Epic Disney Villains Medley - Peter Hollens feat. Whitney Avalon

Peter Hollens
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The most epic Disney Villains Medley the world has seen! acapella!
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You know who sometimes gets the very best song in the whole movie? The bad guy or gal. I had an incredible time working with the INSANELY vocally talented Miss Whitney Avalon. This video was literally filmed from 8am until 5am, without stopping JUST FOR YOU!
Whitney Avalon as Ursula, Lefou, Mother Gothel, and Jafar.
whitneyavalon.com instagram.com/whitneyavalon
Myself as Scar, Frollo, Gaston, and Dr. Facilier. Plus 109 Extra background parts and more!
“Poor Unfortunate Souls” Ursula from THE LITTLE MERMAID
“Be Prepared” Scar from THE LION KING
“Hellfire” Claude Frollo from THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME
“Gaston” Lefou & Gaston from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
“Mother Knows Best” Mother Gothel from TANGLED
“Friends on the Other Side” Dr. Facilier from THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG
“Prince Ali Reprise” Jafar from ALADDIN
Video Chapters:
0:00 - Poor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid)
0:30 - Be Prepared (The Lion King)
1:03 - Hellfire (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
2:13 - Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)
2:55 - Mother Knows Best (Tangled)
3:39 - Friends On The Other Side (The Princess and the Frog)
4:21 - Prince Ali (Reprise) - Aladdin

Executive Producers, Director: Peter Hollens & Whitney Avalon
Production Designer, Lighting, Assistant Director, Post Supervisor: Jeremy Bronson
Editor: Reilly Zamber
Cinematographer: Merlin Showalter
Hair and Make-Up Artist: Roxy Allen
Ms. Avalon’s Costume Designer: Sarah Jeanne
Mr. Hollens’ Costume Designer: Jamie Parker
Music Arranger: Tom Anderson
Music Editor: Alex Green www.plaidacappella.com/
Mix: Ed Boyer
Master: Bill Hare
Recording Engineer: Peter Hollens, Ben Bram
Ms. Avalon’s Assistant: Caroline Sharp
Mr. Hollens’ Assistant, Post Production Assistant: Nicole Slenning
PAs: Dustyn Smith, Samantha Westmoreland
PA, BTS Camera: Jordan Brooks
Titles, Graphics: Kent Carollo
Special Thanks, Location: Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon
Press/licensing/business: nicole@peterhollens.com
If you made it to the bottom of this description, comment “#BESTDISNEYVILLAINSEVER!”
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Jun 24, 2017




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Comments 100
Peter Hollens
Peter Hollens Year ago
◆ EPIC DISNEY SIDEKICKS MEDLEY IS NOW LIVE!!! ◆ ----> --ruvid.net/video/video-J46XJImeQbc-.html- .
Depalodor 13 days ago
@elena dinh so quirky xd
Falto el de yzma
elena dinh
elena dinh 2 months ago
@Katherine Ferguson tee hee
Katherine Ferguson
Katherine Ferguson 2 months ago
@elena dinh gmfvnxhfldKeKte
Naomi McIlroy
Naomi McIlroy 2 months ago
Chiamaka Nwaekwu
Chiamaka Nwaekwu 57 minutes ago
So I am an only child and I just realize that the song mother knows Best sounds exactly like what my mother tells me And I know it sounds bad but like I guess she’s just worried about me and I told her about this like if I tell her anything she sounds just like mother Gothal so I guess I am part of a Disney movie I don’t see any long hair so I don’t know
Blind Justice
Blind Justice 4 hours ago
The cover of Hellfire was ... so beautiful * - * By far my favorite. You were perfect, really nice cover !
Nicolas Cruz
Nicolas Cruz 4 hours ago
wtf man, this video still gives me goosebumps
God likes Pop Music
Bea Requiero
Bea Requiero 11 hours ago
Omygod! I just realized there's only 2people singing in this mv. Its my 5th time watching this
Moonstar79 16 hours ago
I love how Frollo is dressed like an r/niceguy
Chucho 7w7
Chucho 7w7 16 hours ago
Its embarassing how many times I watched this thinking they were all different people.
You are wonderfull!!!
muthmainnah 06
My brain : beli beli buat siapa papah~
WillowsWoods Pre
Follo: * singing dramatically * Le Fou: >:/
WillowsWoods Pre
jesse gaming!
wastis film at disney world/land
Mr. Foster's Fantastic 5th Grade Class!
