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Say Yes to the Dress
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Elivia Frixou is very clear about not wanting a cliché wedding dress, so her entourage are perplexed when she comes out with a traditional wedding ball gown.
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Jul 11, 2019




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Comments 80
CM dR 26 minutes ago
Didn't like a single one they put on her.
An Dy
An Dy 2 hours ago
The last dress was not even a “nice”
Alexa Mullican
Alexa Mullican 3 hours ago
Her: “the man is very handsome” Him: *wears giant sunglasses in all of the pictures so we can’t tell if he actually is attractive or not*
B Sangeetha
B Sangeetha 15 hours ago
Budget is €1500 They bring €2000 dress Budget is €6000 They show €1500 dress.. 😒😒
Bipana shrestha
Bipana shrestha 19 hours ago
She should have gone to Ireland or Lancashire.
I came to the comments to see if anyone else thought the dress she picked was not dramatic as she seemed to want... not disappointed.. lol. All the beading and lace on top also made her look more top heavy which she also didn't want. She is gorgeous, but I'm just not seeing what they see with that dress.
Birdy Banks
Birdy Banks Day ago
None of these dresses flattered her. She's got one of those figures which are hard to dress. Something like the first dress but toned down at the skirt maybe.
Rhonda Taylor
Oh no! She is beautiful but the last dress was more unflattering than the first two!
Sorrymyfault bye
Sorrymyfault bye 4 days ago
I loooove the first dress
lavi da
lavi da 5 days ago
What 6000 budget and give her 1500 dress www😬😬
Scottish Lass
Scottish Lass 5 days ago
Huge, bulky texture on a large bust and smooth, form--fitting empty space on a flat butt. If only Gok were there to save her from buying that dumpster fire of a dress.
Pamela Price
Pamela Price 6 days ago
none of those dresses looked nice
Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood
The dresses weren’t great and that last one looked like a night gown (I’m sorry honey, you deserve better).
Linda Solomon
Linda Solomon 9 days ago
I didn’t like that dress. She has a messed up shape with that flat butt
Tae's_Kookie 10 days ago
Show stopping? It's kinda basic
Donna Bittner
Donna Bittner 13 days ago
Well....what can I say.....just remember Lady D's dress...
Megan Clark
Megan Clark 14 days ago
I feel like a bad person for thinking she looks awful in her dress. 😢 She’s so stinkin pretty. I want her to be happy in whatever she chooses and I don’t even know her. But it was boring, it did nothing for her beautiful curves. I’m really sorry. 😢
shenoob ll
shenoob ll 15 days ago
Budget : 6000$ Dresses shown all below 2000$ I feel she could've done better. WTF is this!! Happening multiple times.
shenoob ll
shenoob ll 15 days ago
Budget : 6000$ Dresses shown all below 2000$ I feel she could've done better. WTF is this!! Happening multiple times.
kitty katty
kitty katty 15 days ago
I don't understand why the dresses in that boutique are so tacky and old fashioned.
Levi Taylor Smith
Levi Taylor Smith 16 days ago
The first dress was actually the best looking on her not sure what taste they have 😅
mayuri nath
mayuri nath 16 days ago
David always suggests the worst of the worst dresses
Rinny Dale
Rinny Dale 16 days ago
💖 the dress though ..
S. Rodz
S. Rodz 17 days ago
Her body shape calls for a nice A-line dress.
Nivee Barbarji
Nivee Barbarji 18 days ago
Zamm 20 days ago
I am guessing she planning on wearing a corset to hide all the rolls. The dress does not flatter her, makes her look as if she have sagging boobies 🤪. But if she is happy then. ✌️
Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur 21 day ago
A big fat Lol!
Kanika Arora
Kanika Arora 22 days ago
That's the ugliest,most cliched dress I've seen on the show.
Nneoma Anyanwu RN, BSN
The dress she choose wasn’t that bad. Definitely better than the other 2
Carol B 1412
Carol B 1412 22 days ago
This series has completely changed my mind about David Emanuel. He's so completely lovely!!
Mykah Turner
Mykah Turner 23 days ago
I don't like it. 😕
Hendra Lesmana
Hendra Lesmana 24 days ago
GOK should handle it,David yuks taste
Navila Zayer
Navila Zayer 24 days ago
Mira Parker
Mira Parker 24 days ago
They didn’t pick nice dresses for her body shape at all
gilyat 25 days ago
Just my opinion, but I thought it showed her thighs and belly too much, all the bumps and lumps! One has to be really trim to wear a dress like that. Nothing Wow about it at all.
flamingpie herman
flamingpie herman 29 days ago
Although shes thin, she has an apple figure carries all of her weight for her waist up. It made her top-heavy the second dress and it was made for an older woman maybe a second marriage dress. At least the First dress hid blemishes.. The third one really made her top heavy! I thought she was trying to get away from that... you should have gone for a mermaid or fishtail and definitely thinner straps!
the cranky foodie
the cranky foodie 29 days ago
All 3 dresses look awful on her.
