EPIC GAME! - Liquid vs Virtus.pro - IEM Katowice - BEST MOMENTS | CSGO

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EPIC GAME! - Liquid vs Virtus.pro - IEM Katowice - BEST MOMENTS | CSGO
Twitch recap is the video where all the the best CS:GO clips, best moments, pro highlights, twitch highlights, ксго, ксго лучшие моменты stream highlights collected in one place. In this video you can find compilation of best ace, clutch, 200iq play made by top players of csgo scene such as s1mple, stewie2k, coldzera, niko, device, fallen, scream, kennys, симпл, shox and many others. Also you can find best moments from the matches of tier 1 teams like Liquid, NaVi, нави, Astralis, MIBR, FaZe Clan, NIP, Fnatic, Vitality, G2, Ence, Mousesports, EG, 100 thieves.




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Comments 80
PEPE PL Month ago
Old VP 😥
Kirill Month ago
Ahmet Fahri Küçük
oh look this is epic as well
Paweł baro
Paweł baro Month ago
Jamy you fucking shit
Paweł baro
Paweł baro Month ago
What a stupid low vp
kaep lit
kaep lit Month ago
17:15 that eco round shows why Liquid is so scary to play against, everyone can aim on that team.
Kamal Singh
Kamal Singh Month ago
heres an idea:change the channels name to epic game
Abzal Adilkhan
Abzal Adilkhan Month ago
Osayo Month ago
Жаль конечно что наши ребята проигрывают, вроде бы и фраги делают и разменивают, но все равно чего то не хватает. Ну, хотя бы не в сухую проигрывают уже что то
Oliver L
Oliver L Month ago
bro you need some water???
BIshek Dhubey
BIshek Dhubey Month ago
Stew doin some noob job yeh
JustASoviet Month ago
Are we just ignoring the fact that NAF is looking fresh af and that sanji looks like a bean?
Ali Bronskiy
Ali Bronskiy Month ago
Вертиго адрен не дострелял(
KesikTon Month ago
Адрен на говне! мало того что в ситуациях изи не убивает, так еще в важном раунде своего загасил) просто черт)
Kiko Month ago
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epic !! ruvid.net/video/video-h6mtYm0c5Xk.html
lucas Van Der Westhuizen
Cant belive people are still watching this fake wall hacking shit, you have been scammed for years you fucking dumb idiots.
Piotrek Nieszporski
This Virtus pro is bots
Piotr Witkowski
Piotr Witkowski Month ago
Stewie Molotov criminal
StaticX13 Month ago
Ivan Popovic
Ivan Popovic Month ago
Я хуй
ArtixPheonix Month ago
is it just me or does buster look like jimmy fallon?
BENZO GANG Month ago
Kick adren, pls kick
Save your WiFi
Save your WiFi Month ago
11:38 no one‘s going to jump through fire. Stewie hold my beer
Syntax AVA
Syntax AVA Month ago
Bot Adren
Esil Nurbol
Esil Nurbol Month ago
wtf is Adren doin there huh ? he should be kicked cmoon if vp kicks adren then vp has it future, he just sucks need a better player for vp
Woruqok Month ago
It’s nice to see Stew doing his thing.
James Logan
James Logan Month ago
Dawg stew is on fire 🔥
Чингис Рахимов
Адрен днище пздц🤮
YOUalwaysTR1 M-İ
Adren idiot bot noob
Sn1kers Jd
Sn1kers Jd Month ago
Kazachstan shits
Minh Phạm
Minh Phạm Month ago
18:04 that transfer tho
Hamza Eren Tahtalı
Hahaha adren is best
kelvy jesus
kelvy jesus Month ago
bot adren
Lord Erben Bejo
Lord Erben Bejo Month ago
Kick adren hes fucking stupid
Perfectoo b
Perfectoo b Month ago
Epic game? XD
Big DODdeee
Big DODdeee Month ago
Taco was the problem.
F0URM1 Month ago
Where is pashaBiceps ?
Enemyzidfalcon HD
man it's elige as in "eleesh" not "elij"
Favian M. Rasyad
really?? I thought it was "elij"
RCD Month ago
VIP is still a team ?
John Calanno
John Calanno Month ago
Everybody has bad days bro, you can't be consistent good at all time.
Freddie Williams
adren plates awful
Léo R.
Léo R. Month ago
it's nice to see virtus pro on a decent level again even if they lose
Darshan Patil
Darshan Patil Month ago
kick adren he is useless 😤
Winbrr Month ago
Darshan Patil bot adren
Aditya Wiryawan J.
Stew not become smoke criminal anymore, he become molotove criminal
2332 221
2332 221 11 days ago
@Juanito Alcachofa there u go ,
Juanito Alcachofa
Juanito Alcachofa 12 days ago
@2332 221 an*
2332 221
2332 221 12 days ago
@Juanito Alcachofa seems youre such a english master
Đức Ngô Đăng
molotov creates smoke
Juanito Alcachofa
Aditya Wiryawan J. and you become english criminal
Greg Month ago
People saying Bot Adren... he is just having a bad day it seems
iko jan
iko jan Month ago
Как же хорошо играет санжи
Almaz Amantaev
Almaz Amantaev Month ago
Вот вы пиздите про адрена но на самом деле сдал бустер вопще не вывозит уже
perKs Month ago
Virtus pro ? No son los de avangar?
