Month ago
@Titor it was golden and flusha that propelled them to malmo
Renson` Month ago
@Titor nah, first time brollan appears, fnatic still cant win a thropy
Titor Month ago
Since brollan
Lance P
Lance P Month ago
21:37 omg
Nesti Best
Nesti Best Month ago
Except he has godlike aim he's actually also really smart he knew he won that round as soon as he killed JW, he played that perfectly.
Tiny Bear
Tiny Bear Month ago
I jumped holyshit
Victor Luiz
Victor Luiz Month ago
My favorite part is that he even pick the AWP before defusing the bomb, he's so cold.
xd Hehe
xd Hehe Month ago
19:16 electronic emotion after winning a map
Zy who?
Zy who? Month ago
Аххаххах РЖАКА просто ну вообще то не смешно ахахаах
Gadgets Month ago
xd Hehe I mean still gotta win 1 more map. Job not done
Lance P
Lance P Month ago
Just stop. Stop putting “epic game” in every title
Joz Month ago
Soon he'll put compilation of re used clips only to GET YOUR 25% DEPOSIT BONUS WITH CODE "VLAD15"
Oskar Beres
Oskar Beres Month ago
@Ceo HeroHub do his job for him?
Ceo HeroHub
Ceo HeroHub Month ago
Zephyr6 Don’t tell him to stop. Give him better clickbait ideas.
Zephyr6 Month ago
Need those views so gotta clickbait
ezra Month ago
@þøħ€ the games do be epic tho
ANdboy Month ago
Не повезло, что сказать
Kuzenbo Month ago
Nice cuts!
Jackhuxu Luo
Jackhuxu Luo Month ago
MRizky Anugrah
MRizky Anugrah Month ago
flamie :(
Иван Драгов
Ха ха бомжи
Pete Power
Pete Power Month ago
-flamie +loba
Svet Jakim
Svet Jakim Month ago
Mr. Loba Loba
SveN Month ago
loba lmao
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