Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings
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5 Monkeys, 5 Days, 1 OBS! Will Gas Monkey Garage finish a 1991 Chevy frame up build on their shortest deadline yet! Failure is not an option and sleep is a luxury on this challenge as Richard Rawlings puts his guys to the test.
Will the Monkeys make the deadline or will time get the best of them?
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 100
Romullus Hour ago
Holy crap I have not seen one of these kinds of trucks in ages. These were all the rage back in the 90s. Nopi events were covered in them.
Oldsmokey Hour ago
Richard needs to learn how to break in an engine because this ain't it. Say what you want that one pull over reving that thing could have hurt it. You might not know it for 5k-10k miles. Hopefully I'm wrong but I wouldn't want him doing that in it if I was buying it. After its broke in sure give er hell but not worth zero miles on the motor.
John Morin
John Morin 7 hours ago
literally got a soft spot for these truck. had 4or 5 90's hoes and they have alaways been dependable. as long as your not dumb. these trucks are powerhorses and id love to get the chance to build one like this. if i had my way i would have a lifted squarebody burb and a lowered 90's tahoe with a massive motor. but im no full time mechanic. i build houses. me and my best friend have an agreement. i dont work on performance build cars and he doesnt do crazy home improvement., im in the home imp trade he is a car whisperer.
VRN BANDS 12 hours ago
El cuh
safcforme 14 hours ago
Whenever I watch one of these type of videos, I always have to mute the sound. I like the content but freakin' hate the rock concert soundtrack!!
NoahHughes 16 hours ago
Snickel Fritz
Snickel Fritz 19 hours ago
Very impressive and a fantastic truck but that’s not 75 hours. That’s 5 men doing 75 hours each so it’s closer to 375 hours.
Jeffrey Waltiere
Richard obviously we're going to have a rear end and he said rolling chassis at end of the night LOL OMG
Levester Mayberry
I need that 4L60E transmission for my 1996 GMC Sierra
Ralph Wierzelewski
Gas monkey aintbatvall what it used to be its not much more than a has been sevond rate show barely hangin on!!
cause&effect 2 days ago
What a douchebag Richard is, driving up in a Ferrari with a man bag
Juan Nino
Juan Nino 2 days ago
Good morning, what color code is it?
Enemy Fleet
Enemy Fleet 2 days ago
Damn that's a sexy motor
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 2 days ago
That’s badass
Enzo87 2 days ago
Awesome truck awesome episode guys !!
Jesus Flores
Jesus Flores 3 days ago
I want to trade mi 92 GMC Sierra single cab for another gmc 2010 😂🤷🏾‍♂️
david james
david james 3 days ago
That is a nice trk. David James West, a Christian man
italianmustang79 4 days ago
you're a millennial!? damn it!!! LOL 😂🤣😆
Arty Calistro
Arty Calistro 4 days ago
BEST HOT ROD SHOP IN THE WORLD??? LMAO Has Richard never heard of Troy Trepanier? Chip Goose? Superformance? And many others that have been turning out more than buckets of bolt on parts for decades now?? I guess any of us could close our eyes to all the Riddler winners Great American Roadsters winners.. and we can call our home garages the best hot rod shop in the world!! LOL Open hour eyes Richard... Your GOOD!! But you're in a world of greatness! WAKE UP!!!
Arty Calistro
Arty Calistro 4 days ago
*your... see, none of us are perfect! LOL
Isaiah Huihui
Isaiah Huihui 4 days ago
Whats the name of that paint color?
Sai Namuduri
Sai Namuduri 4 days ago
What's really impressive is how much camera setup work the mechanics ALSO do.
Christian O'Brien
Hey Richard.... It would be cool to see you do a sit down picnic style family meal once per build..break-in bread with the fellas with some badass food....talking bout the build, nothing binds like a meal. And some sorta banana ingredient dish every meal....
drunk and Cory
drunk and Cory 5 days ago
If they spent that much money on it why lose money on it that was stupid why not give it to somebody that needs it
Shelvin Maharaj
Shelvin Maharaj 5 days ago
the show seems better with out all the stupid music and sound effects..
