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Say Yes to the Dress
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TV reporter Linsey Davis' appointment is completely hijacked by her entourage. While she's not sure of what she wants, they're looking for a dress that combines the styles of two icons: Grace Jones and Beyoncé.

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Sep 14, 2020




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Comments 810
Queen_ OfAll
Queen_ OfAll Day ago
Girl get some ovaries!!!
Gen Gosselin
Gen Gosselin 7 days ago
You do not bring a diva to your bridal appointment. No matter the gender, no matter who they are to you. If you know that person if going to focus on what they want instead of your happiness, they out. The young man was extremely rude and living his own fantasy. Hopefully when he saw the show he was ashamed of his behavior.
Trisha R
Trisha R 8 days ago
Shame. SHAME ON THEM!!!' Literally THIS the reason not to spend money on a one day party. Get a good ring and an amazing honeymoon. SHAME on these fks.
Jessica Marequez
Jessica Marequez 8 days ago
That guy is beyond annoying
Alison Hazell
Alison Hazell 16 days ago
There is not a snowflake's chance in hell that I would let ANYONE speak to my mother like that!
Monique Harris
Monique Harris 16 days ago
That’s too many people. Her voice is like a reporters. She’s beautiful. Love all the short cuts on those older women.
Zombie Chicken
Zombie Chicken 18 days ago
Flos face when bride backed out of pulling out any dresses!!
Kristen Stacey
Kristen Stacey 20 days ago
Never bring more than like 4 people. seriously!!!!
SpursKitten 26 days ago
That was sad.
Thea Ziegelstein
Thea Ziegelstein 9 days ago
I agree. But I looked it up and she married in really really similar dress to the one she loved. So it did end up working out for her
Lillian Neuhart
Lillian Neuhart Month ago
Okay I saw one her family members was wearing purple and neon like green skirt lol it’s like dalphnie from scooby doo is here rn like gurlll work it Halloween is close by anyway
That gay dude looks like tamar braxton friend
chaffin1013 Month ago
Wow, idiot entourage strikes again. Leave them all home the next time she ventures out to the salon. When I got my dress, I ignored my mother's demands for an expensive white fluffy thing (not only were we all broke but white and ivory looked awful on me), and I settled on a pretty deep blue dress that made my body look great and a price tag my checkbook could survive. Hubby loved it. Forty-seven years later, I've never regretted foregoing the white fluffy thing. :) You have to listen to your own heart and drown out the rest.
Danielle King
Danielle King Month ago
Please never bring that many people. You are GOING to have issues, smh
Noreen Clarke
Noreen Clarke Month ago
Why are the Atlanta people so obnoxious?
Catalina santana
Is very awkward how she is a news reporter that has no will of her own 🤦. And if you ain't buying my dress. I will put on that dress you don't like because if I like that's all that matters. Am the one getting married you're not 🤣🤣🤣
Catalina santana
Double twin after twin after twin wow they all look-alike
Daniya C
Daniya C Month ago
If you like a dress, GET IT! You're the one who has to walk in it, forget what everyone else says, you'll never please everyone's eyes. Ex, if you are goth, then only bring goth friends to these appointments, not the friend from childhood who lives in a pink house and hates your style.
Emma Abdul-Jabbar
They were WAY too hard on her. At the end of the day it's HER day and she deserves some support.
mariama Month ago
i think the family only disageed because the "consultant of the stars" picked the dress. it was perfect.
Raqui’s Space
Raqui’s Space Month ago
Fuck ppl pleasing… the television last is indecisive as hell why go with so many ppl
LisaR777 Month ago
She brought way too many people to that appointment. That was her first mistake.
shushuwu Month ago
She should’ve left that clown at home!
Ashima Rajput
Ashima Rajput Month ago
Bringing Her stylist was the worst decision she made. Being a friend/stylist it's a job to make the bride happy rather than making her Beyonce his attitude was shit. Gurl you need some new stylist
Marian J
Marian J Month ago
Aunt is a bully
Marian J
Marian J Month ago
How did this bride even said yes to the marriage proposal?
Sam Tapia
Sam Tapia Month ago
She’s so beautiful. But every time she walked out in a dress she walked out so hunchback. Like girl walk with grace!!