Chills!! LITeral Chills!! I love the Disney Villains more than the heroes!! Always a better number!
PD Madla
PD Madla 2 days ago
This is too good. Would have been cool to hear Ratcliffe's "Mine, Mine, Mine" from Pocahontas though, haven't seen a cover of it before
Da Frick
Da Frick 2 days ago
3:07 2020 in a nutshell
LeKnight Studios
LeKnight Studios 2 days ago
3:39 and 4:21 are the best
isabel sofia barrios abreu
that is the best
molasses molasses
Can we get a full scar cover?
knife in a orange.
Ксюша - 24
Ксюша - 24 3 days ago
Сколько раз смотрю и печально, что нет русских субтитров Хотя песня в любом случае прекрасна
xs_ fox
xs_ fox 3 days ago
I could watch this over and over again. Especially Mama and LeFou 😍
Marcella Bergler
Marcella Bergler 3 days ago
Time Fera
Some lonely-ass-weeb
New ship- Ursula x Scar. 😂
M Fraser
M Fraser 3 days ago
Yeet cuz y not
Offspring Ables
Offspring Ables 3 days ago
Anybody else cringing when she goes `skip da drama stay wif mama`
GuilhermeBenicio 4 days ago
Why the Gaston's friend dress the Attack on Titan clothes?
Inncomendatus 4 days ago
I would love a full version of Gaston with the two of them
Elodie Xavier
Elodie Xavier 4 days ago
Boba Meh
Boba Meh 4 days ago
The last girl did not go :
jull. i.e
jull. i.e 5 days ago
wow so *T H I C C*
IveBienThere A
IveBienThere A 5 days ago
woah sounds like the real villans cool how did you do that.
Diego Catanzano
Diego Catanzano 5 days ago
Il 3 non so chie ma il 4 e Gaston
Jeff N
Jeff N 5 days ago
Gaston's socks tho
Minecraft Dog
Minecraft Dog 5 days ago
Bruh this is the Disney villain version of the Bellas.
Jonathan Gittens
Jonathan Gittens 5 days ago
I kid you not I only now realized this is only 2 people like what? 😭😭
kendy sam
kendy sam 5 days ago
Ship it?
Whitny Miranda
Whitny Miranda 5 days ago
Love love love
Tracy Van Gaasbeek
It’s my dad’s here and he doesn’t want me to tell him you guys put in comments with bad words so can you please not put bad words
Joyner S
Joyner S 6 days ago
the ending was so good 🥺
Haruka Fujimi
Haruka Fujimi 6 days ago
The other villains: "Singing" Me:"looking at Ursula popping bubbles like the weirdo I am"
Leonardo De Souza
That "Stay with mama" bit gives me the chills, so perfectly executed. Anyone knows the name of the technique used?
Bocanegra Girls
Bocanegra Girls 6 days ago
I watch this every day lol
Kinky Daddy
Kinky Daddy 6 days ago
I didn't recognize any of these
Annette Bolton
Annette Bolton 6 days ago
You sing girl but i like that part win you said stay with Mama
Artimisi 6 days ago
Ну где русские субтитры аааааа
gamen met britt
gamen met britt 6 days ago
Yess dr facilier 😊
Navid Nia
Navid Nia 6 days ago
disappointed that Scar wasn't played by a lion
Sila Para Apps
Sila Para Apps 7 days ago
Holly Black
Holly Black 7 days ago
i love this way too much
Raynia Jonson
Raynia Jonson 7 days ago
I can see Frolo as like a 30s Mafia man. I might be writing a tv show now. Nice.
James Foster
James Foster 7 days ago
Jafar has nice boobd
Marcella Bergler
Marcella Bergler 8 days ago
Não gosto de gaston sou mais time Fera
Nourine Ahmed
Nourine Ahmed 8 days ago
The fact that Alan Menken wrote the music for all these movies ( except the princess and the frog ) is just legendary.
Raunas Eyewitcher
Could we get a friends on the other side i really likes how you sang it in this video and it would be so awesome if we could have it
ShoLo GunGan
ShoLo GunGan 8 days ago
I've been watching this video for over a year and just now realized the same 2 people are playing everyone
Oyuncu Bulldog
Oyuncu Bulldog 8 days ago
I love you SCAR
青林檎 8 days ago
The singing voice is beautiful! I like this video the most!