Oscar Mora
Oscar Mora 5 days ago
This still for bid or what 😂😂
Chen Zaragoza
Chen Zaragoza 5 days ago
Yeah they can 5 guys 5 days yeah they professional
Space Rider
Space Rider 5 days ago
Take one of the worlds most famous trucks and years with more aftermarket parts then even mustangs to throw at it... Perfect shape truck that was took care of...this is easy.....
michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen 5 days ago
Yes they can do it
Striker Thunderlick
i'm not impressed.
Evan Pena
Evan Pena 6 days ago
looks like chalino sanches truck.....
cristofer west
cristofer west 6 days ago
firme trokita
Br3w Br3w
Br3w Br3w 6 days ago
Paddy Mongan
Paddy Mongan 6 days ago
Imagine that fella Jason telling ya what to do and what not to do))) Ya right!!!!!!!!!!! He thinks he is the boss Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paddy Mongan
Paddy Mongan 6 days ago
We’re is Mike coy is he still working there any more???????????? God bless ya all
tha jalapeno
tha jalapeno 7 days ago
Why does richard keep sayn WE idc if he owns the shol do some damn work if u are goin to say we
Christopher Jackson
😄😀It’s nice to know that he really drives the Baja Shalby. The only Ford that I would truly own 😉😁
mototaxis tuning
mototaxis tuning 7 days ago
quiero modificar mi mototaxi ruvid.net/video/video-mzya9MOqpOc.html
Firman Firman
Firman Firman 7 days ago
Isai Lopez
Isai Lopez 8 days ago
Anyone knows who much did he sell it for?
Dustin Fricks
Dustin Fricks 8 days ago
Man that is the perfect color, perfect truck! You guys are bad to the bone!!
Tina Terry
Tina Terry 8 days ago
Beautiful truck!! Love that it is blue and 90's......lol
Bradley Whitton
Bradley Whitton 8 days ago
That’s the best looking truck they’ve built yet
Ricardo Santos Santos Silva
Brandon Hernandez
J Mark
J Mark 9 days ago
I love his girlie wow. Do you think he gets up in the morning and thinks about stupid looking ring or leather bracelet his is going to wear?
Serg 001
Serg 001 9 days ago
94 chevy s10 ex cab with 350v8/700r4 runs good for sale 4k
boss 9 days ago
Jay Grubbs
Jay Grubbs 9 days ago
Richard, never waste a Miller Lite! Cool truck !!!!!!
rickdomenge 9 days ago
Rawlings is the biggest doosh ever
James Baxter
James Baxter 9 days ago
Has Richard had that baby yet? Looks like he was about 4 months in at the time of filming!
Francis Clogston
Francis Clogston 9 days ago
What color of paint was that
Travis Murphye
Travis Murphye 10 days ago
most disrespectful thing I ever seen any car dude done. lots of respect lost. keep up your bs. oh your not on tv no more. lol suck it...
Travis Murphye
Travis Murphye 10 days ago
tell me you didn't rip the dude off for fire bird #1 and #2. 170k profit in an hour. wow you not cool at all. woo
Travis Murphye
Travis Murphye 10 days ago
giving some poor person 80 k for a few cars you make 250k what a pice of shit. fk you RR you sb! it's why everyone wanted big chief to beat your a$$! great job ripping people off. your the best...
Floridasurf Fishing
What’s the song at 51:55 I’ve been trying to figure it out
Aaron King
Aaron King 10 days ago
You guys are the best I've ever seen... outstanding job as usual 👍
Captain Flatbed.
Captain Flatbed. 10 days ago
Love my 91 stepside
AARON Leonard
AARON Leonard 10 days ago
So whose attempting to replace Aaron ? Havnt seen this for a while .
4th HorseMen
4th HorseMen 11 days ago
I'm having my 1993 Ford Lightning rebuilt right now as we speak ...Carlisle Customs P.A
CC Rider
CC Rider 11 days ago
Does anyone else think 🤔 the boss needs to shut the F*** up and let the guys work out their kinks? 😖😬🤯
Larry Hardee
Larry Hardee 11 days ago
Richard is the one that holds them up he loves to hear himself talk
Thomas Garcia
Thomas Garcia 9 days ago
While the rest of us puke when he starts talking!
