[ENGSUB] 200514 Jamie 제이미 - ‘Good Girl’ Ep.1 (Full Cut)

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Translation may not be 100% due to korean not being our first language or strong language for any of us. Please understand 🙏

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May 19, 2020




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Comments 80
Im Jaebum Wife
Im Jaebum Wife 5 days ago
Where can I watch the full english episodes?
Saturnina Sumaylo
Saturnina Sumaylo 12 days ago
Im a fan of jimin and I can tell she done something to hear appearance and as long as she's confident to the new her I'm happy for her
Park ChimChim
Park ChimChim 16 days ago
Jimin can spank me.
이선우 16 days ago
kumamon syub
kumamon syub 16 days ago
I love her so damn much omg i cant habdle it
Tashya Ranadipura
Tashya Ranadipura 17 days ago
Yeeun being the maknae in this show ahaha so cute
ghost TT
ghost TT 19 days ago
where are yall watching this ;-; plz help
이유현 19 days ago
Albert 20 days ago
ㅈㄴ 안쓰럽네 슬릭인지먼지
Monsta X's Vibrating Tiddies ft. WonHoe
7:36 our girl ailee is THICCCCCCC
Awn Ja Lu
Awn Ja Lu 20 days ago
Wait a minute! our Park Ji Min aka Jamie is a participant or a host on this show? LOL! :P
순정남 곽철용
제이미야 퀸와쌉 따라하는거 1일 7재생중이다
Galena Anyanwu
Galena Anyanwu 21 day ago
This is so refreshing! There’s no drama! Just girl power and good vibes!
lo marlay
lo marlay 22 days ago
박지민 원래도 인싸 성향인건 아는데, 친분 없는 상태로 저런 모임에 함께 던져지면 겁나 부담스럽고 약간 꺼려질것 같다.....ㅜ 악편인거지? 어우 너무 부담스럽다고
Linda Pham
Linda Pham 22 days ago
ailee's twerk :0
Sabrina XXX
Sabrina XXX 24 days ago
where can I watch the show ? can someone tell me please
Our Girl Jamie Subs
Sabrina XXX check the pinned comment 😊
찐빵만두 24 days ago
카드 손바닥으로 줍는거랑 엘베 손톱으로 못 누르는거 진짜 기괴하네 ㅋㅋㅋ
제이미가 입은 옷, 알레시아 카라가 growing pain에서 입은거랑 비슷하당!! 둘 다 좋아좋아 ㅎㅎㅎ Anyone noticing the cloth jamie is wearing looks very similar from alessia cara's growing pain? Well i love both of them 😍 glad to see her and the cloth! Lol
ceren 28 days ago
jiwoo and jamie’s friendship is the bestt 😭😭
I finally found a bias in Bangtan
Thank you so much for the subs! It seems like an incredible tv-show. I might just watch the full episodes for the other contestants as well. Thank you for introducing this show to me.
박혜정 29 days ago
퀸와사비 슬릭 극과극
데이데이데이 29 days ago
영지는 진짜 귀여웡 ㅋㅋ 근대 나 남자임 ㅋㅋ
ng zhu han
ng zhu han Month ago
7:20 imagine... our moms Jamie and Ailee greeting us after school like this🤭
trashxana Month ago
good girl are bad girl that haven't been caught
Maiza Rafique
Maiza Rafique Month ago
"M-net you said there won't be a competition" -Jamie
Mwabi Month ago
Ailee and Jaime I know can definitely throw it back
Laranjo Month ago
her hair looks so pretty i really want to do this too
Nia A
Nia A Month ago
waa i almost cant recognize jimin. her surgery result is really good. tho i think she doesnt need to fix the jaw part. envy her. i really want to do the jaw surgery ㅠ
Jazz Cole
Jazz Cole 29 days ago
Nia A jamie has been on asc for 8 years she has grown up changed her makeup style lost weight but never went under the knife cus that’s impossible for her to be hosting a show for 8 years every week live and not to take at least 6 months break
Pseudonym Peggi
Pseudonym Peggi Month ago
she didn’t get any surgery fyi >>
india troy
india troy Month ago
I feel like this show could honestly be good for her bc she can really get her name out there more and maybe create more music and get some features on songs . Baby j’s got you 💚💚
김두나 Month ago
4:22 하 개기야워서 내가 보려고 댓 남김 다른 사람들 다 저는 누구누구입니다 이러는데 혼자 줴이미∩'ω'∩
zengwen 0829
zengwen 0829 Month ago
jamie is so cute
foun no
foun no Month ago
why were they isolating the girl with short hair? that all gave me bully T-ara vibes so disrespectful
Our Girl Jamie Subs
This is all just evil editing, the cast are close friends!
Ro Month ago
Sleeq is so cute 😂😂😂
정어리 Month ago
분위기 화기애애한거 좋다,,,
장매진 Month ago
장매진 Month ago
장매진 Month ago
Monica Kim
Monica Kim Month ago
Jamie is very nice and friendly girl
tw r
tw r Month ago
간지 개쩌네
쿱질쿱질 Month ago
2:44 3:56 박지민 당신 진짜...왜 이렇게 귀여운건데...??
지훈 Month ago
박지민이랑 너무 닮아서 하 누구지 했는데 박지민이엇구나....ㅋㅎ
me me
me me Month ago
진짜 제이미고 윤훼이 또한명은 첨 보는데 개 씹 나댄다 ㅋㅋ
웅웅 Month ago
이런 애들이 방구석 키보드워리어 씹아싸임
Take Out The Trash
