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Say Yes to the Dress
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Elivia Frixou is very clear about not wanting a cliché wedding dress, so her entourage are perplexed when she comes out with a traditional wedding ball gown.
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Jul 11, 2019




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Comments 599
Felicia Opoku
Felicia Opoku 15 hours ago
This woman has really nice body shape but the second dress made her look like my frosted flakes cereal box!
Mattie Taylor
Mattie Taylor 21 hour ago
I don’t really like Say Yes UK. They just don’t use the budget well and the dresses fit weird
Doesn't flatter her body shape.
ken prestidge
the one she picked looked light a nightie
7.5M views 2 days ago
the UK show: Bride: my budget is 1,000 pounds Consultant: this dress is 3,000 pounds Bride: my budget is 6,000 pounds Consultant: this dress is 1,500 pounds
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones 2 days ago
This bride is gorgeous and has a egreat body but that dress she chose was SOOO basic & made her look very chubby in the tummy when she's NOT!!! ugh
Yamirah Mckenzie
Yamirah Mckenzie 2 days ago
Polly Pockets
Polly Pockets 2 days ago
I love that she teased them with the first dress.
Isabelle Blanchet
That last dress was so plain and boring, like a white evening gown.
Creative Life
Creative Life 3 days ago
They should have sent for a Pnina from Kleinfelds for her. She would easily gotten a WOW dress and something more suited to her body type. She’s happy tho and that is what counts.
Becky Rode
Becky Rode 3 days ago
She could have found that shape in a dress that offered more support. Crepe isn't figure friendly
sincerely re
sincerely re 3 days ago
That less dress I- the top and the bottom don't even look like they go together🤢 And her makes her shape look sloppy omg
Denise Azeneth
Denise Azeneth 3 days ago
People are gonna be like “nice” where is the show stopper? Where is the drama? Ya it didn’t flatter her body. Nope nope nope! Nothing wow about it. Boring!
Apurba Adhikary
Apurba Adhikary 3 days ago
Is it just me or did all the 3 dresses looked weird on her? 🙄
rc5chi 3 days ago
This dress showed every lump and bump in her belly butt and thighs, not flattering on her at all! people will be staring at the dress but for the wrong reasons, unless she wears some type of body slimmer underneath!? Good luck to her...
Nanay lv
Nanay lv 4 days ago
She looks so bad with this dress
Sorpsej 5 days ago
5:56 how is that flattering D:
Deep Thinking
Deep Thinking 5 days ago
Put her in a low back spaghetti strap
Amethyst Quartz
Amethyst Quartz 5 days ago
She’s that not like the other girls girl Also pretty much everyone who comes on this show wants a fitted dress so...
Dolyttle 5 days ago
What ?? whyyyyyyy? That was the worst dress of them all... it did nothing for her and just made her look matronly =( first time I've been disappointed. This dress looked AWFUL on her
Gloria Koch
Gloria Koch 6 days ago
Her panty lines show.
Leah 6 days ago
I don't know why they like it. I think it's awful😅
Astrid Birgitte Overn
The first one was awful. And number two: If you’re busty, a high neck is not flattering. With the right underwear, the last one could be OK. But none of them were perfect for her.
Sherrell Mccarthy
Cucumberthe3rd Brown
y did everyone hate the first dess? i loved it. not right for her tho i agree
Carrie Kelly
Carrie Kelly 7 days ago
I’m honestly glad I’m not the only one who hated that last dress...
Nikki& The Crazies
Dude that last dress looks disgusting sorry
Abigail Deaton
Abigail Deaton 7 days ago
“When I walk in that church people are gonna be like...WOW” it’s not really wow I feel bad for saying and thinking it but none of the dresses suited her
em ma
em ma 7 days ago
Hi i’M DaVid EmMaNUeL
notthatdrunk 8 days ago
3:44, 5:56 Look at that. It's such an awful fit. She should have listened in the beginning and gone with an A line dress.
Gaby Kapps Composer
Goes to show that a higher budget is no guarantee for taste and aesthetics.
They've got a big budget but they never get a big budget dress on this damn version of the show. It's terrible. Always the same GD dresses.
9 days ago
TO MUCH LACE on dress 2/3 for me not saying that it ugly but it's just not my personal fav
Ana M Muñiz
Ana M Muñiz 9 days ago
The second for me
Elizabeth Portuguez
Really? ... the bride is pretty, but all the chosen dresses were horrible!
matrixcolor 10 days ago
I don't know what is wrong with those people. That dress looked terrible on her.
712 Divinity
712 Divinity 10 days ago
Annoying voice alert
shrgh 18
shrgh 18 11 days ago
she didnt want to look busty - sorry but the last one makes her look exactly that. and what is wow about it??
Shoot out For the stars
Why do they always put everyone in like the same dress the bottom of the dando London dresses are always that horrible material it looks like the underskirt of the dress. The second dress was the best.
Katarzyna K.
Katarzyna K. 12 days ago
The first one looks like Rachel's dress
Tiffany Comeaux
Tiffany Comeaux 15 days ago
These dresses were awful on her. With a 6000 budget she could have gotten so much better. This dress was not bridal at all and looked off on her
Afiqah Azman
Afiqah Azman 15 days ago
Hun, this dress makes you look old. Sorry but with 6k budget they can only come up with this. The dress was just meh.
Stephanie Stewart
Stephanie Stewart 16 days ago
after all she didn't want cliche, she got generic
Gerry-Ann James
Gerry-Ann James 16 days ago
Her: I love this dress Me: oh! It's hideous!
Child of God Forever
Yikes with that entourage. Thought she wanted high end?
Undefined D
Undefined D 19 days ago
Bride is hideous but I like the view at 5:12.
Child of God Forever
The whole entourage is 😊
Cindrarella 20 days ago
Terribly unflattering dress she picked. I hope she gets a pair of Spanx to go with it.
Tia Cox
Tia Cox 20 days ago
Thats not the dress for her. It does not av the wow factor its just dead
Nancy Martinez
Nancy Martinez 22 days ago
She has a spongebob figure and that is one of the ugliest dresses
Abby Vickers
Abby Vickers 23 days ago
The dress: in budget by a lot David: you can afford an evening gown too
ILIUS 24 days ago
6k budget and they chose that nightie looking Dando number??!?
Glo Lo-Ag
Glo Lo-Ag 24 days ago
no no no no girl just no, you have to know your body and what fits you right. On the other hand , if a bride wants to wear a blanket, it's her day so be it.
veggiesaremurder 25 days ago
There's nothing unique or even interesting about this dress.
Lee- MusicLover
Lee- MusicLover 26 days ago
i googled this couple and they went viral for his proposal lol getting married in august 2020 if the news report is trusthworthy
Hayleebabyface 》
Hayleebabyface 》 26 days ago
Lovely girl, But the dress she chose looked a lot like a long sexy nightgown.....
T DRIT 27 days ago
Eck. These women are so damn superficial.🤢
Margaret Waters
Margaret Waters 27 days ago
clemnt raj
clemnt raj 27 days ago
Hell with the dando london dress 🙄
Diane Ferre'
Diane Ferre' Month ago
3rd gown looks like a nightgown... UGLY & Doesnt flatter her figure. It makes her bust look huge!
Hamad A
Hamad A Month ago
Terrible choice!
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