Kai Gaming
Kai Gaming 11 days ago
Anyone got a link to those headlights they put on ? Sick 👍🏼
Rick gray
Rick gray 11 days ago
I have a Dodge 2500 2002 that need help
Total Car Repairs and Tuning
Doc’s Exam Room
Doc’s Exam Room 12 days ago
Bad assed build!
Henker S
Henker S 12 days ago
One year I priced parts for my 94 sport side. The OE doors were $250. 3 yrs later I called for the doors. They were $750 ... lol.
Sam Sneed
Sam Sneed 12 days ago
What is obs?
ltbuck1 12 days ago
Love gas monkey garage, never had any doubt that they couldn’t get it done!
Ryan D
Ryan D 12 days ago
30k miles damn I would’ve kept it stock. Love 90s Chevy!!!!
AR novi setyawan AR
I like thisot Gas monkey Brothers
Mic Mic
Mic Mic 13 days ago
Funny how the white folks call these low rider trucks a hot rod today. And sporting dickies wear. The irony all while listening to country.
ulises cardenas
ulises cardenas 13 days ago
Can you guys do that with my 84 Chevy Silverado
nascarfan88ta 13 days ago
Just about everything they touch becomes garbage
Molly Phillips
Molly Phillips 13 days ago
shorturl.ca/xxxxgirlslx247 සඳහන් කළේය සමග මම ඊසාක් නොවේ මා පවා
john baker
john baker 13 days ago
What would have made this better is a nascar exhaust
Jaret Choquette
Jaret Choquette 13 days ago
Any way I can get specs on those wheels and tires?
Tyt Crack
Tyt Crack 13 days ago
12 after hour flunkies, got the job done,so much for the normal crew.😃
Super Duty 455
Super Duty 455 13 days ago
Worthless reality TV crap.
Candido Villanueva
Candido Villanueva 13 days ago
Does obs stand for obviously bull shit build
Cecil Lay
Cecil Lay 13 days ago
Better know it fin awesome
Cecil Lay
Cecil Lay 13 days ago
God I wish I did 😢it's gonna be someone's sales 😣
Cecil Lay
Cecil Lay 13 days ago
Ped love to have a famed up hot rod again no doute
Cecil Lay
Cecil Lay 13 days ago
Specially won built by all of y'all very beautiful truck awesome job guys
Cecil Lay
Cecil Lay 13 days ago
I wish I had it never have I ever own a new truck 😰
Joshua Wingfield
Joshua Wingfield 13 days ago
Spare parts.. oh beautiful parts... need...please :(((((
troy tucker
troy tucker 13 days ago
ill give u 5k for it its old .
Elliott Howard
Elliott Howard 13 days ago
why does everyone hate on Richard. He provides the money and projects that get these guys paid. Don't hate cause you arn't in his shoes. just enjoy the build! Bunch of fucking titty baby's.
Rings Circles
Rings Circles 14 days ago
color me down with it all
Rodman Ferreria
Rodman Ferreria 14 days ago
Good built👍, but they show more talking than building the car👎👎
randal fowler
randal fowler 14 days ago
Really hate when people let the tailgate slam down like that
Z3Ro BL00M
Z3Ro BL00M 15 days ago
This front man is just too much. Seems fake af
D.A. Lewis
D.A. Lewis 15 days ago
GT 4real
GT 4real 15 days ago
What's sad is we can fix a car in 5 days but we cant solve homelessness and hunger in 100 years .
Ryan D
Ryan D 12 days ago
Trucks an inanimate object it does what you make it do. Homeless people are often mentally ill that have no family left alive to care for them. You can’t fix human beings.
Austin gun
Austin gun 15 days ago
Love ❤️
Johnny B
Johnny B 15 days ago
Lol. We so this in 5 days and we are putting cameras up to prove it. 2 seconds later... with trickery of cameras, we're here. Just curious how many months it took to order up all of those parts and get them delivered.
Jesus Ceniceros
Jesus Ceniceros 15 days ago
facebook live filmer is pissing me off
Chris Gonzales
Chris Gonzales 15 days ago
How would I get into this kinda career??
Peter Urgowitsch
Peter Urgowitsch 16 days ago
What means OBS?
Jeffrey Scholten
Jeffrey Scholten 16 days ago
I like this style of filming. Please make more.
Angel Ramos
Angel Ramos 16 days ago
They did all that for a miller lite ?
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