Livingthelight John 3:16
This was more about a competition between the stylist and the aunt. I hope the bride dropped the entourage and took her Mama shopping instead. I love that her actual dress was pretty much identical to the one she chose and her entourage dissed.
Pat Ol
Pat Ol 2 months ago
I will never understand why brides bring these many people to pick a dress
Donna Viestenz
Donna Viestenz 2 months ago
I'm so tired of copying celebrity crap. Really....celebrities are all about smoke and mirrors.
Ingrid Pear
Ingrid Pear 2 months ago
Both the brides last dresses seem outdated looking at them now. I get the feeling that bringing in groups is intentional for TV drama,I don't know how many people you'd be able to round up on a norm shopping trip,most people don't have time.
Kelly Archer
Kelly Archer 2 months ago
If a bride to be doesn’t have any idea what type of dress that she would look good in, she’s not ready to go shopping.
Bandana Sharma
Bandana Sharma 2 months ago
Grace Jones, Beyonce???? Come on guys! She looks so much like Vanessa Williams!! Who has worn a beautiful scoop/square neck dresses and also a big tulle skirt with satin corset on top with a ballerina/princess vibe or a strapless delicately beaded on top tulle on bottom fit and flare that doesn't go out too big.. These are missing the simplicity and elegance and delicate femininity that the dress needs for her personality and vibe completely. What's with all the stupid ruffles??
Eric Mendoza
Eric Mendoza 2 months ago
Is it the bride’s day or the entourage’s day? Are they paying for the dress? At the end of the day, she is strong and fierce woman who knows what she wants.
RPC Real Peoplef Consulting
Get rid of the juvenile who will never be a bride....and take the dress you love.
Sara Israel
Sara Israel 3 months ago
Jealous gay guy
Lorna Williamson
Lorna Williamson 3 months ago
The perfect dress his their almost 5000 a lot
T P 3 months ago
Lindsey look phenomenal in all the dresses. The one she picked was incredible with the veil. She needs to kick that stylist off her next shopping trips. Rude asf.
SuperNotoriousT 3 months ago
8.22: lucky her ‘public tv job’ DOESNT INVOLVE HER ‘walking on screen’. Car she walks likka duppy as if she possessed wid nerves 🧐🤔🤚🤷🏾‍♀️ Why the f she KEEP walking like dat? She disturbs me tbh, and she creeps me out. 🤷🏾‍♀️👋🏾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
K A Layne
K A Layne 3 months ago
Linsey says she is a people pleaser as if that's a good thing. Boy, is she in for a rough ride in life if this is the case. There are 12 step meetings for people like her...good luck!
Life Of Rashanae
Life Of Rashanae 3 months ago
I would slap the guy if he talk to my aunt like that period
Toni Brown
Toni Brown 3 months ago
He needs to shut the H up!!!!!!! Ugh, why is he there?
spook show
spook show 3 months ago
I do like the second dress.
Virginia Moss
Virginia Moss 3 months ago
On a different note, I'm curious as to why she walks slightly hunched over; when standing she has good posture. I hope she does not suffer from anything painful.
MegaSweetheart74 3 months ago
When a woman is dependent on a man's opinion of how to wear a dress...HELLLO! HONEY SUMMIN WRONG W YOU!
Tina D
Tina D 3 months ago
After that drama I had to see what Lindsey finally picked. The dress was similar to the one she liked but the belt was different and I think the bottom had a different design as well.
F M 3 months ago
The moment they said she has a spot in spotlight and I heard her talk I knew she was a corresponder.
Kerry Larry
Kerry Larry 3 months ago
Let me say this dude is a little too much for me bro your a man man tf up stop thinking everyone wants a beyonce dress th. I would have said to her listen put your foot down if they don't like it you wear it let them talk because that's what family and friends do run their mouth and hate on you. Your girl boy needs to stop acting like he's a women when he's a man because he doesn't know much about dresses unless he's in one.
Angelia Brooks
Angelia Brooks 3 months ago
First off! Why is he calling her Mom and Aunties "GIRL" show some respect, those women are your elders, not your friends
taahism 3 months ago
DeAndre talks like he’s missing his teeth!