Radu Andrei
Radu Andrei Month ago
Adren sucks so much wtf
ST1CH off1cial
ST1CH off1cial Month ago
Adren просто выпал в этой игре. Элементарные килы дать не мог
Зак зак
Зак зак Month ago
Отдыхайте мазева авангард га вас походу можно крест ставить.
sTr1x Month ago
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Capt Ted
Capt Ted Month ago
Epic and Virtus pro together ? Nah....
Uno Momento
Uno Momento Month ago
i really think that adren is gonna be kicked soon :D
Gaming Life
Gaming Life Month ago
@Uno Momento well you do care cause you are replying everytime
Uno Momento
Uno Momento Month ago
@Gaming Life since i dont care i just say that i dont care
Gaming Life
Gaming Life Month ago
@Uno Momento well since you didn't explain it I will take it as a yes
Uno Momento
Uno Momento Month ago
@Gaming Life think whatever u want to think
Gaming Life
Gaming Life Month ago
Is the smiley face necessary you that happy if he was kicked
Анатолий Лымарь
Адрен чёт слаб.
XimikKz l
XimikKz l Month ago
Tuan Anh Hoang
Tuan Anh Hoang Month ago
Pog champ Liquid waiting for Mousepsort to take down Astralis and take the Katowice trophy.
Wake Water
Wake Water Month ago
He deleted he comment KEKW
Hang Rash
Hang Rash Month ago
Kamikaze Chameleon
Wake Water
Wake Water Month ago
He's saying mouse beat astralis liquid beat mouse
c 23
c 23 Month ago
Great fight both team's...
Erecke22 Month ago
Ебать какая эпичная игра, пойду посру
tamjid arabi
tamjid arabi Month ago
fuck csgo net
Skaay Month ago
Ammm scoreboard didnt added one point for liquid
Bri ck
Bri ck Month ago
NAF looks like he's losing weight
m a r i
m a r i Month ago
Liquid has everyone on their team have meal plans and workout schedule, like Astralis does
kaep lit
kaep lit Month ago
that's what a girlfriend does to you
Eivind Dale
Eivind Dale Month ago
he lost the neckbeard too fortunately
Огонь Справедливости
Adrena на пенсию!!!
RageBuaster -
RageBuaster - Month ago
Lol vp team noobs one win heroic lol, no win Godsent relly)) Jame noob S1mple Jesus
RageBuaster -
RageBuaster - Month ago
@Tasbolat Toreyev Russia stupid SHUT UP
Tasbolat Toreyev
STFU English
RageBuaster -
RageBuaster - Month ago
@JustASoviet yea Russia
JustASoviet Month ago
RageBuaster - that broken english tho lol
Mars Nic
Mars Nic Month ago
U cant simply call Jame noob
Undead Skyandfly
Такая эпичная ,что чуть не уснул
Tulgaa Dulguunu
Tulgaa Dulguunu Month ago
is that epic came? LUL
Jenova Month ago
Bot AdreN
idk Month ago
@ex-port I think he meant AdreN from vp
Blyzz Month ago
Jason Yuan well he’s coaching like one that’s for sure. Probably only says “Negative.” or “Affirmative.” as well.
Dann3bro Month ago
ex-port Hmm I really wonder
Jason Yuan
Jason Yuan Month ago
@ex-port yes sir liquid's coach is playing like a bot
ex-port Month ago
From liquid?
простой человек
Грамотно пехнули в Виртус про.🤣🤣🤣
VWG Month ago
Stewie is fuck9ng cheater
Puni Sher
Puni Sher Month ago
Ты russian?
Kondzuo Ni
Kondzuo Ni Month ago
This is avangar not virtus. Pro
Kondzuo Ni
Kondzuo Ni Month ago
@Bri ck maybe but i loved this team and I miss them
Bri ck
Bri ck Month ago
@Kondzuo Ni og vp are too old to play pro matches
Kondzuo Ni
Kondzuo Ni Month ago
Im real vp fan wchich was when there was playing golden five
Bri ck
Bri ck Month ago
They bought Avangar's roster
Bartosz Malinowski
Wut xd
muifer Month ago
vp is so shit rn go back to avangar
•Dono Wright•
why is liquid playing like this, like wtf??
Daanish Gupta
Daanish Gupta Month ago
@•Dono Wright• This is the same team which tool down Ence and Vitality.
Bri ck
Bri ck Month ago
@•Dono Wright• and i thought u didn't know that vp was changed
Bri ck
Bri ck Month ago
@•Dono Wright• i meant they beat liquid before and went to the finals against Astralis, not surprise if it was a close game
•Dono Wright•
@Bri ck i know, why tf would i call them avangars old roster instead of VP?
Bri ck
Bri ck Month ago
@•Dono Wright• it's Avangar's roster not the previous vp players
1 день назад
Они просто отдали все силы на Мажоре 2019 ПОЙМИТЕ УЖЕ
boring channel's dumbest fan
-Hello VP? Avangar here. Thanks for purchase, no refunds!
Some Saiyan
Some Saiyan Month ago
Vlad you are so updateddd thanks
Гармал Санбатов
Ну уже получше играют, чем месяц назад, и то радует
Patriot1977 Month ago
походу деда кикнут
Ah GuGu
Ah GuGu Month ago
another EPIC GAME
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