Marcella Bergler
Marcella Bergler 8 days ago
Mãe gotel é as irmãs do salão do reino
Marcella Bergler
Marcella Bergler 8 days ago
Scar é ZAP catalão Úrsula meu pacto com cigano Clau Frol meu lado religioso Jafar meu lado mal time Fera
Molly Smith
Molly Smith 9 days ago
Love it
Nikki Galaxy
Nikki Galaxy 9 days ago
this is a new ship. Scar x ursula Scursula? Ucar
Valen Pas
Valen Pas 9 days ago
Valen Pas
Valen Pas 9 days ago
Lyric Lion
Lyric Lion 9 days ago
1:00 am in the morning. *Me Singing* Everyone else: SHUT UP!
왕클세종 9 days ago
누가 이거 한국어로 번역해주시게...
Youssef HEGAZY 2
Youssef HEGAZY 2 9 days ago
*T H I C C*
Youssef HEGAZY 2
Youssef HEGAZY 2 9 days ago
No offense, scar was my favourite from all the Disney villains!
백승혜 9 days ago
wowowowow best of my disney collection
SuperGachaDora And other
Pup Grievance
Pup Grievance 9 days ago
haha, the judge frolo picture in the thumbnail is from Kingdom Hearts
Hanging_Lights 9 days ago
Seasonal Sunrise
Seasonal Sunrise 9 days ago
Finally. When RUvid gets the words correct in subtitles (for the first time in forever🎶) it’s Disney songs
Seasonal Sunrise
Seasonal Sunrise 9 days ago
Anyone notice that be prepared can go seamlessly into be our guest😶
Cally Worthy
Cally Worthy 9 days ago
There's a reason
Sofia Go
Sofia Go 9 days ago
Love you 😘
Clara Bat
Clara Bat 10 days ago
The ending is so epic
Smug Sneasel
Smug Sneasel 10 days ago
Sora?...Get the keyblade...
Ana isabel Roman alvarez
The video you are watching is a copy of this one ruvid.net/video/video-ETv-3JK6Dcw.html
Matthew Cornell
Matthew Cornell 10 days ago
Ursula: Tempest Shadow Scar: Discord Frollo: Grogar Le Fou: Cozy Glow Gaston: Tirek Gothel: Chrysalis Dr. Facilier: Sombra Jafar: Pony of Shadows
jennie frmtheblock
jennie frmtheblock 10 days ago
My favorite Disney villains cover vid of all time.. I came back to watch to lift my spirits.. going through my comps exam now. I'm so depressed. I needed a pick-me-up. Thank you so much for this vid again!!! + I love the fact that Whitney played the roles of LeFou and Jafar!! I absolutely love it!!
Liam Russell
Liam Russell 10 days ago
prince Ali reprise is so underrated it’s short but I always love it when I hear it
Snoda 10 days ago
Gaston’s song sounds better then the original (my opinion)
Michelle S.E
Michelle S.E 10 days ago
Someone pleasee hire Whitney as a Disney villain. Her voice is ✨precious✨
Mailen Calandre
Mailen Calandre 10 days ago
hagan un version en latino porfaaa
Cally Worthy
Cally Worthy 10 days ago
Views have gone up, that's all me that is
Aimee Howarth
Aimee Howarth 11 days ago
Really good who agrees.
GachaB10 :3
GachaB10 :3 11 days ago
I like butter :3
Jyelan Games
Jyelan Games 11 days ago
1:53 he doesn't really sound like a bad guy lol
Dj Mars One
Dj Mars One 11 days ago
Uff 🙏 Frollo best song! Pasión! 🔥🔥
Robert Richmond
Robert Richmond 11 days ago
Is it just me or did the *so alli turns out to be merely aladin* hit different lmao
•IndiePastel Muffin•
Oh god
Vanillastump 11 days ago
"Be Prepared" is the best Disney villain song, and maybe the best Disney song overall.
{SABRE} 12 days ago
Someone said that if they do make a tangled remake (i hope not!) They should cast whitney avalon, and I agree.
sarcasticMadz 12 days ago
no one'sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss slick as edge control :D
T. Barnes
T. Barnes 12 days ago
Scar: 😈 my music is way better
exploding creeper
exploding creeper 12 days ago
When the hat was on he look like Hitman 47 thinner
Strickland Jrs
Strickland Jrs 12 days ago
Everyone: *Singing about emotions and that* Gaston and his little servant: *Adoring themselves*
Samantha Robertson
Samantha Robertson 13 days ago
Frollo out here really expressing his feelings
The Chronicle Hunter
Whitney's amazing! That Mothers Know Best was spot on!
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