Marcus A
Marcus A 3 months ago
What is with these black women & men who have this obsession with Beyoncé. No disrespect to Beyoncé but can we get off this bandwagon already. There are more beautiful black women. Stop riding Beyoncé d***
Alicia Pinnock
Alicia Pinnock 3 months ago
I find these episodes to be very weird how can you tell a bride to be what ro wear
Nmoni 3 months ago
In case you’re curious like me, this was her wedding dress in the end ☺️ she looks so lovely 💖 www.google.com.sg/search?client=safari&hl=en-gb&q=lindsey+davis+wedding+dress&spell=1&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiOu7yL3MHxAhVMT30KHenoD-IQBSgAegQIAhAC&biw=375&bih=635&dpr=3#imgrc=fB0_TkTXNzYxsM
88jl 3 months ago
Being a people pleaser is such toxic trait. I've seen people ruin their own lives trying to make everyone else happy. It's a tremendous amount of weight to put on your shoulders, trying to make sure no one is mad at you and everyone likes your decisions, thats not healthy.Sometimes you just got to say no, you're not gonna make everyone happy and that's ok.
Liz Coast
Liz Coast 3 months ago
wasnt she the one who got arrested for drinking nd driving?
Better Betty
Better Betty 4 months ago
Brother Tim might want to cool it on how much he’s eyeballing his sister’s booty
Better Betty
Better Betty 4 months ago
Is there such a thing as a fear of underbites?? If so, I think I’ve got it.
interested observer 1949
As she is going back to the drawing board she should consider jettisoning her entourage who are anything but helpful especially her fashion consultant who IMO is judging dresses on the basis of how they would look on him ["when I look that that dress I just think it could be me"]. I find it hard to believe that this stunning TV news reporter can't trust her gut to chose a wedding dress given the courage it takes and that she has to appear on a morning new program. I hope she begins to trust her judgment because with her figure this beautiful woman will look fantastic in anything so it is only a matter of choosing what she likes best.
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 4 months ago
What year was Grace Jones? Little kween Grace Jones style/fashion is timeless. Grace was and still is above everyone when it come to fashion. The world has not even catch up to the fashion that Grace was wearing in the 80’s Straight females don’t not trust everything that says YAAAAASSSS. Have several seat little black kween who knows nothing about fashion.
Paw Printz
Paw Printz 4 months ago
F**k can't we get a look at her in the dress???? NOT THE PEOPLES REACTION FACES!!!! and he says at 3:46 "That could be me!"
Kristina Ray
Kristina Ray 4 months ago
Has she found a dress?
Nicola Ablett
Nicola Ablett 4 months ago
Stacy Morgan
Stacy Morgan 4 months ago
I think if I ever get married I am going wedding dress shopping by myself thanks to this entourage
Michael S.
Michael S. 4 months ago
Was actually just watching Grace Jones hula hoop to slave to the rhythm.
Bastiana Basta
Bastiana Basta 4 months ago
Торт - биззе, со свечкой и кремом, а не платье🤦‍♀️
Shen Bapiro
Shen Bapiro 4 months ago
I hate it when the bride leaves without a dress. Her entourage should feel bad. They literally talked her out of what she wanted and made her go home empty handed.
Bhavya Subramanya
Bhavya Subramanya 5 months ago
Why do I hate the stylist so much whenever he opens his mouth...??
Leah Meredith-Pearce
Monty is just the worst!!!!
Star Rose
Star Rose 5 months ago
Worst Episode !
STARSOUL7 5 months ago
That is heartbreaking. You can't buy a dress for your big day and then ask who or who doesn't like it. DAM IT, DO YOU!!!
Indrany Eve
Indrany Eve 6 months ago
I hate people pleaser personality😤
inzam kyle
inzam kyle 6 months ago
Mother is tammy, sister is tommy, how come she is shaina, not tummy???
Sydney Williams
Sydney Williams 6 months ago
Her friend is so disrespectful to her and her family. He knew he trying to be the center of the show when it should have been her as the focus
Cheryl Stachowski
Cheryl Stachowski 6 months ago
Grace Jones does not wear cloths
midnight prairiegirl
With that much money and her figure, those were the best they could offer? Look, I know many of these encounters are staged or at least orchestrated, but this was awful. No real attempt was made to get her into a flattering dress.
donna kimball
donna kimball 6 months ago
I font blame her. Thry went thinking about her at all. She needs to take her power back . It's her day. She needs to be the one in power. And Grace jones. Ih good grief.