Irena The Ginger
For once a dress well under budget!
cat Month ago
um... am I seeing what they're seeing? All those dresses look horrible on her. And each one got progressively worse. They didn't try very hard, maybe they could have picked something in a little higher price range, something with real "wow factor" as they say. but i'm glad she was satisfied.
Insha Month ago
None of these dresses were flattering. Hmph
Angelika Ch
Angelika Ch Month ago
Candy yumyum
Candy yumyum Month ago
The pink hair somehow resembles anne marie
raveena jakhar
raveena jakhar Month ago
Her highlighter...🙄🙄
Lauri Snipes
Lauri Snipes Month ago
No. Her figure doesn’t carry this off.
Gen M
Gen M Month ago
3xbest friends?
Virginia Andre
Virginia Andre Month ago
It showed EVERY lump and bump wtf were the family thinking? did they see the same thing because it was horrible on her and not flattering at all.
NavyBlue Month ago
That one of the most WTF episode ! She wanted someting fabulous dress and choose the most boring one! I can not believe than her friends agreed to that....
cathlyn205 Month ago
I don’t like the dress, but I don’t have to wear it so I’m just happy she found what she was looking for!
missy6361 Month ago
All the dresses were so boring.
lualncol Month ago
Chose badly- bolster bosom down to the waist. 6 k should buy something better
Boutheina Akik
Boutheina Akik Month ago
If you wonder why they're giving her those ugly dando Landon gowns it's because it's the owner brand
Marianna P
Marianna P Month ago
She's an apple shaped body. That dress was not right for her. I can see why she doesn't want to have strapless, because she has a big bosom. But this was not it, I'm sorry.
Flyingmartini Hurricane
Meh on the dress. It didn't match her personality. Did anyone notice the when they were asking what she wanted & she looked to the side it looked like she was reading from the script?
Cheerful Cloud
Cheerful Cloud Month ago
why do they give ppl who have a slightly lower budget a dress that’s over their budget and a dress that’s considered cheap for people with a high budget
paige janda
paige janda Month ago
i’m sorry but the way she pronounced melbourne hurt my heart. melb-en not mel-boRn (emphasis on the R)
Sarah Boles
Sarah Boles Month ago
What does she mean it’s not cliche?!?! It literally looks like any other cookie cutter dress.
김현지 Month ago
well.. she doesn't 'look' big in a dress. she is just kinda big
April Moon
April Moon Month ago
Please no, that's a neglige but not a bridal gown !
Morgan Kohler
Morgan Kohler Month ago
So beautiful!
Anisha Sood
Anisha Sood Month ago
The dress she chooses is hideous..
holly J
holly J Month ago
I like how in the uk version the woman aren’t model skinny, there natural and beautiful 🥰
Annushka Noor
Annushka Noor Month ago
I sag syttd UK SUCKS! Even syttd Canada is better than this yikes
Chiara Offreduccio
Wasn’t David Emmanuel the person who designed Princess Diana’s wedding dress?
Linda Lulu
Linda Lulu Month ago
never take a bunch of nay sayers with you...you know what you want.
nancysrios Month ago
The 3rd dress looks great plus she has a nice shape.
TheMonalisa1976 Month ago
With this budget I would try all dresses in my size and spend there the whole day. Pretty bad choice in this episode.
shimi amatan
shimi amatan Month ago
The dress she chose was show stopping? I stopped!
Imani Ife
Imani Ife Month ago
This dress wasn't at all flattering
Trinka B
Trinka B Month ago
The semi-up hair-don' t from the second dress on aged her greatly.
sewforlife 57
sewforlife 57 Month ago
That last dress looks terrible! Nothing special about it! Shes not wowing anybody in that dress.
J P Month ago
No...nobody gonna say wow.
McKenzie Settle
McKenzie Settle Month ago
They push the budget too much with most other brides. and they try to get her to buy an evening dress too because she has a higher budget... like she is buying a dress and she found the one she wants just let her pay and leave.
Shireen Saunders
Could have done muucccch better...
Violet Month ago
Is it just me or does he dress look hella tacky-
fmbmrtjdpcmrtb Month ago
It's too tight around her stomach and thighs.
c.i lee
c.i lee Month ago
Third dress isn’t flattering on her figure
Soujanya Laha
Soujanya Laha Month ago
I assume she went to the next store after that.. because personally none of them were satisfied with any of her dresses.
Alex Norman
Alex Norman Month ago
i love how of us hated all the dresses with $6000 she be able to find a better dress that actually fit her
Lu P
Lu P Month ago
Noooo, not flattering at all. She has dispropotional body. Big boobs, absolutely flat bum, no hipps. I hope that at least she will wear some shaping underwear and really good quality supporting bra.
Judith Stevenson
This was not the dress.
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