I like alot of kpop music not going to lie but as a black person korean shows like this really make me cringe. Lol
TH TH Nguyen
TH TH Nguyen Month ago
Why ?
Jazz Cole
Jazz Cole Month ago
Jamie calling every her senior when she’s legit the oldest in the industry her and ailee both debuted around the same time
Jazz Cole
Jazz Cole 29 days ago
Literally Rei ik am talkin bout jamie and ailee cus both of them are friends on here
Literally Rei
Literally Rei Month ago
Hyoyeon from SNSD debuted before both of them.
Kpop Crackhead
Kpop Crackhead Month ago
I need a friends like yunhway and jamie💀
나니고래 Month ago
역시 딘딘은 딘딘 브금뭔뎈ㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋ
Kola Month ago
real clown tings
so young yoon
so young yoon Month ago
와 치타 포스ㄷㄷ
Yannada Month ago
I never thought this many women can make me question my sexuality😩😭❤️❤️
yellowpostit girl
thank you for this 💚💚💚💚💚
yellowpostit girl
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 딘딘이 제일 미스매치누 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
U WANT IF Month ago
슬릭 ㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워
Cah • kryz
Cah • kryz Month ago
mnet are trying to make cheetah look a devil, but we know she's cute
Cah • kryz
Cah • kryz Month ago
sleeq was like: wt... oh, are they talking about nails? oh, ok ok. sleeq is like me 😂😂
Daily Dolma
Daily Dolma Month ago
Okay but Ailee can twerk 👌🏻
爱娃 AiWa Wawa
Her look so different Jamie..Huge different
3663angel Month ago
Are you gonna do the rest of the episodes too or did you just plan on doing episode 1? Thank you for doing this by the way! It means a lot to us Baby J’s 😊
Camille Tulabut
Camille Tulabut Month ago
Where can I watch the full episode?
14초백미터 Month ago
여왕 고추냉이
김기연 Month ago
7:25 와 순간 트월킹 나온다는거 보고 영앤리치가 여길? 이러고 있었넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Britney Grant
Britney Grant Month ago
Okay but Ailee's lil twerk was kinda fire
j k
j k Month ago
뭐가대단하다고 저런표정
Yeogi Pabaa
Yeogi Pabaa Month ago
Where can i watch this full episode ??????
Ace Hart
Ace Hart Month ago
Good girls are bad girls who haven’t been caught
김굥 Month ago
지민아.. 니옷을 입은거 같지 않다.. 어색하다 엄청
김굥 Month ago
@kelly brown 음.. 네...
kelly brown
kelly brown Month ago
지민이 원래 저랬는데용...ㅎ 제와피가 만들어준 이미지만 소비하셨나봐요
유Me Lee
유Me Lee Month ago
잉잉 Month ago
김재인 Month ago
ayuria Month ago
where could i watch this in full version ?
이선우 Month ago
Gary P
Gary P Month ago
what Ailee twerking 😲
Diane kim
Diane kim Month ago
I died when she said come to mommy🤣
ng zhu han
ng zhu han Month ago
I want both Ailee and Jamie to be our moms🙋🏻‍♀️
ZAKIE AZID Month ago
finally all of cut!!! seeing jamie happy makes me happy
Nutelltah Month ago
How many thumbs did she get?
Nutelltah Month ago
@Moon ahhh cant believe someone had the audacity to not vote for her
Moon Month ago
Nutelltah the max she can get is 9, since she can’t vote for herself
Nutelltah Month ago
@Our Girl Jamie Subs damnnnn she deserved 10
Our Girl Jamie Subs
Nutelltah 8
Natasha Apang
Natasha Apang Month ago
I love this cast! I wish Hyolyn and Jessi were there too!
Naimah Ali
Naimah Ali Month ago
I love Jamie omg, she's so nice and supportive and I can tell she takes care of everyone around her
siggelaki nikh
siggelaki nikh Month ago
When I first saw the title "Mnet was robbed" I instantly thought about all the scandals and was like "HOW WERE YOU ROBBED? YOU DID THIS ALL YOURSELF" yeah I'm kinda dumb
MO MO Month ago
Is she the jimin from after school club or no? I'm lost
Our Girl Jamie Subs
Yes she is, she recently changed her stage name to Jamie :)
뀰차 Month ago
5:01 제이미(박지민)이 케이팝스타1로 데뷔(2012), 딘딘이 쇼미더머니2로 데뷔(2013) 제이미가 선배 아닌가..? 활동명 변경한 2020년 기준으로 선배라는건가..??
ㅇㅇ 25 days ago
그냥 나이많으니가그런거같아여 나이많은 후배라고 어딘딘이다 이럴수없으니까
나쵸가나와 Month ago
인생의 선배일수도있지ㄷㄷ
뀰차 Month ago
@k레타 상관없는데 그냥 궁금해서요.
k레타 Month ago
누가 선배인게 뭔상관이지
뀰차 Month ago
@케미 제이미가 케이팝스타1은 4월에 끝났고 2012년 10월에 I Dream 냈기 때문에 여전히 그래도 제이미가 선배인걸요..?? 혹시나 해서 얘기하는건데 시비털고 그러는게 아니라 진짜 뭘까??? 싶어서 그러는거에요. 네이버에서 앨범, 공연, 방송 보면 딘딘이 2013년부터 활동한걸로 나와있어서..
여우화누 Month ago
슬릭ㅋㅋㅋㅋ날 아나?? 나는 모르는데?? ㅈㄹ 염병떠네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그래도 인사는 제대로 해야지 ㅉㅉ
Dasheean Month ago
1:08 they just straight-up slam with each other body lmao
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