Ri Ri
Ri Ri 6 months ago
Poor bride... get a backbone
Vinnila Rao
Vinnila Rao 6 months ago
Why it's always flo whenever they give an advice, good advice for consultant flo. 😂
AURORA 6 months ago
MsChenandlerBong 6 months ago
I feel so bad for her. They don't "see you better than you see yourself". They want to project themselves into you. Which is ironic, because that's what the media has become. She needs a backbone and a strong sense of self. Leave the projectors at home. Your fiance isn't marrying them, so stop trying to LOOK like them.
GiantSlirpy 6 months ago
Maybe if she was more neutral in reality she could've had more luck. She's part of the corrupt MSM. Bye!
denorah_21 •
denorah_21 • 6 months ago
Little reminder: Turn from your evil ways and Give your life to Christ no Matter what bad things you have done in the past God will still forgive ... God loves you so much that He gave His only son to die for you and your sins. You may Think I'm stupid but Yes He is Real and He will soon come please repent before its to late ❤much love
Mazzie Dimond
Mazzie Dimond 6 months ago
I was so interested I looked her wedding pics up she wore a beautiful mermaid dress on the lines of the last dress she liked on SYTDD she looked absolutely stunning, and married a very handsome man, they looked gorgeous together and very happy, good for them and I wish them luck for a HAPPY marriage and life together.:)
Mazzie Dimond
Mazzie Dimond 6 months ago
Too many people to confuse her, she should have kept it simple and invite mum with maybe 2 others but ALL those people were just confusing her, they already know she is a people pleaser how the heck are you going to please ALL of those opinionated entourage, Keep it simple and please yourself especially as she really loved the 3rd dress. wonder what she finally chose?
jo egleton
jo egleton 6 months ago
I don't understand why brides have to take the world and his wife when choosing a dress -- I chose mine on my own, paid for it myself, and everyone loved it.
Em H
Em H 7 months ago
Why aren’t they showing us the dresses??
Em H
Em H 7 months ago
That aunt is hilarious- she’s obsessed with shoulders! 😂
Terri Backhaus
Terri Backhaus 7 months ago
I am getting so sick of these flamboyant, rude, have to be in your face AHoles. They need to have someone tell them to SHUT UP...they are not funny.
Kirsten Peterson
Kirsten Peterson 7 months ago
Wow this is why I totally went alone!!!
Miss Gupta
Miss Gupta 7 months ago
Say yes to the veil !!!
Hellybelle 7 months ago
The one they hated is stunning! And she's beautiful ❤️
Lilly VonShtup
Lilly VonShtup 7 months ago
You know you’re up the creek when you haul in a whole football team to help you pick out a gown.. ain’t getting one today!!
Stephanie Ramirez
Stephanie Ramirez 7 months ago
Flo didn’t really give her enough options. She should of went for more bling or lace and different silhouettes to see what the bride and family liked
Beauty and other mistakes
OMG.......the Stylist!!!
mommy648 7 months ago
Butch aunt and Jerkyl only cared about which one was going to be the dominant Q. Neither cared about the bride herself.
aussiechickusa 7 months ago
Her gay friend has no style of his own. Look at his glasses. He sounds like a whingeing 4 year old
cranky p. ants
cranky p. ants 7 months ago
he is consultant to the stars? i would never hire him, hes annoying and his taste is ridiculous! not every bride wants to look like beyonce some brides wanna be classy and quiet! she looked stunning in that gown, and that gown he picked i would be grossed out seeing him in it because it would have looked tacky on him! a bride should always go with what she feels and not what others feel otherwise you just gave them your special day and i hope they saw this episode and saw how embarrassing they were with their ugly attitudes! that is not how you are gonna get business by looking annoying and he looked like a steve urkel wanna be!
ekunsa 7 months ago
Nice family with class
Topnotch tn
Topnotch tn 7 months ago
The one-shoulder gown was so flattering on her.
amiarooba 7 months ago
I googled. She did wear the dress she liked to her wedding.
Islandgirl06 7 months ago
Wow She have no back bone Very sad It’s her wedding day Her dress If she loves it Why care what the others say
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